Was it worth it? EXPLOSIONS 11.16.05

by The Cavalier on November 16, 2005 · 5 comments


The Cavaliers are so totally legit after beating up the Wizards last night. Gilbert Arenas loves the locker room, too. We’d say Larry thinks it was worth a few boos in Washington 1-2 times per year.

SI’s Mike McAllister says the NBA Dance Teams are going way too far. He sure seems to know what goes on in strip clubs, though.

The IBL says that signing Dennis Rodman is not a gimmick. Okay, liar.

Tim Hardaway played in the IBL last year, too. What the hell is the IBL? Can we play in it?

Only a couple more weeks until that Dec. 2nd Atlanta game, Raptors fans. In the meantime, just grin and bear it through more losses like last night’s to the Sixers.

Raps are 0-7, but check out what Charlie Villanueva is doing lately. Remember when everyone on Earth laughed at that pick?

This spandex website is all excited about Kobe’s tights. We may just stop talking about them now.

If you’re into college hoops, the first NCAA Basketball BPR is up. Commentray from the ever-loving Tar Heel can be found over on YAYcollege!

Attack of the Supersonics compares the team to a zombie movie after they lose to the Nets last night.

Dwight Howard threw up a holy 20/20 and led the Magic over the Bobcats.

Lakers vs. Knicks is the most important game between two bad teams EVER. We don’t even know why, but we can’t wait to watch it.


1 LeBlog November 16, 2005 at 10:15 am

You said it..the Cavs are no joke this season. Expect more from this team who is growing daily and still learning to play together. We are stacked from top to bottom, we aren’t selfish, and we have the King. Sup now bitches..

2 drew November 16, 2005 at 11:00 am

Rodman signed for TWO GAMES next may. Now that’s a sweet deal. And they’re right, it’s no publicity stunt. They just know they’ll need a little bit of extra rebounding for 1/40 of the season.

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