Tim Hardaway still hates the gayness

by The Cavalier on February 15, 2007 · 1 comment

(Via Deadspin…)

Everyone’s favorite homophobe was reached via phone by a Miami TV station last night and reiterated his gayness hating, going so far as to say that if he had a gay family member, he’d refuse to speak to them ever.

We’ve been searching and searching for anything that’ll lead to where this hatred came from, but have come up with nothing. We’re assuming he’s deeply religious or something boring like that, but hold out hope that like he was captured by a gay gang who like kept him prisoner for days at a time and like made him watch Cabaret for days on end.

Whatever the case, Tim seems determined to destroy the legend of the U-Tep 2-Step. On one hand, you must commend him for not being afraid to speak his mind. On the other, we wish he’d do it on TV, so we could like watch the reaction in the interviewer’s face.

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