8 Best Golf Chipping & Driving Nets of 2020: Outdoor & Indoor Options

No matter what the shot type is, golf is a tough game.  You can go from feeling like a heroic professional one minute to feeling like Jean Van de Velde the next.  It’s so difficult to get your routine and your motion just right, and that’s where practice comes in.  One of the harder shots to master is the chip.  It looks simple, but it’s anything but that.  Today, we will be looking at a tool that will help you, in conjunction with practice, get better at this much harder-than-it-looks art.  The art of chipping is tough, no doubt, but with our buying guide to aid you, you will be up and running, cutting strokes off your score card in only a matter of time.  We’ll also be reviewing the most popular nets currently available later on.  So, let’s get to it!

Top Golf Chipping Nets Comparison Chart

NameNo. of Targets
to Hit
Pop-Up Net?PriceWhere to Buy?
JEF World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net3Yes$$Check Price on Amazon
Resolute Sports Pop Up Chipping Net3Yes$Check Price on Amazon
Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net3Yes$$$Check Price on Amazon
GoSports Chipster 3 Pieces Target System3$Check Price on Amazon
Rukket 3 Piece Golf Bundle3$$$$Check Price on Amazon

Golf Chipping Nets Buying Guide

Why A Chipping Net?

You might ask why just any net won’t work, and that’s a very understandable question to have.  A chipping net is, as the name states, best served to help you chip better.  There are all kinds of nets to use with golf, with the driving net being the most popular for many, but a good chipping net will be doing more for you than simply allowing you to slam the ball into the net.  While this is valuable and can help you improve your range and accuracy off the tee, it’s also crucial that you work on your accuracy when you just miss the green.  These types of shots can be mastered, and you can sink them if you get the knack of it quickly.  A chipping net has some sort of target for you to hit.  It’s got a large target and then it has a smaller one.  Of course, you want to knock it in as close as you can to the hole, so the smaller target is what you’d prefer to hit.  But even if you don’t knock the shot down, whether it’s a roller or popped into the air slightly, you still want to be working on getting it as close as possible.  This will allow you to have shorter putts, decreasing the chances of you missing them.  This is why a chipping net, and not just some net that will stop your balls, is so important and crucial for the golfer that is very serious about picking up their game.

Something else that has to be mentioned here is that a chipping net is ideal for those of us that don’t have access to a golf course all of the time.  If you are close to a course, or if you are able to get to one after/before work and work with a pro or even with yourself, it’s not that big of a deal to go work on your short game.  But if you are a player that isn’t close to one, or you have too many responsibilities and still want to practice and improve, then the addition of a chipping net is just what you need to take a look at.  This will help you pick up the pace just a little bit compared to others that are only able to work on their drives and long irons.

Indoor or Outdoor

There aren’t very many differences between indoor and outdoor nets, but it is important that you pick the one that suits you best.  If you are lacking room inside, the choice is going to naturally be to go with an outdoor net.  This type of net is usually larger than the indoor ones are, since you don’t have to deal with size limitations.  They also can be a little bit more sturdy as well, since there are going to be winds affecting it when you are outside.  This does not mean that indoor nets are flimsy, by any means, it just means that they are not going to be quite as helpful when the wind picks up.  Indoor nets are a great option if you live in a cold, rainy environment.  This will let you get a lot of work done inside, and since chip shots aren’t hit with a ton of velocity, you can do it without risking breaking your things.  These nets are smaller than their outdoor counterparts usually, but that doesn’t make them a poor choice.  If you are a pinch, you can use either indoor or outdoor nets wherever, but just know that they might not be the best fit for you.  Regarding the durability of the net, there isn’t a ton of stuff to differentiate the two, really.  Yes, there will be some outdoor nets that claim to have weatherproofing capabilities, but this is still not the end-all in my book.  If you are serious about your game and taking care of your stuff, that won’t matter since you won’t be allowing your net to sit outside in the elements.  No matter what the net is made out of, or how strong it is, it’s going to have some very big problems if you continually leave it outside in the elements.  So, just out of common sense, you should refrain from leaving one outside, even if you get one that has more protection than others might offer.  They aren’t even that heavy, so it’s not a big deal to just take them up, collapse them, and store them away somewhere!  This will make them last much, much longer and will let you get so much better on the course as a result of it.


The style, or type, of chipping net is going to be determined by what you are looking for.  If you are a seasoned pro, or just a very good amateur player, you’re going to most likely want to select something that is very specific to you.  You won’t want a net that has a ton of versatility, since you will be wanting it in order to practice chipping alone.  So, no matter if you’re already a brilliant chipper like Phil Mickelson or someone that could pick up a stroke or two each round, you can get a lot from a specific one for just chipping.  With that said, there are all kinds of shapes and designs for a chipping net.  Some will just have a net behind.  Others will have targets inside.  Some will have multiple target areas for you to hit, increasing your ability to practice hitting your chips at different areas.

If you are someone that is newer to the game, limited on space, or just wanting something versatile, then you would be wise to look for a general golf net.  A good all-around net is going to allow you to practice your drives, your chips, and other shot types as well.  A lot of chipping nets are not going to be able to withstand consistent drives over and over again, so you should be aware of this.  If you’ve only got room, or the budget for one net, then it’d be smart to go with one that will let you do more than just chipping.  This type has many designs, shapes, and colors, too, so you can still tailor your experience to what it is that you need.


This part of the equation is always going to be important, whether it’s golf, tennis, or tiddlywinks that you are playing.  No one wants to buy something only for it to tear up later and leave you with a stack of garbage.  Generally speaking, the more you pay, the more durability you will get from your net.  This is unfortunate for many, but it’s just a fact of life. Now, there are cases where certain brand names charge more and you don’t get a whole lot more than some other brands might provide, so deals can be found if you look hard enough.  Durability also relates to how well the product is holding up in the wind and possibly rain.  We’ve talked about not leaving it outside when you aren’t playing, but this is still a role.  Durability also is going to be determined by how you use it.  If you are rough with it, and use it in the wrong way, you will see the product have a shorter shelf life.  If you use it properly, such as not hitting drives into a chip-only net, and you put it up when you need to, then it will last longer than one that is just tossed around.


This relates to where you will be putting it and what you are going to be using it for, but the size of a net is always going to be important.  You might feel that a larger net is best for you if you aren’t quite as good as you want to be.  But if you are a better golfer and want to be able to zero in even more, then a tiny net will suffice you.  It will make you hit the net consistently, trimming numbers off the card as you go along.  One thing to remember with the added size will be a lack of being able to carry it.  But we will talk about that more below.


If you are unable to carry your net anywhere, you’re going to have a lot of frustrating times, so this is another massive factor that you have to consider.  If you are going to be practicing inside, this is not a big deal.  You just put it up and leave it, in most cases, so that’s not a worry.  But if you are outside, or if you are teaching or traveling to multiple places, then you will need something that is easy to carry.  Being easy to carry also means that it’s light.  If you can fold your net but find it too heavy, then it’s going to be an obstacle to you or someone else using it.  A bigger net looks great, and it will catch more balls, but just know that it will be a much bigger pain to deal with when trying to lug it around from one place to the next.  Also, you will have to think about where you are going to store it.  Some golfers would like to be able to take their net with them to the practice range before they tee off, and if this is the case, you might not have time to run it back to the car.  So, that means you will need to be able to put it in your bag.  It might not be the most important factor of them all, but having something portable is still well worth your time and effort to acquire.

The Net Itself

So far, we have talked about the net as the whole thing, but here is where we talk about the actual net itself.  The strength of it is very important, particularly if you are planning on using it for more than just normal chipping.  If a net is made just for chipping, then it’s not going to sustain a drive time and time again.  Another aspect you have to look out for is the tightness of the net.  If the net is too tight, then it could tear easily.  It also could rebound too hard and come back and hit you.  A loose net isn’t good, either, since balls can get through it.  The best nets are one that have multiple layers of netting to them.  This way you have some protection just in case some of the netting rots or breaks.  UV exposure is another thing worth mentioning.  If you’re going to be playing outside, the net needs to be able to withstand the sun, and some do a better job than others.  This is also another way that outdoor and indoor nets differ from one another.


If you are unable to assemble your net, then you won’t be finding a whole lot of joy from it.  So, that makes setup an essential part of the equation as well.  If it takes too long or it’s too hard to do, no one will want to fool with it.  That’s also the case with taking it down.  Some items out there are easy to set up but once you take them down, there are major issues to be had.  That’s something you want to avoid at all costs.  If you want something that is super easy to take down, put up, and to move, then a pop-up net is ideal.  This type is very small but it’s good for portability because of it.  Non pop up nets are good, too, but they aren’t naturally as easy to move around.  They do offer more surface area, though, so it’s a trade off.

Reviewing The Top 4 Golf Chipping Nets of 2019!

  1. JEF World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

Kicking off the list is a chair like design from JEF. This is a pop-up net, but it looks like a chair, making it collapse easily so that you can carry it anywhere and everywhere. On top of that, it’s got two sizes to pick from and is made out of strong Nylon netting to keep the net going for a long time. The basket design is nice and has a few different places for you to hit in order to improve your accuracy.  You can hit inside the yellow, or go for the extreme great shot and make into the white netting.  It’s also pretty affordable for all the use you will be able to get out of it, so that is a bonus for sure.  It’s not going to be good at all for anything other than chipping, so this is not the choice for versatility.  It’s already assembled out of the box, so there will be no fuss with that!  Another negative is that the net is a little loose.


  • Good price
  • Three zones to hit
  • Very easy to setup


  • Netting is loose
  • Not for anything but chipping
  1. Resolute Sports Pop Up Chipping Net

While this offering from Resolute is in the same vein as the last one in regards to chipping, it is a totally different design. Instead of a basket, this one is a stand that collapses from the back. It has three holes in it, which are quite small, each on top of each other, and then has the larger netting to the sides of it.  This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use since it is so small and easy to carry.  It’s also not going to require you to do any assembly on it, either, so you will be ready to go right away with it.  They also offer your money back if you don’t like it (within 30 days), so that’s a big plus that you have to look at.  On top of that, it’s a very low price, which makes it even more attractive to newbies looking to sharpen up their game.  It is cheaper, so the materials aren’t heavy duty, but it’s still quite a good net for the money.


  • Easy to setup
  • Very low price
  • Three holes to hit into


  • Materials aren’t very sturdy
  • Not made for driving or irons
  1. Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

If you are looking for a net that has all the fixings, then this is the one for you. Also including a mat, this net from Rukket is going to let you work on your game both in and outdoors. The mat is a bonus, and you have to pay a bit extra for it, but it has both rough and a green, so it’s a nice little thought for someone that wants a bit extra.  Much like the Resolute, it collapses and has three holes to it.  The holes are a bit bigger, though, so there is that for you.  Like the other two we have seen, it’s not going to be great for driving or using irons on, but it is more heavy duty than others in this genre since the cost is a bit higher.  It has fiberglass supports on the back, which helps explain why that is the case.  Some users have said that it works far better with foam practice balls that normal ones, so that’s something to keep in mind.


  • More than just a net
  • Rough and green practice
  • Very easy to use and supportive


  • Better with practice balls than regular ones
  1. GoSports Chipster 3 Pieces Target System

This net system is different from the others so far because it is three nets rather than one. Instead of having them built in on one net, they have three different sizes. This means you can set them up all over and practice going from one to the next or that you can progress your way from the smallest to the biggest as you get better. They are all super easy to setup, with all of them being pop up nets, and they will work well with real balls or the indoor foam ones.  Because they are so small, they are easy to move around and will work wonders both inside and outside.  And considering that you are getting three, you will be getting a good price, too, a real bonus for sure.  It’s great for a little bit of fun with others or just yourself, but it’s not going to be the most sturdy choice or the biggest target you can find!


  • Good price for three
  • Can work on various angles and chip types
  • Very easy to set up and carry


  • Not a big target like most
  • Not the most sturdy

Honorable Mention:

Rukket 3 Piece Golf Bundle

If you are looking for something that will serve multiple needs, then this choice from Rukket could be just what you need.  This bundle includes a net for driving and/or chipping, as it’s quite large and can support continuous hits time and time again.  It also comes with the surface to hit off of and is super easy to setup, taking just a couple of minutes to do so.  It’s far more expensive than the others on the list, but in the grand scheme of things it’s quite cheap considering all that you get.

Conclusion And Final Golf Chipping Nets Recommendations

Finding the right chipping net to improve your golf game can be a confounding experience.  You might be looking for one only to encounter a myriad of options that only serve to confuse you online.  With so many choices, it’d be easy to throw in the towel and give it up.  But after today, you’ll have no such worries. You’ll much better understand the ins and outs of chipping nets and you will be better informed to make the best decision for you thanks to our reviews.  If you have any other questions, look below at the FAQ’s!

FAQ’s About Golf Chipping Nets

Is Chipping That Important of a Skill?

Yes, chipping is a vital skill for any golfer.  If you want to be as successful as you can be, then you will have to learn how to chip well.  Many people feel that it’s not a big deal since you only have a couple of chips per round.  Compared to driving and putting, it does occur less, for sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important.  If you can’t get the ball up close to the hole, then you might as well just take the driver and throw it in the creek because it won’t do you any good.  You’ve got to practice it all and be good at all of it to be at your very best.  It’s called drive, chip, and putt.  Not just drive and not just drive and putt!

Will A Net Improve My Game?

With enough practice and time put in, a net will help you out tremendously.  It might not be the thing that magically turns you into Tiger Woods over night, but it can get you a long way.  It’s also a good way to make sure you don’t lose your golf balls and have to go hunt them down over and over again.  It’s the little things that will make both your game and your life better and easier, and a net can do just that.  Just keep in mind that it’s not a magic wand that will just suddenly produce fruits.

What Else Might I Need/Want?

If you are practicing inside or you don’t want to tear up your grass outside, then it will be essential to have a chipping mat to go along with your net.  The mat will mirror that of artificial grass, making it a better, less destructive process.  You also, of course, will need a wedge or similar club to practice with.  A practice tool, such as one that teaches you to keep on an even plane is also a good idea for the more experienced and serious golfer.  There’s a ton of options, and these are just a few thoughts for you.

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