NBA at the Movies: D.E.B.S

by The Cavalier on April 17, 2006

So we’re sitting here trying to scrape our way through to Sunday and the start of the playoffs, and with the matchups almost set and none of the games really meaning much at all the next two days, stuff like ESPN’s Power Rankings don’t give us that usual spark. (But really – Orlando at 9???)

We could get into the Cavaliers going for win 49 tonight in Boston, but with the postseason in sight and Mike Brown saying LeBron et al won’t play past the third quarter, it simply doesn’t matter.

Lucky we’re on vacation, and thus don’t feel bad taking an hour and a half to watch a horrible Jordana Brewster “high school girl spy academy” movie on cable. Waste of time, right? Maybe…maybe not.
jordana brewster.gif
Yeah, we were clueless, too. Not only was this movie full of Jordana Brewster making out with chicks and dancing around all hot and crap, but it’s the perfect kind of completely mindless film you can watch three times in a row and not notice you’ve watched it three times in a row.

Oh, and if you’re trying to track us down on our little sojourn, we guarantee you can’t do it, so don’t bother. We’re hidden away in a secure location far from home, all alone with our new DVD copy of DEBS.

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