11 Best Adult Tricycles 2020: Speed, Transportation, & Comfort

Adult tricycles are a unique form of transportation great for everything from a leisure ride around the neighborhood to a stimulating cardio workout.  The trike is often an after-thought to its two-wheeled brother, the bicycle; in fact, the trike is a much safer, more reliable alternative. They have the stability that bikes do not, so rides are much more worry free. There is no need for the balance that was necessary when going on a bike ride, or the athleticism you might have once had.

The tricycle was surprisingly invented before the bike, by about 200 years. Invented in the mid to late 1600’s, the tricycle was first created by a disabled German watchmaker, Stepahn Farffler, who wanted to maintain his independence. This first iteration was powered by hand cranks. About 100 years later, two Frenchmen created a three-wheeled vehicle powered by feet pedals. They dubbed it the tricycle. A few years later, the British perfected the design, and mass production soon began. They were popular with those uncomfortable on high-wheelers (bicycles). So, the idea of the trike being safer than the bike has been around since the beginning of its creation, and still (rightfully) persists today.

Today, trikes are not only just used for leisure or exercise. They are a huge method of transportation around the world, for getting to work or getting to an important destination. These are known in the East as cycle rickshaws. They are also known as bike taxis, but in fact they are tricycles. They were first widely used in Singapore in 1929, and after that their popularity for taxi usage exploded all over the East and into Africa. They have always been a boost to the economy without taxing the environment. If you are reading this guide, it is of course doubtful you are wanting to create a taxi business with a tricycle, but it is still good to know about the impact that these machines have on the globe. The following will provide a more pragmatic approach in the hunt for your trike! The buying guide will provide the most possible in-depth look at the differing trike feature sets. Hopefully you can learn enough to make the perfect purchase, or even learn enough to help friends in the trike market as well. The list further on in the article is a rough ranking on most of the available tricycles on Amazon. This list of twelve trikes takes into account quality of the tricycle first and foremost. All other factors come next. These factors are detailed specifically in the buying guide portion below.

Top Adult Tricycles  Comparison Chart

NameWheel SizePriceWhere to Buy?
Popsport 24 Inch Adult Tricycle 6/7 Speed 3 Cruise24 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Happybuy 26 Inch Adult Tricycle Series 7 Speed26 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Iglobalbuy Black 6 Speed24 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Razor DXT Drift Trike20 in$Check Price on Amazon
Worksman WTX$$$Check Price on Amazon
Artudatech 6-Speed 24″ Adult with Basket24 in$$$Check Price on Amazon
Ridgeyard 6 Speed 24 Inch with Folding Basket24 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Goplus Adult Tricycle with Large Basket24 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Mobo Triton Pro Adult Beach Cruiser20 in$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle26 in$$$Check Price on Amazon
Goplus Electric Trike20 in$$$$Check Price on Amazon

Adult Tricycles Buying Guide

While it is regarded to be a fairly sound and simple design, there are many variations that may make the tricycle more personalized to the customer’s needs. These variations include size of tricycle, height of pedal, seating recline, wheel position, and even use of batteries to power it. Finding the right trike can be tough, but with this guide you can help ease the process. Above all, research is the most important aspect of shopping for adult trikes—this vehicle is a long-term investment, and you do not want to be stuck with one that ended up having something undesirable. Take your time and read through specific details with a fine-toothed comb about each trike you are considering.

Trike Purpose

Firstly, decide why are you looking into buying a trike. These vehicles have a surprising amount of uses. The most common, of course, is for your leisure. These leisure trikes are the most common on the market, and are best for low-key rides around the neighborhood, or possible a short trip down to the store. You are best off buying an average cost tricycle, or maybe even higher than average cost tricycle if you really want to invest in it and you see yourself spending a ton of time with it. Tricycles are also great tools for riders with special needs. There are specialized ones out there for this purpose (one of which is on this list). Those with special needs love these trikes and it since these vehicles have so much stability you do not have to worry as much about them getting hurt. Tricycles are also great tools for rehabilitation. Maybe you were injured in some way in the past, well buying a trike is a great way to work through some of those lingering issues that might still be around. For rehab, you are probably ok with just getting your average, cheaper trike. You do not need something that is terribly heavy duty. You just need something to get you up and moving again to work on those past ailments. Lastly, tricycles can even be used for more ‘extreme’ circumstances. Maybe you want to fly down a hill and drift corners. There is a trike on this list that is perfect for thrilling rides like that. You want to get something that is more of a hybrid if you want a more thrilling experience. If you want to take your trike into more taxing situations, you should look at trikes made from high quality materials, like iron. Keep in mind this increases weight, along with price! Maybe you want to start a taxi company with your tricycle (ok, probably not, but still). This guide is not for you if you wish to do that!

Size and Structure of Trike

The size and structure of the tricycle is an important factor to consider. Some of them can be a little cramped for bigger and/or taller people, so it is important to view the recommended heights given by the trike manufacturer. If you are particularly handy, you can even look up how to do some modifications to your trike if you are on the taller end of the spectrum. It is also important to check for weight limits given by the manufacturer—the average maximum can range from 250 to 315 pounds. The hybrid trike on the below list has a maximum of 198 lbs., but it is more of an exception to the rule. The material that composes the trike is important for this factor as some alloys are more durable than others. Many trikes are aluminum. This is the weakest possible material trikes can be made of, so if you want a stronger trike do not go for aluminum. The strongest material for trikes is iron. This is for those wanting to test your trike and push it to the limits. Keep in mind, however, that iron makes the trike considerably heavier.

Trike Pedals

Height of pedal varies with trikes. If possible, you should test out different pedal heights at a local store to check the one that fits your comfort level the best. You want your legs to be as comfortable as possible if you are the one doing the pedaling! Not everyone is built the same, so height recommendations are not always the best way to see if the pedals will fit you well. Luckily, some tricycles have adjustable pedals, so make sure to figure out if yours does before you purchase it. Mentioned above, if you are handy enough you could likely do some of your own modifications, or maybe hire someone to help you out if you are a taller person or have long legs. Also, although not covered by the following selected trikes below, there are some instances where you can buy a trike that uses hand cranks. This is a great alternative for those that cannot use their legs, for whatever reason, to get around the same way. Or this is a great way to work your arms out in a different way.

Seating and Comfort

The angle of seating and the type of seating vary from tricycle to tricycle. Some have special seats to improve long-term comfort for those longer rides. Spring quality and material of the seat matter the most when evaluating comfort. Also, some of the seats have more of a laid-back angle and bucket form to ease the stress on your back, which also makes longer rides more bearable. These are known as recumbent trikes. Many have spinal issues or discs bulging, so having the seat in a recumbent set up keeps your back neutral therefore little to no stress is applied to you. Also, with a recumbent seat your legs are stretched out, so if you have knee issues this is a huge plus. This is great for those longer rides if that is something you wish to do. Seats can also come in leather, plastic or some other hybrid materials.

Tadpole and Delta Configuration

Not all tricycles have the same wheel placement. Some opt for two wheels in the front, while the majority have two wheels in the back of the vehicle. The classic tricycle configuration of two rear wheels and one rear wheel is known as the ‘Delta’ configuration. The less common two front wheels and one rear wheel is known as the ‘Tadpole’ configuration. With the Tadpole setup, it is common for the back wheel to be used for steering. This is likely because the Tadpole has a bit more of a learning curve when it comes to steering the vehicle. The Delta setup is quite simple and easy to learn. Tadpole tricycles also have a lower center of gravity, so the tadpole trikes almost have a zero percent chance of flipping. Delta trikes might have a higher center of gravity, but in reality, there is almost no way you are flipping it over either. Any tricycle set up is much safer than its two-wheeled brother.

Trike Gears

Trikes, like bicycles, have different gears or speeds. Gears vary your energy you need to exert. So, if your future trike routes are hilly, you are most likely going to want to make sure the trike you want has an adequate amount of gears. Also keep in mind that learning how to use different trike speeds is a little more advanced than just a one-speed trike. It is probably a good idea to do some good reading on bike speeds on your own to get the best sense of how they operate. In general, however, first gear on a bike/trike is considered low gear, and higher speeds are considered high gear. Shifting is the term for changing from one gear to another, and this is typically done by utilizing a shifter on the handlebars. Downshifting means changing to a lower gear, and upshifting means going to a higher gear. Again, this is best to read up on your own, and even then, it is more commonplace on bicycles rather than trikes.

Trike Storage

Some trikes are foldable. In general, tricycles are a good size bigger than your average bicycle. This is the only real disadvantage it has to the bike, aside from possibly the initial assembly. If space might be an issue for you, consider looking into getting a folding trike. It is a unique way to solving a space problem. Unfortunately, not available on Amazon (so not shown on our list), the Fold and Go Folding Trike is the only decently produced tricycle on the market. All others, unfortunately, have a myriad of issues such as non-replaceable parts or a bad/non-existent dealer network.

Battery Power

Finally, some tricycles are battery powered. The self-propel of these vehicles takes the leisure level up a notch taking the exercise out of the equation. The one on the following list can go almost 20 miles per hour for 25 miles on only one charge. These battery powered tricycles are also of course much more expensive than their manual counterparts. In some instances, this cost can even be double that of the manual. This cost can be worth it, however, if you truly want the most luxury and relaxation in your trike experience. These trikes are almost always hybrids, so you can alternate between using your legs and using the motor. This is great if you want help going up a hill for instance. This also brings into play a great way to exercise by doing some interval training where you flip on/off the motor throughout your workout. Again, you must keep in mind just how much more expensive one of these electric versions cost.

Top Twelve Adult Tricycles Reviews

Popsport 24 Inch Adult Tricycle 6/7 Speed 3 Cruise

The Popsport 24-Inch Adult Tricycle is 6-speed and made from hi-tensile carbon steel with 24-inch wheels. This heavy-duty trike can support up to 300 pounds and has a handy cargo basket tucked behind the rider for hauling various cargo. It is one of the cheapest trikes on the list, but it is also the worst reviewed. Most reviews cite how it was difficult to assemble as there were no instructions and/or parts list. There are also apparent manufacturing defects, such as a cable sleeve not being ran through two of the four metal retainers on the vehicle. Other say the trike was poorly packed and in turn some of the parts were dented or many screws were missing. Even if you get this tricycle assembled properly, some users say that it broke in different ways, such as pedals coming off.

It is only recommended that you buy this trike if you want the cheapest option and have no problem with an advanced assembly. Even then, it is a hard sell. You must remember that trikes are an investment, so usually it really is worth it to pay a little more rather than going with something like this Trike. Popsport needs to do better to be quite honest.


  • Cheap Cost


  • No manual
  • Poor quality
  • Tough assembly

Happybuy 24 Inch Adult Tricycle Series 6/7 Speed

The Happybuy Adult Tricycle is a solid 7-speed product featuring 20-inch wheels with alloy rims and stainless steal spokes. The body itself is made from a high-quality iron. The trike has one of the largest baskets of the available tricycles on the market, so it is a solid product for hauling goods. The Happybuy can hold up to 300 lbs. of weight—rider and cargo combined. It is the lowest cost available trike on Amazon. Unfortunately, there are no reviews on Amazon of the product at the moment, so buying this would be a bit of a shot in the dark for now. It is recommended that the shopper should wait for more reviews to hit before taking the plunge, unless you are really itching for a cheap trike. It is still more likely that you will have a better time with this trike than the Popsport if you are looking for cheap.


Lowest Cost


  • No reviews
  • 6/7 speed

Iglobalbuy Black 6 Speed

The Iglobalbuy 6 speed tricycle is your average trike in every sense of the word. It advertises a low clearance step through frame to ease getting on or off. It has a rear folding basket for item transport, and a 6-speed shift gear that lets you change the speed as freely as you like. It has 3 stars, and an extremely average trike price. The 13 reviewers on Amazon all mention how difficult this trike is to assemble, but after that it gives the rider a decent experience. There were no obvious comments of any sort of malfunction or anything breaking during riding. To be honest, you are probably going to want to go after other tricycles before settling on this one. This trike just does not stand out in any way.


  • Good riding experience
  • 6 speed


  • Tough Assembly
  • Average to below average quality

Razor DXT Drift Trike

This trike is for users on the younger side of adulthood, specifically 14 and up. This trike is designed to quick 180s with its smoothed back wheels. These wheels allow you to do all kinds of stunts that are only limited to your imagination. It features BMX style trike pedals for maximum control (along with its heavy-duty handlebars). The bucket seat is also adjustable for maximum comfort. So, obviously this is not your standard trike. It is more of a hybrid that allows you to do fun stunts. This would be perfect for late teens looking for a thrilling ride. Just remember to be safe with this trike. Its hybrid style makes it a little less safe in comparison to its counterparts. It is extremely low cost, so that is a plus. It supports riders up to 198 lbs., so it holds more than you might think, but still below average for tricycles. Also, do not assume this bike is only for teenagers. One reviewer says his wife bought it for him, and he feels like he is reliving his childhood again! He says the thing is great quality all around with smooth bearings, great welds and a nice paint job. He loves riding this trike downhill at blistering speeds. Also, most tools to assemble this trike come with it. This tricycle is by far the easiest to assemble on the list.


  • Easy assembly
  • Thrilling rides
  • Cheap cost


  • Low weight limit

Worksman WTX

The Worksman WTX Trike is about as basic as you can get with a trike. While it is adult sized, this trike is stylized in a childlike, classic trike appearance. This trike is recommended for training and physical therapy for special needs riders. It has wide tracking tires, a super padded extra wide seat and upright handlebars. It is sturdy enough for riders up to 250 lbs. and is recommended for anyone over ten years of age. This tricycle is not for you if you are looking for serious riding power. It is simply for physical therapy of those (of any age above 10) in need of it. According to the reviews, it serves its purpose quite well, along with being reasonably priced. There are no reported issues with assembly, either. Numerous reviewers have used this trike, successfully, to help rehabilitate their loved ones.


  • Solid build
  • Good for its purpose
  • Simple assembly


  • Bare bones

Artudatech 6-Speed 24″ Adult with Basket

The Artudatech 6-Speed tricycle has 24-inch wheels with fenders and an adjustable handlebar. Like most of the tricycles on this list, this trike has an average to larger sized basket for transporting all kinds of reasonably sized items. The wheels on this trike also have a reflecting strip for nighttime safety. Unfortunately, all reviewers mention how it is an absolute necessity to take it to a professional to assemble. They also mention how it the basket is a bit flimsy, so transporting more taxing items might be more of an issue. This expensive tricycle, however, checks enough boxes for it to be a reasonable purchase, but maybe not a slam dunk. You will likely be better off investing in something else a little further down the list if you are looking for the standard tricycle.


  • Soft seat
  • Safety features


  • Need a professional to assemble
  • Weak basket
  • Above average cost

Ridgeyard 6 Speed 24 Inch with Folding Basket

The Ridgeyard Trike is lower priced and made of a high tensile steel TIG welded frame, so this thing is about as durable as possible when it comes to tricycles. It can hold a combined weight of 300 lbs. and is unisex. The Ridgeyard has an adjustable seat and handlebars. This trike looks to maximize comfort with a padded spring cruiser saddle that lessens the feel of bumps on more rickety roads. Of course, this trike also comes with a folding basket for item transport. Unlike previous trikes on this list, reviewers praise how parts come neatly wrapped. Unfortunately, reviewers still mention how it is a tough assembly. This trike is a solid purchase if you are looking for something durable and can handle high loads. It is also great for an entry level trike as it is cheap and can handle some wear and tear for those more intense rides.


  • Weight Capacity
  • Strong Frame
  • Good packaging
  • Moderately low cost


  • Tough assembly

Goplus Adult Tricycle with Large Basket

The Goplus is made from high quality iron that holds a higher weight than most at a combined 331 lbs. The trike has an extra-large, spring-supported and soft-padded seat that is great for longer rides. — Equipped with three big wheels with stylish full wrap fenders, it will make your bicycle clean and dry to the maximum extent. Lightweight alloy rims with galvanized iron spoke help keep the ride light and smooth. This bike is great for someone looking to ride it aggressively. It has a large basket in the back, and a smaller one up front lets you carry more than most other trikes. Once again, reviewers dislike the trike’s tough initial assembly. One reviewer even had their package arrive with missing parts as well as some broken. The middle of the road price and its higher than average carrying capacity make it a better purchase for those looking to get the most transport done possible.


  • Front and back basket
  • Average price
  • Higher durability


  • Tough assembly

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Beach Cruiser

The Mobo Triton Pro, unlike other trikes on this list, this trike supports riders of a large size range from 4’2” to 6’3”, but supports less weight at 250 lbs. It has a hi-ten steel frame and a no maintenance chainless design. The wheels in the front are 20 inches and 16 inches in the rear. The trike has a free-wheel hub, caliper brakes and a safety flag. The vehicle weighs 44 lbs. and has a low center of gravity for maximum safety. This trike has the aforementioned ‘Tadpole’ configuration, so this trike is great for those who are looking for a different experience. It also has a more laid-back seat to ease up the stress on your back. This is the recumbent feature that was mentioned earlier in the article. So, this also benefits your legs as well. One review cites a poor turn radius, but other than that, reviewers love this product.


  • Unique configuration
  • Comfort


  • Higher than average cost

Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike

The Raleigh Tristar is unique in that is has a Sturmey Archer 3 speed internal geared hub for low maintenance. It has a Front V brake with parking lock and a rear coaster brake as well. The rear rack of the trike holds up to 45 lbs. There is a limited lifetime warranty on the frame of Tristar for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle. Besides the electric trike on this list, this Tristar is the most expensive. Tristar proves you get what you pay for as this an excellently built product. Reviewers praise its durability, smooth ride and clean look. Again, there is assembly required, but not as much as previous trikes. This tricycle is for those looking for the top of the line product and not afraid of spending the money for it.


  • Smooth ride
  • Clean look
  • Great build


  • High price

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Around since 1895, Schwinn is an icon in the bicycle industry. Their products have been known for their high quality from the very beginning. The company also produces tricycles, and it is obvious that their quality persists. Schwinn’s marquee tricycle, the Meridian, is an averagely-priced, unisex, and highly popular trike that is one of the best available if you are looking for non-electric. The bike has some moderate assembly, but after getting past that the trike is extremely low maintenance. The bike has a low, step-through aluminum frame. So, be aware this is not the trike for you if you plan on riding it aggressively. Also, it best fits those that are 5’10 and below. The handlebars are adjustable from 37 to 40 inches in height. The wheels are an alloy with a 26-inch diameter. The trike also has a sizeable fold down rear basket to haul groceries or anything of similar size. You can never go wrong with a Schwinn product, so you will no doubt be happy with the product if you are willing to spend the cash. It is the best overall non-electric trike available.


  • High Quality
  • Great customer support


  • Moderate assembly
  • Higher price
  • Best fit if 5’10 or below
  • Aluminum Frame

Goplus Electric Trike

The only electric trike on the list, the Goplus is a for the user that wants even more leisure. It has a 500W motor that powers the vehicle to go up to 18.5 miles per hour. It has an LCD display which shows five possible speed adjustments. The Goplus has LED headlights and backlights to provide extra security.  The battery that powers the vehicle is large-capacity and lithium. It is 48V/10AH that powers the trike for up to 25 miles. It also supports fast charging (only five hours for maximum power). It has strong and durable 4-inch fat tires on 20-inch rims that allow for great traction and smooth rides. The tires are anti-slip, so the trike can be used in rainy or snowy conditions. This trike is at least five times the other tricycles on the list, so if you want the electric power you better not be afraid to shell out the cash. Also, this trike is surprisingly easy to assemble according to reviewers, so no worries on that front. One reviewer also mentions the company’s stellar customer service, so that of course is always a plus to have just in case. This is the go-to electric trike, no question. This is what you want to buy if you are looking for a good time without the sacrifice of your legs.


  • Electric
  • Great battery
  • High Speed
  • Easy assembly


  • Super high cost

Conclusion And Final Adult Tricycles Recommendations

In the end, you really need to ask yourself why you wanted a tricycle in the first place and what factors really matter. Do you want to be thrifty and save some cash because you do not see your trike being a long-term investment, or do you want the best of the best because you are going to ride it all the time? Then, ask yourself what the little details you want out of your trike. Do you want to be as comfortable as possible on your journeys? Invest in a trike with the best seat features possible. Do you want a tricycle you can store in a small space? Research foldable trikes. Do you want maximum durability? Make sure you are buying a trike made from iron. Perhaps you even want to go motorized with your trike, so go for the electric. Above all, take your time with this purchase. Also, make sure you have the adequate storage for the trike you want before buying it! You do not want to leave your high-dollar purchase out and exposed to the elements.

Lastly, tricycles simply come in way too many shapes and sizes to pull the trigger right away, so again, take your time. Hopefully this guide, however, will ease the process for you on your hunt for the perfect trike, and maybe even speed up the process.

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