Latrell Sprewell is getting quizzed

by The Cavalier on August 31, 2006 · 7 comments

The infamously non-playing Latrell Sprewell is being checked out by Milwaukee police for allegedly choking a woman during a sexual encounter. Any casual sports fan will be able to note that this isn’t the first time the poor lad has fallen victim to the desire to cut off someone’s air supply.

(Although this incident brings up the question – was “The Carlesimo Event” some kind of turn-on for Spree? Is he attracted to older, slightly leprechaunish white men of authority?)

Our favorite account of this is from the Associated Press, which notes that the police “quizzed” Spree on the events of the fun-filled evening in question. Crack researcher and insider that we are, we managed to get the quiz faxed over to us.

(Raise your hand if this morning was the first time you noticed there’s only one ‘e’ in the first part of Sprewell.)


1 Lucas August 31, 2006 at 11:41 am

I noticed that Sprewell only had one e about 2 days ago. I’ll still raise my hand though.

2 The Cavalier August 31, 2006 at 11:52 am

See, it actually has two, which is what made writing that sentence so difficult for me.

3 Flyer August 31, 2006 at 12:07 pm

If I meet Sprewell and he cut off my Air Supply, I’d be pissed. Those guys rock!

4 JONESONTHENBA August 31, 2006 at 12:37 pm

“Is Latrell Sprewell gonna have to choke a bitch?”

5 Lucas August 31, 2006 at 2:22 pm

So if this is a quiz, did he pass? What’s the grading curve on this puppy?

6 Booby August 31, 2006 at 3:22 pm


7 Natalie August 31, 2006 at 7:07 pm

When can I put my hand down?

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