Carnival of the NBA #21

by The Cavalier on December 14, 2005 · 2 comments

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Ah, nothing like Carnival season to make one forget one’s sorrows. We’ve never done this before, plus we’re afraid of heights, so bear with us. Solid Gold says that the Nuggets are definitely getting Ron Artest if they actually are able to trade for him. (See how manipulative that was? Watch the traffic flow to Solid Gold like never before!) Should we start another paragraph? Maybe.

Okay, we did. Jeff at Celticsblog is optimistic after combining Ricky Davis and Paul Pierce into one human vessel. Anything Kobe Bryant does is funny, and JE Skeets has made an absolute classic out of complete nothing of a picture. If you only click seven posts at this Carnival, make sure that’s one of them. (If you have time.)

More fun and games after the break!

We might get in trouble for this, but we’ve got the keys to the Carnival, and we don’t want to read any of BlogABull’s pregame analysis from last night Miami win over Chicago, so let’s send you to his initial reaction from September to the news of Pippen’s number getting retired. Speaking of retirements, HoopsAddict retired his old design and put up a new one. Could permalinks be next? PLEASE? (Ryan also says Pat Riley is insane. For reals – go look!)

Henry at TrueHoop, who’s like a real journalist, tracked down a great article about what Shaq is really like. If you missed this, now is your second chance. You won’t get a third. Don’t mess with this hot Carnival action. The City is acting like a real journalist, getting credentialed and going to the Warriors’ practice.

GetBucketsBrigade is at war with End of the Bench over whether Vince Carter or Ricky Davis should go to the All-Star Game. How about Gerald Wallace, guys GETBUCKETSBRIGADE LOVES VINSANITY. SacTownRoyalty is comparing Wener and Reef, and there are lots of numbers involved.

The Ohio LeBlog says that Kid Rock has Cavs season tix and Usher is in trouble with Dan Gilbert. He has someone in his comments section who claims to be an insider. RaptorsHQ has a mailbag. Where do we get a mailbag? We’re getting the idea people don’t think we have any real basketball knowledge to offer. SuperSonicSoul wants to join in and get in on the Artest predictions.

That’s only Part I, folks. We’ll be back with Part II later today!

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