Michael Redd knows how to shoot and such

by The Cavalier on April 30, 2006

tj ford.jpgWe love how they set up the schedule this weekend – basically, all the series we find boring went yesterday, and all the ones we’re into are today.

What that means is we were planted in front of the TV all day Saturday anyway, even though it made us miserable. That said, one highlight was surely Milwaukee’s rout of Detroit.

There was a real subtlety in how the Bucks did this, and it’s a strategy not often seen in the NBA anymore. They attempted to put the ball through the hoop more than the Pistons, and their wily antics completely worked. Chauncey Billups was completely indifferent and unintimidated stunned.

“It’s simple,” Billups said. “Our defense wasn’t what it normally always is. They got cooking, for sure, but we helped that. We gave them too many shots in their sweet spots and it was like a snowball effect. They just kept going and going. Give them credit. They came to play.”

Translation – “yeah, we’re kinda bored.”

It’s cute to go read how excited they are in Milwaukee, but let’s face it, short of huge asteroids coming down and destroying Detroit, the Bucks aren’t winning this series.

Truth time – we had a whole ending to this post written out about how this one certain movie makes us cry, but then we realized we used that joke somewhere already. You may have caught it if you logged on during the correct one minute window it was up during.

If you missed it, you’re quite lucky. It was bad the first time, and somehow, despite the exact same wording, it was worse the second time. The thought naturally becomes, “are we running out of material or is it just Sunday?” Like this paragraph we’re in right now – no idea how to end it. Nuthin’. We got nuthin’.

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