Christian Laettner wants to buy the Grizzlies

by The Cavalier on April 17, 2006

memphis grizzlies.gifThe Memphis Grizzlies are probably one of the more overlooked teams in the NBA, both because of a lack of star power and a lack of ever winning a single playoff game.

Pau Gasol (in terms of numbers and beards) takes care of the first point. Common sense says issue the second will get nailed down in the next two weeks, no matter who the Griz play in the first round.

None of this has anything to do with majority owner Michael Heisley being willing to sell the franchise, so we’ll make do with an awkward transition and just state it outright. Whether that works for you or not is officially irrelevant.

“I don’t think anybody has demonstrated the financial wherewithal to buy the team,” Heisley said via telephone when surprised by the knowledge of a potential buyer. “We’re not at the point where we’re even close to selling the team. And I have to tell you … I’m not actively looking. We have people come to us and we listen.”

Enter a group led by former Duke player Brian Davis and college teammate-turned-NBA-veteran Christian Laettner. The pair spent the past month visiting local political and business leaders, staking out their interest in buying the Grizzlies.

We were sure Christian Laettner had actually spent last month and the 14 months before that smoking pot, but it turns out the man’s quite the little real estate mogul. Not only is he poking at the Memphis Grizzlies, but he’s also building housing developments in Maine.

In fact, it looks like Christian’s real estate company is a bustling little venture. If you have questions on how you might buy a home or get Christian Laettner to buy land from you, they helpfully supply an email address for the Laett himself. Here’s the type of in-depth question he’ll surely appreciate:


We await a response that will never arrive.

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