10 Best Basketball Socks of 2020: For Sweaty Feet & Blister Prevention

Playing the game of basketball is tough enough already.  It gets even harder with each step, unless, of course, you are just one of the gifted few that can go to the gym and just dominate naturally.  It gets even more difficult if you don’t have the right footwear.  And no, we aren’t just talking about shoes here.  We also have to have a serious discussion about socks.  Like it or not, not all socks are created equally.  Today, we are going to help you realize just that fact, along with breaking down the ins and outs of them in our buying guide, all before we get to our top nine list of the best socks of 2019.  So, let’s get going so you can hit the gym and work on those jumper! 

Top Basketball Socks Comparison Chart

NameMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
Nike Performance Cushion Crew Socks76% Cotton/21% Nylon/2% Spandex/1% Polyester$$$Check Price on Amazon
MadSportsStuff Basketball Logo Crew Socks77% Polypropylene, 17% Nylon, 3% Elastic , 3% Lycra Spandex$Check Price on Amazon
JIYE Elite Basketball Crew Socks75% cotton,10% spandex,15% polyester$$Check Price on Amazon
ChalkTalk Woven Basketball Mid Calf Socks 80% Acrylic | 10% Nylon | %5 Spandex$Check Price on Amazon
Mumubreal Men’s Cushioned Dri-Fit Socks 80% Cotton + 15% Nylon + 5% Spandex$Check Price on Amazon
Under Armour Men’s Phenom 2.0 Crew Socks74% Polyester/24% Cotton/2% Spandex$$Check Price on Amazon
YZKKE Men’s Dri-fit Cushion Basketball Socks80% Cotton/ 15% Nylon/ 5% Spandex$Check Price on Amazon
Adidas Men’s Cushioned Crew Socks75% Acrylic, 17% Polyester, 4% Nylon, 2% Spandex, 2% Natrual Latex Rubber$$Check Price on Amazon
JHM Thick Cushioned Elite Compression Socks85% Cotton,10% Nylon, 5% Spandex$Check Price on Amazon

Basketball Socks Buying Guide

Aren’t Good Shoes Enough?

Good shoes are a big, big step in the process, and we’d never suggest otherwise.  But shoes aren’t the only thing you should be worried about.  If you had a door with no knob on it, aren’t you defeating the whole purpose of the door to begin with?  Socks are like the knob, filling the gap and allowing you to have the best possible experience on the court.  You might not even realize how important the right pair is, but some day you will and you will be grateful that you took the extra step toward giving your feet a big time relief. 

Problems Associated With Poor Socks

Poor sock usage can result in all kinds of potential health hazards.  Not all of them are even going to be taking place with the feet, either, so it’s downright vital that you get this right.  It’s not nearly as complicated as we are making it sound, but there is a very real possibility that you can get hurt without the correct socks for you

One of the pitfalls of bad socks is going to be blisters.  Even wearers that are in the right shoes, once again for them, it’s paramount to have socks that fit well and are made out of a good material.  Without the right materials being used, socks are going to potentially rub you the wrong way.  This rubbing is going to create blisters after a while, and that is one of the more uncomfortable, annoying things you can go through as an athlete in any sport. 

Besides blistering, they can also just make uncomfortable.  Maybe a pair of socks just don’t fit you that well and they are folded up inside of your shoes haphazardly.  Remember those growing pains we experienced as kids when the socks were too big and we were ‘growing’ into them?  They flopped all around and made us look and feel goofy, all the while they hurt like heck.  Socks can also be too tight as well, making you feel as if you circulation is being cut off.  This is another no-no.  Not all people are the same, so what might be uncomfortable for me might not be for you. 

Lastly, and these are just a few, poor socks can actually hamper athletic performance.  This is a proven fact across the world of sports, and not just in relation to basketball.  Equipment of all sorts can either help or hinder you, and poor socks are a sure fire way to make sure you don’t play as well as you could have.  From thinking about how uncomfortable you are instead of boxing out your man, or to simply not having the required support, ill fitting or poorly made socks will just not cut it for you and will leave you well behind the rest of the class. 

Doubling Up

If you are a big, or even casual fan, of the NBA, you might have noticed that a lot of players are ‘doubling’ up their socks, effectively using two pairs of them.  While I would never encourage a kid to do so, because it’s downright uncomfortable for them to do so with sub par materials that are surely going to be furnished to them, this is definitely a way that a more serious player can go.  The advantage to doing this is to help give added shock absorption.  Because basketball is statistically responsible for more injuries (due to stress injuries and repeated use) it’s a valuable tool to have.  This has become even more important given the surge in popularity of shoes of the low top variety.  Low tops are en vogue nowadays because they are lighter and more freeing, but they do not offer the same protection as the high tops of old.  That is another factor for why guys are doubling up to protect their feet. 


We have mentioned, and likely will do so again, the issue of comfort already, but we need to go in-depth a little more here.  Comfort is so essential because you are making an investment not only monetarily in a pair of socks but also with your body.  You don’t want to have problems form, and the best way to find comfort is to make sure that socks feel good on you.  A lot of players today are finding that socks without seams are ideal.  Without them slowing you down, they won’t crease up or do any of that other nonsense you are used to seeing and feeling.  Comfort also extends to having some way to wick away the moisture from your feet.  This can pile up over the course of a game or practice, and it means that regular old cotton socks are not the answer to your problems any longer.  The days of old are gone, and it’s time to move on with more modern materials to ensure you don’t feel like you are an extra ten pounds heavier.  Lastly, they need to not slip.  It’s getting more and more rare, but socks can aid in you falling or slipping at various times, and this is to be avoided at all costs for you if you want to be as good as you can be and not embarrass yourself constantly on the court by allowing someone to ‘break your ankles.’ 

Size and Color

The size- you could also call it the type of style as well- and the colors are also going to also be something to take a look at.  If you’re going to be a part of a team, then you will need to match them, assuming they have certain rules that dictate that you do.  But if it’s a more recreational league, or you are going to use them for basically what amounts to practice socks, then you can be a little more lax.  The traditional basketball sock is known as the crew cut.  This is the higher coverage area.  It was super cool a long time ago, then it became super lame, and now it’s back again.  It just depends on how you look and feel with them as to whether you can pull them off!  Then there is the mid cut, which is just what it sounds like.  It rises up about halfway and gives decent coverage without overheating you too much.  It’s also less goofy looking in the eyes of some, though the entire landscape is constantly evolving anyway.  Then you have the low cut, which doesn’t show much.  This is the most comfy and lightest of the bunch, but the drawback is that a sock made that way is occasionally not going to have enough clearance to cover your shoes.  In that event, the back of your heels could scrape.  Color is also important, since you want to pick out something that makes you stand out.  If you’re a quieter person, then black or white is great.  But for those that want to make a statement, you can always go with a flashier color to make you stand out in a very big way. 

The Top Nine Basketball Socks of 2019 Reviews!

1. Nike Performance Cushion Crew Socks

These are some of the most popular socks out there today, and it’s easy to see why.  First of all, it’s a brand everyone knows and generally loves and accepts. Then you get the fact that they are made to look timely and classic, no matter the setting despite having just the two traditional colors.  Add in the arch support they give, the varied materials used to give them precisely the right look and feel while wearing them, and a reinforced toes, and you get some of the top socks you can find.  The price isn’t too bad, either, though they will set you back more than an ordinary pair would.  Then again, that’s the whole point of this exercise, to get away from those, isn’t it!


  • Tried and true brand
  • Classy looks
  • Arch support and moisture wicking

2. MadSportsStuff Basketball Logo Crew Socks

If you want something that says a bit more ‘basketball,’ then these definitely do the trick.  All the while, on top of including the logo of a ball, they have a ton of flashy colors that will make the most eccentric of players extremely happy.  With vibrant patterns to make you stand out on the court, even the worst player on the floor will look like quite the star in them.  With a blend of materials, including spandex and polyester, they will be long lasting and will stretch will you, helping you be more productive and athletic while playing.  They offer blister control, wick away moisture, and are also lightweight, too, since they are engineered to use less material.  The price is a little high for just one pair, but their uniqueness cannot be overlooked!


  • Eccentric to say the least!
  • Stretches and makes you more athletic
  • Light and wicks away moisture

3. JIYE Elite Basketball Crew Socks

Much like the listing above, these socks from JIYE are made with the intent of pleasing a crowd that wants to bring some color to the game.  These do that by giving you the chance to get five pairs of socks, all with different, vibrant colors.  These won’t be for teams, most likely, but would be awesome for individuals at practice and in pick up games, too.  With polyester and spandex included, they stretch to you and make you more athletic, all the while also making sure you are able to air out your feet during the game.  They are also made to have some compression to them, which some like and some absolutely despise, so be aware of that and ready to adjust.  If it’s quantity at a good price you are looking for, then this is a more than decent shout!


  • Varied vibrant colors
  • Athletic, stretchy, and breathable
  • Great price


  • Some might not like the compression

4. ChalkTalk Woven Basketball Mid Calf Socks

Once again we get socks here that have some color and pizzazz to them, if you will, from ChalkTalk.  These socks aren’t as flashy, but they do come in a few different colors and also have a basketball displayed on them to let everyone know what’s on your mind any time of the day.  Made with no cotton to them, they are engineered to be super breathable, all the while remaining comfortable and durable thanks to using nylon and some spandex, too.  Not only do they dry out while playing, but they also do a good job post-game, helping to further reduce the fuss you have to go through to get your stuff clean.  They’ve also shown to do an excellent job at preventing those awful odors from wreaking havoc, so that’s a major plus you’d like to have.  Perhaps the one drawback would be the price, which is a tad high for just a pair, or will be to some.


  • Lots of colors to pick from
  • Durable and comfy
  • Very breathable materials


  • Maybe a tad high priced for some

5. Mumubreal Men’s Cushioned Dri-Fit Socks

It’s amazing today to see how many socks have little to no cushioning to them.  That’s not the case with these, however, as they have plenty of that.  On top of that fact, they have a few colors to pick from and will be breathable as they use the same sort of materials and technologies that the bigger, more well known brands are using today.  This will make the stretch out to your specific needs and means they are also, of course, going to provide you with moisture wicking ability.  The toe and heel areas are the most improved spots compared to others on the market, which each of those places being reinforced so that you will have more padding for those hard hits on the floor over and over again.  They are a little expensive, for just one pair, so that might be the one thing some will not appreciate.


  • Reinforced toe and heel areas
  • Breathes very well
  • Plenty of color choices


  • Cost might be slightly prohibitive

6. Under Armour Men’s Phenom 2.0 Crew Socks

It would be hard to not see UA make the list, and it’s no surprise to see them come in here.  These socks are made with the purpose of keeping you fitted exactly right while playing, using an anatomical fit on both feet to keep you going.  This means the socks will mold to you a bit better than most in a bid to make you more comfortable than ever before. With their patented HeatGear fabric being used, they will keep you dry around the clock and will also make sure that you aren’t weighed down with unnecessary materials.  They even have technologies that aid in breathability and odor blocking, which further illustrate how effective they are at doing the job. The colors are varied and you can find quite a few of them, all for a good price for a three pack, which makes these quite desirable.


  • HeatGear is nearly unstoppable
  • Anatomical fit molds to you
  • Breathes and reduces bad smells


  • Not as supportive as others

7. YZKKE Men’s Dri-fit Cushion Basketball Socks

Back to one of our dark horses here, who have brought a fine product to the market to help players get more protection from those shocks that get them so often.  With a thicker underside of the socks, they are able to help sustain those blows a little better than most out there, all the while they don’t retain moisture like the socks of old would do.  With ankle compression, they seek to give the player the ability to be less tired throughout the game, while the lightweight nature of them also helps to aid in this endeavor.  They even offer excellent customer service thanks to a money back guarantee to further drive confidence in them.  They are also going to come to you for an awesome price, for four pair of socks, so it’s really quite the deal you are managing to get with them if you choose to go this route!


  • Thicker cushioning
  • Great price for multiple pairs
  • Won’t tire you out like others


  • Unknown brand

8. Adidas Men’s Cushioned Crew Socks

From a brand few have heard of to one that we all know. These socks are made with the athlete in mind, and they do a great job at doing just that.  Made from five different materials, they all go to work on specific purposes and combine to give you the ideal mix of breathability, comfort, and support.  With a non slip bottom to them, and their ClimaCool technology, which is a lot like the HeatGear from Under Armour, you can count on them to stay in place and breathe well for you all day long.  Coming in packs of three, they are for a very affordable price and will make your budget and wallet quite happy in the process as well.  Which is maybe a little surprising, since you would assume they would cost more.  They are narrow and tight on some people, so that’s one of the reasons they have slid down to number eight!


  • Comfort yet support afforded
  • Very good price
  • Tried and true company


  • Runs tight and narrow for many

9. JHM Thick Cushioned Elite Compression Socks

Rounding out our list is another example of a pair of socks that is filling the void of flimsy, thin, and unsupportive basketball socks.  These cushioned socks not only come in at a great price, for three packs of them, and a lot of nice, vibrant colors as well, but will be working overtime to provide you with the tools you need to be a success on the court.  With a mixture of materials, they are going to breathe well all while being reinforced so that you can handle those hard, heavy, consistent trips to the floor that put strain on your joints.  They have a bit of compression built in toward the ankles, which is going to help make them secure without going overboard and causing you to hate them and yourself.  One issue that some have seen is that they do cause odors quite a bit, so they might not be the all-time best at fighting against that ‘evil.’


  • Reinforced and cushioned
  • Great price for three
  • Compression just right


  • Not the best smelling

Conclusion And Final Basketball Socks Recommendations

Finding out the hard way that socks are not all the same can be a tough yet enlightening process.  Blistering, sweating, being generally uncomfortable, and all sorts of other issues can result from the use of poor socks while playing the game, not to mention a lack of productivity and performance in the game itself.    It should go without say by now that you absolutely have to have a good pair of socks beneath you, otherwise you’ll be left behind on the court.  Today, we have given you all the tools you need to make the right choice for you.  Now, all you need to do is plug in your needs and find what fits you and your own specific needs!  It will make a big difference the next time you head out on the court! 

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