15 Best Golf Club Grips 2020: Options for Driving & Putting

When was the last time you regripped your golf clubs? The truth is, golfers who play often need their clubs regripped on a regular basis, and not everybody considers it a priority. At the very foundation of the golf swing is your hand placement and grip. It makes sense that making sure you have a good quality and comfortable grip on your club is a top priority. Regripping your clubs requires a lot of research and introspection into your own playing style, hand size, and swing speed. There are many different types of grips available; let us guide you through what is offered on the market today and which grips may be best for your clubs and your putter.

Top Golf Club Grips Comparison Chart

NameTypeSizePriceWhere to Buy?
Golf Pride MMC Plus4 AlignCordMidsize & standard$Check Price on Amazon
Winn DriTac WrapNon-cordStandard, 8", 16"$Check Price on Amazon
Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGNCordMidsize$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2GNon-cordStandard$$$Check Price on Amazon
Lamkin SonarCordMidsize $$$$Check Price on Amazon
Winn DriTacNon-cordMidsize $Check Price on Amazon
Lamkin CrosslingCordAll sizes$Check Price on Amazon
Champkey MCSCord Midsize$$Check Price on Amazon
Karma VelourNon-cordAll sizes$Check Price on Amazon
Ping ID 8Cord Standard $Check Price on Amazon
SuperstrokePutterMidsize $$Check Price on Amazon
Golf Pride Tour SNSR ContourPutterOversize$$Check Price on Amazon
Lamkin Sink Fit SquaredPutter13" $Check Price on Amazon
Winn NTP PistolPutterMidsize $Check Price on Amazon
Odyssey White Hot Putter GripPutterStandard $Check Price on Amazon

Golf Club Grips Buying Guide

Types of grips

If you are an avid golfer, you may know that a softer hand grip on your clubs is better for your game. The softer you hold the club (“Like a baby bird”, most professionals recommend), the easier your swing will be, limiting overswinging and giving you more control.

Buying a grip is measured in a similar way. Grips can be either firm or soft. Most firm grips will be harder to the touch, textured, and they will feel lighter on the club. A soft grip, however, will have some give when pressed on, and they tend to have a tacky or a sticky feel. Firm grips are generally favored by tour professionals; their thin, firm feel on the club gives the player ultimate feel and torsion control. This means that the player is more easily able to manipulate the swing using their own hand placement and movements. On the other side, most beginners prefer a soft grip. A soft grip allows you to hold the club more firmly. They are also a lot more comfortable, but be warned: a softer grip usually causes the player to lose control over their shots due to their tight grip on the thick material. 

Cord Grips fall under the “firm” golf grip category. They are created using a threading technique throughout a thin layer of rubber. Sometimes they create a “crossline” pattern. These kinds of grips are the most common among tour players as they give room for them to have much more control over their own hand placement, wrist movement, and swing speed.

Non-cord grips can be made from rubber, synthetic rubber, custom polymer blends, or more. Most of these are also called ‘wrap” grips, as they are created using a vertical wrapping process around the club. You may be familiar with a rubber wrap grip, since they are also very wisely used on tennis rackets. These are always going to be softer than your cord grips, so keep that in mind when shopping. They may “feel” better on your hands, but be sure to consider how that will affect your own tightness of grip in your hands while swinging the club.

Everyone has a different playing style, so be sure to try out as many options as you can to find yours. You’ll also want to consider how big your hands are when making choosing a grip size.


The size of your grip is extremely important. It ultimately defines your level of feel, which is integral to the golf swing. A standard golf grip will come in four different sizes: Undersized, Standard, Midsize, and Oversized. Depending on how large your hands are, these sizes will help guide you toward a grip that works for you. If your grip is too small, your hands may move too much on the club. If it is too large, you might find yourself searching for a proper level of feel, limiting the movement of your wrists and arms. Both cases will cause your shots to underdeliver, costing you strokes. If you aren’t sure of your size, you can get fitted for grips at most golf equipment stores or with a PGA professional. If you’d rather do this online, Lamkin has a golf grip sizer on their website that uses your hand measurement to determine your grip size.

Putter Grips and how they are different

Changing your putter grip can make the club feel completely new. Since the putter is arguably the club that requires the most feel, changing its grip often is one of the most important equipment upgrades you can make for your game. Putter grips are usually much softer than other club grips and they promote a lighter touch. They also have a slightly larger circumference; this lets the player have more surface area of their hands on the club, giving way to better feel and complete control over your putting stroke. A larger grip also limits wrist activity, something that a player does not want during most putts. In addition, a larger and softer grip will give the player much more consistency in their own hand placement. At the end of our grips recommendation list, we listed five of the best new putter grips so that you can have an idea of what you might be looking for.

Taking care of your grips

Like most of your golf equipment, grip maintenance is imperative to a longer life for them and better performance for you. One of the top things you can do to extend the life of your grips is to limit their exposure to the elements, especially rain and other types of moisture. Storing your clubs inside your home or garage is a good idea to limit their exposure to cold or hot temperatures. Inevitably, if you’re an avid player, you’ve been out playing golf in the rain before. If you’ve had your clubs out in the rain, the best way to protect your grips from deterioration or mold is to take them out after your round and dry them off one by one with a golf towel, then leaving them out to dry overnight in a large, dry place. Keeping damp golf clubs in your bag for long periods of time will promote mold growth and moisture absorption, which will only damage your grips. In addition to keeping the grips safe from extreme weather, it’s recommended that you clean your grips a few times a year to remove excess dirt and oils. Using a mild dish soap with warm water is a good way to do this; simply scrub the soapy water onto the grips using an abrasive material to get into all of the nooks and crannies, then make sure to dry them off well before using them again. Experts recommend regripping clubs once a year for avid players. Replacing your grips often ensures that you have the most control over your shots that you possibly can. Most sets of grips are very reasonably priced and getting new grips is much cheaper than replacing clubs.

Best Golf Grips in 2019 Reviews

1. Golf Pride MMC Plus4 Align

When it comes to golf club grips, Golf Pride is a top brand and the most widely used on tour. Their MMC Plus4 Align grip is an excellent option. This grip is unique because it includes two different kinds of material for the top and the bottom: the upper material is a firm cord grip for stability while the bottom is softer for better feel. With an extra-large diameter near the lower part of the grip, a light touch is encouraged, which in turn, produces a more powerful swing with the entire body. The ALIGN technology of this grip also aids in having consistent hand placement, making for a more square clubface at impact. This grip comes in two sizes: midsize and standard.

Best Features of the Golf Pride MMC Plus4 ALIGN:

  • Hybrid grip with firm cord grip on top as well as soft rubber on bottom
  • Extra large lower area for better feel
  • ALIGN technology for more accurate impact


  • Does not have small or jumbo sizing available

2. Winn DriTac Wrap

The DriTac Wrap Grip from Winn is a classic option for those looking for a no-nonsense and non-slip grip. Its wrap design feels super soft and comfortable in your hands, and Winn’s polymer design material is created to withstand all kinds of weather. This grip also has excellent shock absorption; this gives you more room for error and eliminates that terrible, stinging feeling you get in your hands when you hit a ball thin in the cold weather. These grips stay tacky, even when wet, providing the player with ultimate comfort and feel. The DriTacs come in three different colors: Grey, Dark Grey, and Copper. They also come in three different sizes for any player.

Best Features of the Winn DriTac Wrap Grip:

  • Soft and tacky
  • Able to withstand all weather conditions
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Comes in 3 different colors and sizes


  • Some may find that its thickness gets in the way of feel

3. Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN

Another ALIGN grip from Golf Pride, this rubber golf grip has all the right technology and features you’d want in a golf grip. With ALIGN, you have an accurate clubface advantage. The rubber material has been designed in such a pattern that pulls moisture away from the surface, allowing for less hand slippage. The Tour Velvet also has a “red ridge” design that extends along the grip in an upward slant, helping hand alignment and allowing for more grip consistency. According to Golf Pride’s website, the Tour Velvet is the #1 Grip Model played on all worldwide Tours.

Best Features of the Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN:

  • ALIGN technology for more accurate impact
  • Designed to stay dry
  • Red ridge design for more consistent hand placement


  • Does not have small or jumbo sizing available
  • Might be too firm for beginners

4. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

If you’re a fan of Golf Pride but you also want a wrap grip, the 2G is a great option. This soft and tacky wrap grip is made from a non-slip leather and rubber material, offering extra feel and cushion for your hands. Golf Pride advertises this material as “feeling like leather, but offering the durability and performance of soft rubber”. Luxurious! The 2G Wrap Grip comes in 4 different colors: Black, Red, Blue, and White. It is also available in all available sizing, from small to midsize to jumbo.

Best Features of the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G:

  • Durable yet soft tacky rubber material
  • Non-slip
  • Comes in different colors and all available sizes


  • Some may find that its thickness gets in the way of feel

5. Lamkin Sonar

The Lamkin Sonar is chock-full of technology to help make you swing more swiftly and improve your game. Lamkin has Fingerprint Technology micro-texture that provides a more secure grip as well as a hybrid compound material called “Genesis”, which provides that soft, tacky texture that many know and love. The reduced-taper shape of the grip lends itself to more consistent hand placement, offering you an easier swing for better results. This grip combines that firm, controllable feel with a soft and tacky material for exceptional comfort and consistency across a wide variety of golfers. In addition, the Sonar claims to be shock resistant and durable in all types of weather. The Sonar comes in midsize and undersize and come in one color: Blue/Black.

Best Features of the Lamkin Sonar:

  • Fingerprint Technology for secure grip
  • Genesis material technology provides tacky softness
  • Reduced taper of the grip allows for more consistent hand placement
  • Shock resistant
  • Weather resistant


  • Does not come in larger sizes
  • Only offered in one color

6. Winn DriTac

Another DriTac model from Winn, this grip offers a firm rubber feel as opposed to the thick and tacky wrap. The DriTac series is one of Winn’s most popular grips ever, and we can see why. Winn’s unique polymer material holds up in any type of weather and gives the player a mild but firm hold on the club. This room for personal hand pressure offers ultimate customization; this grip is widely accessible for all types of golfers. Winn describes itself as the “pioneer” of polymer golf grips. Try this one out to test if they’re right. The Winn DriTac comes in four colors: Black, Black/Blue, Navy, and Dark Grey. It is also available

Best Features of the Winn DriTac:

  • Moderately firm feel appropriate for all types of golfers
  • Non-slip
  • Designed to stay dry
  • Comes in different colors and all available sizes


  • Only available in midsize

7. Lamkin Crossling

Lamkin Crossling is an excellent option for those players wanting a firm grip with plenty of traction. With its distinctive crossline design, this grip will not only improve your game, but will be easily recognizable out on the course. The crosshair design is made to give your hands even more traction and security on the grip – no slippage happening here! The firm material of the grip also limits hand movement, giving you even more swing control. This best seller is perfect for more advanced golfers wanting to gain consistency in their game. The Lamkin Crossling is durable in all types of weather, including rain, and it comes in all available sizes. Another tip: if you have sweaty hands, this type of grip is best for you due to its many ridges and superior absorption.

Best Features of the Lamkin Crossling:

  • Crossling design produces friction for secure grip
  • Limits hand movement for more consistent shots
  • Weather resistant
  • Comes in all available sizes


  • Only offered in one color
  • Might be too firm for beginners

8. Champkey MCS

Just like Golf Pride’s MMC, the Champkey MCS grips are a hybrid grip. The top part is made up of cotton yard threaded through rubber to create an anti-slippage effect. The bottom is similar to the Golf Pride in that it has a larger diameter made out of softer rubber. With a thicker feel at the bottom, the grip encourages a lighter grip strength, offering more control and greater swing speed for most players. The Champkey MCS boasts an all-weather performance with this grip, giving you an excellent and more reasonably priced hybrid grip. This grip also comes in seven different colors!

Best Features of the Champkey MCS:

  • Hybrid grip with firm cord grip on top as well as soft rubber on bottom
  • Non-slip
  • Designed to withstand all weather conditions
  • Comes in seven different colors
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only available in midsize

9. Karma Velour

If you’re searching for something that has great value, look no further. Karma’s line of golf grips are easily the cheapest ones you’ll find, but don’t let the good price fool you. These grips can still stand up to their predecessors. They offer non-slip rubber grips in many different colors and each available size. They may not have the fancy technology of other brands, but for beginners, they are a great choice.

Best Features of the Karma Velour:

  • Non-slip rubber great for beginners
  • Comes in many different colors
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Offered in all available sizes


  • Not very advanced technology
  • Basic

10. Ping ID 8

Ping’s golf grip game is strong; the ID 8 is a multi-textured grip made to create a secure grip feel and to withstand different types of weather. The textured rubber may help a player feel more of a response from their shots, making this grip strong in the “feel” category. The ID 8 has a rounded design that is better suited for woods and drivers, but they will work on irons as well. There is only one size (midsize) for this grip, and it comes in black.

Best Features of the Ping ID 8:

  • Textured grip creates security in hand placement
  • Weather resistant
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only offered in one color
  • No advanced technology
  • Basic

Best Putter Grips of 2019 Reviews

1. Superstroke

The fat putter grips have taken over the tour over the past few years, gaining popularity with K.J. Choi originally and followed by stars such as Jordan Speith and Jason Dufner. The Superstroke Fatso is one of the favorites of the brand; its oversized grip is made up of tacky Polyurethane which offers superior comfort and encourages consistency during putts. It’s lightweight, non-slip, and feels secure in your hands. However, some may think that the oversize putter grip gives the putter less sense of control on the greens. The only way to find out if this putter is for you is to try it out yourself; one thing is for sure: it sure does feel comfortable. The Fatso comes in five different colors, but only one size.

Best Features of the Superstroke Fatso:

  • Soft, tacky polyurethane
  • Non-slip
  • Oversize grip encourages consistent putting stroke
  • Comes in five different colors


  • “Fat” putter grip might discourage a sense of feel or control

2. Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour

If you’re interested in the oversized putter grip, but still want a sense of “normalcy” consider the Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour. This grip is shaped like a typical iron grip, with a tapered shape, but it is definitely still oversized. Its “pistol” profile allows for more consistent hand placement over time. The soft SNSR rubber provides a comfortable grip pressure for more security as well. Golf Pride’s website claims that the Tour SNSR Contour is 40% softer than any other putter grip they current offer. If you love this grip, but you are still looking for a more oversized grip, Golf Pride also has a “straight” model, similar in look and feel to the Superstroke. The SNSR Contour comes only in one color: Red/Black.

Best Features of the Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour:

  • Soft SNSR rubber is 40% softer than other Golf Pride putter grips
  • Contour “pistol” shape provides structure for consistent hand placement
  • Familiar shape to other club grips, even though it’s oversized


  • “Fat” putter grip might discourage a sense of feel or control

3. Lamkin Sink Fit Squared

The Lamkin Sink Fit Squared is an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight putter. With its square-shaped flat top, this putter focuses on feel; this shape encourages better aim, thus leading to more confident putting strokes. It’s also pistol-shaped, so it can give a sense of familiarity if you’re used to a slimmer shape. Because this putter has a flat top doesn’t mean it doesn’t follow the thick putter trend. This putter still has a thick, rubber grip, so consistent stroke movement and limitation of wrist movement is still encouraged.

Best Features of the Lamkin Sink Fit Squared:

  • Lightweight rubber for fluid stroke
  • Square top encourages better putter alignment
  • “Pistol” shape provides structure for consistent hand placement
  • Slim shape


  • Square top could be distracting

4. Winn NTP Pistol

Another putter focused on a straight, no-taper profile, the Winn NTP is a popular option for those who like grips from a trusted brand. It has a lightweight rubber polymer material, which encourages light and even hand placement and feel on the grip. The 1.10″ diameter provides a thick and secure structure for a more consistent stroke and limitation of wrist movement. The Winn NTP Pistol comes in three colors: Black, Blue and Red.

Best Features of the Winn NTP Pistol:

  • Lightweight polymer rubber for fluid stroke
  • 1.10” diameter provides more consistency and secure hand placement
  • “Pistol” shape provides structure for consistent hand placement
  • Comes in three different colors


  • “Fat” putter grip might discourage a sense of feel or control

5. Odyssey White Hot Putter Grip

As the most unique putter grip on our list, the Odyssey offers a traditional, no-nonsense approach to putting. There is a reason for calling this grip no-nonsense; it works. It’s a thin design, very similar to most of our cotton-threaded iron grips mentioned above. Like the iron grips, this threaded rubber material offers superior traction and feel for your putts. If you aren’t a fan of the thick and fat putter grip trend, try an Odyssey. You will feel a little more comfortable using a grip that lets you fell the entire stroke and feedback from the putt.

Best Features of the Odyssey White Hot Putter Grip:

  • Threaded rubber makes for great traction
  • Thin design offers better feel on the green


  • Basic design
  • Not much technology behind it

Conclusion And Final Golf Club Grips Recommendations

The grip is arguably the foundation of your entire golf swing, and it requires good research to choose which one is perfect for your game. For a fraction of the price of upgrading clubs, you can make your entire set feel like new with just the replacement of the grips. There are many different kinds of material to choose from, sizing differences, and unique technology from all kinds of brands. From learning which kinds of grips lend advantages and disadvantages, you could improve your confidence on the course and in turn, lower your scores. Consider all factors possible when picking out a new set of grips. Most importantly, enjoy the process!

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