• Can the Yankees Afford To Do Nothing?

    Added - Dec. 19, 2014 MLB

    In the past, when the New York Yankees had a season that fell short of expectations, owner George Steinbrenner would simply take out his checkbook and throw money at the problem. His offspring, Hank Steinbrenner, does not seem so eager to do that in this particular off-season. Or does he ...

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  • Knicks Have an Adjustment to Triangle Offense

    Added - Dec. 17, 2014 NBA

    As most NBA bettors are well aware, the New York Knicks greatly underachieved last season. And there was simply a bad atmosphere, as after a poor start, the rumors were already flying that coach Mike Woodson was going to be shown the door. The team made a decision to dip ...

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  • Florida State - Undefeated and Unrespected?

    Added - Dec. 17, 2014 NCAA

    The Florida State Seminoles were the undefeated national champions last season. They had the Heisman Trophy winner, Jameis Winston. They came back this year and have thus far registered a 12-0 record, making them the nation's only unbeaten team and bringing their winning streak to 28. So what has ...

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  • The "Griffin Situation" Could Be Over in Washington

    Added - Dec. 17, 2014 NFL

    Just a couple of years ago, Robert Griffin III appeared to be the next big thing as far as quarterbacks were concerned. As a rookie, he led his team to a playoff spot and wound up in the Pro Bowl. But he has been injured a couple of times since ...

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  • Alabama Defends #1 Spot Against Missouri

    Added - Dec. 6, 2014 NCAA

    Does Alabama deserve to be ranked #1 in the college football playoff rankings? Well, that's a matter of opinion, but this team brings a seven-game winning streak at a head of steam into the SEC championship game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on Saturday. The Crimson Tide scored ...

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  • Packers Would Be Deadly with Home Field Advantage

    Added - Dec. 5, 2014 NFL

    This Monday night, the Green Bay Packers will play host to the Atlanta Falcons at Lambeau Field, and as NFL bettors know, the later in the season it gets, the more advantageous it will be for this Packer team that is a lot more used to the elements than their ...

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  • Are the Sixers in the Tank?

    Added - Dec. 5, 2014 NBA

    As you look at the NBA standings, there is one thing that was constant from the beginning; after 17 games in the season, the Philadelphia 76ers had still not emerged victorious. In fact, they have very rarely even gotten close; this team has been outscored by more than 14 points ...

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