10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Tested & Reviewed in 2020

You’re on the court. You’ve got the ball. You see an opening to cut past the defense. You know you can make it – but will your shoes move with you? If you care about your game it’s worth searching. But seeking and finding are two different things, especially with wide feet. It’s that much harder to find the right pair if you find yourself surrounded by narrow shoes that rub against your ankles and toes and can’t cushion the shock of a jump or grip the court for the most basic maneuver. You might like the players but you can’t tell which signature shoe, if any at all, will help or hurt you on the court.

Well, it’s a good thing you’re here. Because this buyer’s guide and review article, the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet of 2019: Agile, Comfortable, and Supportive, is here to help you. We’ve already identified the models that are known to fit wide feet better than the rest and taken it a step further by reviewing each pair, giving pros and cons, and tying it all together with a buyer’s guide to help you see through to which features will boost your game. You’d be surprised the lengths these brands have gone to to build the perfect basketball shoe – and I’m not just talking about Air Jordan. You’re sure to find the shoe with the right fit, the right features, and the right performance upgrades from this line up. Now read on to find out which basketball shoe fits you.

Top Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Comparison Chart 

ImageNameShoe HeightPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Nike Lebron Witness II Basketball ShoesMid$$$$Check Price on Amazon
2. Nike Air Jordan XXXI Basketball ShoesHigh$$$$Check Price on Amazon
3. Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball ShoeMid$Check Price on Amazon
4. Adidas Performance Crazylight Boost 2016 Low Basketball ShoeLow$$$Check Price on Amazon
5. Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PrimeKnit Basketball ShoesMid$$$Check Price on Amazon
6. Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Basketball ShoeHigh$$$$Check Price on Amazon
7. Adidas Performance D Rose 7 Basketball ShoesMid$$Check Price on Amazon
8. Nike Kobe X Low Basketball ShoesLow$$Check Price on Amazon
9. Under Armour Curry 3 Zero Basketball ShoeMid$$Check Price on Amazon
10. Nike PG 1 Basketball ShoeMid$$$Check Price on Amazon

Wide Basketball Shoe Buying Guide

When choosing basketball shoes for wide feet there are several considerations you should bear in mind as you search. First of all most of these shoes aren’t actually made for wide feet in particular. Certain brands have a bigger fit than others, such as Adidas, while others are known for a narrow fit, like Nike, but you can size up enough in a particular model to feel comfortable and get the performance benefits of a shoe designed after a particular NBA star. That said, very wide feet will probably want to avoid Nike in particular and stick to either Adidas or Under Armour brands.

Far from sacrificing performance upgrades, these brands incorporate improvements that will help your game that are generic rather than based on a particular athlete which you may ultimately prefer for your own style. All of the shoes we’ve reviewed are worth special mention to athletes with wide feet. So the features to consider besides the width are all about performance, comfort, and support for your ankles and feet that help cushion shock as well as prevent common injuries like Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis. Also, some shoes are better at different styles of play than others, like jumps for dunking versus cutting and agile turns versus bolting ahead of the defense. You’ll find some combination of these traits in the shoes to follow, with some standing out as beneficial for a particular play style more than others. You’ll find we discuss the same features in every basketball shoe. The main ones to keep in mind as you read are as follows:

Wide Basketball Shoe Factors to Consider

Shoe Fit

Since this article focuses specifically on basketball shoes recommended for athletes with wide feet, this is a major concern addressed in every review. The main thing to consider here is the brand. In general, Adidas is the widest followed by Under Armour and Nike is the narrowest. We only reviewed a select few Nike shoes here that are known to be better for wide feet than their other models. However, if your feet are extremely wide, you might skip past Nike in favor of Adidas to save yourself some time. If you aren’t sure, go out to a Nike store and try the models in the review for fit to get your size correct, then come back here for the best price.

Insole Type

The brands went all out to define themselves against the others on this particular feature. The insole makes a big difference in the performance of the shoe and which you prefer depends on your play style. The insole is the footbed that both cushions and puts a spring in your step. In Adidas you’ll find the Boost performance insole that transfers the force of your momentum into explosive speed. In Nike, the Zoom Air gives you a low-to-the-ground responsiveness that translates into agility. Under Armour’s Charged Cushioning is excellent for jumps and shock absorption for landings.

Outsole Material

Most of these are best used on an indoor basketball court but they can also be used outdoors. In your outsole, you’re looking for traction. The better the bottom of the shoe grips the court the more control you have over your movements and safety against slipping. Most shoes are similar in this respect, but again, you’ll find some brands improved on this more than others.

Upper Type

This an interesting factor to consider in light of looking for a shoe to fit wide feet. Most shoes that have support are stiff and will squeeze or rub against your foot. The answer to this is called PrimeKnit. PrimeKnit is a shoe made completely of fabric so that it stretches and still fits closely as a basketball shoe should. It feels like a sock with an outsole that provides strong traction. These also breathe well to release heat from playing, see more on that below. Other kinds of uppers include mesh, leather, and synthetics that, when sized properly, can accommodate wide feet but the crowd-favorite is by far the PrimeKnit. On the other hand, PrimeKnit being all fabric is not the most durable choice. But just for the fit, it may still be your best option for performance on the court.

Shoe Breathability

As you run and heat up so will your feet. In shoes with lots of padding you’ll also find they are insulative and trap the heat. Other shoes that include mesh in the upper will release that heat and keep your feet cooler. It really is a comfort choice that is second to your preference in performance features.

Shoe Lining Type

Not every shoe reviewed includes a lining but it is worth mentioning. The lining conforms to the shape of your foot for a truly custom fit. If you find you have trouble finding shoes that fit the shape of your foot in particular, a basketball shoe with a lining may be of interest.

Durability & Construction

Different shoes have different structural strengths and weaknesses. In general, the parts that see the most wear will break first. You will see this in the insole, the outsole, the upper, and occasionally in lacing. We’ve included structural weaknesses in the Cons section of each review where breaking is more common than not.

Signature Shoes

Nike is known for making signature shoes for famous basketball players but they aren’t the only ones. In this review we included the signature shoes and the model most suitable for wide feet – LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Paul George. Adidas made a signature shoe for Derrick Rose and Under Armour made a signature shoe for Stephen Curry. All of these shoes are designed to suit the play style and specifications preferred by these players. So if you’re a fan or find you have a similar play style to these NBA stars be sure to check them out.

Those are the main features that set one pair of basketball sneakers apart from the others. They all use the same features but the combination will be yours to choose from. All of the shoes reviewed using this feature-set are preferred and recommended by basketball players with wide feet. Now you have one trusty guide to help you choose the best shoe for you from quite a long line up. Read on to discover a pair that fits.


Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews


Nike Lebron Witness II Basketball Shoes

Named for the famous player, Nike Lebron’s are known to run wider than your typical narrow Nike. You will still have to order a larger size for yourself than average to accommodate how narrow Nike’s are. But before you write Nike off completely this is the shoe to check. These shoes have a synthetic sole and an articulated inner collar that gives a comfortable, locked-in feeling. The hex-shaped Zoom Air units provide responsive, low-profile cushioning for a low-to-the-ground feel on the court. You’ll have the perfect blend of flexibility and support for your ankle with its unique Decoupled Featherposite zones – the support wraps your ankle yet is decoupled to allow you to move.

The forefoot mesh makes it breathable to keep your foot cool and dry even through overtime. And the durable rubber outsole gives good traction. Because these shoes are inspired by LeBron James, these shoes are all about ultralight containment with a propulsive response. For an average foot they run a half size small. It would be best to try this one in a shoe store to be sure of the fit before you get a better price online. They get looser and more comfortable as you break them in. If you’re looking for a shoe designed after Lebron James’ style, but you have a wide foot, this would be your best bet.



  • Designed after Lebron James’ style – ultralight containment and propulsion
  • Responsive and low-profile close-to-the-ground feel
  • Articulated inner collar with Decoupled Featherposite system for support and flexibility


  • Nike runs narrow
  • May feel tight across the top even in the correct size
  • May be difficult to size correctly for wide feet without trying them in a store


Nike Air Jordan XXXI Basketball Shoes

Names and designed after the basketball legend Michael Jordan, these are a top of the line basketball shoe that will boost your performance. These are synthetic and mesh in construction. They have unique features such as FlightSpeed technology which evenly distributes the compression force of your foot over a full-length Nike Zoom Air unit. This maximizes your spring-back response for a more explosive step.

The synthetic leather heel and flexible Flyweave forefoot merge together seamlessly, which allows your foot to move naturally without sacrificing on excellent support for quick cuts and transitions on the court. It includes an inner sleeve that wraps your foot for a custom, personalized fit. The foam pods embedded in the heel provide extra cushioning as you land your jumps. The forefoot is wrapped around with Flywire cables for a locked in fit. And the outsole of made if solid, durable rubber with excellent traction.

All in all, Nike Air Jordan XXI’s are designed to provide you enhanced cushioning over Nike’s unique Zoom Air unit and maximum responsiveness to your movements. Nike and Jordan’s always run small to most players’ experience so be ready to order a size up to your normal shoe size, depending on the width of your foot. It is possible to enjoy a perfect fit with these shoes with wide feet and enjoy the great feel and design of a Jordan style shoe. For the very best fitting experience try these on in a Nike store and then come back to Amazon for the best price. They come in several color options so you’re sure to find something that suits your personality. Some players complain about the grip but it is consistent with any other basketball shoe and the additional cushioning feels great on the foot. They will exceed your expectations just like the man himself.



  • Designed after the style of basketball legend Michael Jordan
  • FlightSpeed evenly distributes the compression force of your foot
  • Foam pods embedded in the heel cushion your feet as you land jumps for dunking


  • Nike is known to run narrow in size
  • These shoes run one size smaller than average
  • May be difficult to fit for wide feet without fitting in a Nike store


Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour is a major name in athletic wear and known for comfortably fitting wide feet. These shoes feature Under Armour’s updated ClutchFit technology that breathes, stretches, and supports the foot measurably better than previous models of this style. The heel has external as well as internal counter shanks that provide stability and support. The innovative bear trap lacing system connects to the tongue of the shoe for a tight, locked in fit. Another unique feature of this shoe is the Achilles pillow. It provides additional comfort by padding around the upper portion of the heel of the shoe and may help prevent Achilles tendonitis, a common basketball injury.

This shoe also includes a die-cut, anti-microbial OrthoLite sockliner that molds to the shape of your foot for a truly custom fit. These are made to be worn and used in the gym but you could use them on an outdoor court. They are comfortable to wear outside. Eve though Under Armour runs a full size larger than Nike, which better accommodates large people with wide feet, they still tend to fit on the narrow side. Compared to Nike these are much more comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and your feet will feel better after the game.

They offer a lot of cushion and traction on an indoor court. There isn’t much movement of your foot inside the shoe and the ankles feel very supportive. But the best thing is after 4 hours of running your feet don’t sting or ache. However, these do not breathe very well and you will feel your feet getting hot as you run around but that is because of how thick the cushioning is and it won’t affect your game. They will drive to the hoop, box out, and cut with you not against you. And they look great! They look even better in person than in the pictures and with so many colors to choose from you’re sure to find something you like.



  • Fit a full size larger than Nike with a close fit to the foot
  • Comfortable during and after the game thanks to great cushioning
  • Supportive and stable for ankles


  • Tends to get too warm during the game from padding keeping heat inside
  • They run narrow but less so than Nike
  • Not durable to last a year of heavy use


Adidas Performance Crazylight Boost 2016 Low Basketball Shoe

Out of any brand of basketball shoes, Adidas are best known for giving a comfortable fit for wide feet and some players swear by them. Adidas Crazylights are 100% textile and synthetic with a rubber sole. The shaft is a low top. They have the unique feature of returning the energy you put into them through their Boost midsole which has the effect of charging every step with an endless supply of light, fast energy. This may have to do with the way the insole springs back from the compression of your momentum that builds on your forward motion.

The upper is made of Jacquard for a bold look. The inside has a comfortable textile lining and includes a back collar insert along the Achilles tendon for even more padding where you need it. The Crazylight locks down to your foot so you not only avoid slipping inside the shoe, you experience excellent midfoot stability. Adidas included a molded, TPU eyestay piece as well as heel cup that ergonomically fits the shape of your foot.

Combined with the way it locks your foot down to the sole, the heel cup dramatically enhances your stability and coherence with the Boost midsole. With these lightweight, low tops you can burst past the pack on a breakaway. They are designed to stretch on the floor. Equipped with a Boost midsole they keep every step fully charged. Wide footed players can say goodbye to Nike and hello to Adidas. These will give you a boost in quickness, traction, and stability with more cushioning as well as flexibility around the ankles. This is a superior shoe. The traction on the bottom will absolutely keep you from sliding. These shoes are so agile tennis players like them too for quick turns and cuts without losing stability for a solid return. This is the ultimate low top and it may become your “go to” basketball shoe. Some say it feels similar to Nike’s Kobe 5s, except, better in every way.



  • Firmer forefoot for quicker, more agile response and soft heel for impact protection
  • Runs large and longer than typical shoes to fit a large person with wide feet
  • Boost midsole carries momentum for explosive speed


  • Might experience some slipping in the heel or forefoot if sized incorrectly
  • Eyelets are a weak spot for breaking
  • Don’t breathe too well and get hot during long games


Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PrimeKnit Basketball Shoes

Adidas Crazy Exposive 2017 may be the best choice for wide feet thanks to its larger than average sizing and primeknit, high top ankle cuff. This basketball shoe is textile in construction with a rubber sole. The Primeknit upper wraps your foot in adaptive support and ultralight comfort. It features Adidas branded Boost sole for responsive cushioning. The more energy you give, the more energy you get back in explosive speed. It also features a unique anatomical lace system that wraps the entire foot to relieve pressure from tightness without sacrificing close fit. It has a sock like bootee design with a TPU stability wrap. Explode past the defense and fly above the rim in these fantastic basketball shoes.

The Adidas Primeknit upper is bolstered by the areas of support knitted in for an enhanced, functional fit. The Boost sole gives amazing energy return every time your foot hits the floor. If you’ve been a loyal Nike fan who’s been frustrated by the latest models these are worth a try, but you might never go back. Your feet and shins won’t hurt after playing long games and the Boost is comfortable. It has a good fit. It feels like you’re wearing socks but with soles. The size on this model is slightly narrower than the 2016 so if you have wide feet you might prefer that year’s model of PrimeKnit. However, the all fabric construction makes it stretchy so this type of shoe is a great choice for wide feet in general. That said, the 2017 PrimeKnit has better traction and the durability is better. It is a little hard to take on and off but it is a solid performer and it looks great. It is unique in how it fits so firmly yet is pliable. That, as well as the bounce and shock absorption from the Boost sets it apart from other brands.



  • PrimeKnit, fabric shoe stretches to fit a large foot
  • Feels like a sock with a sole
  • The Boost is bouncy, absorbs shock, and gives explosive speed


  • The sole is a weak point in durability
  • The fabric of the inside of the shoe may tear
  • Fabric rubbing against your foot may cause blisters


Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Basketball Shoe

The difference between this shoe and the other Crazy Explosive in this review is that this shoe is not PrimeKnit like the previous. Adidas designed Crazy Explosive to be the bigger, better, faster, and stronger choice – the kind of shoe you wouldn’t want to be caught dead without. It has a dual mesh and synthetic upper that provides a comfortable and breathable environment for your foot. It has a lace-up construction for firm fit.

High-top around the ankle gives optimal support for your ankle. The brand included special performance features through Crazy Explosive such as their classic Boost midsole cushioning that gives great comfort and energy return for top-notch performance on the court. Boost gives fantastic, bouncy cushioning that is extremely good at shock absorption – that means, no more jolt in your legs and twisted ankles. The rubber outsole provides durable traction to prevent slipping whether on an indoor or outdoor court. The lock down to your foot is above average so you won’t slip around inside the shoe and keep maximum coherence to the Boost sole.

The drawback is that they are somewhat heavy and they do not breath at all because the material is thick for support and protection, which is the opposite of the PrimeKnit version which has less support in favor of breathability and comfort. Also, the firmer material of this shoe does not suit wide feet nearly as well. They are stiff and somewhat narrow so if you have a large foot you might find, with a size 11 or larger, that it puts so much pressure your toes go numb and you have aching feet after the game. That said, these shoes do run wider than average basketball shoes, especially around the toes, as Adidas tends to. These might do but if you have wide feet and want to be sure the PrimeKnit version will suit you better.



  • Good ankle protection
  • Good shock absorption
  • Good fit to size and supportive design


  • Stiff material presses too hard for wide feet
  • Not breathable at all
  • Somewhat heavy for a basketball shoe


Adidas Performance D Rose 7 Basketball Shoes

These 100% synthetic basketball shoes have a rubber sole and a shaft measuring about 5 inches from the arch. It features Adidas branded Boost insole for the most responsive cushioning you’ll ever find in a basketball shoe. The more energy you put into your stride the more you’ll get in explosive speed. The bouncy sole combined with the lightweight design is sure to give you an advantage on the court. D Rose is designed in honor of the never-break attitude of Derrick Rose. They are made of a mesh upper for ventilation for coolness and comfort during long games.

The Boost soles return the energy you put into them so you can move with determination and follow your instincts on a dime like D-Rose himself. The molded collar gives a dynamic fit for agility even with the protective bracing around the ankle. For excellent traction and a nice look, look no further. It is a little difficult to lock your foot down to the bed of the shoe and tie them comfortably tightly. They are lightweight, stylish, and comfortable to wear all day. It is a little hard to get them on and the laces tend to not stay tied, but nothing too major. These are a little narrow in the heel which is good to prevent your foot slipping and keep your foot locked down to the Boost sole. They fit true to size and fit well on wide feet. The D Rose 7 is noticeable better than the 5 and 6. They give a lot of lateral support from toe to ankle and are highly cushioned. You can add an orthotic or aftermarket insole to perfect the feel and they fit well even if you have an injury like Plantar Fasciitis.



  • Boost sole for responsive cushioning
  • Well fit heel prevents slipping
  • Great agility and support from molded collar


  • Somewhat difficult to put on
  • Laces don’t stay tied
  • Incorrect fit will hurt your foot on hard cut movements


Nike Kobe X Low Basketball Shoes

If you’ve been following Nike’s Kobe line of shoes you won’t be disappointed with the Kobe X, which is specially recommended by wearers with wide feet. They are synthetic with a rubber sole and come in a wide variety of good looking colors. They provide excellent support, they come with Zoom insoles, and you can comfortably wear them for hours of basketball. They are incredibly comfortable. Good all around cushioning, stability, and traction. Even if you never thought you would like a low top basketball shoe these may just change your mind.

The insole is supportive enough that the low top won’t affect your ankles so much. They are a little snug around the forefoot. But they offer good support and are lightweight. They run true to size. If you’re a big fan of Kobe Bryant you’ll be satisfied by the style. The support they give lends itself perfectly to jumping. They are behind the moves you make on the court and will build your confidence in your movements. The fit is on the tight side but they loosen up as you break them in. The only common complaint about them is that the fabric is plasticized and it tends to bend or buckle and snap instead of moving with your foot. You might not like them on the court for that reason. If it buckles to the inside it could cause blisters.



  • Very comfortable
  • Great support
  • Great shoes for jumping


  • Plasticized fabric bends, buckles, and pops instead of moving with your foot
  • Fit snugly in the forefoot
  • Not very durable


Under Armour Curry 3 Zero Basketball Shoe

Stephen Curry’s third signature model, the Under Armour Curry 3, delivers support and control in a lightweight package. Crafted with a synthetic Treadborne upper and featuring a carbon fiber shank for stability, it features Under Armour’s branded Charged Cushioning technology for shock absorption as well as a rubber outsole with multidimensional traction pattern. They are flexible in that they hug your feet like a glove but still give you enough room to move freely with agility. They aren’t stiff, but supportive. These are great shoes with a great fit and ankle support. And they fit just right, true to size. They give solid protection to your ankles and they are well balanced. Curry 3s are very comfortable with a good bounce to them and pretty durable. If you liked Jordans, you’ll love these. They are comfortable out of the box and fit just right, true to size, but slightly tighter than other Under Armour shoes so you may want to try a size up. The sizing numbers are similar to Nike sizing and they are known to run smaller in size than other brands. They look better in quality than Adidas and Nike and feel sturdy in hand. The traction on the sole of the shoe grips the court exceptionally well, indoor and outdoor. They have good arch support. The way they hug your feet feels like custom shoes. They fit tightly in the heel which is good to lock down the fit to your midfoot and keep your foot from slipping. Under Armour Curry 3s fit comfortable right out of the box without a break in period. And the cushioning is worth special mention. These are great basketball shoes for beginning and experienced players alike. These shoes will meet or exceed your expectations – quality, without fluff.



  • Great ankle support
  • Fit comfortably like a glove
  • Quality, durable feel


  • Laces come loose as you play
  • No breathability and catch sweat
  • Insole padding vulnerable to tearing


Nike PG 1 Basketball Shoe

The Nike PG 1 is NBA basketball star Paul George’s very first signature sneaker. Built to fit his versatility, George’s PG 1s are outfitted with a combination mesh and leather upper with a forefoot strap, Flywire cables, inner sleeve, Zoom Air insole, and a rubber outsole with a multi-directional traction pattern for excellent grip on the court floor. The combination mesh is great for breathability and the leather gives durability.

The forefoot strap keeps your foot locked down to the sole to prevent slipping inside the shoe and to help your foot be firmly planted on the Zoom Air insole. The Flywire cables give a secure fit. These do fit well but they tend to be tight so get a larger size to be sure if you have wide feet. Nike is known to run small to begin with but as far as Nike’s go, wearers with wide feet recommend the PG 1 as a possible option for Nike shoes. With the wrong size it is difficult to get your foot inside the shoe. Because it’s Nike it would be a good idea to go out to a Nike store to be fitted for size before you order online.



  • Based on the specifications of Paul George
  • The upper is breathable mesh paired with durable leather
  • Nike’s branded Zoom Air insole


  • Fit tightly as expected of Nike so order one to one and a half size larger
  • May be difficult to get your foot inside of the shoe because of the lining or collar
  • Not many color choices


Conclusion & Final Shoe Recommendations

You’ve read reviews on the top 10, player-rated basketball shoes of 2019 and 2018 to find the one that will make the biggest difference in your game. After the reviews and buyer’s guide you know how to identify the shoe with the right fit, the right features, and the right performance upgrades for your unique play style. Far from being a Nike monopoly, each brand has brought something a little different to the table to support what you’ve got and ultimately make you a better player. It is tough to find basketball shoes that fit wide feet, but we did it, and now you’ve seen the reviews on each pair, their benefits and their drawbacks, and after the buyer’s guide, you understand what the features mean in action so you can make the best possible decision the first time. We’re glad you found us to read up on your options for the Best Basketball Shoes of 2018: Agile, Comfortable, and Supportive because it’s only here to help you buy the very best pair of sneakers.

It’s tricky navigating your way through a sea of signature shoes that might fit, or not, or might have the features that help your game as an individual player, or not. Narrow shoes that hurt your feet and leave you with blisters and aches are surprisingly more common than shoes for big players with big feet that need the additional width in addition to the basic features necessary to a basketball shoe, like shock absorption and traction on the court. Despite the challenges, and thanks to this article, you’ve finally found at least one pair of shoes that will improve your game that your feet will thank you for. Now, next time you’re on the court and have to move fast on an opening, you know your shoes have got your back. Choose your favorite and get back in the game.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wide Basketball Shoes


Bball shoes for wide feet available in Australia?

I’m from Australian and I play basketball sometimes. My actual foot length fits a size 12 but I’m having trouble getting my foot into the shoe because of how wide my feet are. Any shoes recommended?

In Australia the best brand of choice is Adidas. The big players in the NBA generally wear Adidas as well. The Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PrimeKnit Basketball Shoes as well as Adidas Performance Crazylight Boost 2016 Low Basketball Shoe and Adidas Performance D Rose 7 Basketball Shoes are all great choices available in Australia that fit wide feet extremely well.


Shoes for basketball players with wide feet for a forward player?

I currently have a pair of Nike Lebron Ambassadors but my big toe got bruised the only time I wore them so I’m looking for a better pair. Someone suggested Lebron 14s but I’m not sure. Also I’m looking to put Superfeet insoles into the basketball shoes to support my relatively flat feet. Should I go a couple of sizes up?

Nike tends to run narrow, but out of any Nike, Lebrons are one of the best ways to go. If you get Nike Lebron Witness II Basketball Shoes don’t worry about going up a size or two, they fit true to size. Since you have flat feet you might also prefer a low cut to a high top.


Basketball shoe designed for bigger guys with wide feet?

Definitely have a look at Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PrimeKnit Basketball Shoes. Most Adidas will work but these are especially comfortable. They are all fabric so they stretch to fit a bigger foot as opposed to a stiffer, more supportive shoe that will rub against your toes and squeeze too much. PrimeKnits feel like socks with traction on the bottom. They fit closely like a basketball shoe must but without sacrificing comfort and they have more give to fit a foot that’s larger in general, not just wide.


Where to shop for wide Basketball shoes?

I was recommended a pair of shoes for wide feet I bought on Amazon because no stores local to me had it. But my feet don’t fit properly even a half size up. My toes were pressed so hard against the side of the shoe it was hard to even walk in them. After practicing I walk with pain in both feet. This is how athletic shoes have fit me my whole life. Currently what I wear on the court are ‘court shoes’ for tennis by Adidas. They fit me well and have good traction but I wanted to get some shoes specifically made for basketball.

All the shoes in this review are recommended for wide feet. To be sure of your fit, it would be a good idea to go to a local shoe store to see if they have any of the brands mentioned and try them to get your size. Then, come back here to buy online through Amazon for the best pricing. As far as a recommendation, anything knit is your friend such as Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PrimeKnit Basketball Shoes because they stretch to fit your foot and run true to size. Another good option would be Nike Lebron Witness II Basketball Shoes or Nike Air Jordan XXXI Basketball Shoes. And, if you like Jordans, also have a look at Under Armour Curry 3 Zero Basketball Shoes.


Best shoes for wide feet that aren’t Nike?

I like collecting sneakers but because of my wide feet it’s hard to find a style I like. Nike is famous for running narrow in size and I didn’t get that I have wide feet until I went to the doctor for foot pain from wearing PG 1. Of all the Nike shoes I’ve gotten the only ones that feel all right are the Lebron Witness and the Jordan XXXI. Any suggestions?

Lebron Witness and Jordan XXXI are both known for being better for wide feet than other Nike shoes. Another option from Nike is Nike Kobe X Low Basketball Shoes. But, as you mentioned yourself, Nike is well known for running narrower than other brands of basketball shoes. That said, you would have quite a few more options and probably end up finding a more comfortable shoe switching out of Nike and into another brand, such as Adidas and Under Armour. Adidas run about a size larger than Nike and are known for fitting players with wide feet and the big guys in the NBA mostly wear Adidas themselves. They have quite a few quality models including a signature shoe, the Adidas Performance D Rose 7 Basketball Shoes.

Adidas has good performance upgrades, most notably their Boost insoles that give explosive speed. Also, while you’re looking, don’t miss Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PrimeKnit Basketball Shoes because they stretch and Adidas Performance Crazylight Boost 2016 Low Basketball Shoe. Another brand worth considering is Under Armour. If you like signature shoes have a look at Under Armour Curry 3 Zero Basketball Shoe as well as their other shoe known to fit wide feet comfortably, Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoe. Under Armour runs a full size larger than Nike and solid performance upgrades.

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