nba is only 35 days away

by The Cavalier on September 18, 2006 · 1 comment

Okay. We’ve had it. has thrown back the old countdown clock to 35 days again. This is like the third or fourth time since what – May?

We looked up the registration contact info and just shot off the following email to the admin.


I’m a huge Raja Bell fan and also a huge fan of Raja Bell based websites, so I was wondering when his personal website is going to launch. I noticed that there’s been a countdown clock on it that keep resetting every time it hits zero! lololololol

I’ve been waiting for it ever since that Kobe Bryant kept slapping Raja in the face, and disrespecting his face like that with all of the face-slapping. Nobody should be able to touch his face, because it’s his face and not their own face, y’know?!?!

If you could tell me when you think the site might go live I’d really appreciate it. I’m a huge fan of Raja and am dying to see the new face of the site!


PS Choo-choo!

We’ll obviously post any results we get asap.

Also hoping to see the new site asap is the young lady who writes a blog we stumbled onto this morning called SunsGossip. We mention this site mainly because of her deceptively simple and awesomely original depiction of Charles Barkley in a strip club.

Seriously – go click on it – it’s worth your time.

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