10 Best Basketball Mouthguards 2020: Molded, Fitted, & Boil Options

Across the United States, basketball is more popular than ever before. As a matter of fact, basketball is more popular than ever before across the globe. As a result, so many kids want to play basketball. Well, basketball requires certain types of equipment and gear. This includes basketball shoes and the best basketball mouthguard. Mouthguards protect teeth and gums from potential injuries out on the court.

Buying a mouthguard is not easy. Especially if it is for a child. Not to mention if this is your first rodeo. Luckily enough, this buying guide has everything you need. Read below to learn all about important qualities and mouthguards and great reviews. Inform yourself to the fullest before you make a purchase. That way, you get the best results for your money today.

Top Basketball Mouthguards Comparison Chart

1. Shock Doctor Mouthguard
Shock Doctor $$$$
2. Under Armour Mouthwear Armour Fit Low Profile UA Hoops Mouthguard
Under Armour$$$$
3. Oral Mart Sports Youth Mouth Guard for KidsOral Mart$$$
4. SISU Mouth Guards Aero Custom Fit Sports MouthguardSISU$$$
5. Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguard with Vented CaseRedline$$$
6. Sparkling White Smiles Professional Sport Mouth Guards - 2 PackSparkling$$
7. ProDental Sports Mouth Guards - 2 PackProDental$$$$
8. LiteBITE Basketball MouthguardLiteBITE$$$$
9. XCELER8 Athletics Youth Mouthguard for SportsXCELER8$$$
10. OPRO Platinum Level MouthguardOPRO Platinum $$$

Factors to Consider When Looking for Basketball Mouthguards

Basically, the best basketball mouthguard protects the teeth, mouth, and gums from injury. Basketball is not an impact sport like hockey or football. But, there is still potential collision court. A bad elbow to the mouth is dangerous. This cannot get a tooth out or cause a cut inside of the mouth. Therefore, mouthguards are an essential piece of basketball gear for kids.


How did basketball mouthguards protect teeth? Shock absorbing material. This material comes in the form of cushioning. The design redistributes the force of an impact. Rather than taking place in one spot. The force is spread out evenly across your mouth. All the while, the cushioning absorbs the impact itself. Thus, there is less potential for injury!


Types Of Mouthguards

Now, there are a few types of mouthguards available. Understanding each and every mouthguard is not necessarily rocket science. But, it requires some explanation. Here are three primary kinds of mouthguards available.


Stock Mouthguards

Sure, stock mouthguards are the cheapest option available. But, you do sacrifice quality for that price tag. There is no fitting process for this mouthguard. After all, this is a stock mouthguard. So there are predetermined sizes. Avoid stocking mouthguards at all costs. Not even nighttime grinding mouthguards come in this type of design. If there is no customizable fit, then look elsewhere.


Boil & Bite Mouthguards

Boil and bite mouthguards are arguably the most popular and most common type of mouthguard on the market. Why? A simple fitting process reigns supreme. Fit the mouthguard to your teeth formation in just a few minutes. Simply put the mouthguard into some water. Then, put the mouthguard into a microwave. Run it until the water is ridiculously hot. After, bite down on the mouthguard. Let it cool and then it hardens to fit your mouth alignment and teeth formation! The best basketball mouthguard is usually going to boast a boil and bite design.


Dentist Recommended Mouthguards

This is where things get tricky. Dentist recommended mouthguards are arguably the best type of mouthguard. So why not just get this type of product? Because it is super expensive. It can cost up to $500. As a result, parents might want to check out some of the reviews below. There are great mouthguards available for such a better price!


What To Consider While Buying The Best Basketball Mouthguard

Shopping is not a highlight for everyone. As a result, some shoppers want to cut the shopping time down. Well, this section is made just for you. Spend less time shopping and more time relaxing. Read through each and every important consideration. Then, apply each and every consideration to your shopping process. There is no doubt that you will get great results moving forward.



Usually, price stands above everything else. However, in this particular case that is not true. There is nothing more important than protection in the best basketball mouthguard. After all, the entire goal of the product is protection. If it cannot protect, is not worth any money. Furthermore, it is potentially dangerous for young athletes. Therefore, you must look at the protection before you look at anything else.


First and foremost, protection comes from cushioning and shock absorbing material. As mentioned earlier, shock absorbing material prevents damage from high-impact collisions. Unfortunately, high-impact collisions are the source of tooth damage and sports. Again a random elbow to the mouth can knock out a tooth or camp a tooth into the gums. So mouthguards are vital to the protection of the young athletes teeth.


Finally, even the American Dental Association recommends mouthguard protection for teeth. Especially for young athletes. Remember, young athletes are growing. It is too early to lose a significant tooth in their mouth. As a matter of fact, that is disastrous. Not to mention the high costs of your next dentist appointment. Save yourself the time and money. Meanwhile, save your child a lot of pain.


Price, Value, & Budget

Now, here is a big section for newcomers to the world of youth athletic equipment. Price, your budget, and value are all related. While they deal with different moving parts, they intersect at the end of the day. First, start with value. Value comes from durability and protection. Value comes in the form of a simple design at a great price. In this particular case, there are some mouth guard options that offer 2-for-1 deal.


Second, let’s talk about price. Luckily enough, buying the best basketball mouthguard will not dent your bank account. Instead, you can get a great mouthguard for a very fair price. As a matter of fact, there are many great options on this list under $50. So you should not fret or stress out over price. Find something fair and reasonable. This is one of the easier parts of the shopping process.


Lastly, make your budget. Never made a budget before? It is really easy. Think about your budget like this, there are two price points that map out a budget. Start with your first price point. This is the least money you can spend. Pick a number that is not ridiculously low. Then, move on to your next price point. The second price point represents the most money you can spend. Apply this information to your shopping process for simplicity.


Fit & Size

Fit and size are complicated and tricky. Now, go back up and check out the different types of mouthguards. Generally speaking, boil and bite mouthguards are the most common type of best basketball mouthguard available. Why? It is the easiest fitting process for young athletes. So keep an eye out for this particular type of fitting process.


Size is a little more difficult than fit. Every kid has a different size mouth. So every kid needs a different sized mouthguard. How can you find the right size mouthguard? The easiest way involves age. Manufacturers recommend their products based on age. Just apply your child’s age and then buy the mouth guard.


Do you need more help? Try to visit a local sports store. They might have measurement tools for you. Also, check with your dentist for a potential sizing. They maybe able to help you learn the size of your child’s mouth. Get as much help as possible. That way, you avoid a pesky and difficult return process. No one wants to get stuck trying to return a product online.



Now, durability is rather difficult to assess. No product is built to last forever. Especially when it comes to athletic gear and athletic equipment. So do not freak out or stressed over durability in a basketball mouthguard. Remember, it is a mouthguard for a kid. So it is chewed on and probably not taken care of. Be rational and reasonable when it comes to the durability of your kid’s mouthguard.


Experts recommend switching out mouthguards after a certain period of time. So even the most durable mouthguards have to go after a certain period of time. Sure, no one wants a mouth guard that lasts for just one week or one game. But, the mouthguard might not survive one basketball season anyways.


Finally, look for a chew-resistant mouthguard. Specifically, look for this design when it comes to a young athletes mouthguard. Unfortunately, younger kids cannot refrain from chewing on their mouthguard. Not to mention Steph Curry making this a huge trend for kids. Be prepared for some serious chewing in young children!


Breathable Design

Obviously, physical forms of activity and exercise require high amounts of oxygen. As a result, athletes breathe heavily during basketball games. Well, a good mouthguard will not get away. Instead, a good mouthguard works in the opposite manner. Look for a breathable design and your child’s basketball mouthguard. This is important in more ways than just one.


A breathable mouthguard offers two great benefits. First, a breathable design never needs to come out of the athlete’s mouth. Athletes hydrate without any problem. Just like oxygen, athletes will water. However, this is not possible with a clunky basketball mouthguard in the way. Therefore, the best basketball mouthguard features a breathable design. Plus, drinking water with a mouthguard on washes off the mouthguard.


Second, the breathable design allows conversations. Basketball is a team sport. Team sports require communication amongst teammates, coaches, and the refs. But, athletes cannot speak with a cumbersome mouthguard. Not to mention that breathable mouthguards are the most comfortable options. So young athletes will not fully feel good with a big and bulky guard.


Safe Designs

Last but not least, mouthguards need to be safe in a number of different ways. First and foremost, safe mouthguards cannot contain dangerous substances/materials like Latex and BPA. BPA stands for bisphenol A. Both Latex & BPA are very dangerous. Especially when found in mouthguard products. Keep an eye out for safe products. Protect your children from potentially hazardous substances and materials!


Second, think about the hygienic features of the mouthguard. In particular, focus on a case. A ventilated case is great in terms of hygiene. Why? Well, it keeps the mouthguard off of dirty surfaces and areas. Children place the mouthguard right into the container. Then, it is never going to touch up against a gross and grimy surface. Likewise, ventilation prevents the growth of bacteria!


Best Basketball Mouthguard Reviews & Ratings

Each and every mouthguard on this list is a great choice. Read through the product reviews to learn about the ten best options. Then, buy the best basketball mouthguard on the market. Save yourself time and effort. All the while, you might even save some money. In return, you get the best possible results and nothing else. Plus, you make your child very happy.


Shock Doctor Mouthguard

Shock Doctor is the number one brand for athletic mouthguards, regardless of the sport. This company has existed since 1993. In particular, this Shock Doctor Mouthguard is the best basketball mouthguard. First and foremost, this mouthguard is available in multiple colors. As a result, you enjoy premier protection in great style all at once. This is ideal for young athletes that want to stand out.


Heavy-duty silicon combines together with a Triple Layer design. Therefore, this mouthguard delivers extra protection and durability. Meanwhile, the Gel-Fit Liner Technology provides a simple molding process. Basically, the silicone mold actively forms to your teeth. It is simple and easy. As a result, benefit from a comfortable fit for a long period of time.


The standup feature here it Involves breathability and dental protection. Breathing channels are built into this mouthguard. Thus, breathing is easier during high-intensity activity. This is handy during a basketball game. The heavy-duty full mouth protection works in all kinds of situations. Meanwhile, it protects the cheeks and tongue. Plus, it prevents teeth grinding. There is no better mouthguard for basketball on the market.



  • Shock Doctor Brand
  • Great Price
  • Breathable Design
  • Simple Custom Fit
  • Professional Dental Protection



  • Size Issues


Under Armour Mouthwear Armour Fit Low Profile UA Hoops Mouthguard

Under Armour’s stock is at an all-time high. Especially when it comes to the sport of basketball. Recently, Steph Curry signed a big contract with Under Armour. This put the brand on the map. Now, they have one of the best basketball mouthguard options on the market. Their ArmourFit Hoops mouthguard is made explicit for basketball. Best of all, the price tag is super cheap. But, you still get great quality.


There are no straps on this mouthguard. Instead, the fitted design forms to your teeth. The boil and bite design can be done right in the microwave. After, the streamlined fit is great for your teeth. This mouthguard is made for all contact sports. Therefore, it delivers plenty of impact protection during basketball. Not to mention that this mouthguard fits all of the National Federation of High School sports regulations/rules.


Now, the ArmourFit design stands out more than anything else. Why? It delivers a dentist-like fit. Thus, there is no problem when it comes to the formation of your teeth. A chew-resistant design allows for conversations during the game. Meanwhile, the low profile design creates great breathability. Last of all, this is a very comfortable mouthguard.



  • Under Armour Brand Name
  • Dentist-Like Fit
  • Chew-Resistant Design
  • Great Breathability
  • Appealing Price Tag



  • Not Made For Adults


Oral Mart Sports Youth Mouth Guard for Kids

Oral Mart might not be the name brand of Shock Doctor. But, they are a great source for your basketball mouthguard needs. Especially if you want a really good deal and great value. This mouthguard features a dual-layer design. The inner layer is made of Gel and the outer layer is an Outer Impact Layer. As a result, the inside delivers a customized fit. On the other hand, the outer layer provides superior impact resistance. Get the best of both worlds at one of the best prices available.


The BpA dire and latex free design is impressive. Even more so when it comes to the Phthalate free design. Enjoy 100% medical-grade material is absolutely wonderful. Pick from one of eight different colors. Each color just as popular as the last. Not to mention the free vented case built for convenience. Protect your teeth without sacrificing any comfort in the process.


The 6-step instruction process is very easy. That way, the fitting process is not just convenient. It is very short. Spend more time on the court in less time fitting your mouthguard. Again, this is one of the least expensive mouthguards. While you do not get a brand name, you get premier performance. So this is one of the best basketball mouthguard options on the market!



  • Great Price Tag
  • Simple Fitting Process
  • 2-Layer Cushioning
  • BpA-Free Design



  • Not A Brand Name


SISU Mouth Guards Aero Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard

SISU Mouth Guards Aero is one of Amazon’s Choice recommendations. So it is certainly one of the best basketball mouthguard Products available. Now, this is best for children ages 11 and up. Plus, hey can even fit some adults. An ultralight design is rather impressive. Especially considering the 1.6mm thick material. Furthermore, the design is 50% thinner than other options. This provides comfort, convenience, and great portability.


Custom fit is super thin and slim. As a result, this mouthguard it is very breathable. Drink water without taking off the mouthguard. This is not just super convenient it is great for hygiene. Why? You wash off all bacteria and grime from the mouthguard. This even includes your saliva. Best of all, this mouthguard can carry over into other sports.


Diffusix technology and the NextGen design stand out more than anything else. First, the Diffusix technology actively redistributes the force of an impact. Second, the NextGen SISI design offers a wider biting pad. There are also rounded edges to deliver great comfort. Finally, the moldability guarantees a perfect fit!



  • NextGen Design
  • Diffusix Technology
  • Slim & Custom Fit
  • Light & Thick Design



  • Potential Durability Issues


Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguard with Vented Case

Versatility and safety are key when it comes to mouthguards. As a result, the Redline Sportswear custom fit mouthguard with a vented case is a great option. This material is free from BPA, Latex, and PVC. The 100% FDA approved design is ideal for children. This mouthguard provides some of the best quality and premier safety all at once. All the while, the cheap price tag is super appealing. Save money without sacrificing quality.


The dual-layer technology is great in multiple ways. First, the shock resistant design is ideal during collisions and impacts. The smart design redistributes the force of an impact evenly throughout your mouth. As a result, there is less damage to your lips, gums, and teeth. These are the key areas. Protect all of the important places in your mouth with the best basketball mouthguard.


In vital areas, there is extra cushioning. Therefore, there is enhanced protection for the teeth and molars. Each cushion absorbs the impact of a collision. All the while, the custom fitting boil and bite design is wonderful. The simple forming process is so easy anyone can do it. Best of all, the hygienic carrying case comes free. Enjoy an antimicrobial case that protects against grime and bacteria.



  • BPA, Latex, & PVC Free
  • Tiple Vented Antimicrobial Case
  • Chew-Resistant Design
  • Custom Boil & Bite Fit



  • Durability Issues


Sparkling White Smiles Professional Sport Mouth Guards – 2 Pack

The Sparkling White Smiles Professional Sport mouth guard is an absolute deal. Why? You get two mouthguards for the price of one. Yes, you read that right. All the while, there is no sacrificing of quality. Instead, this mouthguard is just as good as any other Best of all, there is a free vented carrying case included. The vented design prevents bacteria from forming all over your mouthguard. Plus, it is just super convenient and portable.


Now, this is a really safe mouthguard option. The BPA & latex free design is made of nothing but high-quality material. No color additives are found in this mouthguard. It is completely clear. This looks like many of the professional basketball mouthguards. Due to this reason, it is one of the best basketball mouthguard Products for sale. Especially considering the 2-for-1 offer.


The real highlight here is the maximum teeth protection and precision fitting material. First, this mouthguard retains its original shape without sacrificing any comfort. As a result, this mouthguard will not wear out and lose it shape. Second, the thick base features cushioning that actively absorbs shock. Enjoy nothing but the best protection on the court.



  • 2-for-1 Offer
  • Precision Fitting Material
  • Custom Fit Design
  • BPA & Latex Free Design



  • Makes Squeaky Noise


ProDental Sports Mouth Guards – 2 Pack

Another 2-for-1 deal delivers great comfort and protection at an absolute steal of a price. The ProDental Sports mouth guards 2 pack is a great choice. First, the multi-use functionality is great for all kinds of situations. This obviously includes the basketball court. However, it also fits for sleeping scenarios. Again, there are also two mouthguards here. So you have a backup just in case the first mouthguard is lost.


All ProDental Products are made in the United States. Plus, the material is built to last for a very long time. This durability is handy during intense Games of basketball. Not to mention how soft and comfortable the mouthguard feels. Best of all, taste-free polyvinyl material is FDA-approved without any odors. Get the best for your everyday basketball experience.


Now, the customizable fit is great. After all, it cannot be the best basketball mouthguard without this customizable design. It fits a wide variety of tooth sizes, mouth shapes, and teeth alignments. Finally, the dentist-like fit offers retention and comfort. Talk and breathe without any problems out on the basketball court!



  • 2-for-1
  • Versatile Design
  • Hygienic & Safe Design
  • Fits Wide Variety Of Tooth Sizes & Alignments



  • Size Issues


LiteBITE Basketball Mouthguard

LiteBITE’s basketball mouthguard is popular among the best basketball mouthguard options. But, it is for lavish spenders. Yes, this is an expensive product. However, it is worth every single penny. Why? It is so lightweight and thin that you might Forget you are even wearing it. This is made for pros and all serious basketball players out there. It is a premium mouthguard for a reason!


Talk, breeze, and drink without any problems. The breathable design is great for all three. That way, you enjoy a great basketball experience without any constraints. The real star here is the boil and bite method. Come across a problem? Well, just simply repeat the process. This type of convenient design is great for kids and adults alike. Mistakes happen. Do not let these mistakes ruin your new purchase.



  • Breathable & Comfortable Design
  • Boil & Bite Design
  • Made For Professionals
  • Thin & Lightweight



  • Expensive Price Tag


XCELER8 Athletics Youth Mouthguard for Sports

XCELER8 is one of the more trendy brands for youth mouthguards. First and foremost, there is plenty of protection and comfort here. But, there is something a little unique and different. The sleek design of this mouthguard stands out. Plus, the free case is both portable inconvenient. Store away your mouthguard while not in use. The case protects it from bacteria and germs. The ventilated design prevents a build-up of this gross bacteria.


The BPA-free design is wonderful and safe. Plus, this mouthguard is also PVC and Latex free. The 100% medical-grade and FDA-approved materials offer parents a piece of mine. Do not worry or stress out about the safety of your kid’s mouth guard anymore. The best basketball mouthguard keeps kids safe. If not, then it is not the best mouthguard for basketball.


Dual air pads interlock the upper teeth and bottom molars together. This creates better security for the jaw. Especially during a strong impact or collision. Furthermore, this design is chew-resistant. Not to mention because of the customizable fit. Enjoy the premier performance, durability, comfort, and protection all at once. Plus, the price tag is super affordable.



  • Custom Fit Design
  • BPA, Latex, & PVC Free Design
  • Ventilated, Anti-microbial case
  • Breathable Design



  • Size Issues


OPRO Platinum Level Mouthguard

Want a mouthguard with the simplest fitting process. Look no further than the OPRO Platinum Level mouthguard. Why? Because this mouthguard fits in less than 3 minutes. That way, children spend more time on the court and less time in the kitchen messing with a mouthguard. All the while, it is built for literally any and all athletic situations. This is not limited to the best basketball mouthguard available. It can carry over into another sporting season while saving you money!


The fit fins design molds unlike any other mouthguard. Fitting fins on both sides actively break down during the molding process. So this is not a boil and bite design. Instead, the fins grip teeth in the right spaces. As a result, kids talk and breathe without any issues out on the court. Remember, communication is key when it comes to playing basketball. It is a team sport!


Shield teeth and gums from a potential injury. The ultra-impact resistant outer layer is wonderful. It actively absorbs high-impact collisions. That way, the damage does not spread all throughout your mouth. Now, this product does offer a fair and reasonable price. Thus, it is a great basketball mouthguard for youth athletes!



  • Ultra-Impact Resistant Outer Layer
  • Fitting Fins Custom Fit
  • Easy Molding Process
  • Versatile Design



  • No Boil & Bite Fitting


Conclusion & Final Basketball Mouthguard Recommendations

A mouthguard is an essential piece of sports equipment for so many different sports. This ranges from non-impact sports like basketball to impact sports like boxing, football, and hockey. Therefore, Youth basketball players need the best basketball ball. Without it, their teeth are susceptible to breaking or causing an injury in their gums. So buy a good mouthguard for your little basketball player today!


All customers are different. All customers want different products. Serving customers want the easiest shopping process. Therefore, they want the best overall product. Other shoppers want the best deal on the market, no matter what. On the other hand, lavish spenders prefer a premium product at a premium price. Check out each specific recommendation below.


Best Basketball Mouthguard Overall: Shock Doctor Mouthguard


As mentioned before, Shock Doctor makes the best mouthguards for all athletic events. Specifically, basketball among other sports. Enjoy comfort and a customized fit that sets up in just a few minutes. Meanwhile, this delivers a great source of breathability. Talk and breathe during a game. This is great for youth players that need to chat with other players and their coaches.


Best Basketball Mouthguard at a Premium Price: SISU Mouth Guards Aero Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard


The NextGen design of this SISU Aero Custom Fit Sports mouthguard is a great pick. Especially for those with money to spend. Diffusix technology helps distribute force from danger evenly without any problems. That way, there is no danger when it comes to an impact. All the while, there is a wider bite pad and rounded edges. Youth basketball players enjoy themselves and protect their teeth without even noticing it!


Best Basketball Mouthguard for Value: Under Armour Mouthwear Armour Fit Low Profile UA Hoops Mouthguard


As discussed earlier, Under Armour is a high-end sports brand. Especially in the world of basketball. This stylish design is unlike any other type of mouthguard. The completely black or white options are bound to stand out. Not to mention the great brand name included!


Frequently Asked Questions About Basketball Mouthguards


How Do I Find The Right Size?

This is not easy, unfortunately. Especially when it comes to the mouths of children. Kids are constantly growing. This does not exclude their jaw. Now, you do avoid the growing of teeth at a certain age. Their adult teeth will not get any bigger. So, once they have their new teeth get a mouthguard.

Need extra help? Visit a local sports store. They should have a faux mouthguard for fitment. Kids try it out and can determine a proper size. Furthermore, check with their specific sports association too. Schools can provide some type of information on mouthguard sizes as well as travel teams!


Do Mouthguards have an expiration date?

Unfortunately, yes. After a certain period of time, mouthguards are going to lose their form. Furthermore, they smell bad and eventually fall apart. This happens with nearly any product. Especially something constantly chewed on. Therefore, mouthguards might wear out after half a year or in some cases, a shorter period of time. Look out for any signs of wear and tear. Replace the mouthguard as quickly as possible!


What If I Mess Up My Bite & Mold Mouthguard?

Just redo it! Nearly every bite and bold type of mouthguard allow repair processes. That way, you can retry it upon an initial failure. Do not freak out or work yourself up. Instead, just try it again and get it right the second time.


How Can I Keep The Mouthguard Clean?

Clean the mouthguard every single day with a toothbrush and toothpaste. This helps remove the smell of bad breath. Unfortunately, bad breathe is uncontrollable during workouts and physical activity. Plus, wash the mouthguard after a cleaning session. A simple wash does a whole lot. Especially in regards to removing gross bacteria!

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