10 Best Horse Riding Helmets 2020: Protection, Performance, & Comfortability

Horse riding, or Equestrianism, has existed since the domestication of horses. As a matter of fact, Equestrianism was the standard for transportation in older times. Now, the popularity of the sport is up for debate. However, the potential danger of the sport is not up for debate. Instead, horse riders need to wear the best horse riding helmets.

Finding a great helmet is pretty difficult. Especially if you are a newcomer or you are buying for your child. Do not worry. This buying guide is just for you. There is great information below on horse riding helmet qualities and features. After, check out the top ten best products on the market. Protect yourself or your future horse rider today.


Top Horse Riding Helmets Comparison Chart


ImageNameProsFeaturePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Ovation Deluxe Schooler HelmetLightweightVentilation$$$$Check Price on Amazon
2. One K Unisex Defender Protective Riding HelmetComfortable & Convenient interior LinerAdvanced ABS Composite Material$$$Check Price on Amazon
3. Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport HelmetLightweight ABS Material$$Check Price on Amazon
4. Troxel Rebel Performance HelmetWashable & Removable LinerSureFit Pro System$$$Check Price on Amazon
5. Ovation Women’s Protege Riding HelmetAdjustable FitProtective Mesh Vents$$Check Price on Amazon
6. Troxel Sport Schooling HelmetDurable & LightweightAttached Visor$$Check Price on Amazon
7. Troxel Dakota Performance Helmet20% Mesh DesignMesh-Covered Vents$$Check Price on Amazon
8. Equi-Lite Horse Riding Helmet for KidsMade Specifically For KidsEasy Adjustment Design$$Check Price on Amazon
9. Troxel Intrepid HelmetSelf-AdjustingScratch-Resistant$$Check Price on Amazon
10. IRH Equi-Pro HelmetEasy-AdjustmentWashable & Moisture-Wicking Inner Lining$$Check Price on Amazon


Horse Riding Helmets Buying Guide


Why Are Horse Riding Helmets Important?


Horse riding is unlike any other sport for one specific and obvious reason. This sport involves writing a horse. As a result, there is always a potential for danger. Remember, most riding horses are broken in and not wild. So ta horseback riding horse is trained to be safe. But, the horse is still just an animal.

Therefore, it is impossible to predict what the horse will do. Studies show that injuries are attributed to either a rider error or the horses behavior. Protect yourself or your child with one of the best helmets available.


Important Qualities In The Best Horse Riding Helmets


Before anything else, understand the two most important parts of all the best horse riding helmets. First, safe helmets must get approval from the American Society for Testing and Materials or ASTM. Second, helmets must get a certification from the Safety Equipment Institute or SEI.

Always look out for these two qualities before you check for any particular features. It guarantees that the helmet is as safe as possible.

Now, there are a number of other qualities that are important in a good helmet. For instance, the helmet must be comfortable. Maybe this sounds silly on the surface, but it is truly important. An uncomfortable helmet can ruin a horse riding experience before it even starts. Not to mention that is adds to the negative stigma attached to helmets that they are uncomfortable and unnecessary. Search for comfortable padding and additional features that add to a good fit.


What To Consider While Buying The Best Horse Riding Helmets


For some, shopping is really fun. However, not everyone feels this way. This section is for all the shoppers that want a quick and easy experience. Plus, it provides helpful information for newcomers to the world of horse riding safety. Enhance your safety or protect your child with one of the best horse riding helmets.


Price, Value, & Budget


The price of the product, the value of the product, and your budget are all related. Think about it like a big financial family. It all starts with your budget. Create your budget with two simple price points. First, establish the lowest price you want. Second, establish the most amount of money you are comfortable spending. There you have it. Making a budget is actually that easy!

Next, understand the concept of value. Many shoppers foolishly believe an inexpensive price tag is the key to value. However, this is not true. Instead, a product is only valuable when it features a cheap price tag and premier performance. After all, a cheap product is certainly not a valuable product. Especially if it breaks in a week. Realize that value can only come from the great safety a good deal.

Finally, shoppers must be reasonable about the price of the helmet. The best horse riding helmets provide safety. They do not provide always provide you with a cheap price. Likewise, expensive products may not always be the best choice. Pay more attention to the overall safety and comfortable design. Let the price tag work itself out!




All of the best horse riding helmets feature four similar parts. This includes the out shell, interior foam padding, a headliner, and interior lining. If not, that it is not one of the best helmets available. Always keep an eye out for all four these parts. A helmet is not safe or comfortable if it is missing even just one. Each part plays an integral role in your overall safety.

Now, the material varies from helmet to helmet. For instance, some helmets feature ABS material on the exterior. Other helmets feature a Matte Duratec finish on the exterior. These two materials are similar in terms of safety design so you cannot go wrong with either option. The same can be said for the interior lighting. Some helmets offer a removable liner and some do not.

Beyond the standard design, everything centers around your preferences. There are some scratch-resistant helmets available for purchase. This is ideal for newcomers and beginners. That way, their first fall is not etched into the helmet forever. Instead, you can simple pick up the horse rider and help them get back to it! The best helmets feature nothing but the best materials.




As just mentioned, all of the best horse riding helmets come with interior foam padding. Why? For the rider’s comfort. If not, riders feel nothing but the exterior material on their head. Instead, the padding cushions your head at all times. That way, you feel good during the most intense training moments. Therefore, you need a helmet with a cozy interior design.

In some cases, helmets go above and beyond to deliver comfort. The best example of this is the interior lining. A comfortable interior liner helps add to the overall comfort. Especially when complemented by the already lush interior padding. Keep yourself or your kid comfortable at all times during horseback training.




There is no arguing that size is the hardest part of buying a good horse riding helmet. Why? Because no one knows the size of their head. The best to understand this is to compare your foot size. While shopping for shoes, you can immediately recall your own shoe size. Then you simply by the proper shoe size. But, who knows the size of their own head? This is certainly not common knowledge. So there is only one way to get the proper size.

Visit a local sports store and try on some helmets. This is the one and only way to find a good fit. After, use the size as a reference point. Quickly figure out the right size and everything becomes easier. You do not need to stress out over the size of your helmet. It is easier than you think. Furthermore, here are some more helping tips!

Put on the helmet but do not strap the harness. Move your head around and roll it in a full circle. Note whether or not the helmet moves. If the helmet moves, you need a different size. Why does this matter? Extra space gives your head room to move. This means that there is a lack of protection. Unfortunately, this can cause a concussion or something worse. So finding the proper size is incredibly important.




Horse riding helmets provide convenience in three specific ways. First, convenience comes in the form of a visor. Some helmets come with an attached visor. Even this simple design is still very convenient and prevents sunlight from reaching your face. However, other helmets offer a removable visor. That way, you adjust the design every single day. Protect your face on sunny days and remove the visor in cloudy weather.

Second, convenience comes in the form of an adjustable fit. No two heads are made the same. This is not like buying shoes where each size is a standard. Instead, your head is vastly different from the next rider. As a result, this adjustable fit lets you tighten or loosen up the helmet. In some cases, helmets automatically fit to your head for optimal comfort. Buy one of the best horse riding helmets that makes life easy.

Finally, there is the removable liner. Why is this convenient? You get to clean the liner when it becomes dirty. Remember, the liner is always touching your skin. This means it directly contacts all of your sweat. So a removable liner is super easy to clean after a long week of horseback riding. Do not fiddle with a poorly designed and inconvenient liner!




As just mentioned, you sweat a lot while horseback riding. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable. After all, horseback riding is most popular during the summer season. So ventilation is key in all of the best horse riding helmets. If not, you sweat profusely and smell really bad. Not to mention how uncomfortable all this sweat build up can be. Look out for special ventilation features on top of some standard breathability.

At the very least, the best helmets offer some good ventilation in the form of holes. This lets air naturally flow in and out of the helmet. That way, a nice breeze reaches your head and skin. But, special features like moisture-wicking designs can help alleviate sweat more than just cool air. It actively absorbs all perspiration from your body for a cool and comfortable feeling.

In some cases, helmets offer advanced forms of ventilation. For example, one option on our list features a special design. This particular design brings in air and lets it circle over your head. As a result, cool air reaches every single part of your head. So you do not overheat or deal with a sweat filled helmet! Increase the comfort levels of your next horseback riding experience today.


Your Horse Riding Events


Last but not least, think about the conditions of your horseback riding experience or that of your child. Are they new to the sport? Or are they getting ready for their next competition. It makes a bigger difference than you think. Generally speaking, both types of helmets need to deliver in terms of safety. But, you have the ASTM approval and SEI certification for that. Look for a larger back area on beginners helmets. That way, there is more protection than usual in the back of their head.

Horse riders both new and experienced need protection. However, it is safe to say that it is more important for newcomers. Unfortunately, most injuries from horseback riding involves rider error. No one is more likely to error while riding than an inexperienced rookie.

Do not let a negative stats and injury information deter you or your child from horseback riding. It is a wonderful sport for all to enjoy. However, parents need to focus in on getting the safest helmets possible. After all, the best horse riding helmets are made to protect the rider.


Best Horse Riding Helmets Reviews


Safety is the number one priority in any sporting event or athletic competition. Especially any sport that can be very dangerous like Equestrianism, or horseback riding. As a result, horse racers and rider need protection in case of emergency. The best place to start is with one of the best Horse riding helmets on the market. Read the product reviews below and find a great helmet today.


Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet


The Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet stands tall over all the other horse riding helmets. First and foremost, there is a wide array of sizes available for purchase. You can get a helmet made for an adult or for a child. All the while, ovation is one of the best horse riding helmets manufacturers right now. So you can trust their helmets and other equestrian products. Especially when it comes to their horse riding helmets.

This helmet is great for beginners and experts alike. The style and color options are bound to turn heads out on the course. Meanwhile, the lightweight design is comfortable. The last thing you want is a distraction. Let alone an avoidable distraction that deals with your equipment. The low-profile design complements the lightweight nature of the helmet. Plus there maybe a dial adjustment and harness adjuster clips. That way, you enjoy a customizable fit.

The visor design is removable. Attach it on a sunny day for better vision. Detach it on a cloudy day for optimal convenience. A rubberized finish delivers Great security and protection. As a result, the helmet absorbs all of the impact of a fall. This is a ASTM and SEI certified product. Which means it meets all of the requirements for Horse riding helmets.




  • Ovation Brand Name
  • Multiple Size & Color Options
  • Ventilation
  • Lightweight & Low-Profile Design




  • Potenital Durability Issues


One K Unisex Defender Protective Riding Helmet


Horseback riding is not an inexpensive activity. As a result, horse riders usually spend lavishly on their gear and equipment. Well, the One K Defender riding helmet is for all the big spenders out there. This helmet delivers on every single aspect. So it is definitely worth every single dollar you spend. This all starts with the comfort inside of the helmet. A padded harness is complemented by synthetic suede lining. That way, this helmet fits comfortably at all times.

These synthetic suede liner is more than just comfortable padding. It is also super convenient for everyday life. In one step, remove the liner to clean it. The quick drying design guarantees a quick and easy cleaning process. All the while, this liner is built with wonderful features. The moisture wicking properties absorb sweat to enhance the comfort levels. Also, this liner features an anti-microbial liner that removes bacteria. After all, bacteria is usually the source of all bad smells.

Finally, the real star here is the exterior design of the helmet. To be blunt, this helmet is really strong. The advanced ABS composite outer shell has premier durability and impact strength. Meanwhile, an injection molded design enhances the already robust material. So this is the most expensive helmet but it delivers in terms of safety!




  • One K Brand Name
  • Advanced ABS Composite Material
  • Injection Molded Shell Design
  • Comfortable & Convenient interior Liner




  • Expensive Price Tag


Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet


Tipperary takes horseback riding serious as a brand. As a result, their Sportage Equestrian helmet more than just lightweight in design. Instead, this helmet is built with maximum comfort in mind as well as superior protection. This is why there is a foamy interior and a robust exterior construction. It balances a great fit with an impressive outer shell.

The high density ABS material is impressive, to say the least. It can withstand a hard impact without a crack. Plus, it protects the rider from serious damage. Now, there is still plenty of comfort to be found here. But, there is one more safety feature to highlight. The rear reflective strip alerts other riders to your presents, no matter what. It is indeed helpful on late night horseback rides.

In terms of comfort, this is one of the best horse riding helmets. As mentioned earlier, the interior is filled with the comfortable foam. At the same time, there is a contoured drop-back shell. For those who do not know, contoured basically means the design conforms to your head. As a result, there is no sizing issue here when it comes to this helmet and your head!




  • Lightweight Design
  • ABS Material
  • Reflective Rear Strip
  • Flexible Visor




  • Potential Durability Issues


Troxel Rebel Performance Helmet


Troxel is a very popular brand amongst horse riders. Especially when it comes to their protective and sporty helmets. As a matter fact, Troxel owns plenty of real estate on this particular list of the best horse riding helmets. The Troxel Rebel performance helmet stands out thanks to a breathable design and great comfort. The SureFit Pro system actively adjust to the shape of your head. This is similar to the previously mentioned contoured fit!

A Matte Duratec finish is both robust and very stylish. Therefore, riders truly enjoy the best of both worlds. Do not ever sacrifice style for safety. Especially if you can get both in a high-quality option. The Troxel Rebel helmet also boasts a cool decal on the exterior. This helmet is meant for all the rugged equestrian participants.

Not only does this helmet feature a comfy interior, it is one of the most of ventilated helmets available. First, the moisture-wicking design actively removes perspiration from the helmet. All the while, mesh-covered vents let air flow in and out. That way, the helmet is always breathable and cool. Best of all, the Air-Channel technology in the liner delivers cool air right to the hottest areas of your head!




  • Troxel Brand Name
  • Air-Channel Technology
  • Washable & Removable Liner
  • SureFit Pro System




  • Sizing Issues


Ovation Women’s Protege Riding Helmet


It is no surprise that another Ovation helmet pops up on a list of the best horse riding helmets. In particular, the Protege helmet is great for rookies gaining experience. The leather design is comfortable and sleek. Enjoy a low-profile design that looks great while horseback riding. Plus, there is a nice adjustable dial for a more secure fit when necessary. Not to mention that this helmet meets all SEI and ATSM requirements for full certification.

Mesh interior vents do more than just let air flow through. Instead, this feature protects you from flying debris and repulsive bugs. All the while, that flattering low-profile design comes with an extended back shell. Basically, this extended back show covers or more of the back area. That way, it is not exposed and vulnerable to serious damage.

Each vent features a high-flow design. This means that a lot of air flows in as opposed to very little air. All the while, the liner is removable. Practicing horseback riding is hard and produces a lot of sweat. Well, the interior liner is going to eventually smell bad and require cleaning. So this convenient liner design definitely comes in handy.




  • Ovation Brand Name
  • Stylish Design Options
  • Adjustable Fit
  • High-Flow Vents
  • Protective Mesh Vents




  • Sizing Issues


Troxel Sport Schooling Helmet


This Troxel Sport Schooling helmet is best for beginners. First, it is 100% ASTM approved and SEI certified. So put any potential anxiety to ease immediately. This is a protective helmet for rookie horseback riders. The attached divisor is not removable. But, it blocks sunlight more then the other removable visors. Plus, you never need to worry about potentially losing the visor.

The super-cooling vents are bigger than any other vent design on helmets. As a result, the huge events leading plenty of cool air. This is ideal if you live in a warm area. Not to mention that horseback riding is primarily an outdoor sport primarily done in the spring or summer. Newcomers need as much ventilation as possible. Especially when first getting used to the physical demands of horse riding.

A lightweight construction is balanced with a durable exterior design. That way, this helmet can withstand serious impact. All the while, the headliner is both easy to clean and easy to remove. Do not spend time trying to remove a poorly designed headliner. Always look for something that is super convenient.




  • Troxel Brand Name
  • Ideal For Beginners
  • Attached Visor
  • Durable & Lightweight Construction
  • Most Valuable Option




  • Size Issues


Troxel Dakota Performance Helmet


Another one of the best horse riding helmets from Troxel. In particular, the Dakota performance helmet is absolutely impressive. What stands out? This helmet features a hat band and a concho detail. As a result, this particular helmet looks more like a hat than anything else. This is great for younger participants that want to look cool to their friends. There is no sacrifice of safety for this extra style.

The SureFit Pro design caters to you and no one else. It fits snug and it just to your specific head shape. After all, everyone has a different head. A lightweight design is ideal for everyday life and consistent practicing. A heavy helmet weighs you down and drains your energy. So always look out for a lightweight design with tough exterior material.

The visor design and the mesh material are the real stars of this helmet. First, the Matte Duratec finish is stylish and robust. Second, the mesh-covered vents work to provide ventilation. Plus, 20% of the overall material is strictly mesh. Mesh material is incredibly breathable and super comfortable. Look no further if you want a great horse riding helmet.




  • Troxel Brand Name
  • 20% Mesh Design
  • Mesh-Covered Vents
  • Matte Duratec Finish
  • SureFit Pro Design




  • Size Issues


Equi-Lite Horse Riding Helmet for Kids


The Equi-Lite helmet is the best horse riding helmet for kids. Look no further if you need a helmet for a young rider. The IRH Dial-Fit-System allows a quick sizing adjustment. A dial on the back spins to either tighten or loosen the comfort. This helmet provide comfort, safety, and style. Pick from a number of different colors and the proper size for children.

This moment boasts more ventilation then any of the other best horse riding helmets. There are five front and for rear cooling events. As a result, kids benefit from optimal air circulation for maximum comfort. Not to mention the soft inner padding that automatically forms to the rider’s head. This is great for young kids learning to ride a horse.

Now, the true star here is the simple design. After all, this moment is made for kids. So it cannot feature a ridiculously difficult design. Let alone a somewhat difficult design. Instead, the 3-point harness on this helmet is quick and super easy to use. Clip it on and clip it off. Yes, it is really that easy. Let your kid enjoy equestrianism with a safe new helmet.




  • Fair Price
  • Made Specifically For Kids
  • Stylish Color Choices
  • Simple To Use
  • Easy Adjustment Design




  • Potential Durability Issues


Troxel Intrepid Helmet


This is the last Troxel helmet on this list but it is not the least. Instead, this is an absolutely great pick for your horse back riding experience. The Troxel Intrepid helmet is obviously ASTM approved and SEI certified. This helmet is great for recreational riding and competitive riding alike. Benefit from superior protection against serious head injuries. All the while, enjoy a stylish helmet that looks great.

A flip fold headliner offers functionality and practicality. Adjust the headliner into the proper position. Meanwhile, the headliner wicks away moisture. Why does this matter? Because horse riding gets hot and sweaty. The headliner on this helmet actively absorbs sweat. Best of all, the headliner design also absorbs shock from a fall and impact. This enhances the overall safety of your helmet.

The SureFit Pro design adjusts and conforms to your head. Everyone has a different shaped head and this helmet works to always suggest. The Matte Duratec finish looks great and resists against scratches. So a minor fall will not ruin your brand new helmet. All the while, the honeycomb mesh vents deliver great air flow for optimal comfort. Therefore, this is one of the best horse riding helmet on the market.




  • Troxel Brand Name
  • Flip fold Headliner
  • Self-Adjusting Design
  • Premier Ventilation
  • Scratch-Resistant Design




  • Inaccurate Sizing


IRH Equi-Pro Helmet


Last but not least, the IRH Equi-Pro helmet is still one of the best horse riding helmets on the market. First and foremost, this helmet is made for the modern rider. Both new and intermediate riders can wear this helmet. Meanwhile, it is ideal for both competitive situations and schooling situations. Improve your horse riding skills or show them off in the next competition.

Per usual, this helmet is SEI certified and ATSM approved. Plus, the special IRH Dial-Fit-System is super quick and intuitive. A 3-point harness is so convenient before and after practice. One snap and you remove the helmet from your head. All the while, a dial adjusts the helmet to your specific head. There is no problem if you need to tighten or loosen up the helmet size.

Finally, the inner lining and ventilation are super comfortable. The IRH front vent geometry lets fresh air in the front. Then, the air circulates over the top of your head. As a result, riders stay as cool as possible. Best of all, the washable and moisture-wicking inner lining is wonderful. Remove the lining for a quick and easy washing process. Plus, the moisture-wicking design actively removes sweat from your head!




  • Modernized Design
  • Easy-Adjustment
  • High-Quality Ventilation
  • Washable & Moisture-Wicking Inner Lining




  • Size Issues


Conclusion And Final Horse Riding Helmets recommendations


Some argue horseback riding is declining in popularity. However, others argue in the opposite direction. Regardless of your opinion, horseback riding is dangerous. As a result, any and all riders need a proper helmet out on the horse trail. Especially when it comes to rookies and newcomers. Protect yourself or your daughter with the right horse riding helmet.

What kind of shopper are you? Do you pay a premium price for premium performance? Or do you bargain hunt to get the most value in the cheapest price? In many cases, shoppers just want the best overall product. Lucky for you, the section below has recommendations for everyone. Read through each recommendation and by one of the best horse riding helmets today!


Best Horse Riding Helmets Overall: Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet


The Ovation Deluxe Schooler helmet is without question the best option available. First, it features a very fair price tag. The rubberized finish comes in multiple colors and is built to last. Meanwhile, enjoy a low-profile and lightweight design. Plus, there is an easy-adjust dial that creates a snug fit. Best of all, the removable liner and removable visor deliver premier convenience.


Best Horse Riding Helmets at a Premium Price: One K Unisex Defender Protective Riding Helmet


The One K Defender protective riding helmet is for both boys and girls. The advanced ABS composite outer shell stands up to serious impacts. Plus, there is extra strength thanks to the injection molded shell design. But, the bet part is definitely the washable, quick-dry, moisture-wicking and anti-microbial liner. Not to mention the stainless steel mesh design along with the comfortable padding.


Best Horse Riding Helmets for Value: Troxel Sport Schooling Helmet


The most valuable option is definitely the Troxel Sport Schooling helmet. Why? Because it comes at the lowest possible price. All the while, this helmet does not sacrifice performance or safety. This is an ASTM approved and SEI-certified helmet. Remove the headliner and wash it when necessary. The convenient design is simple and great for your everyday life.


Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Riding Helmets


Can’t I Just Wear A Regular Helmet While Horseback Riding?


A: No. Regular helmets are not made in the same vein as horseback riding helmets. Unfortunately, they do not feature the same robust exterior construction. As a result, they cannot provide the same time of impact-resistant and shock absorption design. Falling from a horse is not safe without the right helmet. For example, bicycle helmets go through different safety standard test. So you need a horseback riding helmet and nothing else.


Should I Let My Child Paint Or Style Their Helmet?


A: Unfortunately, no. While this is fun and creative, it is also not safe. Painting and stickers potentially alter the exterior construction of your helmet. As a result, avoid any exterior alterations. Instead, find a helmet in a color that they already like. You can even find helmets with special decals and designs. But, do not sacrificed performance and safety for style in any situation.


What Is the Best Way To Clean My Helmet?


A: This is tricky. Unfortunately, you cannot wash it in the washing mine. Furthermore, washing by hand made chip away at the exterior materials. Now, you can wash the interior liner by hand. But, read the instructions before you tried to wash the helmet itself. No helmets are made to be the same.

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