4 Best Jersey Frames of 2019: Football, Hockey, Basketball, & More

Whether it’s the first jersey your son or daughter ever wore, or the jersey that your favorite player signed when you were in high school, you will desperately be seeking a way to preserve that jersey.  The best way to do so is to put it in a frame.  Not only will it be protected this way, it will also be put on display for everyone to see, making it an instant conversation starter.  Your talks will go much smoother and you’ll be constantly reminded of your favorite athlete, or maybe yourself, in so doing.  Today, we’ll be taking a look at the most popular jersey frames on the market. We’ll also be ranking them in our reviews and working to answer any questions that you might have about them.  Let’s get into it!

Top Jersey Frames Comparison Chart

NameMaterial/FinishDimensionsPriceWhere to Buy?
Null Pro Lockable Mahogany Jersey BoxWood/Mahogany31.25" H X 23.25" W X 1.5"D$$Check Price on Amazon
DisplayGifts Lockable UV Protection Sports BoxWood/Black31.25" H X 23.25" W X 1.5"D$$$Check Price on Amazon
SFDisplay.com XL Double Matted Custome Jersey FrameWood/Black38" x 29" x 1.5"$$$Check Price on Amazon
Snap Sports 20X30 Black Display Shadow BoxAcrylic/Black21.1" wide x 31.1" high x 2.8" deep$Check Price on Amazon

Jersey Frames Buying Guide

Why Frame Jerseys?

If you are asking this question, you must have someone asking you to buy them a jersey frame, or you are just legitimately curious of the many reasons.  First and foremost, the number one reason you should frame a jersey, or would want to, is to preserve the jersey just as it was to begin with.  A lot of times, you end up throwing jerseys in the attic or basement, and all the while they gather all sorts of dust and dirt.  If you store them somewhere where light hits, they will also fade over time.  You don’t have to have expensive professional jerseys just to frame them.  Maybe they are your favorite jerseys from growing up or your kids’ first jersey.  Those are things you want to hang on to, no pun intended, and a clothes hanger or garbage bag aren’t the best of things to go with.  If you are going down the collectors route, then you should frame a jersey so you can protect its value.  If it’s sitting out in the open, anything can happen to it.  You could spill a drink on it, it could get dropped and stepped on.  It’s not a good thing to take you investment treat it like, well, garbage.

How To Frame and Tips

Before we get too far in, we need to talk about how you frame the jersey that you are looking to keep.  This is fairly simple to do, but you need to make sure you complete these steps so that you get the best possible fit and look out it.

First of all, make sure you prepare yourself as best as possible.  Measuring the frame is absolutely necessary, or just making sure what you order is the right size for you.  Make sure that you allow for a little bit of extra room, since you don’t want the jersey to be cramped or crinkled inside of the frame.  Also, make sure the inside of the frame has some depth to it.  If it doesn’t, then you could experience the cramping there as well.

A couple of nice touches would be to get a frame that has a color that matches the jersey.  This just helps the jersey pop better.  If, for example, it’s a 49ers jersey you could get a white border to put the jersey in if you can’t find red.  This just accentuates the piece.  You also might want to make sure the frame is UV resistant.  If the jersey is going to see a lot of sun, then it will naturally fade over time.  This is normal and doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the jersey, but the best way to try and counter this is by using a frame that resists those lights as best as it can.

Without getting too far into specifics, since you can always look them up and get help elsewhere for specific problems on the internet, make sure that you have tools with you.  If you don’t have everything you need, like a tape measure, tape, your frame, and the like, you’ll be in trouble and have to wait.  Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure your jersey is clean before placing it in.  This way you don’t have to worry about it being dirty and everyone looking at like you’re some type of weirdo- unless you just want to preserve it as it was.  Also, don’t forget to show the autographs, if it has any by facing them toward the front.  Otherwise, what would be the purpose?!

Getting Help

If you are not the most handy person in the world, then taking your jersey and frame to someone can help you out tremendously.  You might just find that it’s cheaper, however, to look for and buy a frame online.  So you can always do that and then take the frame and the jersey to someone that is a pro.  One thing to consider is that not all art framers are going to be up for this.  They might claim to be able to do it, and they probably are able to do it, but they will not be the BEST at it.  Instead, you will want to turn to someone who has more experience with jerseys specifically.  There are a couple of added steps that go in to framing a jersey that people in the art community just aren’t used to dealing with.  There is nothing wrong with this fact, but it’s a fact that just has to be pointed out.  The people you should turn to, should you do so, are going to be people that have expertise in the collecting field.  They will know not only the value of the product you have, cherish, and want to protect but also the knowledge and nous to frame the jersey well.  If you have any issues with doing it yourself, it’s really worth taking a look at, especially if the jerseys worth a lot of money.  There is no shame in asking for help, but sometimes you’ve got to just ask.  That’s an important first step in life.  If you are taking it to a framer, then make sure to ask questions about the method they will use.  If you find that it’s not to your liking, then you can always take your business elsewhere.  Ask and see if they iron your jersey or not.  If they do, just keep in mind that this is an extra variable that has been added to the equation that could alter your jersey and its value.  If you don’t want to take that chance, then you should walk.  Also, if they don’t have a clean shop or look like they follow a careful, deliberate process, then you should be looking to head somewhere else with your patronage.


The size of your frame is going to be very important to you and will depend totally on what it is that you are going to be displaying.  You should always keep this fact in mind when you are trying to pick out a frame, since it can play a major role in how it looks.  If you have a, for example, football or hockey jersey, you should keep in mind that those are relatively larger jerseys than most other types.  This means you will have to have a bigger case, or that you will have to fold them up.  Most of the cases that we are going to see on our list will be one size fits all.  That means you are going to have to make adjustments yourself via folding to get the best, most professional looking fit.  There are custom options available, and some sellers will also offer multiple sizes, but on the whole you are going to have to just find one you like that is big enough and then go from there.  Remember, never forget the depth of the frame, either.  The depth, if it’s too thin, could also present you problems when you are trying to get it in there and on display.

Frame Color

This is something that a lot of people would overlook, but it’s still well worth mentioning nonetheless.  A whole lot of men believe that they need a woman’s touch to help them set up things around the house.  That doesn’t have to necessarily be the case here, but you can always ask for help.  What you want to do is match up the color of the frame with your jersey, if at all possible.  So if you have a black jersey, you might want to do a black matted finish behind it.  Or you might want to go with white if the team has black and white for colors.  You can also go with mahogany brown for some colors, but just be aware this can clash with certain colors and might not look all that great for you.  If you’re going to take the time to buy a frame, then this shouldn’t just be forgotten.  You need to make it totally right, or it’s just a waste of time.  So, make sure that if the color doesn’t accentuate your jersey that it at least matches well with it so you can get the desired effect from those that come in contact with it.

Displaying Options

We all know that the frame we are buying is going to be displaying a jersey inside of it, but how we arrive at that point can be achieved in different ways.  One method that can be used to show off the jersey is to hang it.  Some of the frames will include a built-in hanger.  This is great for those that don’t want to sew their jersey or make any sort of alterations to it at all.  Maybe you want to sell your jersey down the line to someone, or you just want to preserve it exactly the way that it was originally.  You could have a sport shop and don’t want to be putting holes and the sort in the material.  All of them are valid reasons to hang it up.  Then there is the pin board method.  This way you also don’t have to get any holes via staples or pins, and you don’t have to use things like tape or glue, either.  A pin board is going to be similar to hanging, though it does sound a little bit like it would be pinning them up.  This isn’t the case.  There are always options to use glue or tape, as discussed above.  But those aren’t preferable, particularly if you are dealing with collectibles.  Joe from down the street might not notice not care, but if you take it to a shop and try to sell them after that, they will not be all that happy and neither will you when they offer you far less than you might think you deserve for the jersey.  Pins and staples are even worse.  On top of decreasing the value, they also have the ability to make the jersey look bad.  This may be hard to spot, but it’s a very real possibility at the end of the day.

Shatter Resistant

One of the biggest worries you might have is what happens if someone breaks into your house.  Apart from loved ones, your jersey- if you are hanging it and displaying it- might just be the most valuable thing you own.  In order to protect it, you can go the route of keeping it safe with a shatter resistant case.  This feature means that someone can’t just use blunt force in order to break it open, helping you to rest your mind just a little bit easier.  It must be said that this feature does cost more than frames that don’t have it, but that is to be expected.  You can’t get higher quality for nothing, and something has to give a little bit.  If you want to make sure your jersey doesn’t get stolen easily, then this is a way to do it.


This is another excellent way for you to make sure that your frame and jersey are literally under lock and key.  With a lock, you will have a much more clear way to getting the jersey in and out of the frame.  You simply just have to use the key to get in and out, making it so much easier for you to use.  A lot of boxes and cases will be a pain without this feature, so it goes beyond just protecting the item.  It’s also about ease of use, which is never to be understated.  If you can combine the lockable feature along with it being shatter resistant, then you just about have a foolproof system for warding off  potential thieves.  There are other ways that they might get around it, but you can do your best by doing that and keeping your jersey safe!

UV Resistance

This is another major aspect to buying a jersey frame.  If you’re going through the trouble of displaying your jersey, then you are already going to want to be protecting its very nature.  Keeping it looking like the first day you got it is what you want, and a great way to make sure that you keep it looking sharp is with UV resistance.  You might ask why this matters.  For some it might not.  But for others it will.  Since you are likely to be placing this in a room with a lot light (there is little point in putting your jersey somewhere it can’t be seen if you have it hanging up) you need to make sure it does not fade.  Over time, the sun changes colors considerably.  Depending on the type of dye used, this process can be very fast for some colors and slower for others.  It’s just about the color and the material that was used.  However, you can just about nip that in the bud by getting a frame that offers UV protection.  By doing this, you can make double sure that you won’t have a light blue jersey in ten years instead of a darker blue.

Door Cover

There is a lot more than meets the eye in regards to jersey frames, and this continues with the door cover that is used.  If the cover is not adequate, you’ll be left disappointed.  The best type of cover is an acrylic one.  The advantage that acrylic brings to the table is that it is both clear and still able to keep dust away.  No one would be thrilled to see that their jersey is well maintained with a smudgy exterior.  This is why a lot of people steer clear of other types of frames when it relates to jerseys.  The upkeep is a little bit harder and much more makeshift.  On top of that, it’s clear and easy to see through and it’s fairly protective as well, helping you to check all of the boxes off your list.


Almost there to the reviews now!  The wood that is used for the frame is also quite an essential part of the puzzle.  Without a good wood backing, the rest is going to be useless.  Cheap wood is not ideal, so look for something that has some strength to it.  Woods that are solid and well built are an absolute must.  They just look better and they will hold up for the long haul much better.  Thin woods are not ideal, though they will be cheaper.  So, look for some thickness.  This will help out, too, in the unfortunate event that the frame is dropped.  A thin piece of wood is much more likely to break and ruin your jersey than one that is a little bit thicker.

Shipping and Price

This is one area where you might feel like you can get away with buying a cheap product, but you should know that it’s a risk to do so.  You don’t want to pay unnecessary amounts, which is understandable, but you also shouldn’t be looking to spend next to nothing.  If you do so, you won’t have the features that you are likely to want, and you will also be looking at pieces that aren’t as durable or as good looking as other you find out there.  They also might not be just for jerseys.  Sometimes, you might find this to be alright, but if you have an expensive jersey to protect, it’s not going to be acceptable for you.  Shipping is also related to cost, and you should have a think about that.  Some places are going to work on that with you, while others will force a higher cost upon you.

Reviewing The Top 4 Jersey Frames of 2019

  1. Null Pro Lockable Mahogany Jersey Box

Starting off our list is a classy mahogany finish from Null that will allow you to lock up you valued jersey. This box is made from very solid, thick wood, has a UV resistant door that is clear and easy to see through, and has hinges that will let you keep it locked up so that no one can make a dash for it. On top of that, it’s got two methods included to display it, giving you a choice.  Brackets are built on to the back of it already and it is assembled when it arrives to you, meaning you don’t have to mess around any with it.  It’s also very easy to use for people, making it ideal if you are not the most handy of folks.  The backing doesn’t make it easy to pin jerseys, so that is a possible negative that you might encounter.


  • Clear, UV resistant door to protect from fading
  • Brackets on the back
  • Very easy to frame


  • Not easy to pin jerseys
  1. DisplayGifts Lockable UV Protection Sports Box

Coming in at a close second is DisplayGifts, who also bring to you a lockable frame with UV protection to it. Using a solid wood frame with a black backing, it will match just about any color. The locks look great as well, with them being gold and accentuating the matte black color very well.  Coming with instructions that are clear and a three year warranty on top of that, this one also has excellent customer service to back you up and support your needs.  The inside of the box even has the bonus of felt inside, making it look even more classy and like it’s the treasured item that it is.  It’s basically a custom piece that is meant to fit all sizes, helping to drive down the cost compared to going to a local store!  This one is a little bit harder to install on the whole, even with the instructions, so keep that fact in mind if you aren’t the best with your hands at this sort of thing.


  • Great customer support
  • Exceptional classy look
  • Can be locked


  • Not super easy to install and a little tedious
  1. SFDisplay.com XL Double Matted Custome Jersey Frame

If you need more room than the usual frames offer, then this XL frame might just be the one you should turn to. Not only is it going to fit a jersey, but it will also allow you to squeeze a picture or something similar in if you like. It’s also offering you multiple options for the color of the backing, allowing you to pick out what suits you best. This makes matching your jersey very easy and just oozes pure class.  The wood used is very solid Australian hardwood, and it comes with mounting on the back.  It’s also all assembled, so you will just have to get the jersey in and hang it and you’ll be all done.  The door is protected from UV rays, enhancing the looks for an entire generation and more.  The biggest obstacle you are to have with this one is that it is costly compared to the others.  But that should be expected since it is so massive.


  • Very wide and roomy
  • Options for backing color
  • Protects from the sun


  • Costly compared to the rest
  1. Snap Sports 20X30 Black Display Shadow Box

On the opposite end of the spectrum comes the Snap Sports offering, which is a budget sort of choice that rounds out our list. This one doesn’t have the frills of the others, but it will be great for those jerseys that are smaller and don’t have massive sleeves drooping down. There are two options for size, so if you need something a little bigger, you also have that.  The box is shatter resistant, despite the lower price, so that is something a lot of people will be interested in.  In addition to that, it’s lightweight due to the use of acrylic for the cover, and it features a very smooth black finish that just makes the whole piece pop to the eye.  Some people like that it is lighter, since they can move it easier and don’t feel it will destroy their jerseys if it does drop.  But you might need to reinforce it just a little, to make sure it doesn’t face any difficulties.


  • Budget choice
  • Shatter proof box
  • Lightweight


  • Might need to be reinforced a bit

Conclusion And Final Jersey Frames Recommendations

If you have just gotten the idea to keep hold of an important jersey, then you likely got the idea to frame it pretty quickly.  This would, after all, make sure it is taken care of.  Nothing bad can happen to it and you can always have a memory of days gone by with it hanging.  With so many choices out there online, it’s often difficult to wade through and make a good, clear choice.  But after our guide today, you will be ready to make a good selection that fits you and your style at the same time.  If you have any other questions, you can look below at our FAQ’s.  If not, get to hanging that memorabilia!

FAQ’s About Jersey Frames

Are There Alternatives to Jersey Frames?

As always, you have options here.  You don’t have to get a jersey frame or buy from a sports website.  You can either make your own, which is doable if you are handy, or you can buy a shadow box.  Shadow boxes are usually cheaper, but you just have to be careful and pinpoint the correct size that you need.  If you don’t get the size right, then you will have problems.  This is why a lot of people go with actual jersey frames, since you can get a custom build to them that best fits your specific needs.

Is Framing Art The Same As a Jersey?

Unfortunately, the answer here is no.  While it might help you to have framed art in the past, it is not necessarily an automatic crossover to reach over and be able to frame jerseys.  Framing a jersey is a different process that has a few added steps that art doesn’t have.  Both have subtleties to follow through with, sure, but they are not the same.  This is why it’s smart to go to someone that deals with collectibles and knows their worth instead of going to an art dealer for this sort of venture.  There are intricacies that have to be performed, and unless an art dealer is experienced with them, it might not be up to your liking.

What Types of Jerseys Can I Display?

A lot of people have asked this question online, and really the answer is that you can display any sports jersey you would like in your jersey frame.  However, there is a caveat to be had.  Each is going to fit differently.  Hockey and football are going to take up more space since the sleeves and either bigger or longer.  Basketball is going to take up a relatively small amount of space when you compare it to the other sports.  Even cycling jerseys and the like can be used.  It’s just a matter of measuring what you have and making sure you have enough room.  If you don’t have the room, you will have to be a little bit creative to fold the jersey and display the most important areas according to you.

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