Shawn Marion and his love for Poker

by The Cavalier on June 24, 2013

Marion_at_the_Matrix_31_Table_Small_Shawn Marion is widely recognized as one of the most complete and versatile players in the NBA today. He is known for his athleticism and his ability to play and defend many positions, and is a certified winner, having won an NBA championship ring with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011. But Marion isn’t finished with collecting jewelry and he wants to add several pieces of trinkets to his collection. Not many people may know but the “Matrix”, as he is fondly called in the NBA, is also an avid poker player and he is considering taking up the sport full time once his basketball career is over. Shawn Marion has indicated that after winning an NBA championship trophy, he would love to get the chance to win a World Series of Poker bracelet next. He believes that he’s capable of becoming the first player to win both an NBA and WSOP championship.

Plenty of NBA stars have played on the felt tables at the World Series of Poker at one point in their career. Players like Paul Pierce, Jordan Farmar, and even the late Dr. Jerry Buss of the Los Angeles Lakers, was a regular competitor in poker’s biggest tournament. Kobe Bryant was invited to take part in this year’s tournament in honor of the late Dr. Buss, but the Black Mamba politely declined, saying that the Achilles tendon injury that ended his season won’t permit him to sit at the poker table for long periods of time. Some of the players take up poker as a hobby, but there are some who bring the same competitive fire that they have inside the court and translate that into winning poker hands. Most of them started to develop their poker skills while playing on online poker sites like Sports psychologists believe that in order to be successful in sports, athletes must also have tough psychological qualities. They also add that playing games that challenges the mind like poker improves one’s psychological skills which is necessary to achieve success in their respective sport. Shawn Marion has always been known to be a calm and collected player on the court, and these attributes will greatly benefit him, if and when he decides to play poker professionally.

Shawn Marion still has a few years left in his contract with the Dallas Mavericks, and his team is in the process of rebuilding for another run at the championship. The former UNLV standout would want nothing less than to add another championship ring into his exclusive jewelry collection, and for sure he is using the off season to further improve on his game. His career as a poker player may have to take a back seat for now, but one thing is for sure, once he hangs up his basketball sneakers, it’s time for the Matrix to pursue that elusive WSOP bracelet.

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