10 Best Bike Cup Holders of 2019

Whether you are a recreational weekend bicyclist or bike to work every day, if you want a bike cup holder, it is worth it to get a good one. If you are a bike commuter or like to take coffee or tea on your ride, then a bike cup holder is a must. Though they aren’t the most common accessory for a bike yet, good bike cup holders help with efficiency and enjoyment of a ride. You no longer will have to put your coffee in a travel mug in your backpack or wait until you get to work or home for your coffee, you can drink it on your ride!

Quality bike cup holders are spill resistant and are great for any cups you might have from baby bottles to coffee or tea mugs. They are bursting onto the market for recreational riders and those that like to commute to work on their bikes. Whether you are making a quick stop at your favorite coffee shop on the way to the beach to meet your friends or your bike to work every day,  a good bike cup holder can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of your ride.!

Top Bike Cup Holder Comparison Chart

NameMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
Accmor Bike Cup HolderPlastic$$Check Price on Amazon
Cruzy Kuzy Leather Bike Cup Holder HandmadeLeather$$Check Price on Amazon
Kemimoto Bike Handlebar Cup HolderFabric$Check Price on Amazon
Ibera Bike Handlebar Cup HolderPolycarbonate$$Check Price on Amazon
Kroozie Kroozercups Deluxe 2.0Stainless Steel$$$Check Price on Amazon
NipEaze Bicycle Cup HolderStainless Steel$$Check Price on Amazon
RAM MOUNTS Tough-Claw Mount with Self-Leveling Cup HolderStainless steel, rubber, and aluminum$$Check Price on Amazon
TOURBON Canvas and Leather Bicycle Water Bottle Cup HolderCanvas & leather$Check Price on Amazon

Bike Cup Holder Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Bike Cup Holder

Buying a bike cup holder can be a bit overwhelming as there can be a lot of things to take into consideration. From the type of cup or water bottle, you will be using to the style of biking you typically do, there are numerous features to think about.

Buying a cup holder is a fun accessory to shop for. There are a plethora of styles, materials used, and colors available. Likely, many of the cup holders will be appropriate for your type of use, so at that point, it comes down to if the cup holder fits on your bike and what qualities you value the most in your cup holder.

While cup holders aren’t necessarily the most expensive accessory you can get for your bike, you still want it to work and do its job. When you purchase something you expect to work and it doesn’t it is frustrating and likely your money is wasted on a bad product.

In our buyers guide we want to help you avoid any pitfalls from purchasing a bike cup holder and then we will go on to recommend our favorite bike cup holders on the market! All of them are high quality and you should find one that fits your needs well.

Tapered or Not

Most of the cup holders on the market either work with a tapered cup or with a straight cup, not with both. Before purchasing a bike cup holder, think about what you will be using this cup holder for.

Will you be picking up coffee on your commute to work every day? Do you carry a thermos with you on leisurely family bike rides on Sunday mornings?

If you want to mix and match the types of cups or mugs you use then consider some of the cup holders which can handle both such as the Accmor or the Kemimoto. If you know you will be using it for a certain purpose, like picking up coffee on your way to work, then you could consider a more specialized holder for tapered cups.

In addition to determining what type of cup, bottle, or can you will be using with your cup holder most often, you can also think of how the cup will sit. Some of the options in this article don’t have a bottom and the cup merely sits snuggly in a circular opening. Others are completely enclosed except for the top of the holder which can be a bit more size restrictive but provides better protection.

Handlebar or Post

The next big question to ask yourself is where you want the cup holder to sit. If it is on the post or the frame you will probably need to bend over to reach your drink. Most of them either sit on the handlebar or the post though some can be put anywhere you want it.

If you are a recreational rider or someone that wants there coffee as close as possible, then a handlebar cup holder is probably the best solution. Handlebar, post, and frame mounted cup holders are all efficient and durable; however, most people have a personal preference as to where the cup will sit.

If you aren’t sure, take your bike on a spin and see which way you are most comfortable reaching. No matter where the cup holder is, you are going to have to reach a bit. Depending on if you prefer reaching forward or down could be a major factor in which cup holder you ultimately end up purchasing.  

Ease of Installation and Mobility

The ease of installation could be a huge factor. Some require tools and once they are installed can be tough to remove. Others just strap or clamp on and can be moved from bike to bike or any other place you want to use it very easily.

I encourage you to think about how often you want to remove the cup holder and how much effort you want to put into the installation. As a rule of thumb, the cup holders that require an Allen wrench or a screwdriver will likely be more stable and not jostle around.

Some of the clamps are pretty stable as well, just might take adjusting to get it to the right strength. Straps usually are the least supportive of the installation pieces.

Type of Bike

Look at your bike before buying your cup holder. Some frames or handlebars might be too wide to handle a certain cup holder. Most of the holders have the biggest and smallest they can go readily available to ensure the product you buy will fit your bike.

Most of the cup holders will fit most generic bikes; however, if you have a unique bike or specialty bike, such as one meant for off-roading or heavy trail riding, the frame itself might be too thick to fit certain cup holders.

Type of Use

Identifying your type of use is key. If you are a recreational bicyclist who wants a cup holder to carry their coffee on a casual Sunday ride, you probably don’t need a super durable, multi-functional cup holder. One of the leather, canvas, or plastic options could be a great fit, especially because they are stylish and you can fit them to your personality.

If you are training for a race and expect to be putting a lot of miles on your bike, then one of the more durable options is probably your best fit. A rigid plastic cup holder that straps onto your bike might not be quite strong enough to withstand the constant mileage you would put on your bike.

If you are a commuter, you really could go either way. If you have a long commute, durability might be the way to go, but if you love the style of the leather cup holder or the color options of the rigid plastic holder, then they would likely be suitable for your needs.

Hopefully using these guidelines you can narrow down your search for which bike cup holder will be the best for you!

Best Bike Cup Holder Reviews

1. Accmor Bike Cup Holder

The Accmor is a small and mobile bike cup holder that can be attached to pretty much anything including walkers, strollers, bikes, and wheelchairs. It has a 360-degree rotation of the cup holder so no matter which angle you need it, it can hold your cup or bottle.

The Accmor bike cup holder is designed so it can hold both tapered and straight beverage holders, which is fairly unique. Many cup holders only work with either a tapered cup design or a straight one. This is also one of the few cup holders that do not need any tools for installation. It can be a bit tricky to get the tightness right on your bike, and if you over tighten it, the plastic cup holder could snap.

This is a product that seems perfect for recreational use but might not hold up to a daily commute. The use of plastic as the product material has both pros and cons. Where it lacks in durability and strength it makes up for in lightness and ease of installation. The details of this bike cup holder were very intentionally thought out and it shows in the strong reviews.


  • High Rating
  • Reasonably Priced
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Easy to install and move from bike to bike
  • Will fit both tapered and straight cups or bottles
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Fits on many things including wheelchairs, strollers, and walkers


  • Doesn’t hold large or heavy cups or bottles (such as a 24 oz tumbler from Starbucks)
  • Plastic
  • Not durable long term
  • Can break if tightened too much

2. Cruzy Kuzy Leather Bike Cup Holder Handmade

Besides having a cool name, the Cruzy Kuzy is a great product. Perfect for those who love a vintage vibe and are recreational bicyclists. This cup holder is a statement piece that is sure to get a lot of comments and compliments. It is made of full grain leather so as the cup holder is used or gets scuffed up, it actually looks nicer.

This cup holder is a bit restrictive on where it can be placed. It seems the center of the handlebars is the most effective place to install it. While the installation itself is fairly simple, it might take a bit of adjustment to get the holder tightened and situated where you want it to be.

The holder fits cans or 12-16 oz bottles best so larger water bottles like a Yeti, Hydroflask, or Kleen Kantene might not fit. The product is well made and durable but does not offer much in terms of fitting different sized cups, cans, or bottles.


  • Made of full grain leather
  • Vintage and rustic
  • Looks better as it ages
  • Simple installation
  • Great for recreational biking
  • Slightly tapered to provide stability for different size cups or bottles


  • Does not rotate
  • Only fits on bike one way
  • Quite small with not a lot of give for larger cups

3. Kemimoto Bike Handlebar Cup Holder

This handlebar cup holder packs a punch in a small yet efficient product. It has many great features that were well thought out and really set this cup holder apart. I love the drawstring at the top of the holder that makes this easy to use for many different cups. The drawstring can tighten around cans, cups, mugs, and water bottles to ensure whatever you are drinking stays upright.

There is mesh with elastic around the outside of the cup holder so you can put your keys, phone, earbuds, ID, or any other small item into for safekeeping while you ride. This is perfect for recreational riders and more serious riders alike. The holder itself is very durable and will hold up over time.

What makes this cup holder special is all of the little features from the drawstring to stabilize your cup or bottle to the well-placed velcro straps to hold the product tight to your bike.


  • Waterproof material
  • Drawstring to tighten around your cup or water bottle
  • Netting around the cup holder for a phone, keys, earbuds, or other small accessories
  • Simple velcro straps for installation
  • Straps on different sides so can attach nearly anywhere on the bike
  • Interior is insulated


  • Velcro is hard to get tight
  • Will not hold a large cup (such as from a gas station)
  • Does not rotate

4. Ibera Bike Handlebar Cup Holder

This bike cup holder is great if you have a specific need. The Ibera cup holder only fits on the handlebars and is great for handleless tapered cups or coffee mugs. While the number of cups that can fit in it is limited, the cup holder works exactly as advertised.

It is easy to install and sturdy. Installation should take only a few minutes. The coffee cups or mugs simply sit in the holder though so if you hit a bump or aren’t biking on smooth terrain, the cup could fly or bounce out of the holder. If you are riding on the street or a paved trail though, the cup holder should work perfectly, just beware of potholes!

I enjoy the simple design of this cup holder. It has a job and it does it well. Sometimes, that is the best type of product! As long as you understand the awesome benefits and some pitfalls of this product, you should be extremely happy with its design and durability.


  • Great for handleless cups
  • Firm but will not squeeze the cups to make them spill
  • Easy installation on the bike
  • Simple and effective design


  • Does not rotate
  • Is not adjustable, can only fit a small number of types of cups
  • Cup has to be tapered to work with holder
  • Not the best for off-road adventures as the cup could bounce out of the holder

5. Kroozie Kroozercups Deluxe 2.0

This is definitely one of the more fun cup holders on this list. First of all, there are eleven different colors you can choose from ranging from black to hot pink to seafoam green. The cup holder itself is well made and durable.

It is easy to install and won’t slip once it is tightened to your bike, stroller, wheelchair, or any other place you can think to put it. The design is rigid which means the cup holder will not move while you are riding but there is not a lot of leeway with the size of the cup or bottle you can fit in the holder.

This would be great for biking to the beach, on your commute to work, or just taking a leisurely weekend ride. When you don’t have a bottle or cup in the holder, you could put your keys or phone in it for easy access during your ride.


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Does not slip on handlebars
  • Comes with tools needed to install
  • Can be installed at multiple angles
  • Will fit fairly large cups, cans, or bottles up to about 30 oz


  • Only works for straight cups or cans, not tapered
  • Rigid design so will spill if you hit a bump and the container is not sealed

6. NipEaze Bicycle Cup Holder

This is a stylish and well-made cup holder for your bike. It has a very strong clamp which prevents slipping or tipping. One of my favorite features with this cup holder is that it comes with a foam insert which can be used with smaller bottles or cans so they don’t jostle around.

The cup holder is made from stainless steel so it is extremely durable and won’t break very easily. Because it is stainless steel, it looks good on nearly every bike and is a great accessory for recreational riders.

It can’t hold very large containers, but those that do fit in the holder fit snugly and won’t easily fall out. The diameter of the cup holder is 3.25 inches. The design is rigid so if you have an open container and hit a bump or pothole, it will likely spill. This is one of the easier cup holders to install and isn’t hard to get tight on the handlebars.


  • Made with stainless steel
  • Strong clamp that won’t slip
  • Comes with removable foam so it fits different cups or bottles perfectly
  • Looks nice on all bikes


  • Won’t hold bigger bottles, only good for standard water bottles or cans
  • Rigid design so will spill if you hit a bump and the container is not sealed
  • Only fits one way on the bike

7. RAM MOUNTS Tough-Claw Mount with Self-Leveling Cup Holder

This is an awesome cup holder. It will hold cups as large as a big fast-food chain cup and can handle both straight or tapered drink containers. This is a well-design, self-leveling cup holder. So if you ride on a gravel or dirt trail or on a road with a lot of bumps or potholes, this is the cup holder for you.

This product is designed for hardcore riding, but would also be great for casual riders. The clamp can also be moved from bike to bike or to other places such as on a stroller, wheelchair, or motorcycles quite easily.

A lot of different materials are used to make this a unique and high-quality cup holder including rubber, steel, aluminum, composites, and more. There was a good amount of thought put into this cup holder to make it the best it could be and target customers who ride their bikes a lot and not necessarily on even terrain.


  • Self-leveling – no spills!
  • Shock dampening
  • Simple installation
  • Works on a wide variety of things including bikes, strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, pontoon boats, motorcycles and more


  • Restrictive range of size that it will hold (no larger than 3.5” diameter)
  • Tall cups with a high center of gravity could tip it over

8. TOURBON Canvas and Leather Bicycle Water Bottle Cup Holder

This cup holder balances style and function. It has a unique look as it is made of leather and canvas. It is secured to your bike with two leather straps at the top and bottom of the holder. This is a cup holder more for recreational use as the straps could slide a bit and aren’t extremely tightly secured to the bars of your bike.

This cup holder goes on the frame of the bike as opposed to the handlebars like many of the other products on this list are. It does have a drawstring feature at the top so it will hold in whatever bottle, can, or cup you choose to put in it.

Installation should take less than five minutes and needs absolutely no tools. The opening is approximately 3” in diameter and should fit most standard cups, cans, and bottles. I really like how well-made the cup holder is while still having a style aspect to it. The canvas is durable and will hold up over time.


  • Stylish and functional
  • Durable
  • Made from strong materials
  • Drawstring at the top to secure bottles, cans, or cups


  • Not the best attachment to the bike
  • Only can fit on bike one way

Conclusion And Final Bike Cup Holder Recommendations

All eight of the cup holders listed above would be a great addition to your bike. They are high quality, durable, and do their job well. While each of them tends to target a certain audience, they all overlap on a lot of their individual features.

The best overall for athletes or those who put a lot of miles on their bike is either the Ram Mounts or the Kemimoto bike cup holders. The Ram Mounts holder has a bearing in it so it automatically keeps itself level which will prevent your cup from spilling. The Kemimoto bike cup holder is secure, durable, and not only holds your cup but also has mesh for your keys or phone. Both of them can handle a lot of miles or heavier terrain.

If you want your cup holder to have style and be functional, you have to go with the Cruzy Kuzy or the Kroozie Kroozercups. The Cruzy Kuzy is made of leather and has a vintage feel to it. It is great for casual riding and would look amazing on an older bike. The Kroozercups come in a variety of colors to fit your personality or match your bike.

Each of these cup holders is functional and can fit your needs. Some focus on style while others are more gritty and hone in on the functional side of a bike accessory. No matter what type of rider you are, you can enjoy having a cup holder on your bike. We hope you enjoy your new bike cup holder and would love to know which one you chose and what you think!

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