Coach Mike is not basketball person

by The Cavalier on August 14, 2008

(We’re watching Greece-USA at the moment. Do they not have weight rooms in Greece? All these players look like they should be on the 1982 Milwaukee Bucks.)

The day after the Cavaliers actually made a move that could be defined as a legit “swindle”, and we’re both happy and a little scared.

Let’s read Hollinger’s take on the trade, and excerpt this little bit.

Never let it be said that the Cavs won’t spend money to make sure LeBron James stays put in Cleveland.

We know we’ve said we don’t care whether LeBron stay or goes, and we still don’t.

However, this storyline is just getting annoying – is it so hard to just say, “Never let it be said that the Cavs won’t spend money to make their team better”?

That’s what this is about. Otherwise, where are the accompanying sentences about how the Nets and Knicks haven’t done anything this week to attract LeBron?

Cause they haven’t. And they’re both really bad teams. Unless, of course, LeBron leaving has nothing to do with winning, in which case the blockquoted sentence is also invalid.

Either way, that’s an incorrect and wasted sentence, and that’s an objective opinion.

Getting back to actual trade analysis, the potential problem with this deal is Coach Mike.

Considering he has the most dangerous offensive basketball weapon in the world, and has no idea how to use him, we’re not sure adding an offensive specialist in Mo Williams is going to do anything at all.

Will he even put up with him, considering he’s not exactly known as a defense-loving player? Hopefully this was just the bi-product of being in Milwaukee, but that still doesn’t address the Coach Mike thing.

We have no idea how this will go, but we’ll recommend the same thing we’ve recommended for like 3 or 4 years now – post up Lebron more, and hire an offensive coordinator.

Here are some more movies on the list(s).

Mean Girls, Kingpin, Wayne’s World, No Country For Old Men, Indecent Proposal, Be Kind Rewind, Doc Hollywood, LA Story, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Shallow Hal, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Mars Attacks!, Money Train, The Jackal (1997), Anger Management, Wag the Dog, The Ladies Man, Wayne’s World 2, Bio-Dome, Evolution, The X-Files, Shooter, A Prairie Home Companion, Coneheads, Orange County, Chaplin

The highest of these was Mean Girls at #153, so this wasn’t the most prestigious batch of films. Most of them we’d call average. Some bad – Coneheads made the bottom 10.

And for the record, we refuse to ever see Amazing Grace and Chuck.

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