10 Best Electric Golf Push Carts of 2020: Convenience, Portability, & Performance

Golf is a huge sport across the globe. Golfers are passionate about their sport of choice. Avid golfer’s spend all day at the course which can be exhuasting. It is important to maximize every second out of course. Thus, golfers need one of the best electric golf push carts on the market.

Finding a good electric golf push cart is no easy feat. Especially considering how expensive this product gets. No one likes spending a bunch of money. Particularly when you are on sure of the quality. Luckily enough, this is buying guide has all the information you need. This includes facts on golf push carts, informative product reviews, and resourceful shopping tips.


Top Electric Golf Push Carts Comparison Chart


ImageNameProsFeaturePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Bag Boy NavigatorLithium-ion 12V/24amp BatteryPatented Gyroscopic Antideviation$$$$Check Price on Amazon
2. Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric CartBluetooth Remote ControlAutomatic Following Feature$$$Check Price on Amazon
3. FTR Caddytrek R2 Black Robotic Electric Golf CartRechargeable 24V Lithium-ion BatteryEasy Storage & Transportation$$Check Price on Amazon
4. Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart with Accessory Kit12V, 35 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery400 Watt/12V DC Electric Motor$$$Check Price on Amazon
5. Spitzer EL100 Lithium-ion Electric Golf CartLightweight BatteryLasts 18 Holes$$Check Price on Amazon
6. Spin It Golf GC1R Remote Controlled Electric Golf CaddyDual 200W MotorsPower-Off Free Wheeling$$Check Price on Amazon
7. Bat-Caddy X4R Lithium Electric Golf CartBattery Lasts 8 Hours On Average2 - 200W motors$$Check Price on Amazon
8. GolferPal EasyPal Electric Auto-Folding/Folding Golf Push CartLong-Lasting BatteryAutomatically Folds & Unfolds$$Check Price on Amazon
9. Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Lightweight Remote Control Golf TrolleyVery Lightweight & CompactSilent & Powerful Dual Drive Motors$$Check Price on Amazon
10. Bat-Caddy X8R Electric Golf Bag Cart Caddy with Battery & RemoteLong-Lasting 12V Lithium BatterySuper Compact$$Check Price on Amazon


Electric Golf Push Carts Buying Guide


You cannot buy one of the best electric golf push carts without knowing all about the product. After all, this is a rather innovative and recent creation. So it is not like buying a good set of golf clubs. Instead, you must navigate new features along with battery types and convenient design. Let this buying guide provide you with all the necessary facts and information.


What Are Electric Golf Push Carts


Basically, an electric golf push cart is an automated version of a Caddy. A Caddy is responsible for your golf clubs on the golf course. They follow you around with your golf set bag. Ask them for a club and they give it to you. In some cases, a Caddy gives you helpful tips and information on the course. They almost act as a second pair of eyes.

The best electric golf push carts do not provide you with recommendations on which golf club to use. However, it does everything else without asking for a tip! Your cart follows you around course. Some carts even lead the way for you. Store your golf club bag, drinks, and phone all on the cart. This type of convenience is wonderful.

All in all, the golf cart has one goal: make golfing easier. That way, you do not look around your golf bag. All the while, you also do not rely on a caddy. Enjoy relaxation and tranquility out on the golf course.


Important Qualities In The Best Electric Golf Push Carts


Simply put, the golf push cart must feature a battery, one or two motors, and a remote. If not, then it is not one of the best electric golf push carts. Point, blank, period. The entire goal is to be convenient. Well, pushing a manual golf cart is not just inconvenient it is exhausting. So the automated design lets you enjoy a totally hands-free experience.


The Benefits of Buying An Electric Golf Cart


Avoid Damaging The Fairway


Have you ever noticed damage from driving a golf cart on the fairway? Sure, you’re not responsible for maintaining the fairway. However, damage can ruin your next golfing experience or the golfing experience of others. As a result, treat the golf course with respect. Your electric golf push cart will never tear up the fairway.


Avoid Injuries


Golf bags are not light. After all, the golf bag contains at the very least all of your clubs. On the other hand, it may contain your clubs along with a bunch of other items. Thus, carrying a golf bag across a big golf course can lead to an injury. This can strain your shoulders, your neck, and even your back. As a result, it is wise to let an electric push golf cart do all the heavy lifting for you!




Writing a golf cart around the golf course might be fun. But, it is also pretty lazy. Instead, get in some cardio by walking around the golf course. Think about the size of your golf course. If it is pretty large, then walking all around will burn up plenty of calories. Especially if you golf every single weekend. The best electric golf push cards deliver unexpected benefits and so much more.


What To Consider While Buying The Best Electric Golf Push Carts


Simplify your shopping process with each and every important consideration below. As discussed earlier, the best products contain similar features and qualities. So shopping comes down to cross comparing each feature in each golf cart. Use this section to your advantage. Look for each and every feature in your next cart.


Price & Budget


Every single shopper as a different type of budget. There is no shame in this. Instead, smart shoppers do not live beyond their means. This means that you do not overspend on products. Now, this is easier said than done when it comes to the best electric golf push carts. Unfortunately, most options come with a hefty price tag. This just means you need to pay close attention to value, the price, and your budget.

In some cases, an inexpensive price tag does not have anything to do with the quality of a product. But, this is not true when it comes to electric golf push carts. Almost every option on this list is rather expensive. Thus, it may be worth it to go all in. Especially if you want one of the very best products. More money delivers better technology and really advanced features.

Creating a budget is a great strategy for shoppers. That way, Shoppers avoid spending too much money. However, you might want to throw your budget out the window. Golf is not a cheap sport. Let alone, buying one of the hottest and newest golf course items. Prepare to spend serious money if you want one of the top-tier products.


Your Golfing Situation


Where do you golf? Do you prefer a big golf course? Or are you inexperienced and golf on a smaller-sized course? An indicator for golf course size rests within the par numbers. The larger the par number, the longer the hole. Likewise, golf courses with multiple large par’s are the bigger-sized courses. Look out for multiple par 5’s and higher.

Simply put, casual golfers on a smaller-sized course may have no need for an electric push golf cart. After all, you walk short distances across a short golf course. So it may not be worth your money to get and electric Caddy. Instead, you are better off lugging around your golf bags or just paying for Caddy.

Golfers at larger-sized golf courses, rejoice! You definitely need one of the best electric golf push carts. Do not continue to lug around your heavy golf club set bag. Let a golf cart do the heavy lifting. Relax and spend time freely at the golf course. No longer do you worry about being tired. Again, remember your specific conditions and determine if a golf push cart is worth the money!


Your Body


Everyone has a different body just like everyone has a different budget. Young golfers do not worry as much about weight. Usually, young golfers are in good shape and benefit from their youth. As a result, they do not stress out about whether a push cart is heavy or not. They can lift it in and out of their car with relative ease. Even if it is one of the heavier products.

Now, older golfers are not so lucky. As a matter of fact, these are the golfers that should be concerned with weight the most. Older golfers are more prone to muscle strains and injuries. Therefore, they need the latest possible push golf cart on the market. That way, they stay as possible and enjoy all of the great features and convenience.




Do not confuse portability with the overall weight of the golf push cart. The transportation of the cart goes beyond just the weight. This extends to the overall design, an intuitive design, and more. As a matter of fact, you can even consider how big the car looks. The bigger the cart, the harder it is to move. Generally speaking, smaller objects are easier to move then cumbersome and bulky objects.

Think about the size of your car. Specifically, remember the size of your trunk. Your electric golf push cart must fit inside of your trunk. Plus, you want some wiggle room in the trunk. Some golfers will carpool with others to the course. In this case, you do not want the push cart dominating trunk space. So look for a compact and portable product.

The best electric golf push carts fold down into a very small size, no matter how big it is at first. Certain golf carts may provide more portability than others. The Spitzer RL150 on our list is a great example. This cart features detachable wheels. Snapped the wheels off for even more compatibility in your trunk.


Physical Design


Certain materials last longer than others. This is especially true when it comes to the best electric golf push carts. The longest-lasting carts are usually made aluminum and stainless steel. Keep an eye out for these two materials more than any other. Life on the golf course is not always peachy. You do not want the cart to fall apart because of a little bad weather or a bad design.

Next, think about the assembly of the golf cart. In some cases, golf carts are taking apart at the end of use. This is very convenient when storing away the product. However, it is absolutely inconvenient upon arriving at the golf course. None of your friends want to stand and watch you fiddle with your cart. So it is best to find a cart is really easy to use. That way, you can get going on the course with relative ease.

Finally, the last part of the physical design maybe the most important part for some shoppers. This involves finding the proper amount of storage space. Along day on the golf course requires a number of different items. This ranges from a rain coat to your favorite beverage.

Everyone needs a different amount of storage space. Focus on what you bring to the course and find spots to store it away on your golf cart.


Battery Life


Battery life is arguably the toughest part of buying an electric golf push cart. After all, the best products all deliver a high-quality battery. So how can you determine which battery is best for you? Well, start by learning about each and every battery type. Generally speaking, common types of batteries include a lithium or lithium-ion battery. Other models feature a sealed lead acid battery.

One big difference between the two batteries involves charging. Sealed lead acid batteries have a longer charging time than lithium or lithium-ion batteries. As a result, golfers might prefer lithium or lithium-ion batteries. Especially since sealed lead acid batteries are not as durable. Furthermore, the sealed lead acid battery is the heavier option.

Now, nearly every product review on our list offers a high-quality battery. So it all comes down to you and your preferences. The lightweight lithium battery might be the more convenient option. However, sealed lead acid batteries can potentially deliver more power. Therefore, everyone will want a different type of battery.


Motor, Speed, & Performance


Have you ever heard of a gyroscope before? Probably not. Yet, this might be the biggest feature in an electric golf push cart. But, first start with the speed before anything else. Why? Because golf push carts are not like their normal golf cart counterparts. As a result, they are pretty slow. Some of the maximum speeds go know higher then five miles per hour. So do not get wrapped up in the speed of a golf push cart.

Generally speaking, the best electric golf push carts offer a dual drive motor set up. However, the very best options keep motor noise at a minimal. This means that golf carts operate at a near silent level. After all, one funky sound can throw off your swing and rhythm. Plus, no one wants all of the attention on them and their friends. So keep an eye out for a quiet Motor design.

A gyroscope is a device that maintains an angular velocity and orientation. How can a gyroscope help my golf cart? This is a fair question. Basically, a gyroscope keeps the push golf cart evenly balanced. That way, the cart does not tip over while at an angle on a hill. A golf course is usually not just a flat plane. There are bumps, hills, and plenty of uneven spots. So a gyroscopic design helps prevent a potential disaster in which your golf cart falls over!


Extra Features


Extra features distinguish the best electric golf push carts from all average golf push carts. It does not hurt to have extra features in your cart. Instead, try to get as many extra features as possible. Why? Because extra features make golfing more enjoyable and so much easier. Obviously, this includes additions like a USB port. That way, you charge your phone long ago and never run out of juice.

The most popular extra feature is an automatic following mode. Basically, this feature does what the name says. Your golf cart follows you around out of golf course. As a result, you move freely without any second thought. In most cases, the golf cart reacts to the presence of your remote. Put the remote in your pocket and let the golf cart follow. You never need to worry about where your golf cart is or isn’t.




Last but certainly not least, customers always overlook warranties. Any item used outdoors needs a warranty. You cannot predict the weather. So you need protection in case of an emergency. Especially if you are spending this type of money on a golf product. Look for a great warranty and a great customer service support system. That way, you deal with any problems swiftly and easily!


Best Electric Golf Push Carts Reviews


The best electric golf push carts take your golfing experience to new heights. Be the talk of the golf course with one of the very best products available. The best options deliver on style, performance, convenience, and more. As a result, serious golfers need to get themselves an electric push cart. Read each product review below and buy an electric cart today!


Bag Boy Navigator


Bag Boy is a premier brand when it comes to electric golf push carts. As a result, you can look to the Bag Boy Navigator as the top pick amongst all older options. First and foremost, this is arguably the most convenient electric golf push cart available.

A compact design folds down almost completely flat. That way, you can store the car away in your trunk with ease. Meanwhile, unfolding the golf cart is just as easy.

The high-performance Lithium-ion 12V/24amp battery is built to last. Hit the golf course without any worry about your battery life. The best electric golf push carts provide you with a battery that lasts all day. All the while, the advanced digital color display delivers all of the essential information you need.

This includes recording your distance, the battery level, and even the variable speed control. Stay in tune and in touch with your cart at all times.

There are two standout features in this electric golf push cart. First, the patented gyroscopic anti deviation technology is absolutely impressive, Basically, this technology conquers all types of terrain. That way, the cart does not fall over and topple due to uneven terrain.

You can even move the cart sideways on a hill. Second, the fully directional remote control puts all commands at your fingertips. Command the cart to go right, left, forward, and reverse. Control the overall speed as well!




  • Fully Directional Remote Control
  • Lithium-ion 12V/24amp Battery
  • Patented Gyroscopic Antideviation
  • Advanced Digital Full Color Display




  • Expensive Price Tag


Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart


Now, the Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart is not cheap. But, it is worth every single dollar. Look no further for the best product at a premium price. We recommend this impressive golf cart if your budget allows. Why? Because this golf cart works with a fully hands-free design. This level of convenience allows full relaxation out on the golf course.

The highlight of this electric golf push cart is the “follow” feature. Basically, the push cart is built with two antennas. Both antennas create two different zones. One zone is the neutral zone any other zone is the active zone. The electric push cart reacts to the location of the Bluetooth remote control.

The cart rests at a standstill while the remote is in the neutral zone. The cart follows you while the remote is in the active zone. This delivers a true hands-free experience.

None of the other best electric golf push carts boast such advanced technology. Meanwhile, the lightweight lithium battery holds up for 18 holes on a course. A tough molded chassis deliver a strong foundation that will not break. Plus, the 4-wheel chassis is complemented by a rear stabilizer.

Thus, this cart takes on even the bumpiest hills. Convenient storage optimizes your trip to the course with a chance of organization. Best of all, the compact design opens up with one pull.




  • Automatic Following Feature
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Compact & Convenient Design
  • Treks Across Hills




  • Expensive Price


FTR Caddytrek R2 Black Robotic Electric Golf Cart


There is no electric golf push cart more valuable than the FTR Caddytrek R2 Black Robotic electric golf cart. Unfortunately, the price tag is still not necessarily inexpensive. But, the value is absolutely astonishing. First, this is the most convenient option available. Fold the cart into a compact size. It will take up the least amount of room in your car compared to all other golf push carts. As a result, it is ideal for anyone with limited car space.

This electric golf push cart features two distinct modes of movement. One mode marches forward and the other mode follows you. A combination of Ultrasound and RF signal technology delivers this advanced technology. Put the remote in the pocket or clip it to your waistband. Plus, the remote control gives you the power. Increase the speed and climb hills with just the press of a button.

An onboard gyroscope delivers straight-line tracking across all kinds of terrain. This even includes on even terrain. All the while, the Smart sensors actively adjust to the environment around the cart. That way, the cart can navigate around obstacles and even climb hills.

Best of all, the rechargeable 24V Lithium-ion battery delivers a playtime of up to 27 holes on just one single charge. Get the most bang fr your buck on one of the best electric golf push carts.




  • Gyroscope Design
  • Easy Storage & Transportation
  • Rechargeable 24V Lithium-ion Battery
  • Best Battery Available
  • Follows & Marches




  • Still Pricey


Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart with Accessory Kit


The Bat-Caddy X3R remote control cart with an accessory kit is definitely the least expensive option on our list. As a result, this electric golf push cart is absolutely irresistible. As mentioned earlier, these carts are generally expensive. Do not hesitate to jump on this relatively inexpensive product. Especially when you get a very powerful 12V, 35 Ah sealed lead acid battery. Hit the slopes all day with this reliable battery.

Rear wheel direct drive and a dual independent transmission make up the drive train in this cart. As a result, this cart handles all terrain available. The rubberized tread front and rear wheels grip well. Best of all, this electric push golf cart is made of nothing but high-quality materials. This includes a frame comprised of aluminum and stainless steel. The bag support is made of ABS and Nylon which is very sturdy. But, the convenience is nothing compared to the 400 Watt, 12V DC electric motor!

Control this golf cart all from an FCC authorized remote control. The range for this remote stretches between 80 and 120 yards. This includes the manual controls which move the cart left and right, forward, and in reverse, You can stop the cart and set up a timed forward advanced function. There is even a convenient cruise control feature for slow walks. All the while, a USB port allows charging of your phone out on the course.




  • 400 Watt/12V DC Electric Motor
  • USB port
  • 12V, 35 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Top Speed of 5.4 MPH




  • Sensitive Remote Design


Spitzer EL100 Lithium-ion Electric Golf Cart


Looking for one of the best electric golf push carts for the common golfer? Well, the Spitzer EL100 electric golf cart is best for you. After all, not everyone is an experienced golfer taking on 36 holes in one day. Casual golfers need love too. This golf push cart is not just compact but also lightweight. Meanwhile, the powerful capabilities climb tough hills without any problems. Everyone will enjoy this electric push golf cart, regardless of their needs.

Unfold and fold this golf cart in just a quick 5 seconds. Yes, it is really that fast. You should not spend a lot of time fidgeting with your golf cart. Plus, the Lithium-ion battery lasts for a full day of golf. Especially if you are a casual golfer. The lifespan can last for a total of 18 holes. Get out and enjoy the course without stopping to recharge your battery.

The highlight here is definitely the motors. This particular electronic golf push cart boasts dual tubular motors. As a result, this cart easily gets around on inclines and rough terrain. Meanwhile, you control the speed for a proper pace. Move quickly through the holes if you are in a rush.

However, you can also meticulously move across the golf course at a slow pace as well.




  • Lasts 18 Holes
  • Simple & Quick Folding/Unfolding
  • Lightweight Battery
  • Variable Speed Adjustment
  • Great Price




  • Less Storage Space


Spin It Golf GC1R Remote Controlled Electric Golf Caddy


Another one of the best electric golf push carts ideal for smaller-sized courses and newcomers to golf. Why? This golf push cart is pretty heavy. As a matter of fact, this cart weighs almost 60 pounds. As a result, it is burdensome on the larger golf courses. Especially if this golf course has muddy and slippery terrain.

The Spin It Golf GC1R features a freewheeling mode. Basically, this allows manual movement of the cart to get it out of a muddy spot. Over time, the heavy weight could wear you out.

The 12V, 33 Ah sealed lead acid battery delivers a long-lasting life. However, it takes a long time to charge. As a result, this might bother some customers all the ago. But, the dual 200W motors and airless rubber tires are totally worth it. The dual motor design delivers plenty of power. Meanwhile, airless rubber tires can you get across nearly any kind of terrain.

Spit It Golf’s GC1R has one appealing aspect that is better than all others. The inexpensive price tag. Simply put, no other electric golf push cart is available for this price. Who can say no to an attractive price tag? If you want to save money and get golf cart then are in luck. Certainly so if you are a casual golfer on a smaller course as well!




  • Dual 200W Motors
  • Airless Rubber Tires
  • Remote Control Design
  • Power-Off Free Wheeling




  • Heavy Weight
  • Made For Smaller Golf Courses
  • 12 Hour Charging Time


Bat-Caddy X4R Lithium Electric Golf Cart


Bat-Caddy is a brand that customers can trust. This is why they own so many spots on this list of the best electric golf push carts. Specifically, the X4R Lithium electric golf cart is special for one reason. It is one of the lightest options on the market. The total weight is only 24 pounds. Therefore, trips to the golf course are effortless and convenient. After all, it is not ideal to carry around a heavy golf cart.

The high-grade aluminum frame delivers hey long lasting product. Even if you play on a golf course with inclement terrain. This electric golf cart is built with anti-slip technology. So it will not topple in wet and muddy conditions. Instead, features like the robust brake system deliver amazing performance. The Bat-Caddy X4R does not slip and slide out on wet greens.

Finally, the X4R is really easy to transport. Fold Down the golf cart into a very compact size. It will even fit among other cargo items in a trunk. After all, you might need to accommodate your friends and golfing buddies. So make sure your golf cart does not take up the entire trunk. This is a great option for all of the serious golfers out there.




  • Bat-Caddy Brand Name
  • 2 – 200W motors
  • Battery Lasts 8 Hours On Average
  • Airless Tires
  • Super Lightweight & Compact




  • Less Stability Than Usual


GolferPal EasyPal Electric Auto-Folding/Folding Golf Push Cart


Want to avoid the hassle of folding and unfolding your golf push cart? Well then, the GolferPal EasyPal Auto-Folding push cart is the best option for you. None of the other best electric golf push carts are made like this. Basically, you press one button and the golf cart does all of the work. It automatically pulls and unfolds with no hassle whatsoever. There is no more convenient product available.

An intelligent design distributes the weight of your golf bag evenly across each wheel. As a result, pushing this cart is not just easy, it is a breeze. All the while, change direction in just an instant. No other electric golf push cart is this easy to use. Transform your golf experience into one of optimal convenience and enjoyment.

Each wheel is 10.75” in size for great stability while maneuvering across even the most rugged and rough terrain. Best of all, the lightweight design comes in at just under 17 pounds. So this is one of the lightest electric golf push carts on the market and also one of the best all at once. There is nothing more convenient than a lightweight golf push cart!




  • Automatically Folds & Unfolds
  • Even Distribution Of Weight
  • Lightweight Design
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Best Price Available




  • Simple Design Not Ideal For Big Golf Courses


Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Lightweight Remote Control Golf Trolley


The Spitzer RL150 golf trolley is one of the more lightweight and compact options. But, you do not sacrifice any power or capability in the process. The total weight is just over 30 pounds while the physical design is heavy duty and sturdy. As a result, golfers can put a total weight of 50 pounds onto this cart.

All the while, the bungee-style ties hold down your clubs to keep them safe and secure. Enjoy storage, convenience, and performance all at once.

The driveline of this cart gets power from the amazing 200-Watt dual direct drive motors. However, the dual drive motors are not loud at all. Instead, they are completely silent. That way, the cart does not throw you off your game. All the while, anti-tip stabilizer wheels avoid a potential catastrophe. A big spill will do damage to golf clubs and all other items!

Finally, this electric golf push cart delivers on all the usual fronts. The fully functional remote control gives you all the power. There is even anti-jamming long-range technology to go along with standard functions. Standard functions obviously include going forward, reverse, left and right.

But, the auto-distance advance function also moves the cart forward in one straight path! Buy one of the best electric golf push carts today.




  • Very Lightweight & Compact
  • Easy To Use Design
  • Supports Heavy weight
  • Silent & Powerful Dual Drive Motors




  • Expensive


Bat-Caddy X8R Electric Golf Bag Cart Caddy with Battery & Remote


Bat-Caddy owns a few spots on this list of the best electric golf push carts. This is for a good reason. But, this X8R golf push cart is their most advanced model yet. So why is it not ahead of other Bat-Caddy products? After all, the X8R is relatively cheap compared to other options. Unfortunately, this cheaper price features less quality than the other Bat-Caddy counterparts!

The X8R is made of nothing but high-quality materials. This includes robust and sturdy stainless steel and aluminum materials. As a result, this particular cart is built to last for a very long time. The same can be said for the impressive battery. The 12V Lithium battery will last for nearly 36 holes. Enjoy a full day of golf without needing to charge or replace the battery.

Now, the maximum speed of 5.5 miles per hour is awesome. Especially when you are on a potential time crunch. Get to the next hole swiftly with plenty of time to spare. A real highlight here is the compact and simple design. One click folds this electric golf push cart down. After all, the best electric golf push carts are supposed to be convenient. Well, this design certainly fits the description.




  • Great Storage Space
  • Long-Lasting 12V Lithium Battery
  • High Speeds
  • Super Compact




  • Less Advanced Technology


Conclusion And Final Electric Golf Push Carts recommendations


Electric golf push carts are a great addition to your golfing experience. Stress on your body from carrying all your equipment. Meanwhile, it helps you enjoy walking around freely. You do not need help from a Caddy and you do not need to rent a golf cart. Buy one of the best electric golf push carts. It will be one of your best golf purchases. You will realize this within one trip to the course.

Everyone wants something different from their product. For example, some customers just want to fast track to the best overall product. Other customers look for the best bargain available. In some cases, customers stand lavishly to get the best performance, regardless of the price. Well, you are in luck. Each recommendation below checks every aforementioned box. Read the recommendations and then go and get the best electric golf push carts available.



Best Electric Golf Push Carts Overall: Bag Boy Navigator


The Bag Boy Navigator is the best all-around product on the market. Like other electric golf push carts, it is not cheap. But, it delivers the best performance. This includes a full direction remote control. Command the cart and enjoy advanced digital electronics along with an informative display. Receive all essential functional information to maintain optimal performance. Meanwhile, the Gyroscope Anti-Deviation technology keep the cart on pace!


Best Electric Golf Push Carts at a Premium Price: Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart


If you want a premium price tag, the Stewart Golf X9 Follow electric cart is the best product. Yes, this golf cart is very expensive. However, if it fits in your budget do not hesitate. Many Electric carts attempt to deliver a high-quality follow-up feature. Well, the Stewart Golf X9 has the best follow feature available. As a result, this is one of the most advanced golf push carts on the market. Certainly worth every single penny.


Best Electric Golf Push Carts for Value: GolferPal EasyPal Auto-Folding Electric Golf Push Cart


Even bargain hunters can you get one of the best electric golf push carts available. No other option delivers premier quality and performance for this price. The best feature is right in the name. The auto-folding and unfolding design opens and closes with the push of a button. You literally do nothing at all. Meanwhile, the smart design keeps you relaxed and calm before a round of golf! Enjoy optimal convenience the next time you hit the golf course.


Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Golf Push Carts


Should I Use My Cart In The Rain?


A: Yes, but be cautious. Most products are built to work in rainy conditions. However electronic devices main malfunction due to moisture. So after every trip to the course check your car. Look for signs of potential moisture and remove it immediately. Furthermore, always put your electric golf cart in a dry space for storage. You do not want the water did damage anything in your house or other parts of the machine.


What Are The Best Maintenance Methods?


A: First and foremost, we recommend checking the battery often. This means checking for a full charge before going to the course. Letting a battery die is it never a good idea. After a trip to the course, check on the battery. Make sure you put it on the charger. That way, it has enough juice for the next trip. Be delicate with the battery. Avoid hazardous drops that can break and damage the battery. Plus, clean the battery every time you use it!

Now, battery maintenance goes beyond just constant checks. For instance, storage plays a huge role in battery durability. Poor storage cuts a battery life short more often than not. Protect your battery while not in use. Never Store the battery in any extreme temperature. This includes both extremely hot and extremely cold conditions. Any proper storage is absolutely horrible when it comes to prolonging the life of your battery.


Why Are Electric Push Carts Better Than Manual Carts?


A: Manual push carts can be a big hassle. After all, you physically push them at all times. So there is no real break in between golf holes like with an electric golf push cart. Now, certain products deliver both options to customers. Just in case you get caught in a bad spot. For example, muddy conditions can prove to be too much for some carts. As a result, you need to physically remove the cart by hand. Electric push carts are just so much more convenient than a manual push cart.


What Is The Most Important Minor Feature In My Electric Golf Push Cart


A: Hands down storage. Every single electric golf push cart on this list features a remote control and advanced commands. This includes options like the follow feature, that follows golfers around. As a result, storage is what separates the best from the weak. After all, golfers need storage for drinks, tees, and so much more!

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