Vlade Divac is a draft dodger

by The Cavalier on November 16, 2005 · 7 comments

vlade army.jpg

Retired Laker/King and avid smoker Vlade Divac has been charged by Serbia-Montenegro’s army for not fulfilling his one-year obligation to serve in the military.

Divac, 37, was obliged by the law to join the compulsory six-month military service by the age of 35, the state prosecutors’ office said Wednesday.

It asked Serbia-Montenegro’s foreign ministry “to determine Divac’s citizenship and his home address” to be able to carry out the legal proceedings and hand him the draft notice.

Divac, who lives in Los Angeles, could face a one-year prison sentence in his native country if he does not join the army soon, legal experts said.

There’s really nothing funnier than a 7-foot retired millionaire being told he has to join the Army. Especially when he looks like Vlade. Would he really be an effective soldier? The article also states Vlade was asked to run for president back in 2000. Vlade – go back there and do something. Anything. Everything they want you for over there seems like pure entertainment to us. Just send pictures.


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