Steve Francis is getting ready to cause turmoil

by The Cavalier on March 22, 2006 · 3 comments

francis marbury 01.gifCould the Marbury-Francis duo be fulfilling all of our dreams any more than they already are? We’ve already extensively gushed over the Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury – let’s be frank – hating each other.

Well, now jilted lover Steve Francis is getting into the mix, stating that he wants to start, and if that can’t happen, he wants a trade.

“If it’s a situation where they don’t feel I’m a starting player on this team, then I guess it would be good to go in a different direction,” Francis said during the morning shoot-around, “with no disrespect to either side.”

“Hopefully next year, it’ll change,” he said. “Maybe this summer we’ll begin to evaluate more as far as what my role is. I don’t plan on coming off the bench next year.”

Larry Brown responded to this with some passive-aggressive statements about being pleased that Franchise wants to start. It’s an early shot across the bow in classic Larry Brown style.

As for you Steven, we can evaluate your role right now – you don’t have one. Neither does anyone else on the Knicks, though, so don’t feel singled out or anything. Plus, things will get even more confusing this summer when Isiah trades all his youngins for Baron Davis and a disgruntled Luke Ridnour.

None of that is to say the Knicks are going to be affected by any of this – it’s status quo at Madison Square Garden, where New York lost to Raptors last night.

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1 Lil Dice March 22, 2006 at 7:06 pm

The Steve Francis jokes are never, ever going to get old for me.

2 The Cavalier March 22, 2006 at 11:13 pm

I agree – added with a Brokeback joke, and it’s pretty much automatic gold.

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