7 Best Badminton Sets of 2020: Portable, Outdoor, & Professional Options

Badminton might come across as just a fun game that is playing in the backyard on those warm, sunny summer days, but the game is actually a whole lot more challenging than it might seem.  The shuttlecock, or birdie, flies in at you at warp speed if struck correctly and there can be a ton of running involved.  Of course, you don’t have to play at that quick pace, but you sure can if you practice enough and get to the top level.  Today, we are going to be taking a look at the best badminton sets of 2019.  Whether you are looking to buy one for pleasure and leisure, or you are looking to become the next great in the game, our buying guide will help you determine what yields the most value for your money.  Let’s get on it!

Top Badminton Sets Comparison Chart

NameComplete Set?PriceWhere to Buy?
Park & Sun Sports Outdoor Badminton SetYes$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Franklin Sports Professional Badminton SetYes$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Pro Impact Badminton SetNo net$Check Price on Amazon
Baden Champions Badminton SetYes$$Check Price on Amazon
GSE Games & Sports Portable Badminton and Volleyball SetYes$$$Check Price on Amazon
Zume Games Portable Badminton Set with Freestanding BaseYes$$Check Price on Amazon

Badminton Sets Buying Guide

Why You Should Play Badminton

There are a lot of very good reasons that you should play badminton and buy a set to play it with.  First, you get a ton of health benefits as a result of playing.  Even if you are just loafing around in your yard, you are on your feet and moving some.  At a more strenuous level, you will get your heart rate up quite a bit and it will improve your cardio.  It’s also an excellent way to improve your hand-eye coordination, something that all young athletes need to have more of.  This game is a good way to train you for any sport simply due to that fact alone.  Speed and agility can also be tested and worked on by playing the game.  It’s also very fun and isn’t all that hard on the body, unlike most sports.  There are some people that would dive around to save the shuttlecock from hitting the ground, but other than that it’s a good, mellow sport that everybody can enjoy, from the oldest to the youngest among us all.  Lastly, badminton doesn’t require you to have a hard surface to play on.  This is contrary to what other racket sports, like tennis, present us with.  So, you can play on the grass, which is also easier on the joints, since there is no ball that will be bouncing unevenly!

Identifying Needs

First and foremost, you are going to have to sit down (or stand-up to you) and figure out what it is you need.  Do you want a set that is going to be at the forefront of badminton, or do you just want something that you can put up for a barbecue that you use once or twice a year.  Maybe you reside somewhere in the middle.  The quality and price of sets is going to greatly depend on one another and what you plan on using it for, so by first designating what you want, it’s going to be much simpler on you to find what it is that you need to buy to make you and your family the happiest.  You also need to take into account how much room you have at your disposal.  If you want to play an official game, you need a court that is 20 feet by 44 feet.  So, if you don’t have this, you will have to make alterations or just accept it for what it is.

Portable or Outdoor

There are two major distinctions that will separate badminton nets from one another.  The two choices are portable and outdoor sets.  Portable sets can be used outdoors, for sure, but the name outdoor is applied to imply that they will be staying outside permanently.  This means they will be put into the ground via heavy duty stakes so that it will not move.  This type is usually going to have to be sturdier and more resistant to things such as a rain and winds.  If not, then it will quickly erode and you’ll be left with nothing but a shell of what could have been.

Portable sets are a great call for anyone that is on the move a lot and still wants to play.  They are a great option for taking the game inside in a pinch and they are usually very light and easy to load up with you.  You can take them to a cookout with the family or to your reunion and then take it down and put it back up at home.  The convenience is great.  Unfortunately, there are some examples of portable nets that don’t hold up very well at all.  Those probably shouldn’t be called portable nets, but they are technically going to fall into that category due to their lightweight nature and ease of installment.  Be mindful of reviews and any research that indicates that a ‘portable’ set lacks durability.  Not all of them do, but they are just naturally going to lack some of that quality.

The Whole Setup or No?

Another question that you will have to answer for yourself is what kind of equipment do you need.  A badminton set is always going to come with a shuttlecock and at least a couple of rackets for you to use.  If not, there’s a major problem and it’s not really a set at all.  But some sets come with more items included, such as the net.  If you’re someone that doesn’t have a net, you obviously will need one to play badminton with.  Otherwise, you’re going to eventually be arguing over what to do when the shuttlecock drops an inch over the line picked out.  This is what you have to have a think about.  You’ll definitely be needing a net, so it’s a no-brainer to get one if you don’t have one.  Sometimes a combo set is the way to go, sometimes it is not.  It just depends on what kind of rackets you want and what you are willing to pay.  There will be some cases where you determine that it’s cheaper to just buy a full set rather than trying to find a net itself.  So just be aware of that and keep your options open so you can have the best experience both while shopping and playing the game.

Items You’ll Find in a Set

The items that you’ll find lumped into a badminton set will vary, as discussed above, but here is where we will break down the ins and outs of each of what you could or will find included.  All parts are important, but not all of them are going to be essential or central to the cause.

The Net

The net, for obvious reasons, is the central figure of any game of badminton.  You’ve got to have two players, two rackets, a shuttlecock, and a net, or you don’t have badminton.  The good news regarding badminton nets is that they are not as expensive as other nets you might see on the market.  Sports like volleyball and tennis put tremendous strain on the nets because of the pace at which the ball is hit and how close individuals come to it, particularly the case in volleyball.  Since their isn’t (or shouldn’t) be anyone looking to ‘spike’ the ball at the net, it can be less sturdy than a volleyball net is.  It’s also less thick since it will not be going through that torture and the chance of being hit all that often.  Be careful, though, because some nets are just not going to be as sturdy, even at this sport, for you to use.  Know who you are playing with and try to adjust accordingly if you feel they will be rough on it.  If you are planning on using your net for more than one sport, then you must go with a net that will hold up for the most hardcore sport.  So, if volleyball is on your list, you’ll definitely need a volleyball net.  Volleyball with a badminton net will definitely not work very well at all.

Just for reference, a regulation sized badminton net is going to be 5 feet, inch at the very corners and five feet in the center of it, so there will be a slight ‘droop’ to it.


To keep the net hanging, you are going to have to have some tools.  And the rope is a good place as any to start.  A rope is going to be used to secure the net to the poles, making it a go between that is an absolute necessity to using the net and playing at all.  The biggest thing is to make sure that the set has ropes when you get it.  You’ll need them.  Next, you will have to look over them and see if they are up to par.  If they look cheap, or if you have seen reviews indicating as much, then you should look to bring your own into the equation.


You also can’t do much without a pole, so this part has to be examined as well.  With poles for badminton sets, you are more than likely going to find one of two types.  They are either snap on poles or what is known as telescopic poles.  Snap on poles are pretty self explanatory.  If you know that you hate them and don’t want to fool with them, then you can avoid them by taking a close look at the specifications of the set.  Telescopic poles the opposite.  They are just straight poles that you put down.  Portable nets also will sometimes use a T-bar that will function as the steadying agent of the net for the entire net.  It’s a matter of preference, like so much relating to your set is going to be.


This is the part that is going to hold the whole thing in the ground.  Unless you plan to dig holes a couple of feet into the grass to anchor the poles, then you will need to have some good, strong stakes to keep everything in place as it should be.  Make sure these are of a good quality.  Metal is better for this sort of thing if you are going to leave it in the ground instead of taking it out all of the time.  It should be noted that some nets will not have any stakes, instead letting the weight balance itself out and remain upright.  So, don’t be panicked if this is the case, unlike the rope situation we discussed previously.


If you are playing badminton, you can take a few liberties here and there with equipment, but one thing that can’t be done without is a racket for both players.  Without it, you’re left with some very strange form of baseball or something.  A badminton racket is quite unique, even in the realm of racket sports.  The racket is longer in the handle area but the head is smaller and is flimsier.  This makes it easy to hold on to and easily to maneuver around so that you can make quick and precise movements in response to the shuttlecock.  Let it be known that rackets that come in a set are not always the highest of quality.  And on top of that, they do not fit your specific playing needs. Instead, they will be mass produced and made to target a very wide audience of people.  This doesn’t mean that all of the rackets found in sets are bad, it just means that they are not the best of the best.  If you are looking to take your game to a very high level, then it’s most likely not going to happen from using one out of a set predominantly.  The best use of the rackets are for fun and for learning the game.  Outside of that, it will be tough to make major improvements once you have obtained a certain level of skill.


This part is pretty simple, but it is still worth talking about briefly.  The ‘ball’ is paramount in all sports, and that is the purpose of this ingredient.  The shuttlecock itself is almost always composed of plastic.  However, the very tip can either also be made from plastic or use rubber.  To get more durability from the shuttlecock, rubber is preferred. This material will withstand a hard hit much better than plastic, making sure that it does not crack under the pressure.  In official games, they will use goose feather shuttlecocks, but it is not a requirement for you by any means.  This is one of the most inexpensive elements of the game, so if something does go wrong it won’t cost you a whole lot to replace one.

Carrying Case

If you are buying a set, the last thing you need to have handy is a good case to carry it all with.  A carrying case just makes things so much more simple and it sure beats a box that is lengthy and ungainly to tote around.  A carrying case makes your life easier, too, when it comes to transporting that portable net to grandmother’s house for the annual barbecue.  Make sure that your case will carry everything inside of it.  If it doesn’t, what’s the point, right?  Also, keep in mind that a set that does not have a case with it is most likely not designed for you to be taking it on the go anyway, so you might want to consider having a rethink about the entire situation.  Also, look at the quality of the case itself.  If the case is flimsy and too light, then it will eventually give way and will tear.  Zippers and pockets can also tear up over time, so look for those things as well.  Weather resistant bags are also very much a necessity if you plan on going too far.  It would do you no good to have a bag that can’t take any rainfall on it when the equipment could… In summary, if it don’t look up to the job, they probably aren’t!


A major contributing factor to either your love or hatred for your badminton set is going to revolve around how quick and easy it is to assemble it all.  Assembly is the #1 thing, in my opinion, to consider when you buy a net or anything of substance, for that matter.  The reason why is because most people will not play very often with something they cannot put up.  If it’s a hassle, they will not deal with it.  It’s just a fact of life.  I don’t want to spend two hours putting up a relatively light net.  And neither will you.  The parts and pieces used will help determine this, as will the instructions that they give you to help in the process.  Some nets will have awesome, helpful instructions, others will offer none.  It’s also not wise to think that a net that is portable will be easy to assemble.  In theory it will be, but that might not prove to be the case.  Your own skills, or lack thereof, will also play a decisive role in this instance.  Also, don’t assume that money is going to sway this one way or another.  Some of the more expensive sets will be easy to put up, while some of the cheap ones will be as well.  But by the same token, you can find a super cheap one at the retail store that takes hours simply because there aren’t any instructions and the materials are just super flimsy.  It’s not ideal to waste your time, so pay close attention to how assembly is to be completed and to how long it is supposed to take.

Let’s Review The Top 6 Badminton Sets of 2019!

  1. Park & Sun Sports Outdoor Badminton Set

Park & Sun are a leader in this sector of the market, and this set shows why they are. First of all, it is a heavy duty net that will stay bolted into the ground on the hardest of days with all of the materials you need to keep it where it belongs. Setup is incredibly easy, using a button pole locking system to help speed up the entire process so that you can get to playing sooner.  You also get four rackets, three high quality shuttlecocks, and the net is the full 21 feet, helping it to meet regulations.  It will all fit inside a bag that is durable and will last you a long time, too.  One nice attention to detail that they have brought to us is a boundary line, which will wrap up around the net to help you judge if the shuttlecock was in or out of bounds.  It’s super easy to setup and will save you so much trouble, all while making you game feel more official.  While this is not the most expensive on the list, it’s also not the cheapest out there, so that could be a possible negative for some people.


  • Feels very official
  • Great attention to details
  • High quality net


  • Pricier than most
  1. Franklin Sports Professional Badminton Set

Franklin offers three sets in this listing, but it’s the professional one we are going to be looking at, which is also the most expensive of all our offerings today. Franklin oftentimes get a bad reputation for less than stellar goods, but this one is different because they have used great materials in a bid to increase your enjoyment and love for the game. First of all, it’s easy to setup and take down and it uses an officially sized net.  The rackets and birdies that they use are made out of better materials than what you would find in the cheaper selections, including those that they offer, too.  The birdies are made out of long-lasting Nylon in order to help you get the most mileage you can out of them, while the rackets are composed of aluminum.  This is just the kind of set you will want if you are going to be playing more than once or twice a month.  It’s expensive, yes, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not really considering the extra quality you will get from it and the fact that badminton sets are just naturally cheaper than much most other forms of sports equipment.


  • Durable rackets and birdies
  • Big step up from Franklin
  • Great for heavy play


  • Expensive for a badminton set
  1. Pro Impact Badminton Set

If you already have the net taken care of and want to forgo that, then this set is the way you will want to go. Sporting two rackets that use aluminum heads with a steel shaft, they are very light yet durable to use time and time again. To make things even more official, it comes with three feather shuttlecocks, helping you to feel more like the professionals you see playing at the Olympics while you play your own personal game.  The net that they have included with it is also really great, too, showing off a classy look while helping you carry it around with style.  This is not the most expensive set that you can find, but it is undoubtedly a set that will improve your standard of play after you have reached a certain level with the cheaper variety.  Then you can begin to work your way toward even better equipment down the road!


  • Great to continue learning with
  • Very light yet durable
  • Official birdies


  • No net
  1. Baden Champions Badminton Set

Baden is another company that provides itself on outdoor sports equipment, and this set is a good example of what they bring to the table. This set comes with a case that is not only easy to tote but also is weather resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting caught out in the rain. With a obvious yellow tape used around the net and boundary lines to put around the playing area, you will have a clear and precise target and will be official with all of your games, no matter how serious they truly are.  The net is regulation length as well, and it’s easy to put up and take down.  It’s also adjustable if you need to make alterations to it.  Coming with four rackets that are made for tournament play and three Nylon shuttlecocks that are meant to hold up for a while, this is a good set for those that want a high level of play without paying a huge price for it.  The main issue you could have here is with the quality of the shuttlecocks and the rackets, which some have found to be lacking.  But as far as the net goes, it’s a superb choice.


  • Great, durable net
  • Reasonable price
  • Very official


  • Rackets and shuttlecocks are suspect
  1. GSE Games & Sports Portable Badminton and Volleyball Set

If portability and versatility is of interested to you, then GSE is just the choice for you. Sporting a net that is made from Nylon and massive enough for volleyball, you will be able to play with a whole ton of family members on each team if you choose. It might not be the most official way to play, but it’s a real possibility!  The poles used to keep them up are made out of heavy duty steel and the stakes in the ground are easy to adjust to your own needs.  This set’s net is highly visible, as is the boundary lines that run along the edges of the court to make you game even better.  You get a ton of things included in this, all in a huge, seriously heavy duty carrying case, including four rackets, three Nylon shuttlecocks, a volleyball, pump, needle, and more.  If you want to have options, then you shouldn’t look any further than this.  The cost is a little bit expensive, but that is to be expected given the quality needed for a net to withstand volleyball.


  • Heavy duty poles and stakes
  • Very versatile
  • Portable and easy to see


  • More expensive due to inclusion of volleyball
  1. Zume Games Portable Badminton Set with Freestanding Base

It doesn’t come any more portable than this offering from Zume Games. This badminton net comes with a net that just looks super cool, and it is held in place with a freestanding base, making it extremely easy to setup and take down. Far easier than any of the others on the list, and that it saying something!  There are no stakes or tools of any kind needed, just the weight of the net itself, cutting down on your trouble tenfold.  It comes with a carrying case that is very light as a result and also contains four rackets and two shuttlecocks in it, too. One of the things that a lot of people didn’t like is that it is not official in width.  That’s a bit of a bummer, as is the fact that it’s just not going to have a very long shelf life to it.  So keep those facts in mind.  It will be very nice, but only for a little while, and that’s why it has landed at the end of our list!


  • No tools needed
  • Very light
  • Extremely portable


  • Not very durable
  • Not official size


Finding the right badminton set isn’t nearly as troubling as it might seem to be.  Despite all of the options you have available to you online, as well as all of the possibilities you could have in front of you in stores, it’s really quite simple once you get to the heart of it.  By identifying what you need and want, you can save yourself a heap of worry.  The most important thing to do is to weigh all of the features of your set.  Without doing so, you might find yourself without exactly what you wanted.  After our guide, however, you’ll be much more adept at figuring out what it is that you and what you don’t need, saving you, possibly, both time and money in the process.

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