• What's Next For Jets? Well, Smith's the QB, Although Not Everyone's Happy About It

    Added - Dec. 23, 2014 - Comments


    As the New York Jets get ready to play the Minnesota Vikings this coming Sunday (a game where they are six-point underdog), the choice at quarterback is very clear. Geno Smith will get the start, and he will most likely remain in that position for the rest of the season, despite only 65 passing yards against the Miami Dolphins this past Monday night.

    It was truly amazing how the Jets could run for 277 yards, convert seven out of their 15 third-down opportunities, and still wind up losing a football game. But if indeed happened that way in the 16-13 home defeat, and one of the reasons was that Smith completed only seven passes on the entire evening, with almost half of his attempts coming on the final drive as New York was unsuccessful getting into field goal range.

    The rationale on the part of Jets' management and head coach Rex Ryan would seem understandable: they want to determine whether Smith could be part of their plans beyond this season. The only way to do that is by letting him start games and either play his way into, or out of, those plans. This creates a strange situation around the team, especially as the veteran players observe it. One of them who spoke anonymously with a reporter this week said that the move to sit down Michael Vick and go back to Smith was like "waving the white flag." In other words, it is symbolic of the Jets, for all intents and purposes, quitting on the season. Meanwhile, Ryan had to defend his game plan with the press this past week, as the notion was brought up that having Smith throw the ball only 13 times was indicative of a severe lack of confidence.

    When they talk about the future, they would seem to be some doubt as to whether anyone in the current brass is even going to be part of it. There don't need to be rumors flying around that Ryan could be shown the door at season's end. The performance of the Jets, who are 2-10 on the season, would seem to indicate that, in and of itself. General manager John Idzik could also find his job in jeopardy, because after all, he has been Smith's champion all along, and it is said by some people who follow the football betting odds that he not only pressured Ryan to install him as the starting quarterback over Mark Sanchez in the first place, but that he also forced this move back to Smith with all playoff hopes long gone.

    Either way, you can bet that some people will be looking for different addresses next season.