• Raptors Demonstrate That Continuity Can Work

    Added - Jan. 28, 2015 NBA

    So many NBA teams make bold moves in the off-season as a way of upgrading their roster. There was certainly room for that with the Toronto Raptors, even though the team finished third in the Eastern Conference standings last season before getting upset in the playoffs by the Brooklyn Nets ...

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  • Nets Hope to Hit Stride Soon

    Added - Dec. 30, 2014 NBA

    The Brooklyn Nets made some serious moves to bring in veteran talent before last season, with a definite eye toward making a serious run at an NBA title. Indeed, this team showed quite a bit more resilience than it had the year before in the post-season, when it folded, but ...

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  • Will Epstein and Maddon Finally Bring a Winner to Wrigley?

    Added - Dec. 26, 2014 MLB

    The Chicago Cubs have had a lot of Hall of Fame players throughout their history. And they certainly generate a lot of revenue at the box office. So then how has this team not won a World Series since 1908, or appeared in the Fall Classic since 1945? Furthermore, what ...

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  • What's Next For Jets? Well, Smith's the QB, Although Not Everyone's Happy About It

    Added - Dec. 23, 2014 NFL

    As the New York Jets get ready to play the Minnesota Vikings this coming Sunday (a game where they are six-point underdog), the choice at quarterback is very clear. Geno Smith will get the start, and he will most likely remain in that position for the rest of the season ...

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  • Can the Yankees Afford To Do Nothing?

    Added - Dec. 19, 2014 MLB

    In the past, when the New York Yankees had a season that fell short of expectations, owner George Steinbrenner would simply take out his checkbook and throw money at the problem. His offspring, Hank Steinbrenner, does not seem so eager to do that in this particular off-season. Or does he ...

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  • Knicks Have an Adjustment to Triangle Offense

    Added - Dec. 17, 2014 NBA

    As most NBA bettors are well aware, the New York Knicks greatly underachieved last season. And there was simply a bad atmosphere, as after a poor start, the rumors were already flying that coach Mike Woodson was going to be shown the door. The team made a decision to dip ...

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  • Florida State - Undefeated and Unrespected?

    Added - Dec. 17, 2014 NCAA

    The Florida State Seminoles were the undefeated national champions last season. They had the Heisman Trophy winner, Jameis Winston. They came back this year and have thus far registered a 12-0 record, making them the nation's only unbeaten team and bringing their winning streak to 28. So what has ...

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