10 Best Golf Rain Gear & Jackets 2019: Options for Cold & Warm Weather

Going out for a golf game in the rain is fine if you have the proper rain gear at your disposal. From sharp, cold winds to heavy rains, a quality, waterproof jacket is going to keep you warm and dry throughout your game. You don’t need to go out there in some massive, bulky raincoat with waterproof pants in all, as that can have a negative impact on your game.

Instead, you want to look at waterproof clothing that is manufactured from a technical standpoint to help you remain more active on the course. If you constantly find yourself playing golf in the rain, or you live in a rainy region where the wetness in unavoidable, stick around and check out some of the best golf rain gear/jackets on the market!

Top Golf Rain Gear/Jackets Comparison Chart

NameMaterialFeaturePriceWhere to Buy?
Adidas Golf Men’s Climaproof Heather Rain JacketPolyesterClimaproof $$$Check Price on Amazon
Footjoy Dryjoy Rain JacketFabricRainproof $$$$Check Price on Amazon
Mizuno Golf Impermalite F20FabricWaterproof $$$Check Price on Amazon
Callaway Men's Golf Performance Full Zip Waterproof JacketPolyesterWaterproof $$$Check Price on Amazon
Amazon Essentials Men's Water-Resistant Golf Jacket70% Cotton, 30% NylonWater-Resistant$Check Price on Amazon
Ray Cook Golf C-Tech Waterproof Rain SuitPolyesterWaterproof$$Check Price on Amazon
Forgan Golf V2 Mens Waterproof RainsuitPolyesterRainproof $$Check Price on Amazon
Forrester Men’s Packable Rain SetPolyesterWaterproof, wind-resistant$Check Price on Amazon
Viking Open Road Waterproof Industrial 3-Piece SuitPolyesterWaterproof$$Check Price on Amazon
Nike Golf- Storm Fit Rain SuitFabricWindproof & Rainproof$$$Check Price on Amazon

Golf Rain Gear/Jackets Buying Guide


When you’re looking at weatherproof-specific clothing, you need to know the different terms. Fabrics that are meant to protect you from the harshness of cold winds are much different than those that are made to protect you from heavy downpours. Let’s check out some of the most commonly used weatherproofing terms.


Waterproof is pretty self-explanatory. It’s there to keep water out so that you and the layers underneath your jacket can stay dry. Waterproof is the heaviest type of weatherproofing, so though you will stay dry, you won’t be as flexible as if you wore these next types. It is also some of the most expensive type of weatherproofed gear, so be prepared to spend an extra penny when going all the way.

Many serious waterproof clothing manufacturers will use a material known as Goretex. Goretex uses porous membranes that are just big enough to let air circulate, yet small enough not to allow water in.


Rainproof, otherwise referred to as water-resistant, is not as resistant to water as the waterproof material, though it is still better for wet situations than typical jackets or coats. Expect these to be a bit lighter, though still made with proper material to keep you dry. They are usually crafted from a Teflon-type material that helps to keep water out for short periods of time while allowing air to circulate.

If you find yourself playing in lighter and shorter-period showers quite often, then rainproof gear might be the only thing you really need.


Think about windbreakers. Jackets that are marked windproof will help to protect you from harsh winds, though won’t necessarily keep you dry. Your best bet would be to find a hybrid, wind and waterproof jacket. Windproof jackets are perfect for those who are playing in cold weather as well, as their technical construction helps to keep the cold from biting your skin.

Jacket Vs. Suit

One of the most common types of waterproof gear for golfing is the waterproof jacket. It’s important to keep your torso and upper-body completely dry. If you’re golfing in places where the rain isn’t extremely heavy, you should be able to get by with just a jacket and nothing more. If you are playing in heavy rain a lot of the time, we recommend going for a full suit.

Suits will come with a waterproof jacket, as well as a matching pair of waterproof pants. When strong, rainy weather sets in, your lower-half can get we pretty fast, especially if you have to walk atop tall grass or splash around in the water on the fairways.

Regardless of which option you ultimately decide to go with, there are a few things to consider overall.


Flexibility is extremely important, as you need it to get your proper swing down. When it comes to jackets, you want them to keep your upper body dry, though still allow you enough of a full range of motion to swing with ease. Modern fashion trends, especially those for men, are becoming sleeker and slimmer. Essentially, jackets are becoming far more restrictive than they used to be.

Golf rain jacket manufacturers aim to make lightweight rain gear that moves with you instead of against you when you are playing. There are levels to this restrictiveness however. For example, a collar zip jacket is going to be a bit less restrictive than a full-length zip that rides up or a hooded jacket that pops out at the neck. We recommend trying a few on and practicing some fake swings to see how each type feels.

When it comes to waterproof pants, you want them to fit nicely over your regular golf pants without being too tight. A solid pair of waterproof golf pants will come with a strong elastic waistband so that they rest nicely over your undergarments without restricting your full range of motion.


Having a fair amount of pockets with your rain gear can be extremely helpful, especially if you’re someone who likes to carry your golf balls and tees around with you instead of having to reach in your golf bag every time you want to get one. A good jacket or rain pant should have zipper-lined pockets so that your belonging stay safe. This is especially true if you’re storing your phone or wallet away and don’t want it to get soaked.

Some rain suits come with slits in place of pockets so that you can reach through the slits and into the pockets of your undergarment pants. These are far more practical and are great for assuring dry gear.

Waterproof Hoods

Hoods aren’t a necessity, though they can be helpful when you’re walking from hole to hole and want a way to keep your head dry. If you do get a rain suit with your hood, your best bet would be to look for one that is removable. This way you don’t have to wear it if it’s feeling too restrictive on the course.

Remember, you can also get a waterproof hat instead if a hood isn’t quite your style!


Even when it’s raining on the course, it can get pretty hot. This is why it’s important to look for a jacket with a solid amount of breathability. Once you’ve walked for miles on the course and have taken multiple swings, heat will no doubt build up in your rain gear. Allowing some fresh, cool air in while keeping water out is paramount.


Adjustability is huge if you want your jacket to fit you well at all times and work for you in any situation. A full-length zip jacket, for example, will be far more adjustable than a pull-over. You may also want to consider getting a jacket that has adjustable cuffs. These types of cuffs come with button or pull cords so that you can tighten or loosen them as needed.

If you live in a place with sporadic weather, you might want to consider getting some removable inside lining. Inside lining can be helpful if it is cold and rainy, but what about the days where it’s hot and rainy? You don’t want to feel trapped in your humid rain gear. Having the ability to remove your lining in hotter weather can be an absolute lifesaver.

Lastly, you might want to consider getting a jacket with removable sleeves. Again, the weather isn’t always cold when it rains. Also, rain doesn’t go on forever. What if it stops raining in the middle of your game and you want to shed some skin to take in the sunshine? This is where having a jacket with removable sleeves comes in handy. It’s a plus if you can find a rain suit with removable pant legs too!

Best Golf Rain Gear/Jackets Reviews

Rain Jackets

1. Adidas Golf Men’s Climaproof Heather Rain Jacket

The Adidas Golf Men’s Climaproof Rain Jacket is one of our favorites on the market. It’s made from a 100% polyester material, giving it both flexibility and durability that will perform well on the course. You won’t have to worry about ironing this bad boy either and it is completely machine washable. The Climaproof technology provides protection from any kind of weather you can think of, including rain, wind, and snow.

The jacket is a full-length zip jacket, giving you the most adjustability in terms of fit. It comes with two front-zip, waterproof pockets so that you can store your tees and balls, as well as your phone and wallet. The cuffs are adjustable with a Velcro material, adding to the adjustability factor. In terms of breathability, we love the fact that Adidas added a back venting area. It allows air to circulate on the lower back, the most notoriously sweaty upper-body region for men.

Though it doesn’t come with a hood to protect your head from the rain, the stand-up collar design gives you the ultimate in flexibility. It’s no surprise that Adidas makes one of the best waterproof jackets on the market for golfers everywhere. The one thing we wish is that it came in a few more colors, as light blue isn’t suitable for everyone. With that said, it’s a great jacket for all-around bad golfing weather.


  • Climaproof material is great for all types of weather
  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Added pockets for storage capability


  • Only comes in one color

2. Footjoy Dryjoy Rain Jacket

The Footjoy Dryjoy Rain Jacket comes in a wide variety of styles and colors from red to black and beyond. It may be pretty costly for the average golfer, though the features and design stand out among many of the other golf jackets on our list. This sleek and stylish rain jacket is made from a 3-layer bonded fabric. It has been engineered especially by Footjoy to allow for maximum stretch in any direction. Raincoats are notorious for having less flexibility in the armpit and shoulder region, so the fact that the company made it a priority to offer maximum flex in these areas makes it a standout jacket.

The mock neck adds to the flexibility while helping to keep your neck dry and cold while keeping rainwater from dripping into your collar. It’s complete with a full-zip, waterproof closure that runs the entire length of the jacket, making it highly-adjustable in sporadic weather conditions. On the jacket you will find two front zip hand pockets for ample storage.

One of the great things about this jacket is the modern look. Not only does it act as a functional rain jacket on the golf course, but you can also wear it to a nice dinner afterwards and receive compliments on the slimming and sleek design. If you’re looking for a top-notch, waterproof golf jacket that is true to size, look no further than the Footjoy Rainjoy jacket.


  • 3-Layer bonded fabric for ultimate flexibility
  • Mock neck for dry protection
  • Full-zip closure provides adjustability


  • Two pockets aren’t enough for the price

3. Mizuno Golf Impermalite F20

The Mizuno Golf Impermalite F20 is a rain jacket that you’ve most likely seen on the course once or twice before. The high-quality design makes it an instant favorite for golfers everywhere. One of the most recognizable features on the Mizuno Impermalite is the removable arm design. You can easily pop the arms off when the weather gets hotter, making it wearable in sporadic regions. The jacket has a full-length front-zip design, though also has a double closure to ensure that no water gets in whatsoever. In short, it is completely weather-sealed.

We love the portability of this jacket. It comes with a small pack away pouch so that you can easily store it away when it’s not in use. You can keep it in the trunk of your car so that you have it all times, though you won’t even notice it’s there when it’s not in use. The high-tapered neck design gives it the ultimate flexibility for the perfect swing, while still cut for solid protection when it is buttoned up all the way to your jawline. You can easily adjust the cuffs with the added Velcro as well.

Just because the jacket is incredibly protective does not mean that it isn’t breathable. Mizuno has been working for a quite a while to create the perfect mix of protection and breathability and this fabric is top-notch. It’s also some of the most comfortable fabric we know.


  • Removable arms for sporadic hot weather
  • Double closure zipper protection
  • Comes with a pack away pouch


  • Not enough pockets in our opinion

4. Callaway Men’s Golf Performance Full Zip Waterproof Jacket

Callaway is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to top-notch golf apparel and gear. Their Performance Full Zip Waterproof Jacket is nothing short of incredible and is perfect for those wet days out on the course. You can pick between two colors, red and black, each of which looks sleek and professional, giving the confidence to perform great knowing that you’re going out in style. It is made from a 100% polyester material for added durability, meaning you can also wash it in the washing machine when you’re all done.

The jacket has a full-length zip design for full adjustability, yet still retains a breathable feel so that you don’t have to be trapped in your own heat all day. The moisture-wicking technology helps to spread around moisture that gets between the jacket and your undergarments so that it can evaporate quickly, leaving you nice and dry throughout the day. The weather series four-way stretch design allows for maximum flexibility during your game. You’ll barely notice any kind of restriction on your swing when you play in this jacket.

It comes with a low-cut neck design that is best for lighter rain situations, though it can still help to protect you from wind in those cold-biting situations. In terms of pockets, they have included two waterproof zip front pockets, as well as two small pockets on the arms that are perfect for your scorecard pencil or extra tees.


  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Added pockets on the arms
  • Four-way stretch for maximum flexibility


  • Runs a bit small

5. Amazon Essentials Men’s Water-Resistant Golf Jacket

Never underestimate the gear that Amazon makes. The more popular the site gets, the more and more Amazon Essentials gear we are beginning to see out on the course. The Amazon Essentials Water-Resistant Golf Jacket comes in two colors, black or navy, perfect for the golfer who likes to keep things simple. It is made with 70% cotton and 30% nylon, making it one of the most comfortable jackets on our list. With that said, it is not completely waterproof, but water-resistant, hence the name. We recommend it only for those who are golfing in lighter rain situations.

In terms of flexibility, there are added shoulder gussets to help retain your full range of motion. It also helps to provide a broader shoulder look so that you can stay stylish whether you are on or off the course. The hem has added elastic material to keep the jacket stretchy without feeling too constricted either. We dig the snap cuffs on this jacket, perfect for when the cold starts to set in. The spread collar might not be the best for keeping water out, though it does give your neck enough room to breathe.

There are two welted hand pockets on the front that provide enough room for you to store away your tees or extra balls, perfect for those who hate reaching in their bag every time they want to grab some gear. Overall, it’s an excellent jacket for shorter period, rainy situations


  • A comfortable blend of cotton and nylon
  • Fully adjustability throughout the jacket
  • Shoulder gussets for maximum flexibility


  • Wrinkles very easily

Rain Suit

6. Ray Cook Golf C-Tech Waterproof Rain Suit

We’re surprised that Ray Cook was able to manufacture and sell such a high-quality rain suit without it costing an absolute fortune. The C-Tech Waterproof Rain Suit is made with 100% waterproof polyester material that is tape seam sealed to assure you stay dry all day. The polyester is made to be lightweight as well to make sure that air can still circulate underneath. The best thing about the tape seam seal, besides the fact that it keeps water out, is that it is rip-resistant, giving you longevity and durability over the years.

It comes with a high-stand collar that has a snap closure at the neck to help keep water from dripping down into your jacket. Beyond the two outside front pockets on the jacket, there is a handy, little inside zip pocket on the chest, as well as an inside pocket for your cell phone. The contrast piping on the outside gives it a sleek look while the adjustable cuffs with elastic and Velcro add to the overall adjustability.

As for the pants, you get a zipper fly with a snap waist design, helping to keep them snug above undergarment golfing pants. The leg bottom comes with adjustable Velcro closure to keep everything above your ankles dry while still fitting nicely over your golf shoes. On the back, you’ll find a scorecard/glove pocket for added storage.


  • Completely tape seam sealed, waterproof design
  • Tons of storage pockets throughout the suit
  • Ripstop material for ultimate durability


  • The collar could run a little tighter to keep the rain out better

7. Forgan Golf V2 Mens Waterproof Rainsuit

If you’re looking for a rain suit that has a sleeker and slimmer design, the Forgan Golf V2 might be right up your alley. With that said, there are tons of sizes to choose from, ranging from S to 4XL. You can easily find your perfect fit. Fortunately, even if you do run a size in-between, the adjustability features on this rain suit are endless. They have included handy wrist tabs, elastic material on the waistband, and zip-up ankles, each of which provides an extra element of flexibility and adjustability to ensure that the suit fits you perfectly at all times.

It is made with a 100% polyester material with a TPU lamination on the top. This provides you with complete waterproofing to make sure that the clothes beneath your suit stay dry throughout the day. Polyester is also extremely durable, assuring you long-lasting wearability.

We definitely wish that the Forgan Golf V2 came in multiple colors, though we can’t really complain, as the black with light blue piping is a modern and classy look that will fit any golfer’s style nicely. You can easily wear it off the course as well and the black is incredibly slimming, great for bigger golfers.


  • Sleek and slim fit for the modern style
  • Durable and machine washable polyester design
  • Added TPU lamination for waterproof protection


  • Only comes in one style

8. Forrester Men’s Packable Rain Set

The Forrester Men’s Packable Rain Set is perfect for the golfer who is all about functionality and less about flair. It has a simple look and a high-quality design that will keep you dry all day. It comes in a few colors including black, light blue, dark blue, and grey, great for those who like keeping things simple. It is made from 100% polyester for added durability and machine washability. Not only does it work great in periods of long and heavy rain, but it is also perfect in heavy, cold-biting winds.

The insides of the jacket have a wonderful mesh lining that keeps things breathable yet dry. There are two front pockets for added storage that are big enough to hold your phone, as well as a few tees and balls. We dig the elasticized cuffs that give you a bit of adjustability for when too much heat builds up, as well as the barrel closure waist that gives you protection from water getting up inside of your waistband.

As for the pants, you get a nice elastic waist closure with added snaps to keep them secure above your undergarment pants. The 10” zipper cuffs give enough room to slide them easily over your large golf shoes while providing enough closure to keep water from getting in when you’re walking on the wet fairways. Overall, it’s the perfect rain suit for any golfer that is on a budget or just like to keep things pretty simple.


  • Added elasticity for complete adjustability
  • Tons of pockets for added storage
  • 100% polyester for durability


  • Not the most form-fitting

9. Viking Open Road Waterproof Industrial 3-Piece Suit

If you’re looking for something that is heavy-duty and will get you through the heaviest of rain storms, the Viking Open Road Waterproof Industrial 3-Piece Suit is your best bet. You can either buy it in forest green or bright yellow color, perfect for that classic “it’s pouring outside and I can’t afford to have a drop of rain touch my skin” look. It’s made from a tough-as-nails, 100% ripstop polyester (150-denier) that will last you a lifetime, no matter how rough the conditions you play in are. Pair that with the PVC backing and you truly have a suit with Viking strength.

The three pieces include a heavy-duty jacket, a set of overalls, and a detachable hood. There are front and back vents on the jacket to keep the air circulating throughout the day, as well as adjustable wrists. In terms of storage, there are two large pockets that will suit any accessories you need to have on you. We love the fact that they’ve included an adjustable hood. It’s very helpful in sporadic weather situations.

The bib-style pants have a handy quick-release buckle on the elastic suspenders so that you can get in and out of them with ease. There is easy fly-access to the insides of the pants, as well as a simple Velcro closure. The added elasticity assures you that they will stay up atop your undergarment pants all day long. Overall, it’s one of the most heavy-duty rain suits on our list, perfect for the wet and wild golfer.


  • 100% ripstop polyester material
  • Heat-sealed seams to add to waterproofing
  • Tons of storage options


  • Not the most breathable compared to lighter suits

10. Nike Golf- Storm Fit Rain Suit

Nike is one of the biggest names in golf apparel and they also happen to make one of the best rain suits in the industry for golfers with modern style. Their Nike Golf Storm Fit rain suit comes in one style, though the sleek and stylish look will work with anyone. The Storm-Fit 10 fabric works to block both wind and rain with penetration protection up to 10,000mm. The mock neck jacket zips up all the way to keep water from dripping into your collar while also helping to keep your chin covered up during heavy winds.

In terms of adjustability, they’ve thought of nearly everything. The cuffs are completely adjustable thanks to the Velcro design and the adjustable hem provides personal coverage no matter how tight or loose you choose to wear it. We dig the elastic waist on the pants that work with a drawcord. They help to provide a custom fit that keeps them secure in place atop your undergarments.

When it comes to storage, Nike has given you zip pockets on the jacket, as well as a few side and back pockets on the pants. You won’t have any issue trying to store away your phone, balls, and tees.


  • A sleek and stylish fit for the modern golfer
  • Tons of pockets for storage
  • Complete adjustability throughout


  • Only comes in one style

Conclusion And Final Golf Rain Gear/Jackets Recommendations

Having the proper waterproof gear can be the difference between playing an awesome game in the rain or having an absolutely miserable, soaking wet day out on the course. Whether you get a full rain suit or a jacket is completely up to you.

If you go for a jacket, we recommend picking up the Mizuno Impermalite F20. In terms of adjustability, comfort, and value, it has the best mix on our list. For full suits, we recommend the C-Tech Waterproof Rain Suit. For an unbeatable price, they give you comfort and flexibility in a fully-protected design.

We hope that our golf rain gear/rain jacket guide was helpful in finding you the best golf rain gear for your needs. Stay dry out there!

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