The Lakers are failing geometry

by The Cavalier on November 15, 2005 · 2 comments

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Forum Blue and Gold has broken down the specifics of the Lakers offensive problems following their disheartening loss to the Grizzlies last night. There are lots of stats and numbers that get thrown into a big computer, and the end results are quite telling. Phil Jackson’s post-game comments enlighten us even more.

“These games sometimes dictate their own kind of malaise,” Jackson said. “[The Grizzlies'] shooting was good the first half and they didn’t shoot well the second half at all, but we couldn’t take advantage of it because we were pathetic.”

“With Shaq, you had someone you can throw the ball inside to,” he said. “That made it a lot easier for players and coaches to have someplace to go when tough times were happening out there defensively against your ballclub. But we’re exploring life without Shaq and enjoying it too.”

We can’t help but wonder if “passive-aggressively talk about missing Shaq” is one of those Phil Jackson mind games meant to indirectly help the team, or if that just kinda slipped out by accident.

Don’t worry, Laker fans – all hope is not lost. What would a Laker update be without some input from Flea, who has once again weighed in with a dose of positivity via and the Blog Squad:

laker fans need to have faith in kwame brown
if we have faith that he can be a great laker
then he will be a great laker

Unfortunately, Flea has lost his mind. Before striving for “great Laker” status, shouldn’t fans begin by having faith Kwame can make a layup? Babysteps and all.

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