10 Best Basketball Shoes for Women Tested & Reviewed in 2020

Whether playing a round of pick me up or competing for a championship win, women all over the world play basketball. When playing a game of ball, it’s important to have the necessary support for such an interactive sport. Deciding what type of shoes to wear for what – could be – an important win is essential when preparing for game days.

Taking the time to figure out what type of shoe best fits your needs is important. Factors include comfort, spending budget, the style of the shoe, and what others have to say as well. In this day and age, other consumers’ input on any type of product greatly affects future buyers of the same or similar products.

Using a buyer’s guide, reviews from other consumers and a list of the best products will not only help you decide what type of shoe is best for you. It will also benefit you in the long run because you can refer back to it for future purchases or recommendations to friends or family. A buyer’s guide will do just that – it will provide guidance to you because there are so many choices to choose from. Retailers are constantly creating and producing new styles of shoes because they want to please consumers by keeping up to date with what’s “in”.

When beginning your search for the perfect basketball shoes, be sure to consider how much you are hoping to spend – set a budget for yourself. While shopping in general is never a cheap activity, buying shoes, especially those for such an involved sport, can potentially break the bank. However, if you know the ins and outs of retailers or brands, then you’re off to a good start.

Top Women’s Basketball Shoes Comparison Chart

ImageNameShoe HeightPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Nike Women’s Hyperdunk 2018 Basketball ShoeHigh$$$Check Price on Amazon
2. Adidas Performance Women’s Crazy Strike Basketball ShoeMid$$Check Price on Amazon
3. NIKE Women’s AF1 Flyknit Basketball ShoeMid$$$$Check Price on Amazon
4. NIKE Women’s Hyperdunk TB Basketball ShoeLow$$$Check Price on Amazon
5. PUMA Women’s Sky II Women’s Basketball ShoeMid$$Check Price on Amazon
6. NIKE Women’s Overplay VIII Basketball ShoeMid$$$Check Price on Amazon
7. Under Armour Women’s UA Jet 2017Mid$Check Price on Amazon
8. PUMA Women’s Sky II Future Minimal Basketball ShoeLow$$$Check Price on Amazon
9. Adidas Women’s CF Super Hoops Mid Basketball ShoeMid$Check Price on Amazon
10. PUMA Women’s Fierce Core Cross-Trainer ShoeLow$$$$Check Price on Amazon

Basketball Shoes for Women Buying Guide

When seeking out the best type of shoes to buy, be sure to pay great attention to the style you have in mind for yourself, the level of comfort that you want, and the amount of support that it provides to you. Whether your feet are slender, widely shaped or even flat, there are plenty of options out there that will give you the support and comfort needed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Women’s Basketball Shoes

While there are so many options out there when it comes to basketball shoes for women, be sure to consider all of the factors. These factors include: price, style, design, material, height of the shoe, comfort level, level of support, amount of protection, and the traction/grip that the shoe provides.

Like most shoes, women’s basketball shoes do have the tendency to be on the pricier side. Certain brands have a higher price point, while others remain reasonable. Prices tend to be based upon the brand, the quality, and whether or not the product is the latest version or an older version that has gone out of “style”. If style isn’t something that you’re too concerned about, then leaning towards an older version of shoes might be easier on the wallet! Brands can be intimidating to some, but the best brands are the priciest because they tend to provide the best quality.

As mentioned above, if style and design aren’t something you are as passionate about when it comes to your shoes then don’t stress. Most companies keep older versions of shoes around for awhile because some people really like certain styles that may eventually go out of “style”. However, if you want to get a pair of shoes that are “in” right now, then that are many to offer for that as well. Keep in mind that the newest styles, might be aimed more at the look as opposed to the comfort.

If you’re playing some serious ball then you may be seeking out a pair of shoes that will provide ample support and comfort to your feet during practices or games. It’s important to find a pair of shoes that will keep your feet comfortable if you’re going to be on them for long periods of time. Shoes with cushioned soles are best for these scenarios.

Shoes to Support Your Ankles

Ankle support is another important factor for most basketball players to consider when shopping for shoes. Shoes that provide a high top often give the ankle more protection and strong support so that the ankles stay in line with the feet during the game. Shoes that have a higher top will provide that. Some women’s basketball shoes are low cut and don’t have a high top, these can often still provide a great deal of comfort and support. However, the ankle isn’t as supported because it is left exposed.

Traction for Slippery Court Conditions

While most basketball courts can be slippery, not all of them are that way. In fact, some courts are made of cement (if they are outdoor) or even black tops (like at playgrounds.) Regardless of the type of court that you are playing on, you may want a pair of shoes that will support you with traction and a good grip. Strong traction and a good grip will benefit you during the game by providing the ability to not slip and, or fall when running or shooting the ball. While indoor courts tend to be slippier than others, it might be good to invest in a pair of shoes that provide good traction for you if you’ll mainly be playing indoors. Outdoor courts don’t tend to be as glossy causing slips, so if the majority of your games will be outdoors then traction heavy shoes won’t be as necessary.

Basketball Shoes for Women with Wide Feet

A lot of basketball shoes are hard to find if you have wide feet, so search for pairs that are offered in half sizes. Shoes that are offered in half sizes will allow you to order up a half size. If your feet run wide, then half sized shoes can be a great benefit because they offer the ability to wear the highest quality of shoes while also providing that extra space that you may need. Although, it isn’t an immediate solution, half sizes do allow for additional room in the shoe that your feet need.

Buying women’s basketball shoes is a key factor for preparing for your next big game or even practice too. You’ll want to seek out a pair that meets all of your needs, whether that be how much cushion is present or if there is a good amount of traction on the underside.

Best Women’s Basketball Shoe Reviews

In today’s day and age, us consumers rely heavily on what other consumers think about products. Almost every online retailer has a review section for each of their products. While the majority of reviews are beneficial to us, some are too vague making it difficult to really know what other consumers think about the product. Thankfully, most reviews for buying basketball shoes are pretty straightforward and honest.


Nike Women’s Hyperdunk 2018 Basketball Shoe

Do you want a pair of shoes that will provide comfort, support and a sleek look out on the court? If you answered yes, then these will be the perfect fit for you! With a variety of colors to choose form, these shoes provide a great look for your game day outfit. With a high top, they provide that ankle support that you’ll need throughout the game. They provide a comforting snug fit so that your feet feel just as good as you do when making that slam dunk! With every shoe, there are disadvantages which include a slim fit and a stiff feel until being broken in. If you have wide feet, go a size up or seek out a different pair. Be sure to wear these shoes a few times during practice or just shooting around so that come game day, your feet will feel the most comfortable.


  • They are high tops, providing ankle support
  • Secure fit


  • Slim fit, not suggested for wide feet
  • Stiff until broken in completely


Adidas Performance Women’s Crazy Strike Basketball Shoe

If you’re seeking out a pair of women’s basketball shoes that provide a stylish look, an ample amount of support and the comfort too, then this product might be the best fit for you. Although, the disadvantage that comes with this is that not too many consumers have given it a shot yet. However, the few that have purchased this shoe have been pleased with it, thus far. Don’t let a few amount of consumers discourage you, but rather view it as an opportunity to try something new. With a stylish black and white design, the shoe is bound to match with just about any game day outfit you have on. It provides ankle support with a rubber sole, making movements on the court efficient and quick. The shoe does take awhile to break in, making for another disadvantage. But, if you play hard and play a lot, then this shoe could end up being the support that you need to win the big game. The lightweight design of the shoe makes it appealing to purchase because your feet will not feel like they are carrying around heavy weights as you run up and down the court.


  • Lightweight and supportive
  • Stylish design and colors


  • They haven’t been too popular among consumers
  • Uncomfortable until being broken in


NIKE Women’s AF1 Flyknit Basketball Shoe

Looking for a pair of women’s basketball shoes that are stylish, comfortable and work for wide feet too? If you answered yes to all of these, then these are the shoes for you! With an array of different colors to choose from, you’ll surely have all eyes on you on the court. While the look of this shoe is phenomenal, the comfort of it has to be the biggest advantage. With a cushioned inner sole, your feet will feel as if you’re walking on clouds. Having a cushioned sole for your feet during a game is a great benefit – your feet will thank you later. The lace up style with an adjustable strap provides maximum support to keep your feet snug while playing on the court. Due to the wide foot bed, women looking for a shoe with support for wide feet will love this shoe. Most basketball shoes are not made for wide feet, so this is a huge advantage to the basketball shoe world for women. Although, every shoe has it’s disadvantages, this one is minimal. Because it is offered in a rare color, there tends to be discoloration with the green pair. Aside from a potential minor color offset, the shoe will not only provide comfort and support, but also provide it to women with wider set feet.


  • Comfort and support levels are high
  • Variety of color options
  • Wide feet support


  • Possible color discoloration of certain pairs


NIKE Women’s Hyperdunk TB Basketball Shoe

Playing basketball can be tough on the feet for just about anyone. With these stylish and supportive shoes, you are sure to be comfortable for the entire game. The construction of the shoe not only provides breathability, but also durable support for you feet. Although, the shoes do tend to run on the small size, your feet will be snug throughout the entire game. And, with that knowledge, you can order a size up from your normal ensuring that the fit is perfect. Another downside to this shoe is that the price is on the higher end. However, you are getting your money’s worth with these shoes. With a variety of colors to choose from, these women’s basketball shoes will match with whatever game day uniform you have on while also providing the support to your ankles that you need when running up and down the court. Because the sole is thick and made of rubber, it provides the entire foot with comfort and support for extended amounts of time.


  • Thick, rubber sole that offers support and breathability
  • Variety of color options


  • Run small in size
  • Price is on the higher end


PUMA Women’s Sky II Women’s Basketball Shoe

If you want a pair of shoes that are not your typical basketball shoe, but still provide style and support then these women’s basketball shoe might be for you. Offered in two different colors to go with any outfit, these shoes are a great addition to your game day attire. Although, it does run small making for a snug fit, the shoe does offer half sizes so that you can get a size up if need be. While running small in size can be a disadvantage, there are many advantages to this shoe. They are comfortable and supportive while also providing additional ankle support. The tight velcro strap for extra support provides a snug fit around the ankle and the high height of the shoe provides additional ankle support too. Lastly, they are priced at a reasonable point, making them worth the buy! Who knew you could find a shoe with all of that in one.


  • Additional ankle support from height of shoe and velcro strap
  • Offers half sizes
  • Reasonable price point


  • Sizing runs small
  • Snug fit


NIKE Women’s Overplay VIII Basketball Shoe

If you play basketball then you know the struggle of constantly searching for the right shoe to provide support during the game. With this breathable and supportive shoe, you’re sure to play your best while having maximum support too. The advantages include maximum traction so that you will not slip on the court as well as a fair price! Basketball shoes can be expensive so finding a pair that isn’t too crazy priced can be a relief. Entirely cushioned, this shoe will also provide comfort so that your feet don’t get tired. While most basketball shoes do provide a higher top, this pair stops right below the ankle. Although, it might be a disadvantage for some, the shoe itself still allows for maximum comfort while providing support to the foot. The breathability of the shoe itself allows for optimum ventilation of your feet before, during and after the game! It’s hard to feel like your feet are packed away, possibly amidst sweat, so having a shoe on your feet that allows for breathing room can be a great benefit.


  • Shoe provides good traction
  • Breathable and supportive to the feet
  • Fairly priced


  • The shoe is low cut, not providing much ankle support


Under Armour Women’s UA Jet 2017

Looking for a shoe that benefits both your ankles and feet at the same time? This high top women’s basketball shoe provides maximum support to your ankles by the way it was created. The “high topness” of the shoe protects the ankles while also keeping them in place. While the shoe is made of mesh synthetic materials, it provides maximum breathability and ventilation during the game. It’s important for your feet to breathe and not all shoes are created with that in mind. Proper breathing room for your feet is vital especially when you’re standing on them for long periods of time. Another great thing about this shoe is that the colors are black and white, meaning they match with just about anything. Black and white are classic colors, whatever your game day fit might be, these shoes are sure to match. Although, the disadvantage of this shoe is that they do run on the small size, it is good to know in advance so that you can order a size bigger than normal. While you do want a shoe that provides a tight fit, being too small could be harmful to your feet as well as your performance in the game. Buying a shoe that is too small could lead to sores, discomfort and the inability to properly run or even walk. Play it safe and order the next size up.


  • The shoe is a high top providing maximum protection and support to the ankles
  • It is made of mesh allowing for breathability and ventilation


  • The shoe runs small in size, making for a potential tight fit


PUMA Women’s Sky II Future Minimal Basketball Shoe

A rubber soled basketball shoe has durability and support to offer your feet during a game. Want the advantage of standing out on the team? This shoe is offered in a couple of different colors that are all vibrant and exciting to look at. With an optimum fit, the shoe provides a snug protection to your feet. The high top gives the necessary ankle support while the additional velcro strap gives a tighter fit around the ankles as well. If you want to stay comfortable throughout the entire game, then these are the perfect shoes for you. While there is one disadvantage to these shoes, it’s only that they can be on the small size. While you do want basketball shoes to be a snug fit, sometimes too snug can be the opposite of what you need. It is best to go a half size up if possible to avoid too tight of a fit. Aside from the sizing, these shoes provide all that you need to win the next game.


  • Vibrant colors that stand out
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • The shoes run on the small size


Adidas Women’s CF Super Hoops Mid Basketball Shoe

Want a shoe that provides cushion comfort, a strong traction grip, and protection to your ankles? The advantages of these shoes are superior. They have a super cushioned sole making for a comfortable fit for your feet while also providing ankle support and protection due to the high top. The quality of the shoe material is of good quality, ensuring that these shoes will last you forever. Most basketball players want a pair of shoes that will offer protection to your entire foot, these also offer you ankle protection too. With a lightweight feel, you will zoom up and down the court. These shoes are also offered at affordable price so that you get quality, comfort and support all at a great price.

While the advantages surely outweigh the disadvantages of this shoe, there is always a potential downside to everything. This being, that the shoe appears to be of leather material, but it is actually made of synthetic materials. Just be sure to not use your leather cleaner on them, you wouldn’t want to ruin them.


  • Cushioned and comfortable fit
  • Affordable price
  • Ankle protection and support
  • Lightweight feel
  • Strong traction grip


  • Appears as leather, but it is actually made of synthetic materials


PUMA Women’s Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe

Do you want maximum comfort for your feet? These shoes provide a cushioned sole and base making for a very comfortable feel throughout the entire game, or even entire day. While not having laces can be a disadvantage because they may not feel as snug, laceless shoes can also be beneficial. An easy slip on and off shoe can be quicker to get on, if you are in a rush to get to your game or practice. Because this shoe is made partially with mesh, it is lightweight on the foot. Basketball shoes tend to be on the heavier side, so having a shoe that doesn’t feel like it’s weighing you down is a great advantage. Aside from the feel of the shoe, there are many colors to choose from. Whatever your game day uniform is, there is surely the right color for you. Shoes can’t always be a perfect fit and these shoes can tend to run on the smaller size for some people. Knowing this, be sure to order a half size up if you think the fit might be too small. The maximum comfort that this shoe provides will be worth investing in a pair, just be sure to go a half size up if you are worried about your feet being too snug.


  • Lightweight on the foot
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day long
  • Cushioned comfort
  • Ankle support


  • Sizes run on the small side
  • No laces, potentially can make it feel not as supportive


Final Thoughts & Shoe Recommendations

While shopping for women’s basketball shoes can be a tedious task, this guide should assist in choosing the best pair for you. There are many factors to consider while shopping for your next pair of basketball shoes. Always be sure to choose a shoe that fits comfortably and matches with your style too. Although, looks aren’t always the most important factor, they can boost your confidence and make you stick out in the game.

If you need maximum support during a game or practice, then seek out a pair of shoes that will provide ankle, heel and sole protection. This will ensure that you will feel just as good as you’ll play. If you’ll be playing basketball indoors then get a pair of shoes that provides strong traction and a good grip to the court. This will decrease your chances of falling mid shot on the court.

While basketball shoes can be pricey, if you’re spending on a budget then check out last seasons’ shoes at different retailers. Often shoes are priced at a lower point once the new style comes out. So, if shoes that are “out of style” don’t bother you then consider buying last seasons’ style to save a few bucks.

A good pair of women’s basketball shoes is important to have for a basketball game, practice, or even just a game of pick me up. Your feet need the necessary support and comfort that only certain shoes can provide to you. Ensure that you protect your feet and ankles with the best pair of shoes. There are tons of different options out there and hopefully this guide will help you find that perfect pair.


Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Basketball Shoes

What are the most durable women’s basketball shoes?

While most shoes are created to provide a substantial amount of durability to your feet, basketball shoes in particular are extra durable. Because basketball involves running around, constant movements, and possible jumps, basketball shoes are made to withstand more harsh scenarios.

They are typically created with a rubber sole which is not only strong, but also resilient. Basketball shoes that are made for indoor courts typically have great traction and a strong grip on the underside of them providing support to stick your landing. Durability exists in women’s basketball shoes, you just have to be sure to seek out shoes that provide it. Hint – check the undersides!

Will These Shoes Provide Me Support?

Basketball shoes for both men and women are created with support and comfort in mind. However, that doesn’t mean that every type of basketball shoe provides the same amount of hell support. If you want a pair of basketball shoes that supports your feet and ankles then seek out shoes that have a higher top for ankle protection to prevent season ending injuries.

Another good support detail to consider would be looking for a shoe that has a higher top and a velcro strap around the high top too. The additional velcro strap offers a tighter fit around the ankle, providing the extra support that your ankles need during a game. High topped shoes typically provide better ankle support, so if you have shaky ankles then search for a pair that may extend above your feet.

Are The Shoes Easy to Get On and Off?

Most basketball shoes are created with laces so that you can loosen or tighten the shoe as much or as little as desired. However, there are some basketball shoes that are made entirely without laces. Rather, they are made to just slip on and off of your feet. Slip on basketball shoes could be viewed as easier to get on because you wouldn’t have to tie them up each time, or they could be seen as more difficult to get on because you have to wiggle your feet in.

Traditionally, basketball shoes do come with laces so, if you prefer the more traditional route then seek out a pair of shoes that have laces. You can then loosen them up as much as you want so that your foot will just step right in without any struggle or force involved. Basketball shoes need to provide your foot with a snug fit so that you have support throughout the game. If you prefer a shoe that’s an easy pull on without laces then there are options out there for you. However, if you like that extra comfort of being able to tie the laces tight or loosen them all of the way to get your foot on, then your changes are probably greater for finding a laced shoe.

What are the best women’s basketball shoe for comfort?

While basketball shoes aren’t going to be the most comfortable pair of shoes that you buy, there are ones that are created with extra comfort in mind. Because playing basketball involves being on your feet for long periods of time, a lot of the retailers create shoes with extra cushion in the sole, so that your feet don’t feel discomfort immediately into the game. Shoes with additional cushioning are great for keeping your feet feeling good throughout the entire game or practice.

If you want that extra comfort, then seek out a pair that has inner sole cushioning. These shoes will contain additional padding in the bed of the shoe (where your foot goes) to ensure that your feet are comfortable. When playing a game of ball, your main goal is to win. However, taking good care of your feet and ensuring that they are protected and comfortable should be a main goal for you too.

What should i do if my basketball shoes are too tight?

If you’re searching around for basketball shoes and hoping that they won’t be too tight – do not worry. Basketball shoes should always provide a snug fit for you because you want that support and protection while running up and down the court. If your shoes aren’t tight enough then there is potential that they could get loose around your feet, eventually causing a fall on the court.

On the other hand, basketball shoes that are too tight could also be harmful too. While it’s hard to determine whether or not a shoe will be too tight, trying them on and taking insight from other consumers will ensure that the fit is good. Most consumers will leave an honest review if the shoes happen to run small. If that’s the case then ordering a half size up could be a smart decision, because it would allow for a little bit of extra room for your feet. This would also ensure that they weren’t overbearingly tight.

Which women’s basketball shoes have the best traction?

Basketball shoes are created with support in mind. Now, determining what type of support you get from each pair of shoes may be defined differently. When it comes to playing indoor basketball, most courts are cleaned often and have a slick surface to them. This is why buying shoes that have a good grip and strong traction on the underside is important. Whether you’re running up and down the court or playing in the playoff game, you won’t want to slip and fall!

Check the under sides of shoes to see whether or not they are designed with a good grip or not. If the underside is the same material as the shoe itself, changes are the traction may not be as good for indoor courts. However, if the bottom has a rubbery thicker outer sole then the traction should be good for those slick courts and can be improved through proper cleaning. The grip of the bottom of the shoe will halt your fall on the court and will help keep your feet in place. If you’re playing outdoors then traction might not be as important to you when shopping for a new shoe, but if you’re playing soley indoors on those glossy courts then consider a shoe with good traction.

I have sweaty feet. Which shoes are best for breathability and ventilation?

For most sports players, having a pair of shoes that provides breathing room for your feet is key. You want your feet to stay ventilated while running around and possibly sweating. While a lot of shoes for basketball players are made with mesh material, not all of them are which can create a smelly situation of your feet are prone to sweating.

Mesh provides maximum breathability and ventilation because the material isn’t thick or heavy. Some shoes don’t have any mesh and focus less on breathability and more on the style. But, the basketball shoes that are designed with a mesh exterior will allow for your feet to breathe while on the court. Although, mesh material isn’t the best looking design, it will allow for your feet to be less sweaty after a few hours on the court! Having air flow to your feet will pay off at the end of a long game.

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