Damon Jones is the black Brad Pitt

by The Cavalier on October 17, 2005

pitt damon.jpgWe always thought Damon Jones was more of a black Matt Damon, but he told teammate Larry Hughes he feels like the black Brad Pitt. Damon, when we make sure that becomes your official nickname, which we will, just remember that you asked for it.

Anyway, lots of Cavaliers stuff going on, so we’re going to throw it all at you here. The team had its home opener over the weekend and unveiled Dan Gilbert’s new scoreboard. Pretty nice, plus it has one of those simple but cool innovations everyone will soon wonder how we lived without – a point differential readout, for the math-imparied and/or the lazy.

LeBron is on the cover of the new SLAM, finally getting some much-needed recognition and publicity from the basketball community.

Finally, the Cleveland Plain Dealer analyzes the team’s salary cap situation; how they got there, how they used it, and what the team went through to sign the black version of a famous movie icon.

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