Jalen Rose is on the bench

by The Cavalier on November 29, 2005

Mitchell-Level-3.gifThe Raptors lost a close one to Dallas last night at home, and veteran guard/trading piece Jalen Rose watched a lot of it from the bench. Rose has started off beyond slowly, but Head Coach Sam Mitchell is more concerned with making stupid plays that lose games that should be locked up.

“The effort is there but we got to start getting results,” Mitchell said, his voice fairly trembling in the aftermath of a stunning Jason Terry buzzer-beating running jumper that provided Dallas (10-3) with its dramatic victory.

“And it ain’t major things, it’s the little things,” continued the snake-bitten coach. “We’re losing the game on the little things, not getting the rebound when you have the opportunity to get it.”

“They missed a shot, the ball falls on the floor, we don’t get an offensive rebound — again,” bemoaned Mitchell, replaying in his mind what he felt was the game’s key moment. “They throw it out and hit a three. We get the rebound, different game. Nothing left to say.”

The Raptors are now 1-14, and RaptorsHQ is reduced to mumbling about Elvis. We feel for you, friends. On the upside, it looks like the Matt Bonner fansite is getting an upgrade soon!

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