10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves 2020: Adult & Youth Options

Across the globe, Soccer is one of the most popular sports. However, other places typically refer to it as football or fútbol. Soccer’s popularity comes from how easy it is to play the sport. In most cases, people play with just a soccer ball, two goals, and an open field. However, regulation soccer requires proper gear such as shinguards, Soccer cleats, and goalie gloves. Each piece of equipment is as important as the last. But, finding the best to goalkeeper gloves is arguably the most difficult part.

Do not fret. This is buying guide is built to deliver high-quality information and great product recommendations. As a result, you can then go out and get the right goalkeeper gloves for yourself or your kids. Each pair of goalkeeper gloves mansion on this list is a great choice.

Top Goalkeeper Gloves Comparison Chart

1. Adidas Soccer Classic Fingersave Goalie GlovesAdidas$$$$
2. NIKE Adult GK Grip 3 Soccer Goalkeeper GlovesNike$$$$
3. Renegade GK Vulcan Goalie Gloves with Pro-Tek FingersavesRenegade$$$
4. Blok-IT Goalkeeper GlovesBlok$$$
5. Youth & Adult Goalkeeper GlovesUnbranded$$$
6. Adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Junior Goalie GlovesAdidas$$
7. Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves
8. Adidas Performance ACE Replique Goalie GlovesAdidas$$$$
9. Reusch Soccer Prisma SG Goalkeeper Gloves
10. Adidas World Cup Predator PROAdidas$$$


Goalkeeper Glove Buying Guide

In the United States, soccer is certainly on the rise. Now more than ever before, adults and kids alike want to play soccer. So here are some key information on goalkeeper gloves, helpful shopping tips, and everything in between. Get the right help today so you can buy the best goalkeeper gloves available.


Important Qualities In Goalkeeper Gloves

First and foremost, you should know that soccer goalkeeper gloves are unlike any other glove. For instance, winter gloves and work gloves are billed for protection. One glove protection from cold weather. The other glove protects you from dangerous situations in the workplace. But, both gloves are made to fit your hands is tight as possible. Goalkeeper gloves are not made this way.

As we will discuss below, goalkeeper gloves should be bigger than the goalkeeper hands. So there is one key difference between goalkeeper gloves and other types of gloves. This is just the start. Do not approach buying goalkeeper gloves like any other kind. It will lead to a mistake and a pesky return process!


Backhand Protection

The backhand design of a goalkeeper glove is built protect the goalkeeper’s knuckles. Why? Because it often goalkeepers punch a soccer ball. This is done to punch the soccer ball away from the net. Is one of many save tactics goalies use to protect their goal. In some cases, a soccer ball kick is powerful and the ball itself is pretty hard. As a result, this does not bode well for knuckles. Thus, backhand protection is essential.


Closure Design

Simply put, the goalkeeper glove closure is how you put on and take off the gold glove. Thus, it is responsible or a secure and snug fit. But, the best goalkeeper gloves feature a special closure design. This closure design protects against hyperextension and prevents wrist sprains. Goalkeepers move their hands and wrists all game. Therefore, protective closure designs are a huge deal.


Palm Protection

As you can guess, constantly saving Soccer shots is not kind to home. Especially since the most popular saves involved the palm. As a result, the best gloves for soccer goalies offer serious palm protection. Usually, this comes in the form of a foam pad right in the palm. Look for thick palm designs boasting top grade materials. Keep your hands safe and healthy during long soccer matches.


Finger Protection

Finally, finger protection comes in the form of fingersaves. Imagine what a high-speed soccer goal does to a straight finger. The end results are not pretty. As a result, good goalkeeper gloves feature fingersaves. Fingersaves are built to prevent the fingers from bending backwards. All the while, it also delivers protection to each individual. After all, no one wants their finger crushed during a save!


What To Consider While Buying The Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Shopping is not fun for everyone. Sure, there’re certainly some shoppers who love to go to the store for hours on end. But, there are just as many shoppers that want to buy and be done. Luckily enough, this section of the buying guide is made just for you. Read below to learn all of the key factors of focus. That way you cut down your shopping time down tremendously.


Price & Budget

There is nothing more important than your budget and the price of the product. Especially when it comes to sports gear. After all, sports gear can get pretty expensive pretty quickly. Do not let the price of a product confuse you. An expensive product does not always guarantee great performance. On the other hand, inexpensive products do not always deliver great value. Be realistic and rational well looking at the prices of products.

Now, finding value is a huge deal when it comes sports equipment. Even the best goalkeeper gloves are not built to last forever. Plus, we recommend buying to parent goalkeeper gloves. One for indoor soccer and one for outdoor soccer. Furthermore, it is ideal to have a replacement available at any given time. That way, you are always ready for the worst case scenario.

Take time to set up a budget. Basically, a budget consists of two different price points. Think about the highest amount of money want to spend. Then, Think about the least amount of money you want to spend. There you have it, that is your budget. Again, be rational when it comes to that price of goalkeeper gloves. You do not need to spend a fortune to get some great gloves.



Goalkeeper gloves feature a strong grip, no matter what. If not, that it is not a good pair of goalkeeper gloves. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of save tactics used by a goalie. One save tactic obviously involves catching the ball. As a result, the goalkeeper gloves palm area must have a firm sense of grip. In some cases, a wet field and rainy conditions making the ball very wet. This is where all of that grip comes into play!

Generally speaking, there are two indications for good grip on goalkeeper gloves. First, a softer palm delivers a better grip. Thus, you want me smoothest palm available. Secondly, thicker palms provide more cushioning. However, cushioning stands in between your hand and the ball. As a result, thick cushioning may not be ideal when it comes to grip. A thin palm design allows for a really tight grip.

As discussed earlier, price is not everything. But, inexpensive gloves may not deliver the same type of grip as expensive gloves. Brand names such as Nike spend more on their grip material and technology. So it may be worth a few extra dollars going by Nike goalkeeper gloves. Do not abandon your budget though.


The Goalkeeper Glove Cut

The goalkeeper gloves cut is more important than almost any feature on a goalkeeper glove. Why? Because goalkeepers are all different and want to get a different type of cut. Each cut delivers a different type of feel and performance during each and every soccer team.


Flat Cut

The flat cut palm is the most popular cut amongst young goalkeepers. For professional goalkeepers the flat cut palm is the go-to type of cut. Simply put, the stitched gussets are on the outside and not be inside. Also, there is one single piece of latex put into the back of the glove. Then, gussets are put in between the palm and the fingers. A gusset delivers extra strength for more durability. Again, this is ideal for beginners that one a professional kind of glove.


Negative Cut

The negative cut is best for slim hands, so it is ideal for youth players and women. Like the flat cut, there is a single piece of latex in the back can. Unlike the flat cut, the gussets are inside of the glove and not outside of the glove. Thus, the negative cut glove creates a snug fit that is tight. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for durability. Remember this while you search for the best goalkeeper gloves available.


Gunn Cut/Rolled Out Finger Cut

The gun cut has seems on the back of the finger that roll forward. As a result, goalkeepers enjoy a tight fit and a much larger contact area. Basically, the contact area is responsible for contacting and catching up with the ball. A bigger contact area makes a goalkeepers job much easier during intense games. The late rolled design around the fingers delivers latex grip on the ball. Now, this is glove is super comfortable but it is also very bulky. So some goalkeepers may not like the heavy and cumbersome design!


Hybrid Cut

The hybrid cut speakers for itself. Like hybrid vehicles, hybrid goalkeeper gloves combine the best features of all other goalkeeper gloves. As a result, it is the most versatile type of glove. Furthermore, some goalkeepers view this glove design as the best overall. Unfortunately, defining a hybrid vehicle with a certain type of features is impossible. Hybrid gloves can combine any of the features together which always produces a different kind of glove! Be sure to thoroughly inspect a hybrid goalkeeper glove before purchase!


Size & Age

Are you worried about the size of the goalkeeper gloves? Do not worry. Finding the right size goalkeeper gloves is easier than you think. Here is what you need: a tape measure, the goalie’s hands, and a piece of paper. Start with the goalie’s hand. Measure the circumference of the widest part and write down the measurement and inches. Exclude the thumb from this measurement.

Take the measurements and round up to the closest whole inch. No, you are not done yet as mentioned earlier goalie gloves do not fit like other gloves. As a result, you should add an inch to the measurement. This is the soccer goalie gloves size for your hand or for your children’s hand. Use this number to going fine the best goalkeeper gloves in the right size.


Indoor Soccer & Outdoor Soccer

The outside looking in, there seems to be no difference between indoor soccer and outdoor soccer. However, goalie gloves tell a different story. First and foremost indoor soccer fields are much smaller than outdoor soccer fields. As a result, indoor soccer features more shots on net. More shots on net means more wear and tear on goalie gloves. So indoor soccer and outdoor soccer are very different when it comes to the durability of soccer goalie gloves.


It is wise to buy a pair of gloves for indoor soccer and to wear them for the first couple of games. Buy another pair once the gloves begin to wear and keep them both. Use the older pair for your practice sessions. That way, you do not wear out your game gloves. Plus, it is advantageous to have two pairs of gloves on hand at all times.


Brand Name

Brand name mean something different to everyone. Certain customers fall in love with the brand name. Other customers could care less. But, brand names are significant when it comes to sports products. Especially when there are goalkeeper gloves available from manufacturers such as Nike and Adidas. As a result, customers are wise to watch out for big brand-name products.


In particular, brand name sports gear is important to young athletes. Luckily, there our goalie gloves from Nike and Adidas available at a very fair price. That way, parents do not empty out their wallets for their children’s sports gear. Instead, you save money and make your kid happy all at once!



Last and potentially least, good looking goalie gloves are a great buy. After all, goalie gloves can provide a signature appearance. A certain color may stand out better than others. Furthermore, a certain color matches your personality more than another. Do not hesitate to buy goalkeeper gloves in your favorite color. Also, we encourage customers to look for some flair in their gloves. Might as well make a statement!

No one cares more about style than children. The younger the kid, the more they care about style. Especially when it comes to their sports equipment. As a result, parents should focus on walking a tight line. Get high-quality gloves that perform well and look good. Yes, this is easier said than done. But, it puts a smile on your kid’s face. What is better than that. Buy them some of the best goalkeeper gloves today!


Best Goalkeeper Gloves Reviews & Ratings

Soccer goalkeepers need gloves unlike any other sports position. Hockey goalies have gloves but they are nowhere near the same. Soccer goalkeeper gloves must perform at a high level while providing flexibility, a wide range of natural movement, and a premier grip. As a result, you need the best goalkeeper gloves available. Especially if you are shopping for a youth goalkeeper. After all, you do not want them to play poorly because of a defunct product. Read through each product recommendation below!


Adidas Soccer Classic Fingersave Goalie Gloves

The Adidas brand is arguably one of the most popular sports brands on the planet. While some shoppers may know them for shoes, Adidas create some of the best goalkeeper gloves on the planet. Due to this, we highly recommend their Adidas soccer Classic Fingersave goalie gloves. As a matter of fact, this design is so popular, that it has survived since the 1990s. Best of all it delivers high-quality performance in a sleek package.

The cushion palm nova 3.5 Mm latex offers four Mm cushioning. As a result, goalkeepers utilize height and grip and stay comfortable at all times. After all, sometimes goalkeepers spend a lot of time in that just standing there waiting for the plate to come to them. The negative cut is popular amongst goalkeepers and performers at the highest level possible.

Now, the real standout star here is the durable latex palm. This pome design delivers premier shot stopping capabilities. Meanwhile, the excellent grip clings to the ball in all types of different conditions. So this is definitely one of the best soccer goalkeeper gloves for outdoor games. Weather can change at any given moment and it is best to be prepared for all types of different weather!



  • Adidas Brand Name
  • Sleek All-White Design
  • Heritage Details
  • Customizable Support Fingersave Spines
  • Cushioned Latex Design



  • Expensive


NIKE Adult GK Grip 3 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Nike is another one of the biggest sports brands on the planet. Specifically, Nike is known for making high-quality sneakers and sports gear. So it is no surprise that Nike has one of the best goalkeeper gloves available. The Nike Adult GK Grip 3 goalkeeper gloves are not made for children. Instead, this design is best for serious adults that play in intense soccer games. Get the best bang for your buck on soccer goalkeeper gloves today.

Unlike other goalkeeper gloves, this glove features a ventilated mesh design. As a result, air flows in and out of this glove for some great breathability. That way, you do not overheat and the gloves do not slip off because of your sweat. Stay cool, calm, and collected during even the craziest soccer games. This is perfect for outdoor conditions where the temperature is not controlled through heat and air conditioning.

4 Mm contact foam is built into the hands. As a result, it soaks up the impact of stopping a shoot. All the while, grip three technology creates the best grip possible for superior ball control. Catch the ball and hold it tight, the ball will not slip out of your hands. Best of all, the wraparound wristband allows an adjustable fit. Tighten up the glove or loosen it up until it feels perfect!



  • Nike Brand Name
  • Ventilated Mesh Design
  • 4 mm Contact Foam
  • Grip 3 Technology



  • Expensive


Renegade GK Vulcan Goalie Gloves with Pro-Tek Fingersaves

Never heard of the Renegade GK name? You are in store for a real treat. First and foremost, their Vulcan Goalie Gloves are available in a number of different cut designs. Choose from a flat cut, roll cut, and hybrid cut. Customers are bound to find something that is perfect for them or their kid. All the while, a stylish design helps kids stand out amongst other soccer players on the field.

A 30 day hassle free return period is a great feature. After all, you never know how gloves react to active soccer games. Ease your mind with a great warranty on some of the best goalkeeper gloves. All the while, the German latex palm is a huge upgrade given the price tag. Enjoy a premier grip out on the field and more money in your bank account all at once.

Finally, the real start here is the fingersave technology. Most fingersaves roll backwards. This fingersave design does not and instead aims to be flexible moving forward. Furthermore, remove the fingersaves whenever necessary. All the while, 3 mm latex protects hands from stiff shots that cause impact shock. But, the best part is the super inexpensive price tag. Look no further if you value a bargain over anything else!



  • Nice Design
  • Premier Fingersave Technology
  • Latex Palm Protection
  • 180-Degree Thumb Wrap
  • Affordable Price Tag



  • Durability Issues


Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves

Again, a non-brand name product makes it into the top five best goalkeeper gloves available. Thus, customers do not need to shell out all their money on a premier sports brand pair of gloves. Instead, enjoyed premier grip and high-quality control when handling the soccer ball in the Blok-IT goalkeeper gloves. Plus, the design is not too shabby looking considering it is a non-brand name product!

Protect and support your hands by reducing the chance of injury. This pair of goalkeeper gloves provides comfort, grip, durability, and reliability all-in-one package. Best of all, this is one of the least expensive goalkeeper gloves on the market. Who says you have to shell out all your money for a pair of high-quality gloves? No one! Save yourself money and get the best performance all at once.

The breathable design draws sweat away from the skin. All the while, you enjoy an adjustable fit for though right feeling during soccer games. An adjustable quick released wrist lets you make changes on the go. That way, you get the best grip in the best ability, no matter what. Go out and dominate your next soccer game in a pair of the best goalkeeper gloves available.



  • Breathable Design
  • Removes Sweat From The Skin
  • Adjustable Quick Release Wrist



  • Non-Brand Name Product


Youth & Adult Goalkeeper Gloves

Now, the Youth and Adult goalkeeper gloves are some of the cheapest gloves on the market. However, this pair of goalkeeper gloves does not sacrifice quality for the lower-priced tag. Instead, this glove boasts a very sleek and stylish design. Plus, you pick from a number of different color combinations that stick him some of the more basic colors like red blue and black. Youth & Adult is not a brand-name, but their goalkeeper gloves deliver a brand-name type of style!

This pair of goalkeeper gloves features anti-slip and wear-resistant latex palms. As a result, you enjoy some serious grip and control. Sometimes, you may have to play outdoors in wet and rainy conditions. Well, this grip keeps the all firm in your hands without any drops or problems. Thus, you perform at the highest level possible and deliver a win to your team.

The double-designed wristband is the key feature in this pair of gloves. As a matter of fact, it is why we recommend the Youth & Adult gloves as some of the best goalkeeper gloves. Basically, this wristband area is made from close-fitting velcro bandage material and there is a stretch-strap. That way, you reduce the chances of a sprained wrist. Keep yourself safe and perform well in goal with a great pair of gloves.



  • EVA Material For Durability
  • Reduces Risk f Sprained Wrist
  • Double-Designed Wristband
  • Anti-Slip & Wear-Resistant Latex Palms



  • Potential Size Issues


Adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Junior Goalie Gloves

Another one of the best goalkeeper gloves is made by Adidas. The Adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Junior goalie gloves are some of the best youth goalkeeper gloves. First, the design is simple but incredibly stylish. All the while, pick from a number of different color combinations. Choice allows the best pick for your child soccer player.

Extra cushioning is great during the impact of stopping a shot. The padded palm design is best for younger players that are just starting out. Beginner goalies, rejoice! The Fingersave technology is also great. It resists being pushed backwards for the best possible ball deflection. That way, your gloves do not wilt away under pressure. Do not let gloves stand in the way of your kid’s goalie abilities.

Finally, the all-all-around great grip is really useful. Best of all, this glove is built for all types of different weather. Meanwhile, it boasts an elastic bandage right around your wrist. Avoid a wrist pain situation that can come about from improper protection. After all, some of those soccer shots are pretty hard. Enjoy premier protection, performance, and style in a well-priced pair of goalkeeper gloves!



  • Adidas Brand Name
  • Nice Price
  • Fingersave Technology
  • Great Grip & Performance
  • Padded Palm Protection



  • Potential Durability Issues


Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves

The Brine King Match 3X goalie gloves are not just some of the best goalkeeper gloves available. Instead, this pair of gloves is arguably the most protective pair of goalkeeper gloves. The 3 mm German latex foam palm is complemented by a 2 mm backer. As a result, you protect your hands from the shot impact of a stopped bowl. Meanwhile, the gloves fit well and are super comfortable!

This is glove features a breathable mesh design and finger gussets. Thus, the Brine King 3x goalie gloves are more than just comfortable. Gussets ensure the stitching is durable and built to last. After all, no one wants their soccer gloves to fall apart after one week of play. As a result, the backhand features EVA material for a really long lifespan!

An elasticized wrist cuff provides serious wrist support. All the while, Backbone protection prevents hyperextension. Why is this important? Hyperextension is often the source of a wrist sprain. Wrist sprains are unfortunately common amongst goalkeepers. Therefore, you need some protection for your wrists from this pair of goalkeeper gloves.



  • German Latex Foam Palm
  • EVA Backhand Durability
  • Breathable Mesh Design
  • Wrapped Thumb
  • Backbone Protection Prevents Hyperextension



  • Possible Durability Issues
  • Size Problems


Adidas Performance ACE Replique Goalie Gloves

Basically, this pair of Adidas goalkeeper gloves are the adult version of our aforementioned Adidas Performance ACE goalkeeper gloves. As a result, even adults can utilize some great Adidas gloves. The high-quality cushioning delivers impact protection. Best of all, this pair of gloves is made for all skill levels. Experienced soccer players and newcomers alike can enjoy some of the best goalkeeper gloves available.

A soft grip pro smooth latex palm does more than deliver a great grip. Instead, it is built to withstand all types of weather. As a result, we recommend this pair of gloves for all outdoor soccer games. Plus, the positive cut design is super comfortable and fits well on your hands. Nothing is more important than the fit of your gloves. An improper fit guarantees the gloves fall of time after time!

Lastly, these goalkeeper gloves are popular because they simply boast the Adidas name. Yes, this may seem funny to some. But, as mentioned earlier many customers care about brand name products. Especially when it comes to sports gear. Look no further if you value style and performance!



  • Adidas Brand Name
  • Sleek Design
  • Wonderful Price Tag
  • Soft Grip Pro Smooth Latex Palm



  • Possible Sizing Issues


Reusch Soccer Prisma SG Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch may not boast the brand name of Adidas or Nike. However, Reusch is a very popular brand among soccer players. Especially professional European football players. The high-quality foam is built with a special SG song grip foam. This foam combines together synthetic latex and natural latex for a unique design. Keep in mind, this particular foam is super hard to come by.

The backhand of this glove features embossed foam. As a result, each breakpoint features more flexibility than usual. Move freely and block every single shot sent your way. All the while, use a full strap wrist design with a bandage closure for serious support. This support prevents a potential wrist sprain injury which is quite frequent amounts goalkeepers.

Flexible finger protectors are the key feature in this pair of the best goalkeeper gloves. Why? Because fast soccer balls can really hurt fingers. In some cases, it can jam or seriously sprain a finger. As a result, you need to get some serious protection for your fingers. No one wants to get hurt playing soccer!



  • Great Color Combination
  • Finger Protection
  • Natural & Synthetic Latex Mixture
  • Embossed Foam Backhand Design



  • Expensive Price Tag


Adidas World Cup Predator PRO

Last but not least, the final goalkeeper glove comes from Adidas. What a surprise. A flexible backhand is at the forefront of this glove. The revolution knit backhand construction delivers on a number of different features. This includes comfortability, performance, a good fit, and flexibility. That way, you move your fingers and hands freely!

A close-fitting bandage wraps tightly around the wrist. As a result, this glove balances out a snug fit with a comforting fit. Remember, this glove features a negative cut design. So this is a popular cut for many soccer goalkeepers. We highly recommend customers seek out this Adidas World Cup Predator PRO for great goalkeeper performance.

Now, the star feature here is the grippy palm. This palm features an EVO Zone Tech has two types of foam. One foam delivers a really firm grip on the ball. The second foam aims to provide shock absorption. That way, stopping a ball does not inflict pain onto your palm. Look no further if you want one of the best goalkeeper gloves available.



  • Adidas Brand Name
  • Reinforced Backhand
  • EVO Zone Tech
  • Flexible & Snug Fit



  • Possible Durability Issues


Conclusion & Final Goalkeeper Glove Recommendations

A good pair of goalkeeper gloves separates a good goalie performance from a bad goalie performance. As a result, it is important you find the right pair gloves. Especially if you are buying for a young goaltender. One bad goalie performance can stifle their confidence and turn them away from soccer. Spare no expense when it comes to your kid’s soccer gear.

Every customer has different preferences and every customer has a different budget. Some customers want the best product overall and nothing else. Other customers want to find the best value for their hard earned cash. In some cases, customers spend a premium price for a premium product. Luckily enough, we have specific recommendations for everyone. Read our recommendations below and then go find one of the best goalkeeper gloves today.


Best Goalkeeper Gloves Overall: Adidas Soccer Classic Fingersave Goalie Gloves


The Adidas Soccer Classic Fingersave goalie gloves are the best gloves for soccer goalies overall. Look no further if you want the best quality and the best performance possible. All the while, these gloves boast the Adidas brand-name. Plus, this pair of gloves is also very good-looking. The vintage Adidas goalkeeper glove design is bound to stand out on the soccer field.


Best Goalkeeper Gloves at a Premium Price: Adidas World Cup 2018 Predator PRO


The Adidas World Cup 2018 Predator Pro gloves come at a hefty price. However, they’re worth every single penny. The white and neon yellow/red design is eye-catching. Meanwhile, this pair of gloves performs at the highest level possible. The EVO Zone Tech foam is built for shock absorption and grip. Plus, the flexible backhand design is super comfortable.


Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Value: Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves


Bargain hunters, you are in luck. The Blok-IT goalkeeper gloves deliver tremendous grip, a great fit, and hand protection. Best of all, you spend the least amount of money possible on this list. Not all inexpensive products deliver high-quality performance. But, this pair of goalkeeper gloves certainly do!


Frequently Asked Questions About Goalie Gloves

How Can I Extend The Life Of My Goalkeeper Gloves?

The best way to maintain goalkeeper gloves is through constant maintenance and simple washing. Basically, wash the gloves in warm water that is 86-degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to let the gloves dry naturally. But, do not dry the gloves out in direct sunlight. You do not want to latex to get bro and dry out. This will make the grits durability lesser than before.


How Important Is Finger Protection?

Finger protection is a big deal. However, this is not necessarily protection against injury. Instead, finger protection comes in the form of fingersaves. Simply put, figure saves prevent the fingers from bending backwards. As a result, goalkeepers can extend their hands flat and block shots. A powerful shot will not bend your fingers backwards and go into to the goal.


How Can I Get The Right Sized Goalkeeper Gloves?

First, Measure the circumference of the widest part of the palm. Make sure you do not include your phone. Take the measurements and write it down a piece of paper. Round up the number to the next highest inch and then add another inch to the measurement. As mentioned earlier, goalie glove should not fit snug like winter gloves.


What Is The Most Important Part Of My Goalkeeper Gloves?

This all depends on the preference. However, we believe the most important part is the wrist closure area. Why? Because a good wrist closure prevents hyperextension and wrists sprains. Unfortunately, this is a common injury among goalies. Therefore, the best goalkeeper gloves will feature some sort of protection.


Why Is It Best To Own Two Pairs Of Gloves?

As mentioned earlier, two gloves provides versatility and options. Furthermore, it allows you to use different gloves in different situations. Brand name gloves can wear out quickly. Certainly during indoor soccer games or even practice. Thus, one pair of gloves is for practice and the other is for games. That way, you show off the best looking pair during a game. Make a flashy save and impress the crowd with some of the best goalkeeper gloves.


Are There Goalkeeper Gloves Made Special For Indoor Soccer and Outdoor Soccer?

No. Soccer goalie gloves are usable in both conditions. There are no real rules or regulations around it. The only difference here is the style and pace of play. Outdoor fields are much larger than indoor fields. All the while, indoor soccer features more shots on net. Thus, goalies must do more during an indoor soccer game. This is not good for your gloves. So indoor soccer wears out gloves quicker than outdoor soccer.

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