The 10 Best Golf Club Sets and Drivers for Beginners 2019: Starting Simple

Golf is perhaps one of the most widely played sports and its popularity is growing every day. With the popularization of any sport, there comes a new wave of beginners making their ways onto golf courses. Beginners might wonder what equipment is best for them, with good reason. There are so many factors to consider when picking up the game of golf; it isn’t exactly a simple sport.

Beginners may ask, “What brand of clubs are the best for me? Should I buy a set or individual clubs? New or used? Are women’s clubs different than men’s?” All of these questions are valid and easily answered with a little bit of research.

If you’re a beginner, don’t fret. This article will guide you through the best clubs for beginners. More importantly, we’ll give you some information before the guide that will answer any questions you may have about what makes golf clubs good or bad, easy to hit or hard to hit, and which types may be best for your individual playing style.

Top Golf Club Sets and Drivers Comparison Chart

NameAvailable for Men/WomenPriceWhere to Buy?
Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set Men/Women$$$Check Price on Amazon
Wilson Ultra Complete Golf SetMen/Women$$Check Price on Amazon
Top Flite XL 13-Piece Complete Golf SetMen/Women$$Check Price on Amazon
Pinemeadow PGX Golf SetMen$$Check Price on Amazon
2018 Cobra Golf King F8 One Length Iron SetMen$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Irons SetMen/Women$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Wilson Staff D300 IronsMen/Women$$$$Check Price on Amazon
MAZEL Single Length Irons Set (4-SW)Men$$$Check Price on Amazon
TaylorMade AeroBurner HL Hybrid & Iron SetMen$$Check Price on Amazon
Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Iron SetMen/Women$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Callaway Great Big Bertha DriverMen$$$Check Price on Amazon
Cobra Golf King F8 DriverMen/Women$$Check Price on Amazon
TaylorMade AeroBurner DriverMen$$$Check Price on Amazon
Callaway XR 16 DriverMen/Women$$$Check Price on Amazon
PGX Offset Golf DriverMen$Check Price on Amazon

Golf Club Sets and Drivers Buying Guide

Sets Vs. Individual Clubs

Many advanced golfers are tempted by the latest club technology offered on the market. Every year there are new models from top brands, boasting faster swing speeds, greater power, and sleeker designs. Some golfers who are more comfortable with their own swing style and speed will prefer one individual club over another due to feel or other specifications. For beginners, however, it may be wiser, and easier on your wallet, to stick with a set of clubs. Buying a set is preferable for beginners because it eliminates choices that could lead to decision fatigue. A set is also much more cost effective; “buying in bulk” is cheaper and much more efficient.

What Do the Different Clubs Do?

A standard golf club set will have fourteen clubs, which is the maximum number of clubs allowed in your bag, according to the official rules of golf. The set will typically include a driver, a few woods and/or hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter. Different sets may include different amounts of each club, depending on who the set is marketed towards.

Off the tee, you’ll typically need a driver. This is the longest-hitting club in your bag and the driver has the lowest level of loft. Many sets come with a driver, but it is common for players to buy the driver and irons separately so that they can be more specific with what they want to hit off the tee. The driver is often considered the most important club, but don’t be fooled; it can be a difficult one to master.

Fairway woods and hybrids come next as low-lofted clubs made for long hits. These clubs are also meant to be hit a long way, and sometimes they can be useful off the tee if the driver is giving some trouble. Hybrids tend to be easier to hit than woods, and they are often advertised as good “rough” clubs, meaning you can easily make contact with the ball while it’s sitting in tall grass.

Irons will make up the bulk of your club set. Most golfers have irons that range from 9-4; the higher the number on your club, the more loft it will have and the shorter the distance it can travel. An iron is the perfect club for an approach shot to the green. Irons are made with gradually increasing lofts to put a high trajectory on the ball (and sometimes spin) so that you can land the ball softly on the green without too much roll. Less roll gives you a chance to hit it close, making for shorter putts and more par and birdie opportunities. Iron swings should be somewhat consistent throughout the set; the different numbers offer technology that should do the distance work for you.

Wedges are the short game clubs in your bag. They are made to be used around the greens for pitching (50-100 yard shots) and chipping (closer, around the green shots). If you master the wedges, you’ll see your scores lower drastically. Don’t underestimate short game!

Lastly, the putter is perhaps the most important club in the bag. Putting is the closer to each hole and is often where people lose most of their stokes. The putter is usually the shortest club in the bag, the easiest to control, and it’s made with a flat putting surface. Many sets do not come with a putter, since this club requires more of a personal feel and preference.

Shafts and Flexes

The club shaft is what connects the grip of your club to the clubface. There are typically two different kinds of club shafts: graphite and steel. Beginners tend to have slower swing speeds, which would be perfect for a graphite shaft. Graphite is much lighter than steel while still easily controllable. If you have a strong and fast swing, you may want to try a steel shaft. These are heavier and a little harder to control.

There are also different shaft “flexes”. Flex options typically include stiff flex, senior flex, and ladies’ flex. The flex determines how much flexibility, or bend, is happening on the shaft during the movement of the swing. For example, a ladies’ flex may have much more flexibility during a swing, since it is common for women’s swings to be slower, and it allows for more movement. This extra bend offers extra lightweight forgiveness. On the other end of the spectrum, a stiff flex is just as it sounds; it stays stiff, or unmoving, during a swing, offering an advantage to those with a faster, stronger swing speed.

Women’s vs. Men’s vs. Senior’s

You may be wondering if you need to shop for a women’s set as a female golfer. That’s entirely up to you. Women’s clubs tend to be easier to hit. They are lighter, shorter, and aid those with a slower swing speed. However, if you have some strength behind your swing, men’s clubs may work better for you. It’s all about feel. Women’s clubs are also a great choice for junior players and seniors. If you are a woman just starting out, try a women’s set and see how they work for you. If a certain club or club set is not available in women’s options, there is no need to worry. Many men’s clubs are more than suitable for women, especially if they come in a senior flex or are targeted towards beginners.

Senior’s club are similar to women’s in that they are usually lighter than the typical men’s set. Many older players choose these for their forgiveness. They are, however, similar lengths to a men’s set.

Best Club Sets for Beginners Reviews

Below, there is an extensive list of the best kinds of golf clubs for beginners. Most of the top picks are full sets including all necessary clubs for the bag. Further down, we have iron sets that are great beginners’ picks, but they might be more expensive. At the end of our list, there are 5 top picks for beginners’ drivers.

1. Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set

As a trusted brand, Callaway is able to appease both experienced golfers and beginners with its wide range of clubs, balls, and other golf equipment. The Callaway Strata Set ranks highest on multiple beginner’s lists, with good reason. The clubs offer forgiveness from wedge to driver; the titanium driver has a large enough sweet spot for distance and accuracy off the tee, the 3 wood and 5 wood have an aerodynamic head shape for high-flying shots, the irons and hybrids offer distance and control. The wedges are also very forgiving. The set also comes with a wide-faced putter for more accurate putts. Along with its lightweight stand bag, this moderately priced set is the best bang for your buck when it comes to quality golf clubs for those just starting out in golf. The Strata set also comes in women’s.

Best Features of the Callaway Strata Set:

  • Great forgiveness
  • Quality brand even for non-beginners
  • Comes with lightweight bag


  • Might be pricey for those not used to spending money on golf equipment

2. Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set

The Wilson Ultra Set may not have as many clubs as the Callaway Strata (they start at 9 clubs) but the value is unquestionable. Sometimes, in a game that can be so complicated, simple is better. These clubs were meant for beginners: a lightweight, easy-to-hit driver, an uncomplicated one fairway wood, hybrid, irons 6, 7, 8, and 9, a pitching wedge, and putter. This set is perfect for someone just starting out, since it eliminates many choices that could overwhelm an unfamiliar player. At a great price, the Wilson Ultra set has “beginner golfer” written all over it. The Wilson Ultra set also comes in women’s.

Best Features of the Wilson Ultra Set:

  • Easy to hit clubs
  • Uncomplicated club set, only essentials
  • Great value


  • For some, may not include enough clubs

3.  Top Flite XL 13-Piece Complete Golf Set 

All you could ever need in a golf bag is what you’ll get when you purchase the Top Flite XL Set. Top Flite has always been a brand associated with quality casual golf, and this club set is no different. With the XL set, you’ll get a driver, 3 wood, 3 and 4 hybrid, irons 6-9, pitching wedge, and a putter. The inclusion of two hybrids is what sets this set apart; hybrids are some of the easiest to hit clubs that can be in your bag, so including them in a beginners’ set is especially helpful. Beginners will appreciate that all clubs in this set are advertised as “confidence-inspiring” and “forgiving”. This set also comes with a durable stand bag and headcovers. The XL set is also available in women’s.

Best Features of the Top Flite XL 13-Piece Complete Golf Set:

  • Includes 2 easy-hitting hybrids
  • Great value
  • Forgiving and confidence-building


  • Lightweight driver may not work for players with fast swing speeds

4. Pinemeadow PGX Golf Set

For another great-valued set of clubs, the Pinemeadow PGX set has an impressive amount of good reviews on Amazon. This set comes with a driver, 3 wood and hybrid, as well at irons 5 through pitching wedge and a putter. If you’re looking for a set of irons with steel shafts, you’ll find it in this set. The driver and 3 wood are graphite, however, for a little bit more forgiveness. Headcovers are included for the driver, 3 wood and hybrid. One of the only downsides is that this set does not come with a bag; you’ll be on your own, there. This set does not seem to be available in a women’s set, unfortunately. However, Pinemeadow Golf does offer other sets like the Nitrix Pro, in women’s.

Best Features of the Pinemeadow PGX Golf Set:

  • Uncomplicated club set, only essentials
  • Great value
  • Steel shafts on irons will be good for those with fast swing speeds


  • Does not come with a bag
  • Is not available in women’s

5.  2018 Cobra Golf King F8 One Length Iron Set

If you struggle with consistency in your golf game, check out the Cobra King F8 One Length irons. This iron set is specifically designed so that each club matches the weight and height of a 7 iron, which is usually the easiest club in the bag to hit. By doing this, Cobra is creating an opportunity for consistent ball flight among all irons, giving you one less thing to worry about during your rounds. Cobra’s unique “Pwrshell” technology also offers a thinner surface material to activate the sweet spot on every shot. The irons and wedges are also made with lightweight carbon medallions throughout the design to give you an evenly weighted and more consistent club-feel. If you are okay with just buying an iron set without the driver, woods, or putter, these are a great option. This set does not offer a women’s option.

Best Features of the Cobra Golf King F8 One Length Iron Set:

  • Whole set is designed to match the weight and length of a 7 iron, offering consistency
  • “Pwrshell” technology offers more opportunity for “sweet spot” hitting
  • Carbon medallion weights give even more consistency and feel


  • Not a set – only irons
  • May be expensive for beginners
  • Is not available in women’s

6.  Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Irons Set

If you’re already good to go with a driver and a putter, consider the Rogue Irons from Callaway to add to your bag. Playability is made easier with these irons. They mainly focus on distance, which is one of the top priorities for beginners looking to score. Their “360 Face Cup and VFT” technology improves ball speed at impact, they include a tungsten weighted head for ultimate control, as well as “Urethane Microspheres” for “phenomenal sound and feel”. If you’re a beginner golfer who knows a little bit about their own game already, and you’d like to learn more, these are the irons for you. The Rogues are a bit pricier than the average set on this list, but if you’re interested in improving your game, it’s an investment worth your while. You can choose whatever iron set you’d like with this brand, from sand wedge to 4 iron. This set is also available in a women’s version.

Best Features of the Callaway Rogue Irons Set:

  • Heightened clubface technology to improve distance
  • Forgiving and playable despite their premium technology
  • Weighted heads offer more control


  • Not a set – only irons
  • May be expensive for beginners

7.  Wilson Staff D300 Irons

Need more forgiveness on those iron shots? Look no further. Forgiveness is the name of the game with the Wilson Staff D300 Irons set. What makes them so easy to hit and hard to miss-hit? Wilson has done their best to make sure the clubs are made with technology that promotes long, straight shots. The FLX Face technology is made to minimize contact points between the face of the club and the club head; this offers lots of flex upon impact, which in turn can reduce the chance of a mishit. There are also “Power Holes” in the club face that increase your swing speed for more distance. Wilson Staff has also created an evenly distributed weight system for the heads of these clubs, which offer even more forgiveness. As one of the more reasonably-priced iron sets out there, the Wilson Staff D300s are an excellent choice for beginners. It is also available in a women’s set.

Best Features of the Wilson Staff D300 Irons:

  • “FLX face” technology for more flex or forgiveness
  • Ultimate distance
  • Weighted heads offer more control


  • Not a set – only irons

8.  MAZEL Single Length Irons Set (4-SW)

Looking for a set of irons at a great price? The MAZEL Single Length Irons set will simplify your game without breaking the bank. Because they are all the same length, you’ll get the benefits of consistency throughout irons 4 through sand wedge. These clubs also have a low center of gravity for greater distance and higher trajectory as well as a larger sweet spot, giving you even more forgiveness. The MAZELs also come with shock-absorbing rubber grips for supreme comfort and feel. There is currently no women’s option for the MAZEL Single Length set.

Best Features of the MAZEL Single Length Irons Set:

  • All same length; great for beginners and consistency
  • Low center of gravity for distance and direction control
  • Large sweet spot: forgiving
  • Great value


  • Not a set – only irons
  • Same length may feel too “beginner”
  • No women’s option

9.  TaylorMade AeroBurner HL Hybrid & Iron Set

TaylorMade’s AeroBurner irons and hybrids are created using the latest CG technology for superior forgiveness, and forgiveness is key for beginners. TaylorMade advertises this line of clubs as having an “easy launch and high trajectory”, which creates a great stage for beginners’ ball flights. The thin faces of the clubs are the reason for this high trajectory and their low center of gravity doesn’t hurt, either. In addition, the high “HOI” head design gives the player a chance to hit shots that are more consistent and easier to hit, in general. If you’re serious about improvement, TaylorMade is a good choice. As a set, the AeroBurner irons are no longer available in a women’s option. However, you may be able to find individual clubs on Amazon.

Best Features of the TaylorMade AeroBurner HL Hybrid & Iron Set:

  • Low CG for forgiveness and confident shots
  • Easy launch and high trajectory
  • High “HOI” head design for consistency
  • Set includes hybrids


  • Not a set – only irons
  • No women’s options for this set

10.  Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Iron Set

Do you love the way it feels to hit a hybrid? You can recreate that feeling with every iron in your bag with the Cleveland Golf Launcher iron set. The hollow head design creates forgiveness that “you can’t find anywhere else”, according to Cleveland Golf. This hollow design creates forgiveness by amplifying the club stability and making it easier to hit. With that added control and stability, shots stay straighter and go longer. Along with its hollow design, these irons boast a “HiBore Crown” that moves the center of gravity lower and deeper, giving you opportunities to hit the ball higher so that it can land more softly on the green. The price may be steep on these, but if you’re serious about improving and willing to shell out the cash, the Launchers will not come with regret. This set is also available in women’s.

Best Features of the TaylorMade AeroBurner HL Hybrid & Iron Set:

  • Hollow hybrid design for easy hitting and forgiveness
  • HiBore Crown gives high trajectory


  • Not a set – only irons
  • May be expensive for beginners

Best Drivers for Beginners Reviews

So, you have the set of irons, maybe a hybrid, a wood or two, and a putter, but you still need a driver. A driver that is going to suit your needs as a beginner will include a few attributes. Firstly, it will be forgiving, and its main advantages will focus on distance and direction control. Something no frills is best for those just starting out in the game. You don’t need to be looking at different degrees or flex. A good price point won’t hurt, either. Take a look below at our top 5 picks for beginners’ drivers.

1. Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver

Distance is the key with the Callaway Great Big Bertha driver. As one of the most well-known names in the driver game, the Big Bertha delivers on both distance AND forgiveness. In addition, the Big Bertha is customizable; if you want, you can adjust the perimeter weighting slider on the club head to create more draws or fades in your shots. With a light and stable head design, this club is easy to hit, and more importantly, it’s easy to hit fast. Increased swing speed will deliver better results for all kinds of golfers, especially beginners. The club’s “Gen RMoto” technology also provides more control with its thinner face to give way for higher ball speeds off the center of the face. All in all, the Big Bertha is a classic driver design that is made for success. The women’s version of the Great Big Bertha driver is currently unavailable for purchase, though it may be sold at second-hand golf stores.

Best Features of the Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver:

  • Adjustable weighting slider for more customizability
  • “Gen RMoto” technology provides higher ball speeds and more consistent shot patterns
  • Lightweight head gives way to faster swing speeds, increasing distance


  • Adjustability could be hard to get used to for some golfers
  • No women’s version is currently available

2. Cobra Golf King F8 Driver

The F8 Irons made our list above, and now it’s time to recognize the driver. The Cobra King F8 Driver is Cobra’s “smartest, fastest, most precise driver ever”. The first thing you’ll notice about it is the oversized driver head; it’s definitely forgiving. Its CMC milled face is also impressive, boasting Cobra’s thinnest and most precise design to date. Like the Big Bertha, the Cobra F8 driver also has the adjustable positions in the back for ultimate customization with trajectory and distance. Just like its irons and friends, the F8 is made from Ultralight Carbon Fiber. It’s lightweight, but it also carries the center of gravity in a lower position for increased forgiveness and higher ball trajectories. Lastly, the driver has “360 Aero-Innovative Polymer” all around the perimeter of the head of the club to reduce drag and increase swing speed. A women’s version of this club is also available.

Best Features of the Cobra Golf King F8 Driver:

  • Oversized clubhead increases forgiveness
  • Thin clubface for precision
  • Lightweight carbon fiber material gives way to faster swing speeds, increasing distance
  • 360 Aero-Innovative polymer reduces drag and increases speed


  • There is a lot going on with the head; could be visually distracting for some

3. TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

Another favorite, the TaylorMade AeroBurner continues to impress. Even the name is demonstrative of its design; the AeroBurner’s clubface is designed to have an advanced aerodynamic shape with a rounder toe and a raised center crown. It also has a “speed pocket” that increases the size of the sweet spot, giving you even more advantage when it comes to hitting a good drive. Alignment is also easy with this club, since it includes an AeroBurner line graphic on the top of the head, right where your ball should be. The club also includes state-of-the-art lightweight shaft material and a TM Speed grip for ultimate comfort and feel. There is currently no women’s option available for the AeroBurner driver.

Best Features of the TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver:

  • Aerodynamic design for faster swing speeds
  • Large sweet spot with “speed pocket”
  • Lightweight shaft material gives way to faster swing speeds, increasing distance
  • TM Speed grip for comfort and feel


  • May be too lightweight for some golfers
  • No women’s option available at this time

4. Callaway XR 16 Driver

Want your shots to fly with the speed of an airplane? The folks at Callaway wanted to create an extra forgiving driver focused on speed, and the coolest part about the process was who they decided to work with to achieve that goal. The team worked with aerodynamics experts at Boeing to reach a “completely new threshold of ball speed.” With a low, deep center of gravity and a large head shape, this club is also super forgiving. The club face is also made with super strong titanium, which works in tune with the added speed and forgiveness to provide the ultimate driver experience. There is also a women’s option for this driver.

Best Features of the Callaway XR 16 Driver:

  • Boeing aerodynamic design for faster swing speeds
  • Large club head and low center of gravity for more forgiveness
  • Stronger titanium clubface for added strength and speed


  • A very colorful and busy head design; could be visually distracting for some

5. PGX Offset Golf Driver

The PGX Offset is the perfect beginners’ choice for value. The “offset” of the driver is key in helping you line up to your ball, something that every golfer could use a refresher on. The offset design is also helpful in reducing slice patterns. For beginners, slicing is often one of the first errant driver paths, so this is especially important for those just starting out in the game. The driver also includes a huge sweet spot for extra forgiveness and ease. At almost half the price of the other drivers on this list, the PGS Offset Driver is pretty unbeatable in terms of value. There is no women’s version of this driver at this time.

Best Features of the PGS Offset Driver:

  • Offset design helps you line up to the ball and also reduces tendency to slice
  • Big sweet spot for forgiveness
  • Excellent price


  • May not have extra technology and sophistication of other drivers
  • No women’s version

Conclusion And Final Golf Club Sets and Drivers Recommendations

There are so many great club options for beginners that it’s pretty difficult to make a wrong decision. As a beginner, it can be overwhelming to stand in a golf shop looking at all of your options. With just a little bit of research, this task can be easier and even enjoyable! We hope this article has been helpful in that aspect.

The most important things for beginners are most likely overall value and simplicity. Keep in mind your most important priorities when shopping and soon, you can be out on the links finding your own game and improving your score.

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