Stephen Jackson has great timing

by The Cavalier on September 5, 2005

stephen jackson.jpgQuibian Salazar-Moreno at AOL reports on Stephen Jackson’s botched wedding. Apparently, the Indiana Pacer thought that the moments immediately before walking down the aisle would be the perfect time to bring up a prenuptial agreement. Immediately being like, actually in the church.

That’s one version. We were able to track down a much more entertaining one, which is what we choose to believe actually happened:

Alot of folks were in town and attended the wedding i.e. Mike Bibby (1 of Steve’s best friends)

They say the girl (Amani from NY) had kept putting off the prenup for awhile and so at the wedding he gave it to her and she said that she wasn’t going to sign so NO WEDDING!

From what I heard yeah Steve is a crazy dude(cheating like every other ***** in the NBA) but he really loved the girl (they got a kid together) and she was just a LYER! When they 1st met she said that she had 1 kid (when she really had 2 the other baby was living with the guy’s family) and that she lied about her age, the girl ended up being ALOT older! I think she about 35-36 and Steve is 28?? His mama was at the wedding and they say she acted up yelling and falling out saying “don’t marry her I will kill myself!” (I guess momma’s sometimes do no best)

Yeah this [edited] is funny but also sad…what REAL ASS WOMAN lie about her damn kid! that is F** up!

We (including myself) always want these dudes to act right and be honest but damn lying bitches like this

Is there really anything we can add?

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