10 Best Indoor Basketballs in 2020: Grip, Bounce, & Longevity

Organized basketball is incredibly common for young athletes. Why? Because basketball is for both boys and girls. As a result, anyone and everyone can enjoy the sport. But, any serious player needs the right basketball for their playing conditions. This means finding the best indoor basketball available.

Unfortunately, there are so many options out there. Non-basketball fans have a hard time finding a great deal. Luckily this buying guide has everything you need. Read below to find a great basketball today.

Top Indoor Basketball Comparison Chart

1. Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball
2. Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball
3. Baden Elite Indoor Game BasketballBaden$$$
4. Wilson NCAA Replica Game BasketballWilson$$$
5. Adidas Performance New Pro BasketballAdidas$$$
6. Molten X-Series Composite Basketball - FIBA ApprovedMolten$$
7. Wilson NCAA Solution Tournament Game BasketballWilson$$$$
8. The Rock - Official Mens BasketballThe Rock$$$$
9. Spalding NBA Official Game BasketballSpalding$$$
10. Spalding TF-1000 Classic Indoor BasketballSpalding$$$

Indoor Basketball Buying Guide

For those who do not know the design of a basketball is very scientific. Think about it. Basketball is a game of geometry. Even down to the simple action of dribbling. Players rely on able to bounce in a consistent motion. If not, the ball alters the game. Here’s what you need to know about indoor basketball’s.


Important Qualities to Look For

Do not confuse an outdoor basketball with an indoor basketball. There is one big difference between the two. Simply put, outdoor basketballs are built for outdoor conditions. As a result, the material is more rugged. That way, it does not wilt under the more extreme services outdoor. So it is important to make sure the basketball made for indoor conditions.

The most important qualities in an indoor basketball include grip, shape retention, and a soft exterior design. Unlike outdoor basketballs, indoor basketballs are made soft. First, the soft designed delivers comfort. Second, the soft design is ideal for hardwood indoor courts. So always look for an exterior design that features some type of soft surface. Some indoor basketballs boast special cushion technology.


How To Take Care Of Your Indoor Basketball

Caring for the best indoor basketball is more important than the purchase itself. If not, the basketball will not survive one season of basketball. Luckily enough, Karen for your indoor basketball is super simple and easy. Here are two key steps toward longevity.


Made for Indoor Use Only

Do not use the indoor basketball on any outdoor court. As just mentioned, indoor basketballs are made softer that outdoor version. Therefore, the software design can suffer damage on an outdoor court. It will not last a very long time. Keep the basketball times. Unless you find a ball that can double as an indoor basketball and an outdoor basketball.


Store Away With Care

The indoor basketball away while not in use. You cannot leave it outside. This is the quickest way to ruin your basketball. Find a spot inside. This can range from a bedroom, a laundry room, or even the closet. Avoid garage storage. Usually, the garage gets chilly at night and cold during the winter. Store it away in a warm spot to keep it in a good shape.


What To Consider While Buying The Best Indoor Basketball

Shopping is tedious and boring, to say the least. Especially if you do not know anything about basketballs. But, do not worry. This section has everything you need. Apply each and every consideration below to your basketball shopping process. The considerations rank from most important to least important. Make your shopping experience simple and smooth.


Price, Value, & Your Budget

There is no doubt that price, your budget, and value are all connected. But, Price is the most important factor to start with. As discussed earlier, indoor basketballs are made of a softer material. Plus, the high-grade material delivers a superior grip compared to outdoor basketballs. Therefore, indoor basketballs are much more expensive. Prepare to spend some serious cash.

Next up, create your budget. Your budget features two different points. Think of them as price points. One price point is a hard cap. Keep this number comfortable. Do not say that is more that you can afford. Second, the other price point is the opposite. This is the lowest you will go. Do not go too low. You do not want to get a cheap product.

Lastly, think about what value really means. What do you value? Do you want the most durable basketball available? Find a basketball with a 100% Nylon-wound design. That way, the basketball retains its original shape over a longer period of time. This is an expensive feature but it delivers wondrous durability.


Ball Size

Size is relatively simple when it comes to basketballs. But, do not overlook its importance. The wrong size can potentially ruin the purchase. There are rules and regulations for each level of organized basketball. Look for the rules online. That way, you know which size to get. Boys and girls play with different sizes too. Inform yourself before you start the shopping process.

The official size for the NBA is size 7. This has a circumference of 29.5”. The official size for women’s basketball ages 9 and up is size 6. The official women’s size has a circumference of 28.5”. Boys and girls between the ages of five and eight use a size 5 basketball. Their basketball has a circumference of 27.5”. Remember this while shopping through the sizes of basketballs.

Simply apply the role of age to this process. Age means everything. At least when it comes to basketball sizes. Buying for a growing basketball player? Well, it may pay off to buy a larger size. That way, they can enjoy the best indoor basketball at the high school level. Think about the commitment to basketball. Buy a bigger size if your kid is invested in the sport.


Material Type

The material of the basketball directly impacts the price. But, high-quality material separates an average basketball from the best indoor basketball. Now, there are three specific materials used. This includes a composite material, synthetic leather material, and potentially genuine leather. In modern times, genuine leather basketballs are a rare find. This is because genuine leather is not as durable as other options. Remember this while you shop.

Rubber is usually used in outdoor basketballs. Avoid the rubber basketballs area. The best material is composite leather. It delivers the appearance players love. This material offers the best of both worlds. Over time, genuine leather can wear out. Plus, it will not do well in any adverse conditions. It requires a lot of maintenance and work. Composite microfiber material is available in some of the best indoor basketballs. Now, technology enhances the construction process and material. Therefore, the material is better than ever before.

Moisture-wicking technology is absolutely wondrous. Simply put, moisture-wicking material removes liquids. It wicks away the liquid. In this case, the liquid is sweat. Sweat gets in the way of control. Sweaty hands slip rather than grip. Furthermore, the sweat transfers onto the ball. As a result, an indoor basketball boasts some moisture-wicking material!


Air Retention & Shape Retention

A lack of air retention results in frustration. Especially when it comes to an expensive indoor basketball. The best indoor basketball features a special butyl bladder. Simply put, a butyl bladder is reinforced. As a result, it does not leak out air. Lower levels of air leakage are ideal for durability. That way, the ball does not deflate after a week of storage.

Next, properly store away the basketball. As discussed earlier, this is the best way to care for your indoor basketball. It is simple and easy. So take time to create a little space. This goes a long way. However, the overall design is the most important aspect. Therefore, there are a few more features to keep an eye out for.

A 100% Nylon-wound design is a huge deal. During the construction process, the nylon is wound around the bladder. Yes, this delivers more durability and a longer lifespan. However, it is much more expensive. As discussed before, think about value in relation to price. The nylon definitely adds great value to the basketball. Thus, it is worth every single dollar. Especially if you are buying an indoor basketball.


Bounce & Grip

Understand one thing, performances is everything. Performance comes into forms. This involves grip and bounce. Basically, these two features make up handling and control. Without control, players cannot properly handle the ball. Therefore, killer crossovers are impossible. Players need a good grip with both their shoes and consistent bounce with their balls. As a result, the best basketballs provide both.


A deep channel design offers great handling. Also, the texture plays a big role and overall control. Basketball with a really smooth surface are harder to control. This design easily slips off bands. On the other hand, some basketballs come with a high tack design. Thus, control is easier. But, the texture completely alters the appearance. Find a basketball in between for the best results.


As you know, the Nylon-wound design enhances durability. It strengthens the frame of the ball. That way, lumps and bumps do not form in the ball. A lot alters the trajectory of the basketball. As a result, the ball bounces unpredictably. One little bump ruins an indoor basketball. Therefore, a good indoor basketball must prevent this type of disaster.


Reputable Brand Name

Brand name is a little more subjective. In some cases, a brand name is not everything. However, it means a lot when it comes to sports gear and sports equipment. This is one of those cases. It is best to stick to the top-tier brands. This includes Spalding, Wilson, & even Baden. Each brand is just as good as the last. Therefore, their products are a guaranteed lock in terms of value.

Athletic brand names deliver on performance. As a result, their products are usually better than the competition. Especially considering advanced developments in technology. The big manufacturers use better creation processes and formulas. Therefore, their basketballs are more advanced than other options.

Now, there is one big disadvantage when it comes to a big brand name. This is price. Yes, the big brands deliver on high-quality material and high-end performance. But, this comes and cost. Hefty prices might deter some customers. Remember, the best indoor basketball is expensive no matter what.


The Appearance

Style is complicated when it comes to basketballs. Usually, there are two colors for indoor basketballs. This includes orange and brown. So there is not a wide range of options for young basketball players. Luckily, older players prefer a normal appearance. Teenagers prefer to blend in rather than stand out. So find a standard basketball for any high school player.

There is one way to stand out. Official NBA & official NCAA game basketballs are available. Teenagers will absolutely love this. Especially if they are serious NBA or NCAA fans. The official logo is a glowing point for young hoopers. Also, there is a FIBA approved basketball with a more unique design.


Best Indoor Basketball Reviews & Ratings

As mentioned earlier, basketball is rising in regards to popularity. Especially, among young athletes. Basketball season involves practice that takes place indoors. As a result, young basketball players need the best indoor basketball. Each and every product below is a great pick. Check out the reviews and find a great indoor basketball today.


Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball

Spalding is the best basketball manufacturer in the minds of many basketball players. After all, Spalding makes the official NBA basketball. This particular basketball is a Precision indoor basketball. First and foremost, this meets the certifications of the National Federation of State High School Associations. As a result, it is a great choice for adolescent basketball players. Plus, it ships to you inflated and ready for play.

Now, this is designed for indoor play only. Do not take this ball outside. A special butyl bladder retains air. That way, this basketball does not leak ovetime. Flat basketballs are a frustration for any and all basketball player. The exceptional durability stands out more than anything else. This ball is built for many indoor games. All the while, if boasts a serious appearance.

Finally, the highlight here involves the overall performance. The deep channel design delivers superior control. Meanwhile, responsive cushioning offers a soft a comfortable feeling. However, the real star is the advanced Eco-Grip™ composite cover. Basically, this cover is ideal for the hardwood. A firm feeling allows complete control. Players take their game to the next level with this best indoor basketball!



  • Spalding Brand Name
  • Advanced Eco-Grip™ Composite
  • Deep Cannel Design
  • Butyl Bladder Air Retention
  • NFHS Approved



  • Expensive


Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball

For some, Wilson is actually the premier brand for basketballs. Keep in mind, Wilson makes basketballs for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In particular, their Evolution indoor game basketball is built for fund indoor basketball games. Like the number one option, this is approved by the National Federation of State High school. Therefore, it is good for high school basketball players.

This is one of the best selling basketballs in the United States. This speaks to the great performance out of the basketball court. For example, the composite cover features moisture-wicking properties. Basically, this design actively removes sweat from the basketball. That way, the ball is easier to grip. All the while, it keeps the basketball clean from gross hands sweat.

The cushion core carcass delivers a soft feeling. As a result, basketball players truly gripped the surface. This allows better touch and enhanced handling out of the court. Not to mention the already impressive composite material. The composite material features standard smooth laid in channels. All of these features work towards the best possible grip and handling. Sure, this is a pricey basketball option. But, it certainly delivers on that hefty price tag.



  • Wilson Brand Name
  • Evo Microfiber Composite
  • Laid In Composite Channels
  • Cushion Core Carcass
  • NFHS Approved



  • Expensive


Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball

Baden has been around since the 70’s. As a result, they are just as trustworthy as Spalding or Wilson. Especially when it comes to their Elite indoor game basketball. The composite microfiber cover creates a high tack feel. Thus, players basketball players grip this ball with ease. In turn, this enhances their level of control. Basketball handling is all about control grip. So this is one of the best indoor basketball options on the market.

A patented Cushion Control Technology stands out in this basketball. As a result, players and enjoy a longer lifespan. All the while, this basketball boasts a soft feel and a strong bounce. This is the perfect balance for younger basketball players. Plus, this ball is sent to your house already fully inflated. So there is no need for set up when it comes to the Baden Elite indoor game basketball.

The moisture grip prevents slippage from sweat. That way, sweat does not get in the way of any indoor game. But, the Elite’s Perfection Symmetrical design is the most impressive feature. This design creates a perfectly balanced ball. Does the edges are smooth and rounded to perfection. Avoid lumps that ruin a basketball. Instead, enjoy great longevity and durability!



  • Baden Brand Name
  • Elite’s Perfection Symmetrical Design
  • Durable Construction
  • Cushion Comfort Technology



  • No Air Retention Features


Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

As just mentioned, Wilson makes the basketballs for all regulation NCAA games. Obviously, the NCAA Replica game basketball is going to grace this list. Is the official basketball for all March Madness games. However, the best part of this basketball is that it is more than an indoor ball. It is made for both indoor and outdoor play. Young players take there new ball anywhere and everywhere. Any court is open for a game.

The composite leather is strong enough for outdoor conditions. All the while, it is soft and ideal for indoor basketball games. There is nothing better than a versatile basketball that can be taken anywhere. Meanwhile, the patented laid in channels Cover the entire basketball. This design creates a great grip. Remember, the grip is key for ball control.

Lastly, the Cushion Core Technology is the big-time feature here. Basically, this feature delivers on two fronts. First, it enhances the overall feeling of the basketball. This entire game is all based on feel and touch. So best indoor basketball must provide a good feeling. Second, this feature creates a consistent bounce. This aids the overall sense of control.



  • Wilson NCAA Replica Ball
  • Patented Laid In Channels
  • Cushion Core Technology
  • Made For Indoor & Outdoor Play



  • No Air Retention Features


Adidas Performance New Pro Basketball

Obviously, Adidas is known for athletic clothing, equipment, and gear. But, not many now they make one of the best indoor basketball products available. Best of all, this is a super versatile option. A smart design allows both indoor and outdoor play. So this is a great ball for young athletes with neighborhood friends and weekly basketball practice. As a result, this basketball can do it all on any court surface.

Now, this ball is sent fully deflated. So you do need a pump for proper inflation. Luckily, this is not difficult and there are plenty of great air pump products available. The Nylon-wound bladder is built for optimal durability and enhanced support. Basically, this air bladder retains air over a longer period of time. But, never leave it outdoors during the winter.

Finally, the soft composite microfiber design is the last feature to highlight. After all, a basketball is only as good as its performance. First, this design manages moisture. Sweaty hands do not cause any slippage or issues on the court. All the while, there is a better overall grip. Not to mention this is one of the cheaper indoor basketball options available.



  • Adidas Brand Name
  • Made For Indoor & Outdoor Play
  • Nylon-Wound Bladder
  • Soft Composite Microfiber



  • Ships Deflated


Molten X-Series Composite Basketball – FIBA Approved

This Molten X-Series composite basketball is the official, FIBA approved game ball. For those that do not know, FIBA is the International Basketball Federation. Obviously, what stands out is the unique pattern. This basketball features the standard orange color. But, there are white stripes that stretch across this original orange design. Therefore, this basketball offers some flair that cannot be found anywhere else.

Giorgetto Giugiaro created the original, signature Molten design. The X-Series is the next step forward in regards to this creative styling The 12-panel design is refined to deliver more visibility. Meanwhile, it also increases the overall sleek appearance. Best of all, this ball does not sacrifice performance for the unique and distinct design.

The core of this basketballs performance involves the optimal grip and reliably consistent touch. An even and balanced design delivers consistency on the court. As mentioned earlier, the ball bounces up and down in one straight direction. Therefore, controlling the ball is so simple and easy. This helps enhance the training and abilities of a young basketball player!



  • Molten Signature Design
  • Consistent Bounce & Tough
  • Premier Grip & Control
  • FIBA Approved Design
  • Butyl Bladder Air Retention



  • Not Official NBA Design


Wilson NCAA Solution Tournament Game Basketball

Now, this is a variation of the previous Wilson NCAA Replica ball. Simply put, it is not a replica of the game ball. Instead, it is the NCAA Solution Tournament basketball. This is not just a high-performance ball. It is the standard for all collegiate games. Both the NCAA and the NFHS approve this basketball. Not many of the other best indoor basketball receives certification from both organizations.

The patented laid in channels offer a great sense of grip. This comes in handy during a killer crossover combination. Not to mention improves the overall game on the court. After all, basketball is not fun if the ball slips out of your hands every five seconds. The moisture absorbing cover is not available in any other basketball. Simply put, sweat is absorbed into the ball rather than staying on the surface. So there is less chance for any slippage on the court.

Lastly, the Wilson brand always includes the Cushion Core Technology. After all, this feature is key to a balance bounce and a great feel. Nothing matters more than the feel of a basketball. Every aspect of the game involves how the ball feels and how it fits in players hands.



  • Wilson Brand Name
  • NCAA Solution Tournament Game Ball
  • Only Moisture Absorbing Cover On The Market
  • Cushion Core Technology



  • Expensive Price Tag


The Rock – Official Mens Basketball

The Rock is a cool brand name. But, it is not one that you may have heard of before this list. Do not let the lack of a big-time brand name mislead you. This ball delivers on every single aspect. For instance, the 100% Nylon-wound and double ply Butyl bladder works into ways. First, this bladder design retains air for great durability. Second, it maintains a proper shape over a long period of time. That way, there are no lumps or bumps in the basketball.

Next, the premium grade reinforced composite material takes the durability up a notch. Meanwhile, there is no need for a break in process. Instead, this ball performs at a high level right out of the box. Plus, there is a special scuff-resistant design on the exterior of the ball. Therefore, intense basketball games will never ruin the original orange appearance.

As always, the best indoor basketball must provide a firm grip out of court. Well, this particular basketball features a distinct deep pebble channel design. As a result, players benefit from a better grip on the ball. Not to mention the exclusive and patented sponge rubber carcass layer. Basically, this outer layer improves handling and is exceptionally soft. Thus, this ball feels great at all times on the basketball court.



  • Reinforced Double Ply Butyl Bladder
  • 100% Nylon-Wound
  • Patented Sponge Rubber Carcass Layer
  • Scuff Resistant



  • Not A Big-Time Brand Name Basketball


Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball

As previously mentioned, Spalding is known for making official NBA game balls. It only makes sense their official NBA game basketball makes it onto this list. Now, the official NBA game design certainly comes at a cost. But, it is definitely worth it. Especially when buying the basketball for your child. They will love showing off the best indoor basketball to all of their friends and teammates.

The official details are present on the exterior of the basketball. First, this includes the signature of the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Plus, this design also features the NBA Twitter® handle. All the while, the full-grain Horween leather cover is great in two ways. It looks great and it feels great. Therefore, this is a great indoor basketball for young athletes of all ages.



  • Spalding Official NBA Basketball
  • Full Grain Horween Leather Cover
  • Designed For Indoor Play



  • Very Expensive


Spalding TF-1000 Classic Indoor Basketball

Finally, Spalding rounds out our list of the best indoor basketball products. Remember, they are the dominant brand across the globe. In particular, their TF-1000 Classic indoor basketball is a great ball. The exclusive ZK microfiber composite cover is built with a soft touch and a dry tack feel. Thus, it is a perfect fit for indoor games. Players get the best of comfort and grip all at once!

A wide channel design is great for control. Also, this is a recognize design that stands out. Meanwhile, the 100% Nylon-wound construction maintains the best structural integrity possible. After a while, a basketball forms lumps and bonds. It unfortunately deflates and loses shape. Therefore, this special Nylon-wound design is a key feature in any great indoor basketball.



  • Spalding Brand Name
  • Wide Channel Design
  • 100% Nylon-Wound Construction
  • Exclusive ZK Microfiber Composite Cover



  • Lesser Performance Than Other Options


Conclusion & Final Indoor Basketball Recommendations

Basketball cannot be played without a basketball. Furthermore, basketball games suffer without a great basketball. Indoor and outdoor court conditions are not the same. Therefore, players need to get basketballs that are built specifically for their playing surfaces. The best indoor basketball is softer than an outdoor basketball. Find the right basketball for your child or yourself today.

Now, there are no two shoppers with the same exact priorities. Instead, there are a few categories that represent each type of shopper. For example, most shoppers want nothing but the best overall product. Furthermore, they do not want any hassle. In other situations, shoppers search for the best value. But, there are lavish spenders looking for premier performance at a premium price! Each recommendation below is made for each type of shopper. Get the best basketball for indoor courts!


Best Indoor Basketball Overall: Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball


The Spalding Precision Indoor basketball stands tall over the competition. First, the Eco-Grip™ composite cover delivers a premier game-ready feeling. Plus, the high-quality grip allows for precise ball control. The deep channel design takes that control up a notch. Meanwhile, responsive cushioned sponge carcass exterior creates a soft sensation. Best of all, the Butyl bladder retains air for a long period of time.


Best Indoor Basketball at a Premium Price: Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball


Wilson’s Evolution indoor game basketball boasts an Eco Microfiber composite design. Thus, players benefit from the best possible combination of both durability and grip. All the while, a Cushion Core Carcass provides that soft feeling players love. Not to mention that it creates a soft touch around the rim as well. That way, layups and shots do not bounce in a ridiculous manner.


Best Indoor Basketball for Value: Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball


There is no basketball more valuable than the Wilson NCAA Replica game basketball. First, this comes at the cheapest price possible. In return, you receive a replica of the NCAA official basketball. Therefore, it is a very good-looking basketball. All the while, players benefit from the Cushion Core Technology. Also, the patented laid in channels create a great sense of grip. That way, players enjoy precise control of the basketball out on the court.


Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Basketballs


Can I Just Use An Outdoor Ball Inside?

Usually, no. Courts might allow it at certain venues. However, indoor courts are not strong enough for an outdoor ball. This is why the best indoor basketballs come with a soft exterior surface. The soft surface is not just meant for comfort. Now, there are basketballs made for both types of conditions. A few options on this list double as indoor and outdoor basketballs. Look for that combination if you want versatility on the court.


How Can I Retain Air In My Indoor Basketball?

First and foremost, do not ever leave an indoor basketball outside. Especially during the winter season. Temperature causes the gas inside of a basketball to expand and contract. As a result, cold weather makes a fully-inflated ball look completely flat. Furthermore, indoor basketballs are not meant for outdoor conditions in general. So it is a bad idea to leave it outside even when the weather is nice. Always stored away properly in a safe spot.


What Brand Is The Best Brand?

There are two brands that stand out amongst all options: Wilson & Spalding. Look for a basketball from one of the two brands. Now, there are plenty of other great basketballs from other brands available. Do not put all of your eggs into one basket. Be rationale with brand name and find the best fit for your needs. You can find a good deal on a brand name basketball. Stick to the top ten list here and get a good price on a good basketball.


Are There Counterfeit Indoor Basketballs Sold Online?

Unfortunately, there are fake basketball products sold online. This is true for many products. Not just basketballs. Fortunately, there are ways around us. Always be attentive. Pay attention to the seller on Amazon. This is the source of the product. The seller must be the actual brand. Secondary sources result in lesser quality products. Keep an eye out for any potentially fake buyers. That way, you get the right basketball.


What Is The Most Important Feature?

A strong and firm design. That way, the ball does not wilt or deform. As mentioned earlier, a bump ruins a basketball. It becomes unusable. Therefore, be sure to look for a 100% Nylon-wound design.

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