10 Best Basketball Backpacks 2020: Style, Convenience, & Durability

Over the past decade, basketball has become one of the most popular sports in the United States. As a result, basketball products and gear are on the rise across the country. This includes basketball backpacks. But, finding the right backpack is not easy. There are so many great options available. Luckily, this buying guide has all of the best basketball backpacks on the market. Look no further if you need assistance today.

Top Basketball Backpacks Comparison Chart

1. Under Armour SC30 Undeniable Backpack
Under Armour$$$$
2. Diadora Squadra Backpack
3. DashSport Basketball BackpackDashSport$$$
4. Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 BackpackNike Hoops$$$
5. Nike Club Team Swoosh BackpackNike$$$
6. Under Armour Unisex Undeniable 3Under Armour$$
7. Under Armour Trance SackpackUnder Armour$$$$
8. SCIONE Lightweight Water Resistant Basketball BackpackSCIONE$$$$
9. Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack with Ball CompartmentHard Work Sports $$$
10. KOLAKO Basketball BackpackKOLAKO$$$

Basketball Backpack Buying Guide

Buying a regular backpack is not an easy process. Many parents struggle with the new school year approaching. Therefore, buying an athletic backpack is certainly a hassle. Instead, read this buying guide section below. Then, check out the great product reviews. Each section works towards an easy basketball backpack buying process. Find one of the best basketball backpacks available today.


Important Qualities In The Best Basketball Backpacks

The most important qualities in the backpack are as follows: durability, storage compartments, convenience, and comfort. Each and every feature is just as important as the last. As a result, the best basketball backpack boasts each characteristic. Not to mention a lightweight design geared towards comfort. Be sure to look out for durable material that lasts for a very long time. You do not want there to be any rips in the first week of basketball practice.

Now, storage is obviously an important quality. In particular, the right storage for your needs or your child’s needs. This can range from large compartments to smaller-sized compartments. Backpacks always feature the large compartments. Look out for the smaller-sized zipper compartments. After all, convenience comes from the compartment design and storage space.


What To Consider While Buying The Best Basketball Backpacks

Shopping is not enjoyable for all. Especially with the school season approaching. As a result, this section features considerations for your shopping process. That way, you spend less time shopping and more time doing things you love. After all, who does not love to save themselves time and money while shopping? Apply each and every consideration below to your shopping experience.


Your Budget, The Price, & Product Value

Budget and price are members of the same family. Their distant cousin is value. Therefore, all three considerations are related. Understand that you cannot get the best out of one without the other two. So start with a budget. Generally speaking, backpacks are not ridiculously expensive. As a result, this budget is much easier then you think. Create two price points. One price point is the most money you want to spend. The second price point is the least a lot of money want to part with. Everyone’s budget is different. Focus on yourself and nothing else.

Next, think about what value means. Do not confuse price and value. Customers often think a good price provide value. That is not true. Great performance and sturdy durability provide value. Especially when it comes to the best basketball backpacks on the market. If the backpack does not last, and it is not valuable whatsoever. Furthermore, weigh out what you value in terms of features and designs.

Finally, price is last but certainly not least. Again, do not mix up price and value. Cheaper products potentially skimp on performance and quality. On the other hand, expensive products do not necessarily provide the best quality. Be rational and reasonable when it comes to the price of the backpack versus the features offered. That way, you get the best basketball backpack.


Backpack Durability 

Durability means everything when it comes to the best basketball backpacks. If there is no durability, that is not what the best options. As a result, look out for team features that make up a durable design. This includes material that resists abrasion and resists water as well. Both features are equally important. Not to mention the kind of material as well!

Constant contact with a surface wears on the material. This is referred to as abrasion. Well then, abrasion-resistant obviously a key to durability. This special material prevents the average wear and tear. That way, the constant transportation of the backpack does no serious damage.

On the other hand, water-resistant material speaks for itself. You never know what mother nature might bring your way. It could rain out of nowhere. Other times, kids simply spill water all over their backpack. It happens. Water-resistant material prevents serious damage. Thus, it is worth the investment. Save yourself the stress of a broken backpack due to water damage.


Storage Space

Obviously, storage space is a huge deal in a backpack. After all, the entire purpose of the backpack is to transport valuable items. First, always look for one large main compartment. Generally speaking, all backpacks come with one huge compartment for larger-sized items. In some cases, large compartment might boast a special sleeve for a laptop. This is great for athletic backpacks that double as school backpacks.

Now, some of the best basketball backpacks feature a special storage design. But, it is not necessary for a basketball backpack. It all depends on the basketball player in question. Sun basketball players prefer to take their basketball everywhere. This is the type a basketball player that needs a special storage spot for their basketball however, others prefer to just take their basketball shoes and valuable items. Thus, a smaller-sized sackpack can suffice.

Ventilated storage is great for young athletes with smelly shoes. Place the shoe in the vented spot. The mesh material breathes so that the backpack does not smell terrible. Lastly, think about the smaller storage space in the backpack. This storage space is vital for smaller valuables. This ranges from a basketball mouthguard, gum, a wallet, or a smartphone. In some cases, this storage space is inside of the bag or on top!



Comfort matters a great deal when it comes to a good basketball backpack. Without comfort, the basketball backpack is absolutely worthless. Why? Because backpacks are not carried like a suitcase. Instead, they are obviously worn around the shoulders. Even in a comfortable backpack that is too heavy can wear on the shoulders and back. So it is imperative you find one of the best basketball backpacks with premium comfort.

Backpacks offer comfort into key areas. First, the back of the backpack can deliver some serious comfort. In some cases, the backpack features foam padding. The soft padding prevents uncomfortable rubbing on your back. Plus, it relieves the stress on your back. This is great for anyone with a backpack and young athletes in general. That way, they are not tired by the time they reach basketball practice.

Second, comfort can be found in the shoulder straps. Basically, the shoulder straps either offer padding or an adjustable design. The adjustable design offers a customizable fit. Children tighten or loosen the straps for optimal comfort. All the while, the padding alleviates any stress tension on the shoulders. As a result, carrying around the backpack is very easy. Remember, a backpack is supposed to be convenient, not uncomfortable.


Convenience & Versatility

Just like price and budget, convenience and versatility are members of the same family. However, they do not necessarily go hand-in-hand in the same way. Versatility means the backpack is more than just a basketball backpack. As a result, customers can take the backpack anywhere at any time. On the other hand, convenience generally means it is easy to use and easy to access.

Now, convenience and versatility are equal in terms of importance. Versatility allows for a wide range of use. Look out for a laptop backpack design. This means there is space for a basketball and a laptop. Also, look for a more serious appearance. It cannot look like an athletic sackpack.. Instead, find nice material that can work well in all kinds of situations.

Finally, look for a simple and easy to use backpack. What does this mean? That each and every compartment is super simple to access. There is no struggling with one of the best basketball backpacks. Likewise, other parts of the backpack are easy to use. This extends to the potentially included basketball storage or the adjustable shoulder straps.


Extra Features

Extra features cover a vast array of amenities and characteristics. This ranges from USB ports to a potential lock. Some backpacks even boast a headphone line on the exterior. That way, athletes stay in touch with their music at all times. Plus, this enhances the overall versatility of the backpack too. As a result, this kind of basketball backpack is taken anywhere and everywhere!

The best extra feature available is definitely the USB port/built-in charging line. Modern life often revolves around our smartphones. This is true for young athletes and full-grown adults alike. Well, the building charging line obviously keeps the phone charge at all times. Therefore, it Is a great extra feature found only in the best basketball backpacks and nowhere else. Luckily, our top 10 list features a few backpacks with this particular feature.


Bag Style

Style is a little more subjective than the other considerations. Some athletes care about style. Other athletes care more about performance and other important features. Thus, it is up to each and every shopper. Here is one general rule though. Kids and younger athletes really care about style. Therefore, shopping for a younger basketball player involves style. Especially if the backpack comes from a parent. If not, then you will become the uncool parent!

Think about style in terms of the color of the backpack. If style is important then look out for multiple color combinations and options. This should range from neutral colors and primary colors. Thus, you find the right backpack color for your young athlete. Find their specific favorite color to truly impress them. It is a great idea to focus specifically on their school and team colors too!


Brand Name

Just like the style, the brand name of the best basketball backpacks is a subjective consideration. Basically, everyone cares about a brand name a little bit differently. For some shoppers, the brand name reigns supreme. Buying a Nike product or an Under Armour product is more important than anything else. Why? Because a brand name obviously stands out. It is a stylish logo that catches everyone eyes. Plus, little kids love those big-time brands sports brands. Especially when it is attached to their favorite basketball player.

Big brand names in the world of athletic gear also deliver in terms of performance. Nike sports gear is renowned for a reason. Because it performs at a high level. Therefore, a Nike basketball backpack delivers a great form of convenient storage and so much more. Thus, customers should weight out brand name in terms of importance. If it matters, find a great brand name backpack. If not, there are plenty of other options available.

Best Basketball Backpacks Reviews & Ratings

A good basketball backpack does wonders both on and off the court. How? Well, obviously the backpack transports sports gear and other items. All the while, a stylist backpack boost the confidence of young athletes. Increase confidence leads to better performance on the court. At the very least, kids enjoy all of the style. Read through each product review below and find one of the best basketball backpacks today.


Under Armour SC30 Undeniable Backpack

Steph Curry is one of the most popular NBA players right now. Not to mention he is also a championship caliber player. In particular, Steph Curry is super popular among children. So the Under Armour SC30 Undeniable backpack is without a doubt one of the best basketball backpacks available. Plus, it is a great backpack for adults. Especially since the Under Armour brand is attached!

First, HeatGear shoulder straps deliver optimal comfort. Thus, carrying the backpack is very easy and super comfortable. Meanwhile, special UA Storm Technology is built into this backpack. This creates a very water-resistant finish. That way, small drops of rain or a spilled water bottle cannot ruin your backpack. Plus, there are two deep mesh side water bottle pockets.

The bottom panel boasts an abrasion-resistant. As a result, this backpack lasts a very long time. All the while, there is plenty of storage space. This includes Storage space for a basketball. Not to mention the soft-lined sleeve for laptops. Best of all, there is an additional quick stash zippered pocket on the top lid compartment. This backpack truly offers the best of everything. Plus, it comes with the Steph Curry logo and Under Armour name. It is even available at a very affordable price!



  • Steph Curry & Under Armour Name
  • Plenty Of Great Storage
  • Adjustable HeatGear Shoulder Straps
  • Waterproof Finish
  • Abrasion-Resistant Bottom Panel



  • Made For Steph Curry Fans


Diadora Squadra Backpack

Diadora is a well-known sports brand. They make great sports equipment, gear, and accessories. As a result, it is no surprise they are so high up on this list of the best basketball backpacks. In particular, their Diadora Squadra backpack is one of the more stylish options out there. First, the simple design offers a see-through Storage space for the basketball. Thus, young athletes show off their preferred sport. Second, there are plenty of color combinations available. So you can find your kids favorite color or their school team colors.

The front vented ball pocket does more than show off. Instead, the event to design creates breathability. 420D Nylon with PVC backing is the material used here. This material is built to last through many basketball games. Plus, the Nylon material is great for outdoor games. Nylon resists heat and will not warm up in the sun. So it can be left in the sun during a long outdoor game without any worries.

Each shoulder pad is anatomically shaped and padded. Thus, the carrier enjoys nothing but premier comfort and convenience. All the while, the ergo-friendly design is cozy too. Finally, the side vented shoe tunnel stands out here as a unique addition. Basically, this compartment is used for shoes. Specifically, the vented design is ideal for smelly shoes!



  • Diadora Brand Name
  • 420D Nylon & PVC Backing
  • Padded Anatomically Shaped Shoulder Pads
  • Side Vented Shoe Tunnel
  • Front Vented Ball Pocket



  • Lack Of Versatility


DashSport Basketball Backpack

This DashSport basketball backpack is perfect for young basketball players. The spacious storage and the large size are great for school and basketball all at once. After all, children usually have practice right after class. However, the size is not overwhelming. Thus, kids do not struggle with a heavy backpack all during the day. Best of all, this backpack comes at an affordable price.

There is a spot for literally everything in this backpack. This ranges from the snacks to the ball. Not to mention a jacket, side water bottle holsters, socks, and more. Therefore, kids are prepared for an entire days worth of activities. Not to mention that this backpack boasts room for a basketball. Plus, there are ventilated side pockets to air out dirty socks and shoes!

Finally, this is both comfortable and durable. The back features great padding. Thus, there is less stress on the back. Adjustable shoulder straps provide a customizable fit. Plus, the 420D Nylon with PVC backing delivers robust material. Thus, this backpack withstands the wear and tear of children. Not to mention the demands of constant travel. Get a great deal on one of the best basketball backpacks.



  • Padded Back & Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • 420D Nylon PVC Material
  • Storage For All Items
  • Great Size For Young Basketball Players
  • Affordable Price Tag



  • Not A Brand Name Product


Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack

Athletes and casual sports fans alike love Nike. Specifically, younger athletes love to use Nike athletic gear. Why? Because Nike is a popular brand and because of the stylish Nike logo. Sure, this seems funny to some. But, kids love it. Now, this product does come at a premium price. However, it is surely worth every single dollar. The great storage space and sleek design provide plenty of mileage for young basketball players!

The best basketball backpacks can stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. This water-resistant bottom delivers a durable exterior design. Therefore, this backpack can withstand a spill of water and rain. All the while, the Nike Quad Zip system is simple to use. Kids easily access all of their essential sports gear and basketball. After all, great storage is nothing without a convenient design.

Finally, the storage space is wondrous. There are multiple pockets all across the backpack. That way, kids store away their smaller-sized items like a phone or gum. Likewise, there is one large space for a basketball or a laptop. Best of all, Max Air units are built into shoulder straps. Thus, kids enjoy great comfort all during the day.



  • Nike Brand Name
  • Water-Resistant Bottom Panels
  • Nike Quad Zip System
  • Multiple Pockets
  • Large Storage Space



  • Expensive Price Tag


Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack

Now, this Nike backpack is for the bargain hunters. It does not boast the same flair as the previous Nike option. However, it comes at a really good price. Thus, it is an irresistible basketball backpack. Especially once you consider the adjustable curved shoulder strap. This strap delivers great comfort. That way, kids are not sore by the time they reach basketball practice.

The large, dual-zip main compartment is ideal for a laptop and a basketball. Plus, there is a rare feature not often found in the other best basketball backpacks. The rain flap protects valuables from water. This is perfect for story away electronic devices. The zippered cleat provides a spot for your ball. That way, it is away from your other valuables.

Finally, the interior zippered pockets organize smaller-sized items. That way, there is no confusion. Plus, is great for storing away items like a basketball mouthguard and a phone. There is also a zipper compartment on the top of the backpack. All of the storage is super convenient.



  • Adjustable Curved Shoulder Straps
  • Top & Interior Zippered Pockets
  • Dual-Zip Main Compartment
  • Rain Flap
  • Nike Brand Name



  • Limited Color Options


Under Armour Unisex Undeniable 3

This is the standard version of the Under Armour Undeniable backpack. But, it is still super stylish. The 100% polyester material is both rugged and sleek. Not to mention the multiple color options available. Plus, the tough abrasion-resistant bottom panel is great for daily use. Especially use by children who can be rough on their backpacks. As a result, this backpack offers so much more than the Under Armour name.

Now, there is more durability here than only the abrasion-resistant material. Instead, there is also a water-repellent front design. That way, valuables stay safe from water and rain. Plus, the foam reinforced panels deliver so much more protection. This is one of the more durable and protective basketball backpacks available. The best basketball backpacks balance out style and durability.

There is a soft-lined laptop sleeve. It holds a 15-inch MacBook Pro or a similarly sized laptop. Not to mention there is an extra large main component with the easy top loader access. That way, kids access their backpacks with ease. Also, the zippered front panel pocket adds to the storage space. Best of all, there is space for a basketball!



  • Under Armour Brand Name
  • Storage For Laptop & Basketball
  • Zippered Front Panel Pocket
  • Water-Repellent Front and Abrasion-Resistant Bottom Panel



  • Zipper Problems


Under Armour Trance Sackpack

The Under Armour Trance Sackpack is not as big as the other options on this list. However, that plays into the favor of this backpack. After all, some basketball players prefer a smaller-sized backpack. No, there is not enough size for a basketball. But, not all basketball players take a ball to practice. This is perfect for weekend practices and trips to the recreational center. Plus, this bag doubles as a stylish bag for school.

100% polyester material is soft and durable. Meanwhile, the adjustable shoulder straps come with an integrated handle. The backpack can be carried in multiple matters. Also, a padded foam back panel delivers great comfort on the go. After all, an uncomfortable backpack is not a good backpack at home. All the while, this backpack delivers on the Under Armour name.

Finally, the multiple storage compartments stand out. An internal pocket delivers a soft landing for all delicate valuables. Meanwhile, the drawcord opening allows easy access. The minimalist design is great for teenagers that want something simple. But, the color options are limited compared to the other best basketball backpacks. Yet, the affordable price tag is very appealing!



  • Under Armour Brand Name
  • Simple Sackpack Design
  • Padded Foam Back Panel
  • Breathable & Adjustable Shoulder Straps



  • Potential Durability Issues


SCIONE Lightweight Water Resistant Basketball Backpack

SCIONE is a new brand in the world of basketball backpacks. However, their backpack stands out thanks to a number of thoughtful designs and great features. The outer zipper of the backpack features a basketball net. Two buckles and a net make up this compartment. It delivers a mesh storage space that is both durable and stylish. Best of all, this backpack comes at an affordable price tag.

Now, there is more than backpack then a special basketball design. Instead, there is a feature not found in many of the other best basketball backpacks. The built-in charging cable is great for young basketball players. After all, kids love their smartphones. Plus, it provides you with a way to call them after practice is over. Well, this charging cable never left their phone die.

The versatility of his backpack is wonderful. It is great for school, basketball practice, and traveling in general. The eco-friendly Oxford fabric dissipates seat. All the while, the light weight design and curve padded shoulder straps deliver great comfort. Not to mention the water-resistant fabric. Great durability is key in all of the best backpacks for basketball.



  • Premier Oxford Fabric Material
  • Built-In Charging Cable
  • Heat Dissipation Material
  • Special Basketball Mesh Storage



  • Not A Brand Name


Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack with Ball Compartment

Hard Work Sports might be the brand name of Nike or Under Armour. But, they do have one of the best basketball backpacks on the market. The simple design is a minimal but incredibly effective. There is a front mesh pocket large that secures a basketball. That way, it will never fall out. This compartment is both convenient and incredibly reliable. Remember, there are create products available from new brands!

Adjustable and breathable shoulder straps offer great comfort. That way, there is no discomfort after a long basketball practice. Meanwhile, the rugged appearance is messed with rugged material. Therefore, this basketball backpack is truly built last. Even in the roughest athletic situations. Best of all, this is a well-priced backpack.



  • Adjustable & Breathable Shoulder Straps
  • Rugged Design
  • Special Mesh Ball Holder
  • Large Main Compartment For Shoes



  • Not A Brand Name


KOLAKO Basketball Backpack

This KOLAKO basketball backpack is one of the best basketball backpacks available for one reason: versatility. This is more than just an excellent basketball backpack. Instead, it is ideal for athletic situations, School situations, and even traveling. The net below the backpack can be pulled up to create a mesh holder. That way, young athletes can store away their basketball without any worries.

The external USB charging point is great for modern athletes. Charge a smartphone while on the go. Avoid a dead phone at the rec center. Furthermore, there is even earbud hole for convenient access to the phone. Thus, young athletes are never away from their music while on the move. After all, who does not love some music before a basketball game?

Finally, the real star here is the antitheft design. There is a password lock placed on top of durable metal zippers. As a result, all valuables are safe and secure. Best of all, this backpack dissipates heat and has an elastic sponge on the back of the bag. Thus, the backpack relieves pressure from the shoulders and back. Meanwhile, the breathable mesh on the shoulder straps are super comfortable.



  • Multiple Compartments & Large Storage
  • USB Charging Port & Headphone Hole
  • Comfortable Carrying Design
  • Versatile Backpack



  • Not A Brand Name


Conclusion & Final Basketball Backpack Recommendations

The best basketball backpacks make daily life super convenient. Furthermore, they offer storage space for valuables and a comfortable design. But, there are so many great backpack options available. Use this buying guides your advantage. That way, you simplify the shopping process. All the while, you save yourself time and possibly some money.

Shoppers are always looking for something that fits their particular needs. In some cases, shoppers want the best overall products and nothing else. Sometimes, shoppers want of the best possible bargain. Then, there are lavish spenders looking for a premium price and a premium product. Read through each recommendation below to find the best basketball backpack today.


Best Basketball Backpacks Overall: Under Armour SC30 Undeniable Backpack

Under Armour and Steph Curry are near the top of the basketball world. In particular, their SC30 Undeniable Backpack looks great and performs well. The Under Armour Storm technology delivers a water-resistant finish. All the while, an abrasion-resistant bottom panel lasts for a very long time.


Best Basketball Backpacks at a Premium Price: Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack

Nike is definitely one of the most popular brands on the planet. As a result, a majority of their products are not cheap. But, they are worth the price. Especially when it comes to style, performance, and durability. The Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack boasts multiple pockets, a water-resistant bottom, and Max Air material in the straps. This delivers comfort, durability, and convenience.


Best Basketball Backpacks for Value: SCIONE Lightweight Water Resistant Basketball Backpack

Why is the SCIONE Lightweight Water Resistant Basketball Backpack the most valuable option? This is an inexpensive backpack with expensive features. This includes the USB and built-in charging cable. Plus, there is an external earphone port too. Thus, athletes easily access their technology. Charge up a phone during practice!


Frequently Asked Questions About Basketball Backpacks


What Is The Most Important Feature In A Basketball Backpack?

Actually, there are two features that stand above everything else: durability and comfort. First, comfort is essential in any backpack. Let alone an athletic backpack.  Athletic backpacks are worn after a long workout or practice. As a result, discomfort is heightened by a sore and tired body. Second, a basketball used for athletic activities must be built to last for a very long time. Remember, children are not necessarily graceful with their toys or clothes. So be wary of young kids wearing out a basketball backpack quickly.


Can I Use A Sackpack?

Yes! Not all basketball backpacks are built to carry a basketball. Not all basketball players carry around their own ball. Thus, a sackpack is a great backpack for all basketball situations. Especially trips to the local recreational center with friends. Carry all the essentials like a phone and special basketball shoes.


How Can I Find The Right Size?

Generally speaking, basketball backpacks come in a one-size-fits-all design. But, some backpacks are made specifically for youth basketball players. Now, adults and young athletes alike can benefit from a basketball backpack. However, a youth-sized basketball backpack does not fit adults. Look for a backpack that fits your preferred age group.


Do I Need A Storage Spot For A Basketball?

Only if you always take your basketball with you. In some cases, basketball practice provides kids with basketballs. So there is no need for a basketball storage slot. In other cases, maybe one of your friends provides the basketball. So you don’t need a storage spot for your basketball. But, if you own a basketball then find a backpack with special storage space.

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