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by The Cavalier on November 26, 2008

We were just informed that a bunch of you are still following this place called YAYsports! NBA via RSS feed.

If you hadn’t noticed by the gravestone and the rampant baked potatoes sitting around everywhere, we’ve moved on, and have been blogging daily again at our personal blog, which you can find through this link or by clicking the potato to your right.

We’ve been at it consistently for three months, and as such, now feel safe in saying we’re back on track. We even mention the NBA sometimes, which we have come around to love again.

And yes, WSM? did get finished (quite awhile ago actually), and it is going to come out, and we will talk about it over there.

We also wrote/actored in a web series in the meantime, the trailer for which you can watch below:

So come visit the new place and enjoy. We go by “Brian” over there, and have transitioned to a singular cadence.

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