10 Best Baseball Sunglasses of 2020: Fit, Visibility, & Protection (Polarized & Non-Polarized)

While stats might indicate baseball is on the decline, baseball lovers do not agree at all. Instead, baseball is still played by many Americans and specifically teenagers. As a matter of fact, youth basketball leagues are incredibly popular all across the country. This leads to the purchasing of many baseball sports equipment. Thus, it can even include best baseball sunglasses.

Like a baseball bat, cleats, and helmet, the baseball sunglasses play an integral role in your performance. So you need to get a good pair for your son or for yourself. But, this is not easy unless you love baseball. So here is a great buying guide with ten baseball sunglasses.


Top Baseball Sunglasses Comparison Chart


ImageNameProsFeaturePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multiflection SunglassesPremier UV ProtectionThree-Point Nosepad$$$$Check Price on Amazon
2. Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarized SunglassesLong-lasting DurabilityImpact-Resistant Design$$$Check Price on Amazon
3. Oakley Men’s Radar Shield SunglassesIncludes CaseThree-Point Fit Alignment$$Check Price on Amazon
4. TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men & WomenComfortable Five Interchangeable Lenses$$$Check Price on Amazon
5. RIVBOS 801 Polarized Sunglasses for Men & WomenCombines Style With PerformanceInterchangeable Lenses$$Check Price on Amazon
6. Under Armour Men’s Core 2.0 Sunglasses100% UV Ray ProtectionArmourSight Protection$$Check Price on Amazon
7. Easton Flares SunglassesUV ProtectionAdjustable Rubber Noise Piece$$Check Price on Amazon
8. Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Flip-Up SunglassesUVA & UVB ProtectionImpact-Resistant Polycarbonate Frame & Lens$$Check Price on Amazon
9. Easton Diamond Interchangeable Sunglasses100% UV ProtectiveShatter-Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses$$Check Price on Amazon
10. Nike Show X2 SunglassesAdjustable FitVentilated Noise Bridge$$Check Price on Amazon


Baseball Sunglasses Buying Guide


Important Qualities In The Best Baseball Sunglasses


There is one important quality that matters more than anything else in sunglasses. The best baseball sunglasses must deliver a clear vision of everything ahead. Also, baseball sunglasses are polarized to provide clarity during a sunny day. UV protection keeps your eyes safe from potentially hazardous UV rays. All the while, the sunglasses are built extra tough to prevent damage during a game!


What To Consider While Buying The Best Baseball Sunglasses


No shopper wants to spend hours upon hours upon hours looking at products. Even if is gear for their favorite spot. Let alone buying gear for their son. As a result, this section is filled with important considerations while shopping. Use each consideration to your benefit during the shopping process. Save yourself time, money, and effort today.


Price & Budget


Nothing matters more than your budget and the price of a product. Why? Because overspending is often worst-case scenario. On the other hand, spending too little may result in a bad product. As a result, shoppers must navigate the world of prices properly. But, this is only possible after establishing a firm and sound budget.

Setting up a budget is not rocket science. It is so easy, everyone and anyone can do it. First, create your first price point. This is the least amount of money that you plan to spend. Second, create the final price point. Basically, this is the maximum money you plan to spend. Now you have your budget set up and you are ready to start shopping.

Finally, do not get caught up in the price. Generally speaking, the best baseball sunglasses are not a ripoff. So even the most expensive options come at a pretty solid price tag. But, as performance goes up so does the price!


Proper Fit and Comfort


Much like feet, everyone has a different size head. Some heads are bigger than others and some heads are smaller than others. But, sunglasses generally follow a one-size-fits-all type of design. As a result, you do not need to worry about finding a certain size sunglasses. Instead, a proper fit comes from the special features in the sunglasses. In particular, adjustable designs that can alter and customize the fit!

There are two key spots to look for when it comes to comfort. This includes the nose and the ears. On the ears, there could be a strap that stretches around the back of your head. This adjustable strap tightens and loosens the fit. As a result, you can properly adjust the sunglasses to your liking. In other cases, sunglasses may auto adjust and conform to your head.

In the nose area look out for a special nosepad. Now, this nosepad is not necessarily a adjustable. Instead, the nosepad design keeps the sunglasses in place. Baseball involves running, jumping, diving, and more. You cannot wear sunglasses that will slide off of your face or constantly move around. As a result, this helpful nosepad prevents an embarrassing slip up out on the field.


UV Protection


Baseball is primarily an outdoor sport. Only in professional leagues are there dome stadium with a top. Everywhere else baseball is always play outside. Furthermore, summer is the primary season for baseball. Well, scientific research shows that UV rays are robust and much strong during summer months. As a result, baseball players may be exposed to harmful UV rays.

According to the American Cancer Society, scientists believe there are three primary types of UV rays. This includes UVA rays, UVB rays, and UVC rays. Each type of ray is dangerous to the skin and body. In particular, UV rays can really damage your eyes and the results are absolutely catastrophic.

UV rays can lead to macular degeneration. The macula is a part of your retina, in the back of your eyes. UV-A rays can do damage directly to the macula. All the while, UV-B rays are absorbed by the cornea. However, UV-B rays are considered to be harmful. All this information points to the value of the best baseball sunglasses. Protect your eyes or your son’s eyes during baseball games!




Glare on glasses in general are an absolute nuisance. Let alone a glare on your sunglasses during a baseball game. As a result, the eye care industry created polarize sunglasses. The lens design actively cancels out the glare of the sun. Therefore, you do not sacrifice a visibility in the sun. But, how does polarization work? That is a great question to ask.

Usually, light strikes a surface and scatters into multiple directions. However, light strikes a flat surface and becomes polarized. Basically, this means that the light travels in one uniform direction. More often than not, this direction is horizontal. This creates a reflected light which in turn causes a glare. Glares severely reduce visibility and this is not good during a baseball game.

A special filter and polarized lenses block out reflected light. Obviously, this reduces the glare and delivers a clear vision. One glare can cause serious issues during a baseball game. As a result, all of the best baseball sunglasses feature polarized lenses.




Outdoor activities cause your body to warm up. This is certainly true for sports like baseball. Especially since baseball usually takes place during the summer. Thus, athletes need ventilation from most of their sporting gear. Usually, athletes look for ventilation in their cleats. However, you’d be surprised to find out you may even get ventilation from your baseball sunglasses.

One pair of sunglasses in this top 10 list comes from Nike. The Nike Show X2 sunglasses. A special nose design allows air to float in and out. As a result, your face stays as cool as possible. After all, you do not want sunglasses sticking to your face. First, this is uncomfortable and obnoxious. Second, it can distract you from the game out of the field. Special features like ventilation help enhance your skills and attention out on the field.


Impact & Shatter-Resistant Design


Now, this design is more important than any other design. As mentioned earlier, baseball is not a game where you stand still. Sure, there are moments that involve standing still literally. But, baseball is a game action and excitement. As a result, baseball players need sunglasses that are built to last. That is why all of the best baseball sunglasses are built within impact resistant design.

Sturdy, durable, and strong materials are all used to make great baseball sunglasses. If not, many baseball glasses will not survive one game. For instance, what if a ball hits you in the face? What if you slide to home plate order to get a ground ball and your glasses hit the ground? Bad sunglasses Will snap in half an instant. Good sunglasses get back up again along with you.

Impact-resistant and shatter-resistant sunglasses are going to survive difficult and intense baseball games. The material should not bend or wilt under the pressure. Nor should there be any decline in performance either. Instead, your sunglasses should continue to perform well after multiple dives and catches. If not, then they are simply not one of the best options available! Be cautious and careful during your shopping process.


Brand Name


When it comes to the best baseball sunglasses, there are a few brands that stand out. The best examples include Under Armour, Nike, and Oakley. However, there are other brands like Easton that you may not have heard of. In some cases, high-quality baseball sunglasses do not even come from a popular brand. It all depends on what you truly want from your baseball sunglasses. So here’s how you can figure out brand-name and its importance.

First, understand that a brand name pair of sunglasses comes with a brand name price tag. So if you want a brand like Under Armour or Oakley, get ready to spend some serious cash. Luckily enough, you do get the best performance available. So while brand name products do come with a hefty price tag. That hefty price tag is going to be worth every penny. Not only do you get to show off a brand name product but you get premier performance out on the field.

With a brand name, customers receive more than just a product. Many brands live by a motto and promised a certain type of performance. Generally speaking, high-end brands deliver on that performance. Again, do not shy away from a expensive price tag. It could very well get you one of the best pairs of baseball sunglasses on the market.




Last and definitely least his style. Now, some customers may disagree with this statement. That is certainly fine. After all, everyone has their own preferences. However, it may be wise to look for style elsewhere. First, you do not want to sacrifice performance by accident. The most stylish option may not be the best in terms of performance.

Likewise, the best overall option in terms of performance might not be the best looking pair of sunglasses. So you need to approach style with caution.

Usually, most sunglasses look a lot alike. For many, there is little difference from one pair of sunglasses to another. Furthermore, most of the best baseball sunglasses coming one primary color: black. If you do not like black, then this is how you can spruce up and stylize your glasses. F

ind a pair of white sunglasses or red sunglasses. But, remember the color of your baseball team uniform. You do not want red sunglasses to match purple uniforms. This is why black is the most common color for baseball sunglasses. Keep this in mind while you shop for the best pair today.


Best Baseball Sunglasses Reviews


As discussed earlier, baseball is a wildly popular sport. The love of baseball extends way beyond just America. As a result, buying baseball gear is very common. However, finding the very best pair can get a bit tricky. Especially with all of the great options out there. Well, here are the 10 best baseball sunglasses on the market. Read through each product recommendation and find a pair of sunglasses for your next game.


Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multiflection Sunglasses


The Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multifelction sunglasses are number one among all other options for a reason. First and foremost, do not let the simple look fool you. Remember, this is a baseball game and not a fashion show. The Grilamid frame may appear minimal but that is done with a purpose. That way, you do not deal with clunky and uncomfortable sunglasses during your game.

Now, the Under Armour brand name is obviously very appealing. Not to mention the three-point nosepad. This simple design provide a secure and comfortable fit. The hinges feature special cushioning for shock absorption. As a result, these glasses are built to withstand a certain level of impact. Dive on to the ground for a bowl without too much worry about your sunglasses. The best baseball sunglasses will never get in your way!

The real star here comes in the form of the lenses. The polarized design delivers high-glare reduction. All the while, you see true colors even in bright light conditions. The ArmourSight® lenses prevent distortion and are much stronger that other lens options.

But, nothing is more important than the Multiflection design. Simply put, this design prevent scratching, staining, smudging, and repels water. So it is built to perform and even the most intense baseball games. Best of all, the lenses block out 100% of all UVA, UVB, and UVC rays!




  • Under Armour Brand Name
  • Premier UV Protection
  • Resists Stains, Smudges, & Scratches
  • Three-Point Nosepad




  • Potential Durability Issues


Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarized Sunglasses


Oakley is a high-end brand when it comes to sunglasses. However, they also produce some high-quality sports sunglasses for more than just baseball players. Thus, athletes of all kinds can trust the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL as rough and rugged sunglasses.

The Half Jacket design is tested in extreme circumstances. That way, it guarantees durability during baseball games and other high impact situations. After all, you may just get hit by a ball and do not want sunglasses to break on impact.

There are a number of technologies integrated into the lens for high-definition optics. As a result, this pair of sunglasses actively illuminates all distortion. This is a key when it comes to your performance on the baseball field. Especially if you play in the outfield and require pristine vision in order to make place. Look no further than this pair of Oakleys for great results on the baseball diamond!

Plutonite lens material filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Furthermore, it even filters out harmful blue light that reaches up to 400nm. As a result, outfielders can protect their eyes from potential danger on the baseball diamond. Long games are no longer a worry for you in the sun. All the while, you wear a premier, brand name pair of the best baseball sunglasses.




  • Oakley Brand Name
  • Impact-Resistant Design
  • High-Definition Optics
  • Long-lasting Durability




  • Expensive Price


Oakley Men’s Radar Shield Sunglasses


As just discussed, Oakley sits a top the world of sunglasses. Specifically, sportswear sunglasses worn by athletes. Their Radar Shield sunglasses performs well out on the field, to say the least. The three-point design keeps the sunglasses on your face during baseball practice and during games. Precise alignment also holds reduce the pressure points for more comfort. This pair of sunglasses is so comfortable you may forget that they are even there.

The sporty design is ideal for athletes. Meanwhile, an O-matter stress-resistant frame delivers durability out on the field. Best of all, this pair of sunglasses stays lightweight in terms of the material. You do not want a sunglasses wearing you down simply because they are to heavy. Not to mention the non-polarized Iridium keeps your eyes safe at all times.

Unobtanium ear socks and nose pads keep the sunglasses in place. All the while, the 100% UV protection coding is ideal for long days in the sun. Study show that UV rays can be harmful. But, that should not stand in the way of your fun during baseball games. Instead, the best baseball sunglasses feature lenses that keep you safe and protect your eyes all at once.




  • Oakley Brand Name
  • Includes Case
  • Three-Point Fit Alignment
  • O-Matter Stress-Resistant Frame




  • Expensive Price


TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men & Women


Bargain hunters, rejoice! The TOREGE Polarized sports sunglasses may not boast a brand name. However, this pair of sunglasses certainly boasts an exceptional amount of performance. First and foremost, this all starts with the absolutely impressive lens design.

Pick from one of five interchangeable lenses, each built with 100% UV400 protection coating. This blocks out 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays. These are the rays that can cause the most damage during a long baseball game.

Now, the lenses do more than just provide UV ray protection. Enjoy a restoration of true color. All the while, reflect away light and scattered light alike. Each lens delivers a different type of performance. The black lens is polarized for driving and other types of activities. The yellow lens is great for nighttime games. But, your go-to lens is the most colorful option for premier sun protection.

A soft rubber nosepad provide a comfortable feeling on your face. Meanwhile, the rimless design is very sleek and stylish. It also provides a great benefit on the baseball field. Basically, the lower vision is completely clear. This is ideal for quick moving ground balls and other similar place.

Best of all, the polycarbonate Lens design is impact and scratch resistant. That way, you enjoy nearly unbreakable lenses out on the field.




  • Exceptional Value
  • Great Price
  • Comfortable Design
  • Five Interchangeable Lenses




  • Not A Brand Name


RIVBOS 801 Polarized Sunglasses for Men & Women


Another pair of very affordable and very versatile sunglasses. The RVBOS 801 is built with polarization in the main black lens. So this is more than just a pair of the best baseball sunglasses. Swap the lenses out for one another to get the best results in all kinds of situations.

For instance, the polarized black lenses are great for driving and other outdoor activities. On the other hand, the blue lenses are more fitting four trips to the beach. Enjoy some new sunglasses on the baseball field and away from the baseball field.

The lightweight design is wonderful out of the baseball field. As a result, you do not deal with discomforting sunglasses on your face. Benefit from a great combination of style, performance, and clarity. The polycarbonate Lens and frame material is built to withstand intense impacts. As a matter of fact, the intention is to provide you with a pair of unbreakable sunglasses.

The frame is made of TR 90 material which is more durable than the average standard pair of plastic sunglasses. Plus, the brand new UpGrade patent design allows easy switching for your lenses. Switch your lenses in and out in just a moment. Then, get back out on the baseball field for dominant performance.




  • Great Price Tag
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Combines Style With Performance
  • Interchangeable Lenses




  • Not A Brand Name


Under Armour Men’s Core 2.0 Sunglasses


There is no surprise that a premier sports sunglasses brand like Under Armour dominates this list. After all, their sunglasses all boast ArmourSight®. What does this mean? Basically, the polycarbonate lenses are precisely engineered to deliver the best visibility.

As a result, you benefit from premier definition out on the field. Optimal clarity gives you the edge over competition. However, there is more to this lens design than just your vision.

The smart lens design is protective against UV rays and also features polarization. Benefit from 100% protection from all of the harmful rays such as UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. All the while, the polarization eliminates glare while also reducing eye fatigue.

However, there is no color distortion to deal with whatsoever. You get premier clarity at all times on the baseball field.

A special Under Armour UA AutoGrip offers a completely convenient design. This pair of sunglasses automatically adjust to the shape of your head. But, there are no pesky pressure points to deal with. Meanwhile, the multi-position nosepad delivers all of the comfort you need. Not to mention the anatomical fit that conforms to your head.




  • Under Armour Brand Name
  • Polarized Lens Design
  • 100% UV Ray Protection
  • ArmourSight Protection




  • Expensive Price Tag


Easton Flares Sunglasses


Easton is a very popular sports brand in two particular sports, baseball and hockey. This ranges from bats and hockey sticks to hockey helmets and the best baseball sunglasses. Specifically, the Easton Flares sunglasses perform at a high level on the baseball field.

The adjustable nose piece provide you with a customizable fit. As a result, you can change this design until you feel just right. After all, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to sunglasses.

The lenses also deliver great performance, protection, and durability. For example, do you want this feature UV protection. As a result, your eyes are protected both on and off the field. Do not let UV rays damage your eyes or hinder your performance. The best sunglasses for baseball prevent UV was from even reaching your eyes.

Now, the standout feature in this pair of sunglasses is definitely the polycarbonate lens design. Why? Because the lenses are built to last during even the most intense and physically demanding baseball games. A shatter-resistant design is going to take on the impact of diving and jumping. That way, you perform at the highest levels out on the baseball field.




  • Easton Brand Name
  • UV Protection
  • Shatter-Resistant Polycarbonate Lens
  • Adjustable Rubber Noise Piece




  • Durability Issues


Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Flip-Up Sunglasses


Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Flip-Up sunglasses offer a unique feature found nowhere else. All the while, you enjoy all of the standard performance that you love. This includes UVA and UVB protection. That way, Long baseball games in the sun are safe and do not harm your eyes. Plus, receive an included carry pouch and headband strap. Extra accessories like these are always a big plus.

The impact-resistant polycarbonate frame and lens are built to last. Furthermore, this design is built to withstand the impacts of playing baseball. After all, this is a physical sport no matter your position. This is a standard aspect of all the best baseball sunglasses. Especially if the baseball sunglasses are going to last for a full season.

A blue mirrored lens creates a clear vision for you out on the field. However, this blue lens can be moved out of the way. How? Using the special flip-up design. Yes, just like in all of the baseball movies. Flip up the blue lenses out of the way when they are not necessary. Flip them back down when necessary. Benefit from great versatility on and off the baseball field.




  • Flip-Up Design
  • Deluxe Design
  • Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Frame & Lens
  • UVA & UVB Protection
  • Includes Carry Pouch and Headband Strap




  • Material May Be Fragile


Easton Diamond Interchangeable Sunglasses


Again, Easton is super popular amongst baseball players. This particular pair of sunglasses is the Diamond interchangeable sunglasses. First, the ergonomic design delivers optimal comfort on and off the baseball field. This includes both the soft rubber nose and the ear pieces as well. The best baseball sunglasses rest on your face in a comfortable manner. As a result, this pair of Easton sunglasses is certainly a great pick.

Out on the baseball diamond, players need protection from hazardous UV rays. Luckily, this pair of sunglasses features a 100% UV protective design. As a result, those harmful rays will never touch your eyes. All the while, the shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses are built for rugged and tough situations. So they will have no problem lasting through your baseball season.

The flexible material in this pair of sunglasses offers some versatility on the field. After all, comfortable sunglasses do not always fit super snug on your face. Best of all, switch out the lenses for a different color based on the weather conditions. You never know what mother nature will bring your way out of the baseball field. Be prepared for anything and everything.




  • Easton Brand Name
  • Interchangeable Sunglasses
  • Shatter-Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
  • 100% UV Protective




  • Glasses May Sit High


Nike Show X2 Sunglasses


For some, Nike is the go-to source for all sports gear and sports equipment. Thus, it makes sense that Nike would show up on this list. Especially with the Show X2 sunglasses. The basic design is simple but still pretty sleek. A white Nike swoosh meshes well with the all black frame. As a result, you benefit from a very stylish pair of sunglasses during baseball games.

The 8 base sport wrap frame creates maximum coverage. That way, you experience minimal interference out on the baseball field. The max optics deliver precise visual information at every single angle. All the while, the interchangeable lens design mix and match to perform at any lighting condition. So you do not need to worry about the bright sun or a big dark cloud.

Finally, the physical design of the sunglasses is absolutely irresistible. An adjustable secure-wrap design create a customized fit for your temples. Thus, there is no fuss about whether the sunglasses fit or not. Best of all, the nose bridge features of ventilation.

As a result, you enjoy maximum comfort and less fog. Warm air from your sweaty body can potentially fog up sunglasses. Do not let this minor problem blur your vision. Instead, let the Nike Show X2 sunglasses improve how you play!




  • Nike Brand Name
  • Ventilated Noise Bridge
  • Interchangeable Lens Design
  • Adjustable Fit




  • Pricey


Conclusion And Final Baseball Sunglasses recommendations


Wearing the best baseball sunglasses makes a big difference out of the baseball field. You only understand once you play game wearing a high-quality pair of sunglasses. It is just like using a top brand baseball glove or bat. The overall design delivers great benefits in terms of style, performance, and protection for your eyes. Make sure you’re wearing a good pair the next time you step onto a baseball field.

No one shops the same. Every single customer is different in their own way. Some customers care more about brand names and style. Other customers want the best overall product. In some cases, customers are willing to spend a premium price for a premier product.

Sometimes, Shoppers want the best bang for their buck, and nothing else. Luckily enough, each recommendation below is for a different person. Read through each recommendation and find the right pair of sunglasses today.



Best Baseball Sunglasses Overall: Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multiflection Sunglasses


Under Armour is certainly on the rise in terms of sports products. In certain cases, they are already on top of the sports world. This is certainly true for their Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multiflection sunglasses. As always, you get 100% UV ray protection. All the while, you benefit from polarized lenses and polycarbonate lenses as well. Plus, the sleek design is great for the baseball field and other types of scenarios!


Best Baseball Sunglasses at a Premium Price: Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarized Sunglasses


Like other great sunglasses, the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL delivers on UV protection. All the while, the composite frame and lens are built to last and feature a polarized design. Why is this a premium pick? The impact protection goes above and beyond all standard sunglasses designs. Rigorous testing in severe conditions produces nothing but the best results.


Best Baseball Sunglasses for Value: TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men & Women


Value is hard to come by in sports gear. Especially sports gear that must undergo serious stress impact. The TOREGE polarized sports sunglasses are definitely the most valuable option on the market. An inexpensive price tag is complemented by high-quality, durable material. Best of all, there are a number of interchangeable lenses as well!


Frequently Asked Questions About Best Baseball Sunglasses


Q: How Important Is Ventilation?


A: It all depends on you and your body. Some people sweat more than others. There is no shame in that. However, this can affect the condition of your sunglasses. Sweat and perspiration forms to cool down your hot body. Heat can cause lenses to fog up really quickly. Thus, you need fog free sunglasses that are not going to constrict your vision!


Q: Does My Baseball Position Matter?


A: Generally speaking, no. However, pitchers usually do not wear sunglasses. The entire job of a pitcher relies around the clarity of your vision. However, every other position wears sunglasses to protect their vision. Certainly this includes outfielders that require standing out in the field. The sun bears down on you. Thus, you need protection for your eyes and clarity to perform plays!


Q: Does Brand Make A Big Difference?


A: Usually, yes. Brand name for sports products delivers a particular type of performance out on the field. In this case, you may want one of the best brands. Especially if you want to show off to your teammates. But, you can certainly get great sunglasses from a non-brand name company as well!

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