YAYsports! NBA was active from August of 2005 through late 2008. YAY was created and written primarily by Brian Spaeth, who did so under the alias of The Cavalier.

Its “glory days” were arguably 2006-07, when it like used to get lots of attention and had heavy amounts of daily content – often up to six posts per day. 2008 was a darker period, and some of the worst writing of Spaeth’s life, by his own admission.

(Others who wrote for YAY at different times include Jordi Scrubbings and Jack Cobra.)

The site made its name on its extensive and bizarre NBA Photoshop work, combined with Spaeth’s heavily biased fandom for the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. It first came to prominence for its coverage of the late-2005 phenomenon of NBA players wearing tights under their shorts. Other notable events include an explosive one-way-feud with ESPN’s Scoop Jackson, and the infamous and impossibly delayed feature film based on the site’s more abstract and humorous content, Who Shot Mamba?.

WSM? was released in late 2009 as a “broadband motion picture” – click the tab that says Who Shot Mamba? for more info. It’s the tab that says that because that’s where you get that information.

The site became ill as Spaeth gradually got sick of writing about basketball, and he finally killed it in late 2008 via the world’s first preplanned blog suicide.

He has since published an epic, pretentious, and stupid novel called Prelude to a Super Airplane, and a tie-in movie parody book called Brad Radby’s Brad Radby: The Complete Filmography (1999-2023).

He now does actoring and writering full time in Los Angeles, CA. Find him at his current website, BRIAN 23 DOT COM.