The Timberwolves inspire poetry

by The Cavalier on January 3, 2006

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Never forget TBOur Kevin Garnett poem from yesterday garnered quite the email response – enough that we considered just changing the site to YAYnbapoems!.

One particular reader really showed us what life is about by sending us to their own series of Timberwolves inspired poetry from high school. While they said this was to “piss off a teacher”, we’re going to assume it was done out of pure love and artistic expression. With the raw emotion of titles like “C-Mac Lays Down The Rules O’ Smack” and “Props to Rahzel”, it’s hard to think otherwise. Here are two of our favorites.

“T-Wolves Can Ball Too”

TB, Terrell Brandon is his name
Droppin ill dimes incorporates his game
Big Joe Smith, 6-10 and rockin
With an in-yo-face disgrace, he does his talkin
Wally World, Sczerbiak
Makin cats shiver and watch they backs
Rasho Nesterovic, man in the middle
Makin ‘Sheed wish he’d solved his riddle
Sam Mitchell makin you work today?
Old-school cat that can shoot the J
Chauncey Billups went to Col-or-ado
Guardin him’s worse than playin the lotto
And Will Avery… Never mind, he sucks
And me? I’m KG, that’s all there is to say
Makin cats cry wit my dunking forays
They say the West’s hard, it’s got a lot of junk
Nowitzki’s ballin hard and Shaq customarily dunks
That’s okay, I don’t mind bein underrated
Just don’t let it be June and we still be gettin hated

“Ode to SLAM Magazine”

SLAM Mag’s ill… It’s off da hook
I’ll ball all day and then bust it open like a book
When I’m not droppin dimes and jammin on cats
I read the new ish… It’s tight like that
Representin Minnesota is what they pay me for,
But when I’m free agent, dawg, I’ll be out that door!
When the Wolves ever get out of the first round,
Man, I’ll be the biggest baller to ever hit up this

We jammed on a cat once, but we were more embarrassed than inspired to write poetry about it. That cat was never the same again, either. It was our sister’s cat, and she saw the whole thing, so really that relationship was messed up, too.

You can find the entire series at by doing a search for “Kevin Garnett”.

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