Pat Riley is giving mad props to baked potatoes

by The Cavalier on September 6, 2008


(We’re subletting this apt for the month of September, and the chick took off with her modem. She brought it back today, and the first thing we do before the 52 straight hours of catch-up reading on our RSS? Post here – so ptthhhffft.

Oh, and another thing re: the comments in the last post. If you want to know what’s happening with WSM?, just freaking email us. It’s not like it’s some big secret, it’s just we don’t talk about it on here because a) there’s no reason to, and b) people just assume we’re lying/hyping/it sucks, etc.)

Now that we’re back up-to-date on reasons everyone hates us, let’s talk OKC Thunder basketball.

It’s not like the name totally sucks.

It does and everything, but is Marshalls or Barons that much better? Well, they are, but the real problem here is the logo makes us think of nothing but that awful DET Lasers thing from the late 90s with the horsey.

We get the feeling this team is gonna have six logos in their first ten years, provided they ever get more than thirty people working for them, including players.

Okay, we got nothing else for now – we just wanted to post something so you knew we were alive. This chick also doesn’t have cable, so we literally have no idea what’s going on in the world.

On the plus side – we got a ton of work done this week, as we spent ungodly amounts of time not wasting time on the internet.

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