11 Best Badminton Rackets 2020: Wooden, Metal & Composite Rackets

A racket is sport’s equipment whose main use is to strike a ball or a shuttlecock in a game of tennis, squash, or badminton. It consists of a handled frame that has an open loop across and a network of strings which is referred to catgus in other words that is tightly stretched against it. However, over the century, the racket designs and manufacturing has changed significantly.

A traditional racket frame was made of solid wood while the strings were made of animal intestines which and is commonly known as catgut. This traditional racket  however, had a its size limited by weight and strength of the wooden frame, which sometimes was not stiff and strong enough to hold the strings in order to be able to hit the shuttlecock. Due to these challenges, the manufactures began adding non-wood laminates to improve the stiffness of the wood racket.

The non-wood rackets evolved from the steel material to aluminum and finally to the modern carbon fiber composites. though wood is still used for the rackets, the main material used now are the composite material which includes fiberglass or carbon fiber, ceramics, such metals as titanium alloys.

In the modern times, synthetic material, which includes polyamide, polymers, and nylon, has partially replaced catgut. It is important to restrung rackets where necessary, it can be at the end of every professional match. However, do not mistake catgut from material made from the cat, it is just a name.


Top Badminton Rackets Comparison Chart


ImageNameLevel TypeFeaturePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Yonex Voltric 2017 NewFor all levelArmored, Nanospeed and Arcsaber technology$$$$Check Price on Amazon
2. Yonex Arcsaber 10 White 2018 NewBeginner friendlyIts modulus graphite is super high$$$Check Price on Amazon
3. Yonex Arcsaber 11AdvancedCS carbon Nanotube, High modulus graphite and HMG sonic metal$$Check Price on Amazon
4. Yonex Arcsaber Z slashAggressiveCheap and affordable$$$Check Price on Amazon
5. Yonex Voltrix 7For all levelCheap and affordable$$Check Price on Amazon
6. Yonex Voltric Z force 2AdvancedMost durable and thinner shaft of all times$$Check Price on Amazon
7. Yonex Voltric 80 E Tune RacketAggressive Aerodynamic of Z slash$$Check Price on Amazon
8. Yonex Voltric 5StandardTri-voltage system$$Check Price on Amazon
9. Yonex Arcsaber 002StandardLight in weight$$Check Price on Amazon
10. Yonex Nanospeed 9900BeginnerBlend of speed, defense, and power$$Check Price on Amazon


Badminton Rackets Buying Guide


Badminton Rackets Description


The badminton rackets are light in weight with an average weighing about 70 to 95 grams together with guts. a modern racket is compost of carbon fiber composite which is a graphite reinforced plastic that may be mixed with other material varieties.  One advantage of a carbon fiber is its excellent strength against the weight ratio, since it is still and is excellent in releasing the necessary energy required to transfer. Before the invention of the carbon fiber composite, rackets were made of wood, which released an excessive weight and was costly.

Rackets comes with wide varieties and designs, however, the size and shape are limited by the law. Every racket usually posses a special characteristic that suits different players. The traditional racket that was oval head shaped is still available, the modern new rackets comes with an isometric head shape.

Many companies have emerged in the badminton playing but the most dominant ones remain the Li-Ning of china and the Yonex of Japan who are still the sponsors of the top tournament sponsors. These two countries introduce a new technology every year but predominantly, the carbon graphite composite still remains the main material that makes rackets.


A brief history of how the badminton rackets evolved in order to suit the game of badminton


The game of badminton was commonly known as battledore in the earlier times and it was commonly played by Asian and Greeks. However, during the years of 1850, the game was renamed badminton by the duke of Beauport who revolutioned the game in his house in Gloucestershire. Later, the locals identified his house as the hose of badminton.

The game of badminton has been growing in popularity and in 1992, it grew all over the world after being officially debuted in Barcelona Olympics. This had made the game of badminton gain momentum and this has seen many world badminton tournaments being organized worldwide after this launch. Badminton is an easy game that can be played by both beginners and pros with ease since it is not only interesting but also fast pace sport. It makes its players keep fit and remain healthy at all times.

Despite being started in an English house, the game of badminton is now globally known and its popularity has spread its wings to other Middle East countries like Malaysia, Asia, South Korea, china, and Indonesia. The Asian countries are now producing the excellent champions  while the best badminton players are coming from china. Chinese are nowadays winning most of the major world tournaments in the past years and still keeping it at the top.


The shuttlecock and the battledore


Battledore as an early game was very basic. It involved two players hitting the shuttlecock back and forth using a plain bat until one of the players would miss the  hit making the shuttlecock fall to the ground. The bats usually had a head and a handle, which resembled the modern day rackets whose only difference was the head that was entirely solid and was a wooden one. At that time, there are not woven strings.


Wooden Racket


Badminton rackets initially consisted of a concrete body frame and a woven head, which resembled a tennis racket that were made of that material in the past. The strings that were used for the battledore racket head was created from animal products while  the frame was made from wood. The grip was not safe, it was long and bare and could easily caused deep cuts on the player’s hand.


Metal Rackets


The wooden racket was changed to metal rackets in those times. Since the steel was a better option it was used to make the next racket but as time went by, the discovery of aluminum rackets came as a preferred choice owing to its lightweight option. This move helps revolutionize the game and the players were permitted to roam within the court with easily. This helped in lessening the stress and fatigue that was experienced by suing very heavy badminton rackets. The racket handle was also equipped with a grip material that helped a great deal in controlling and offering much comfort to the user.


Composite Rackets


This is now the modern material used to make the badminton rackets of today, they are made from composite, or the synthetic material, with the most widely used material being the graphite and carbon materials. Unlike the early rackets, the modern badminton is equipped with light but very steady nylon strings with the handle being specially covered with other materials for a better grip that leads to better control.

Apart from frames, the best badminton rackets available to the market are made a using premium material, which resembles the ones used to make strings and grips.

There are varieties of rackets in the market today that are specially made to suit every player’s style and preferences. A better badminton racket helps a player play better, shot with precision and helps in improving his skills.

Below is a list of the best badminton rackets, which are reviewed for better choice to suits your preferences and taste.


Best Badminton Rackets Reviews


Yonex Voltric 2017 New

Voltric rackets brings to you the power, speed, and control. It is blended with Armored, Nanospeed and Arcsaber technology a combination aimed and making it perform even better. This racket is relatively cheap and player and even beginners can easily afford it.

Yonex has used a modern technology on this model that allows the powerful shots that makes it easy for the player to maneuver easily with maximum control. Tri-voltage is a feature in this brand, which blended well with both power and agility, and helps in bringing out speed and stiffness in this wonderful racket. The string bend fitted is ideal to allow you hold the shuttle for quite a longer time that allows you make your shots more accurately with a lot of power.

It has a unique design which allows you move across nicely thus giving a better choice over the competitor in terms of the swings and speed. It is rated highly and is blended with great technology.

It has a new reinforced support cap inbuilt on the racket that provides it with a wider surface that makes it easier for you to handle, give additional mega power and allows total control in every shot.

It has an inbuilt tri-voltage and T-joints that adds the top-notch care. This is ideal in reducing torque and adds more control in every shot made. These are vital features makes it a professional badminton racket, which is also very affordable.

Yonex badminton racket makes it possible for the player to clear, smash, and drive adequately. You will never go wrong with it in your hands, it is affordable, solid, fast, and very powerful to a player of any level, whether beginner or a pro player, this racket is perfect for everybody.




  • It made for all skill levels
  • It has a tri-voltage system that makes it increase its handling and power
  • It is pre-strung with Yonex BG80
  • It comes with full length power

It is durable and lightweight, it is made using the blend of tungsten and the graphite




  • The strings are of poor quality, some complain of its strings breakage in just a few months has been reported

Yonex Arcsaber 10 White 2018 New

Yonex has been rated the best brand in badminton racket market. It comes with some cool graphics that are embedded with super strong feel in its body. It is slightly twisted on its body to give a player’s the better as he takes a shot. It also comes with T piece that is inbuilt that adds an extra layer of strength to the racket.

Its durable shaft is specially built to last longer in order to withstand the harshness that comes with the game. It is lightweight which makes hitting the shuttle an easy task, as well as making the aiming just perfect. Whether attacking or defending, this rackets responds swiftly to make the brisk movements a success, since badminton is all about speed.

Yonex Arcsaber 10 has the solid comfortable feel that makes it beginner friendly.




  • For every purchase, a customer gets a legends vision case
  • Its modulus graphite is super high
  • It has an ultra PEF shaft for flexibility and durability
  • It is readily pre-strung




  • Despite being good overall, it is slightly expensive



Yonex Arcsaber 11

We have analysed the Arcsaber 10, this is Arcsaber 11 and is more advance in power, technology and flexibility than Arcsaber 10.  It a perfect match for all players since it has a G4 grip size, a 3U that weighs 84-89 and has a balance of 305mm.  It is weighty around its head something that allows the player to have an accurate yet powerful hitting.

Yonex is a little more like 10 though it has not been worked on a lot on graphics; it has some shades of bright red paint and some neon like yellow and white colors.  The handle is very comfortable to pay with, which makes it feel very similar to that of Arcsaber 10.

The head has some sonic metal that was added by the company, and this makes it quite thinner to be noticed and has a very still shaft.  The strung strings are made of a higher tension, which makes it stand out from the rest.  This makes it suitable since the strings are not easily breakable apart.

The racket provides a flex feel of power every time it is swung for clears. It brings out a perfect balance with minimal torsion something that makes it powerful for an aggressive game and defensive play. The power from the clear is just perfect.

Arcsaber 11 is an all round racket that brings out a high degree of power, agility and balance during a play. A professional badminton player Taufik Hidyat is using it, and in return, some of its special features have been named after him.



  • It has a perfect stability and balance
  • It is fitted with CS carbon Nanotube, High modulus graphite and HMG sonic metal to make it more durable
  • It is specially made for used by an advanced badminton player for its higher level of control feature
  • It is able to control power and speed to hit



  • There has been some reports that sometimes the racket comes unstrung


Yonex Arcsaber Z slash

Z slash is specially made for those players who are aggressive in the court. It has many features that any attacker might need. It is powerful, fast, and precise and has super powers that can transfer every speed into a shot.

Just a look at it can tell a lot about it in terms of power and performance.  A modern racket is stylish and has nice blends of hues. It has a heavy head that helps in maintaining the balance to ensure the shuttle is delivered as expected.

The CS carbon Nanotube used is able to offer an excellent repulsion. It has been manufactured in high-tech technology, which has played a major role in retaining the shuttle for a longer time for more power and accuracy

The super high modulus graphite’s that are found on its sides has provided more power; this has caused an increased demand from every attacker. The ultra stiff shaft that it has enables the player in making good shots courtesy of the ultra PEF, which aids in adding maximum accuracy and power. This acts as a well-crafted shock absorber.

It has an inbuilt T-joint that is strong and durable that is used to eliminate torque, these features assists the players in handling the shots perfectly with a lot of accuracy. It also has a control support that allows the player have the time to maneuver and set himself up in order to get a great time for hitting the shuttle, all in all it is perfect in serving, driving, smashing and clearing the shuttle in a perfect manner.



  • It is relatively cheap and affordable
  • It possesses great control that gives the player a comfortable feeling while playing at the court
  • It has some exceptional powers that make it ideal for aggressive players
  • The outstanding aerodynamic design gives enough room to maneuver along the court



  • It is not a better option for a player who is not defensive
  • It is not fit for beginners, only for the pros


Yonex Voltrix 7

Voltric 7 is rated one of the Yonex’s best racket. It is designed as a perfect match that enables the player achieves the best performance in the court, whether a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced player, this racket is perfect for every level of player.

It is nicely blended to provide power and weight for the best control and a crispier feel. The main frame is made up of tungsten and H.M graphite that makes it lightweight that weighs only 83grams, all this time maintaining its body quality. The frame is a bit thinner and its main purpose is to decrease the weight but at the same maintaining its durability.

The lightweight allows the player to experience the medium flex that is produced when playing in the court. It enables a player to swing the racket with ease in order to hit the shuttlecock with more power, enough to smash towards the opponent.

The head has an isometric shape courtesy of the isometric technology that was incorporated in Yonex. This means that the cross and the main strings have equal length making the spot 30% larger than the standards rackets

It is fitted with a Tri Voltage system that ensures the frame top is still to allow extended contact with the shuttle with an aim of gaining more shots. The frame sides are very thin of which, besides reducing weight, also provide a perfect balance that allows the player to smash the shuttle accurately with a lot of power.




  • It has a medium flex
  • It weight light and has the pre strung
  • It has an option of two different colors
  • It is relatively cheap and affordable
  • It is coupled with balance and power which makes the player feel very comfortable
  • It is ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced players




  • The strings are low quality which required to be unstrung after a few months


Yonex Voltric Z force 2


Voltric Force 2 is a very popular brand that was launched in the year 2014. It has been used by the world’s top badminton champion Lee Chong Wei. It has some blue decals, which complements its plain black color to give it a unique look.

Its head looks a bit smaller but slightly heavier, something which gives the player a combination of power and balance. The shaft is a bit thin, a feature that makes it lightweight which also eliminates aerodynamic repulsion, IN addition, it has the tungsten grommet strips that makes it more and durable and adds it control.

Its heavy head plays a major role in its performance and one gets a free Voltric racket cover exclusively for proper storage and carrying of the racket in a safe manner whenever the need arises. The idea of the tungsten grommet strip might sound like a drawback, as it tends to bring additional stringing cost.

The performance in court is exceptional and it has some higher sweet spot that allows rackets adjustments as and when needed. The shaft is notably bit thin and it comes with aerodynamic head that provides a perfect comfortable feeling while playing.

This racket has an instant power when gripped, a factor that is felt instantly. It gives the players strength to control the ball while accurately making a shot hitting right off the centre.




  • The extra stiff shaft makes it very durable
  • It has the most durable and thinner shaft of all times
  • It is an improved tri-voltage system that increases the players smashing energy
  • It has neon color and the cool graphics on the frame that makes it attractive.




  • The frame is extra stiff, so it can give it an early breakage


Yonex Voltric 80 E Tune Racket

During the All England Badminton Championship in the year 2011, Voltric 80 was introduced in the market. It is perfectly matched with designs and technology and comes complete with a full-length bag; it is decorated with some cool graphics on the frame with striking red, white, black, gold color options.

The new G4 grip used is relatively small but feels very comfortable to play with. Yonex put a combination of thin frame of Nanospeed 9900 and the qualities of aerodynamic of Z slash in this racket. The extra weight on its head ensures there is power and balance during the match. This racket is relatively lighter than AT700 but is of great use at the court in terms of maneuvering.

Its shaft is stiff but quite thin, it is a lightly longer compared to the standard rackets but bears some similarities with Z slash. The length is 1cm longer a feature that allows a better sweet spot while playing. The frame performs better in the court courtesy of the actual upgrade that allows for proper shots.

The string tensions make the racket useful right from the box. The strings can be manually adjusted if need arises. It is not however advisable to add the tensions as they may break too early.



  • Excellent for the powerful shots and aggressive players
  • It offers easy maneuverability
  • The frames are solid and stable for better control



  • Only best for intermediate players
  • May get your wrist a bit tired


Yonex Voltric 5

Voltric 5 is popular for its power, speed, and control. These features make it one of the top ranked Yonex rackets.  It is quite affordable unlike the Voltric 70 and 80.

It is an attractive gadget that is black with some yellow tones that make it stand out. Despite low price tag, the racket is equipped with the latest technology that promises better maneuverability, powerful shots, and excellent control.

The racket is fitted with a tri-voltage system coupled with a perfect combination of agility and power that allows the fast movement towards making accurate shots during the match. The string beds are revolutionized to allow the player more time to hold the shuttle for quite some time as opposed to other standard rackets.

It is a well performing racket that allows cutting well through the air to give the player an upper hand against the opponent, it is characterized by speed and swings. It is fitted with a support cap that allows easier handling of the racket by virtue of the wider surface it provides.

As a result of this, the service becomes easier since no much strength is needed because of its heavy head which is wide enough to miss hitting and smashing the shuttlecock.




  • It is stable and very durable
  • It has an amazing power making it a great option to go by
  • It has a tri-voltage system which is embedded for better speed and agility while at the court
  • It has great handling features with outstanding performance



  • Only ideal for beginners and intermediate players


Yonex Arcsaber 002

Arcsaber 002 has remained the Yonex’s best racket of all times. The package comes in a nice three quarter racket bag for easy transportation of the racket to anywhere you would want to go.  The body has cool graphics colored in dark red, white, and red colors.

This is light in weight, a feature that makes the player swing with ease and smash while at the same time maintaining the stability during the game. There is no need to customize the stringing, since it is already factory strung with a maximum tension being 24lbs, which sounds better.

It is designed with a flex that is felt at the time of swinging the racket. This flex enables one to hit the shuttle really hard, its torque is a bit reduced all thanks to the inbuilt T pieces. This prevents twists that are experienced when a player aims the off centre hits, that causes the shuttle out of the court. There have been reports of injuries because of this.

This rackets head is not aerodynamic hence you can feel some resistance or just drags while swinging, this however does not affect the overall performance after all.

It is affordable and very effective during play at the court.




  • The shaft is made of durable graphite in order for it to last longer
  • The shaft is a medium flex that allows the comfortable feel
  • It is fitted with a 4G grip
  • It is made with Nanoair technology for power control accuracy in the court




  • It is slightly resistant since there is not aerodynamic


Yonex Nanospeed 9900


Just like the name, Nanospeed 9900 is all about speed for those who are looking an incredible speed. This rackets enabled you to have the super brisk and deadly swings to smash the shuttle in order to gain that win. It allows easy maneuvering, a factor that makes it the best in the market. This racket is a perfect blend of speed, defense, and power.

For those having the first experience, this is the best racket to start with. It has been designed to perform superbly as the innovative technology is fully incorporated. It is very attractive to look at with its wonderful full body colors including white, orange, and red stripes and it also comes in great designs.

It is strong, fast, and lightweight owing to the strong bond between fullere and the carbon mono particles that are achieved by Yonex. This racket is unique in that it has both the aero frame and Box frame that results in faster, smoother, and powerful hits.

It has a T-joint inbuilt that increases stability and offers necessary accuracy of the shuttle per shot. A better gripping system was incorporated by Yonex with an aim of incorporating a better grip and cap support control. It improves maneuverability thus making the shuttle striking easy with less effort.

This racket is popular for its strength. It has some shock absorbing qualities for better stability that makes it feel solid in the hand.




  • The heavy head makes it possible to make accurate shots, it has a very high speed
  • It enjoys superior power and easy maneuvers which ensures better court performance
  • The superior defense makes it perfect for the defensive players




  • Not beginner friendly, it is only made for advance players

Conclusion And Final Badminton Rackets recommendations




We have analyzed the best badminton rackets that are there in the stores stating qualities of each for easy selection of the best one that suits our likes and preferences.

When we talk about sports, we tend to follow our ideal personalities sometimes to  a point of wanting to copy their styles, attires and sometimes their preferences. We do so not wanting to know whether they suit us or rhyme with our own personalities or not, all we do is just follow these role models.

This is following applies to the rackets too, we tend to select a racket that is commonly used and preferred by these icons as well. As much we want to do that, it is not always the best way to go. It is important to note that different rackets come differently with their characteristics aimed filling our own unique styles

At this point, it is important to check what works with us to choose only the best that goes with our skills and style in order for us to achieve the best performance.

The racket of your choice should serve to improve your skill and enhance your performance in the court.


There are two categories of badminton rackets:

  1. Power racket
  2. Control racket

It is important to decide which one to choose among the two since having both in a single racket is impossible, however balancing them may seem a good option.

So, what should be looking for when choosing the best racket? The following are some things to consider when you decide to make a purchase.



You can check the flexibility of the racket by bending it gently. In case the heads is stiff and does not bend easily, then the racket is the right one for the shots as it will definitely hit accurately  in the right direction.



The badminton weight matter a lot. If you are beginner, it is recommended that you choose a lightweight, one that weighs between 85g – 90g with a lower point balance. This enables you to control the racket easily. Power rackets are usually heavier than conventional ones, as they enable you swing with much more power. Weighty rackets are a bit uncomfortable and much difficult to get a good grip on.

A light racket in hand enables you to increase your speed of smashing the shuttle and recover it. It is also an advantage wince it helps with quick serves as well as switch to different strokes. It is also advantageous to your wrist and shoulders as it reduces any chance of injuries.

Another classification of rackets in the markets is as follows:

  1. The ‘2U’ – those weighing between 90-94 g
  2. The ‘3U’ – those weighing between 85-89g
  3. The ‘4U’ – those weighing between 80-84g
  4. The ‘5U’ – those weighing between 75-79g

The commonly available in the market are the 2U and 3Us, 4U’s, and 5Us are not easily found.


Balance point:

This is the centre most part of the racket. This parts marks where all the racket balance rests. Control racket has a lower point whereas the power racket has a higher balance points. With the balance point, the rackets is the key in letting you control the racket the more. This is what you do to get a better control of the racket.

  • The string used should be a bit thin
  • Adding an extra wrap on the single wrap
  • Wrapping the arm of the racket with a heavy grip

Still based on the balance, rackets are further classified into heavy head and light head rackets

  • Heavy head rackets

They are used by advanced professional players, they have heavy heads and allow you to take powerful shots. This type of racket can be great for more power for clearing and smashing as long as you have already mastered the control skills.

The stiff frame is perfect, especially the heavy built-in as they are easily controllable. On the other hand, the flexible ones are better for the light players.


  • Light headed rackets

The lightheaded racket is suitable for players who value speed. They are more suitable for defense, for enhancing control and taking of shots in the middle or the front of the court. Light headed just like the heavy head counterparts have flexible and still types where the still types are best suited for stronger players and the flexible ones are best suited to those players.


String tension:

It is important to look at the tension of the strings beforehand; they are checked through pressing the palm against the string and observing how deep it can sink. The recommended tension is 1mm sunken depth.

The tension can however be customized in case you prefer higher tension. Based on the region, the beginners recommendation is 22-23 lbs. Tensions can increase incase you are playing in tropic areas unlike those in colder areas who needs lesser tensions.


Hand grip:

There are two main types of handgrips:

  • Synthetic Grip

These are the most popular type of grip of modern times. Though slick and with minimum messes, they do not have any sweat absorption.

  • Towel Grip

They are soft, absorb sweat easily, and keep you hands dry. This makes it comfortable when playing while holding a towel grip, however, there is a risk of bacterial germs accumulation, hence have the need to replace them.

The badminton grip also comes in different sizes. There are those players who love a tighter feel with aim of generating more power; they go for bigger grips while the ones who love the games deception would opt for smaller ones as it adds more maneuverability.



When looking for the best racket, it is important to check on the shaft material. The most commonly used material is graphite and tungsten.

Consider also the shaft flexibility and stiffness, if you have a slower swing, the flexible shaft is recommended but for the aggressive player it is important to choose the stiffer shafts and they bend and unbend very quickly.

The flexible shafts tend to bend and unbend with ease that allows the shuttle to stay al little longer on the string bed, this results to a more explosive and fast swings. They might feel flexible and comfortable to play with, but eventually, they lose control and power.


For beginners:

In case you are new to the game, it is the high time you get yourself a flexible racket. With this, you will have it easy when it comes to hitting the shot since you are able to learn many techniques of the game beforehand.

If you have the wrong racket, you experience lesser speeds when returning the shots, you find it hard to control where the shuttle lands.



If you make a decision to buy a product, the nest thing is to budget for it. In this case it is important to check on the range of rackets available, then make a decision based on your budget on the one that suits your pocket and get yourself the right one. This will prevent you from spending too much on a racket that you do not need thus having regrets in future.

Price differs based on frames, flexibility, and other features that make the racket be priced differently.

There are those rackets that are designed for professionals and are made of high-end material; they also have a better quality frame. There are those that are cheaper in version and best suited for kids or the part time players.



Stiff shaft is suitable for accuracy since when hitting the shuttlecock it lands just where you need it to land. The stiff shaft does not flex much, therefore when the shuttlecock meets the strings; it lands just where you want it to land.

Accurate racket gives a better speed that is ideal when returning the shot; this can land you a win since it gives a very short time to the opponent to judge on how to react to your shot. All you need is power to take a shot with what is exerted on the racket.

As discussed above, the best badminton racket does not make you a great player but it can help tremendously in your decision to improve in your game.

If you are just a beginner or maybe a part time player, it is important to go through the above guide, choose the best racket that suits your needs, spend on what you can afford, get yourself one that is mid priced and there you go! Enjoy your game.

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