WSM? is a full-length feature film written by and starring Brian Spaeth, who created and wrote this site. It ran online in 2009 and 2010.

Check the WSM? Facebook Page or the Who Shot Mamba? website to watch it. It’s also available on DVD – click the ad in the sidebar there to go buy it at Amazon.

Large portions of the film’s narrative were inspired by the more abstract humor on YAYsports! NBA, including characters like Mamba and the Orange Roundie. This is all explained in great detail in the ebook Prelude to a Who Shot Mamba?.

Check out more info about the movie itself at IMDB. It was directed by a talented guy named Dustin Pearlman, and stars (in addition to Brian) – Stephanie Sanborn, Dominic Pace, Dylan Mooney, Bill Walton, and of course…The Inflatable Defender.

Here are the two teasers:

You can watch the movie here, or via any of the banners in the sidebar there.