Mark Blount is one of those “roided-up-doesn’t-take-their-own-SAT-test” types

by The Cavalier on October 25, 2005 · 2 comments

mark blount.jpgYou know how people like that roll. They get all shot up with steroids, then have other people go take their SAT tests. It’s pretty common – right up there with OCD. Celtic forward Mark Blount’s old coach and legal guardian says he fits the profile.

A former coach of Mark Blount stated in a Manhattan federal courtroom that he arranged to have someone take Blount’s SAT and that he had injected the Celtics center with steroids when he needed to put some bulk on his skinny frame.

Maurizio Sanginiti, 40, was named Blount’s legal guardian in the mid-1990s and accompanied him on college recruiting trips, according to a story in Sunday’s New York Daily News.

According to the paper, “Sanginiti is the government’s lead witness in a racketeering conspiracy case involving an Albanian-led gang accused of wresting control of Bronx and Queens social clubs from Italian crime families. As a cooperator he’s been forced to reveal all other crimes he’s committed, including those involving Blount.”

The Daily News called Sanginiti “a pug-nosed convicted kidnapper, extortionist and mob enforcer who coached (Blount) when he was one of the New York area’s top high school stars.”

Recalling issues with Blount, Sanginiti told the prosecutor, “He couldn’t get the score on his SAT, which I believe had to be an 800 or better, so we decided, me and him, to get somebody else to take the test for him.”

We personally know three pug-nosed convicted kidnappers, and we can assure you, this is the type of activity they partake in when they’re not kidnapping people. They’re often quite pleasent about it, but they do stuff like help you illegally gain muscle mass and take exams for you. Blount has denied all the allegations, in a dodgy manner that indicates it’s obviously all true.


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