10 Best Jordan Basketball Shoes 2020

Michael Jordan is certainly an iconic sports figure in the modern world. Rarely has someone shone with such an immense light that he was hated and loved by many at the same time. As Jordan rose in fame and skill, so did his shoes, helping to take him and them to the next level while still keeping you performing at peak level. Even after Jordan’s playing career the hype and legacy around his signature shoes has lived on and Jordan’s have remained a staple for collectors, players, and streetwear enthusiast alike.

Children of all ages wanted to be like the legend and the easiest way to come close was to own your very own pair of Air Jordan shoes. With extra air units built in, the shoes stood out for their quality and the comfort they offered. Master engineers were enlisted to design something that has never been seen before, designing shoes for casual use and enhanced performance.

Whether you are playing basketball or simply upping up your style, this article should shed some light on the best Jordan shoes. With so many to choose from, it is a daunting task and we have singled out some of our favorites to enhance your life and performance. A simple buyer’s guide will also show you what is needed when selecting the ideal pair.

Top Jordan Basketball Shoes Comparison Chart

1. Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro11$$$$
2. Nike Air Jordan 13 Retro
3. Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro6$$$$$
4. Jordan Nike Men's 6 Rings Fashion-Sneakers6$$$
5. Jordan Mens B.Fly Round Toe Lace-Up Basketball ShoesFly$$$
6. Jordan Nike Men's Formula 23 Basketball Shoe23$$
7. NIKE Men's Jordan Generation 23 Ankle-High Basketball Shoe23$$$$
8. NIKE Men's Black Mamba Shoes
Black Mamba$$$
9. Jordan Men Air 5 Retro
10. NIKE Jordan SpizikeSpizike$$$

Jordan Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

How To Choose 

As mentioned earlier, the number of available shoes are quite extreme and this can lead to a little confusion when choosing the ultimate options. Not all of them are the same or have the same features, but we have found the best options with these features. We have kept out biases to one side and these features will allow you to find the very best:

The Fit

No matter which shoe you plan to buy, the fit is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. The heel, toe, or even the cup of the foot will have a massive impact on how the shoe actually fits on your feet. When it comes to Jordan shoes, there are a few things you need to look for when it comes to the fit and we have broken them down here for you:

Toe Box

Jordan shoes are widely known for their toe boxes that run a little wider than most other shoes. However, the narrow toe boxes are also available for those who have a slimmer foot. No matter the size or shape of your foot, you need to have a look at the toe box to ensure the best fit.


This links closely to the toe box and the width of the shoe is fundamentally important when it comes to overall comfort. Jordan shoes are notorious for being wider than average, but the slimmer foot might need something different. Fortunately, Nike does design slightly smaller shoes in the Jordan range.

Heel Cup

One of the smaller features that we tend to ignore is the heel cup. However, it is another important feature related to comfort. The heel cups of most Jordan shoes are deep, with added cushioning around the heel. This is one of the features that makes them so comfortable.

These are only the three main features that are related to the fit of a Jordan. With many more features that can be found, you might find that the Jordan shoes are a little more intricate than expected. However, we have seen the combination of these features vary a bit from shoe to shoe. You will need to decide for yourself depending on your foot structure.


There is absolutely no doubt that Jordan shoes are some of the most stylish in the business. However, they range quite significantly. Jordan shoes are available in styles that are linked to what Michal played with himself and newer versions that symbolize some of the creativity from the people and the engineers at Nike.

You need to pay special attention to the style. The style of the shoe should not just look great on its own, but also keep your own clothing in mind and you can find one with a color ratio that matches everything you already own. Why not improve your style at a cheaper price than trying to actually change it completely.


Michael Jordan was never considered the largest athlete to ever play the game and this is why many people might not always find the shoes they are looking for. Occasionally, the sizing does run a little small and this could be a little frustrating for many people. Fortunately, Nike has not only focused on the sizing of the smaller players, but newer models are released with larger sizes.

Additionally, you can order your own custom fitted shoe from Nike. This might be a little more expensive, but rather go the expensive route and you have the maximum amount of comfort than to actually find something that is actually not that comfortable. Sizing is really important to the quality of your shoe and how it feels.


Nike shoes have a massive reputation when it comes to support. They have made a reputation from designing shoes that offer the best possible ankle support to users. If you like the mid or high-cut designs, Nike is an excellent option and they offer a ton of support to users who need to have this for some additional support.

However, Nike has been developing some of the newer models and these low-cut designs are also becoming popular amongst some of the people. If you are fine without ankle support, you can specifically choose any of these low-cut options and they should still give you an excellent feeling with the best possible comfort.

Weight And Durability

The weight and the durability of the shoe have been closely linked to one another. The heavier shoes might not be as comfortable for fast-paced sporting events, but they still offer some durability with stronger and heavier materials being used in the construction. On the other hand, you also have your weight to keep in mind when playing ball or competing.

Striking the perfect balance between weight and durability is not always easy and you might need to read our reviews to see how we actually rated most of them in terms of the overall durability. We focused heavily on the durability aspect to ensure that you do have the best possible gaming experience when playing or if you are wearing them out with your mates and your favorite clothes they will need to hold up.


Cushioning is something we personally believe in when it comes to shoes. Studies have shown that many people are prone to supination and pronation when it comes to their feet and your shoes should also hold up and help you survive these foot problems. In many cases, a great pair of shoes can actually have someone actually survive a foot problem.

When it comes to cushioning, the most reliable type is considered EVA. EVA will mold to the shape of your feet much like memory foam, but the prices will not really be on the same level. The cushioning is a fundamentally important aspect of the shoe, especially if you have any problems. We should mention that many shoes have removable PU inner soles. This will enable you to replace the inner sole with something a little more comfortable if you feel the need.


Since most Jordan shoes will be used in competitions, you will need something that is breathable and should enable you to actually get rid of the moisture buildup on the inside. The breathability aspect is something manufacturers take into account and when you have a comfortable shoe that is breathable, no more moisture buildup will plague you when performing.

Outer Sole (Grip)

Whether you plan to buy shoes for hiking or sports, the grip is one of those things we all need to look for. What is the use of buying a shoe that looks good, but you constantly fall or slide when making a break for the winning shot? A reputable brand like Nike has spent a lot of time on the grip of the shoe to ensure you get the best.

While Jordan’s have been around for many years, you can expect the technology in them to differ somewhat from one type to the other. The outer sole and grip are really important as the pace of the modern game are faster and players are a little more aggressive on the ball. No matter the style, if you are competing, you need to keep the grip aspect in mind.

Special Editions (Collectable)

With Michael Jordan rising in fame and more friends becoming part of his circle, it is should be no surprise that Nike has released many limited editions shoes that can be found all over the place. However, they limit in number and you might find that they also have a higher price tag than the normal one found in most shops.

However, if you are buying Jordan shoes as a collector, you should note that they are still available and many of them are still being released by the Nike brand. With a little bit of searching, they can be found, but we have seen that most of them are actually still in production and you also might come across a few on our list of top Nike Jordan Shoes.


All of these shoes have different price tags, but you should try to stay inside your budget as much as possible. The best Jordan shoes are a little more expensive, but if you see them for a substandard price, you can be sure that they are also substandard quality. Jordan is one of the footwear brands and types that is faked and ripped of the most.

We personally recommend that you pay the extra amount of money for your top quality Jordan shoes, you will definitely be happier than many of those who find that the shoes fall apart within the first couple of months after buying them. On the plus side, they have different prices and some of them are also available for the youth, with Nike making a special exception for children who might be massive fans of the man as well.

Best Jordans Basketball Shoe Reviews

You have seen the most essential tips and how to actually choose the best Jordan shoes. Now you need to have a look at the shoes themselves and decide for yourself if you think you are ready for a new pair. These shoes have been heavily scrutinized and with so many different options to choose from, we did need to take a lot of time to actually find the best options. That said, here are the top Jordan shoes on the market today:

Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro

On the top of every list, we have one of the leading shoes ever designed from Nike. The Air Jordan 11 Retro is a slightly less conspicuous shoe with a low cut fit and a design that also look really sporty. It is made from durable leather materials on the outside and a suede outer sole with advanced traction technology to keep you on your feet.

Air Max technology has been integrated into the outer sole and instead of using gel; the shoe relies heavily on the air technology for your cushioning. With a stylish design and multiple colors to choose from, every player will have some functionality when it comes to matching their favorite styles on the court. However, this shoe can be worn off the court as well.

On the inside, the shoe has some additional padding added and this will conform to the shape of your foot to give you the best possible feeling of comfort. This is not only in the lining but for the tongue as well. One of the downsides is that they do run small in sizes and the shoe itself tends to be a little narrow as well.

Overall, it is an excellent shoe for players and fans. It is not only designed to be worn on the court and numerous colors make it an excellent option for those who need to wear a shoe off the court with jeans and a t-shirt. It is recommended for basketball and it can also be cleaned and treated really quickly without spoiling the shoe.


  • Patented leather upper for durability
  • Made for on and off the court
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in multiple colors


  • The shoe is a little narrow
  • Sizes can run a little small

Nike Air Jordan 13 Retro

The Nike Air Jordan 13 Retro is a slightly newer model and a much more preferred option by some of the basketball players of the modern time. It still features a retro look and leather has been once again used for the upper. However, the available options and colors are now much more and players can find exactly what they are looking for with much more ease.

The colors all feature part of the legendary Chicago Bulls team that Michael played for and you can match them to the color as this is considered an Anniversary shoe. Once again, Air technology is introduced and the shoe will give you maximum comfort upon those hard landings, with the traction being highly rated one slippery surface.

This is one of the stylish options that you can choose, but with the colors all being related and symbolizing one specific team, it might not always be available in the colors you love. On the plus side, the shoe is a little wider than most and those with larger feet will comfortably be able to slip into them to ensure the best possible comfort when playing.

It is mostly considered a retro anniversary shoe, but the shoe will never let you down on the court or in your personal life. We might not really recommend it for personal lives that much, but it should still offer you a better look. If you love the Chicago Bulls team and consider yourself an avid supporter, this should be the ideal shoe for you.


  • Slightly oversized
  • Patented durable leather upper
  • Symbolizes the Chicago Bulls in terms of colors
  • Reasonably priced


  • Limited color options to choose from


Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro

One of the shoes that have definitely risen in popularity over the last couple of years is definitely the Air Jordan 6 Retro shoe. Where most shoes are designed from mostly leather, this one features a synthetic and leather design to keep the weight down. Not only this, but the shoe also tends to mold to the shape of your foot a little more.

This shoe is designed to look sporty and it is also one of the specific shoes that Michael was wearing when he took the Bulls to their first couple of championships. With a reinforced toecap, there is no lack of protection and the shoe also includes numerous cushioning inserts that have been specifically diversified to ensure players have the best possible comfort.

Since it is designed for the court, the shoe features a high cut design. This strengthens the support that is placed around the ankle and players have more comfort as well. One of the downsides is the fact that it does crease quite easily and this is not the easiest shoe to clean. It might be a much better option to use when playing instead of casual use.

Overall, this is not a bad shoe and all the special features have made it an excellent option for top aspiring players. With the history behind this specific shoe, it is also one of the best sellers and once you understand that it needs to be cleaned often, you should not need to worry about anything else. We recommend it for the players.


  • Used by Michael Jordan
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Extra ankle support and traction
  • Reinforced toe protection
  • Available in a wide variety of colors


  • A little expensive
  • Will cease quite easily


Jordan Nike Men’s 6 Rings 

Not all Jordan’s are made for the court and while the retro shoes are mostly designed to be used on the court, these are not. The Jordan Nike Men’s 6 Rings Fashion-Sneakers are really stylish and they still feature some excellent durability with leather being specifically used for the upper part. This leather has a few slight holes in it to give you some great breathability as well to work with.

The shoe does not only come with laces that are really easy to actually use, but it also comes with a lace locking system to keep them from jumping loose. Nike has incorporated the same Air cushioning and you will not need to deal with stubborn foot problems. A deeper heel cup will fit snug around your feet for even more comfort specifically related to your feet.

The shoes might have a few drawbacks and one of them is the sizing. Not only is it a little narrow on the feet and you might to wear it out a little, but the sizing does also run a little small. Unfortunately, your color selection is also limited, but these three colors are still in line with the most modern trends and style we wear every single day.

It has an affordable price compared to some of the competition shoes and this why it really popular amongst some of the top Michael Jordan fans. It might not be rated for those special game days, but you can use them for training. Overall, they will be an excellent buy for your night’s out to impress your friends and followers.


  • Specifically designed for casual use
  • Reasonably priced
  • Includes a lace locking system
  • Comfortable heel fitting system


  • Sizing runs a little small
  • Colors are limited


Jordan Mens B.Fly Round Toe

Have you ever thought you like a shoe that will make you stand out? If you haven’t yet, the Jordan Mens B.Fly Round Toe Lace-Up Basketball Shoes will definitely change your mind and you might find yourself wanting to show them off. They are extremely lightweight and moldable to your feet, with textile fabrics being used for the upper and rubber for the outer sole.

With a custom woven upper, the shoe is available in numerous different colors and all of these colors actually look a little different in terms of style as well. The ZOOM AIR technology has not only been placed in the heel area but in the front foot as well. This means that every landing you have will be comfortable and simple.

The blade traction on the outer sole is quite unique and still comfortable at the same time. This will ensure that you won’t fall on slippery surfaces. The shoes are extremely responsive to movement and with more brands designing shoes from lighter fabrics; this is definitely one of the top options that Nike has designed for their basketball players.

An affordable price has been slapped onto these shoes, making them even more popular amongst the up and coming players. The lacing system is snug, but some people have complained about it also being a little too tight from time to time. However, the shoe is really the best option we have seen from Jordan for the modern basketball player.


  • Stylish and modern basketball design
  • ZOOM AIR technology all around
  • Snug fitting lace up system
  • Really affordable
  • Available in multiple colors


  • The lace-up system might be a little too tight


Jordan Nike Men’s Formula 23 Basketball Shoe

The Jordan Nike Men’s Formula 23 Basketball Shoe is one of the closest that we have seen when it comes to a fully designed running shoe. This shoe is packed with a lightweight upper that has mostly been constructed from the mesh. Mesh might not be as durable as leather, but it certainly keeps the weight down and promotes much better breathability.

Injected Phylon foam has been used for the cushioning and this will still absorb some of the air to ensure your landing is as safe as possible. Since they can be used for running, a mudguard has been added and this is constructed from synthetic materials to keep the shoe clean. It is worth noting that the mudguard is one of the easiest parts of the shoe to actually clean.

The gored lacing system will allow you to lock up the shoes quite easily when you are wearing them, but one of the downsides is the lack of durability. Whereas many other Jordan shoes tend to last much longer, this shoe might have a few problems when it comes to taking physical punishment. However, it still meets the needs of an avid runner.

With a few major downsides, it is no surprise that the shoe is not as expensive as some of the others. It is also one of the more modern designs with the focus placed on weight reduction. One thing we should mention is that the mudguard offers a lot of additional support to the runner and should not allow your feet to fall into those unexpected and awkward positions.


  • Lightweight with excellent breathability
  • Added mudguard for additional support
  • Phylon foam injected cushioning
  • Really affordable
  • Excellent style for this design


  • Lacks overall durability


NIKE Men’s Jordan Generation 23 Ankle

The basketball alternative to the Formula 23 Jordan shoe is this one and it has been constructed to be a little more durable overall. The NIKE Men’s Jordan Generation 23 Ankle-High Basketball Shoe is made from synthetic leather and this keeps it lightweight, but also gives the player a little bit of added flexibility to work with.

The carbon fiber shank plate is something we often overlook, but this is added to add strength. Yes, carbon fiber might spike the price, but it still keeps the weight down and the shoes offer you more stability. Combine this with the high-cut design and the shoe actually keeps the ankles fully protected as well.

Unfortunately, it is not without a few downsides and one of these downsides is the fact that it does lack a little when it comes to style. No laces are present and buckle system might be reasonably effective, but still stale and not everyone will actually like the look of it. Players might like the fact that you have all this protection though.

The price is still rather affordable and this is why we would definitely recommend this shoe for the top up and coming players. It features a functional and stylish design and it also works really well on the court. We won’t focus on using this shoe for your casual events, but rather for games. It is also large in sizes and wider than most of the others.


  • Offers excellent foot and ankle support
  • No lace worries to deal with
  • Durable construction
  • Reasonably priced


  • The design is somewhat stale


NIKE Men’s Black Mamba Shoes

Once again, we look to one of the top Jordan sneakers that have ever been made. The NIKE Men’s Black Mamba Shoes are a part of the sneaker collection and it has also been constructed from durable leather for the upper. Suede is used for the outer sole, but those small traction knobs you notice will ensure that you never need to worry about slipping and falling.

The shoe is not only designed for casual use and it can be used for all your sporting endeavors as well. It feature mesh that is used for the upper and the construction of leather will offer you some support and keep your feet perfectly in line with the shoe. An additional shank will add much-needed stability for those suffering from pronation and supination.

Another key aspect is the availability of numerous colors. All of these colors have been chosen by the man himself to ensure the best possible color combinations that will make you stand out from the rest of the crown. The downside is the sizing and much like some of the other Nike Jordan shoes, this one does run a little small in sizes.

With such a high price tag, you might need to save up a little before you buy this shoe. However, it is not a purchase that you will regret and we definitely recommend that someone should try to choose it when improving their look. Depending on your specific needs, you might need to play around with the style a little to see which one works for you.


  • Durable leather upper that also supports your feet
  • Helps stabilize the feet with the included shank
  • Stylish design and numerous colors to choose from
  • Can be worn on and off the court


  • Runs small in sizes
  • Can be a little expensive


Jordan Men Air 5 Retro

The Jordan Men Air 5 Retro is another one of the top shoes that were actually used by Michael Jordan himself. The shoe is made from synthetic materials and it is a little lighter than the leather counterparts, but still features an extremely lightweight design. It also has an excellent breathability rating that should help to get rid of the moisture.

This is one of the older shoes used by Michael and while it does not have all the latest technology that a modern basketball player might need, it is still a classic shoe that you can use and show off to all of your friends. The Nike AIR cushioning has once again been integrated and this will ensure your feet remain stable when playing.

Since it is a somewhat older model, the shoe does not have all the latest tech features that many of the new ones have. This might not work well for those newer players who need something responsive and quick on their feet. However, it is still rather durable for your leisure and you won’t need to worry about the sole creasing as quickly.

Retro shoes are significantly more expensive than the standard shoes that are made nowadays. This shoe has so much history, it does not make sense to buy it and wear it too often and the shoe should be kept away as part of your Jordan collection. No matter your reason for buying the legendary shoe, you can be sure it is an excellent investment.


  • Classical design
  • Excellent durability and ventilation
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Good traction


  • Expensive
  • Does not have all the latest tech


NIKE Jordan Spizike 

Last but certainly not least, we have the NIKE Jordan Spizike Men’s Basketball Shoes and this is one of the top options that we have seen when it comes to limited editions. The shoe has been designed from leather and synthetic materials and it features a lightweight design that should add to the quality of the overall shoe.

The style is something completely different and this might not be the shoe that everyone likes, but it will definitely turn a few heads. With a reinforced toe and multiple overlays, the shoe does give you a lot of support for your feet. All the other Jordan elements have been integrated to ensure that the shoe does work effectively on the court.

The color is a little different as we have mentioned and this might not be what everyone has in mind when they think of Jordan shoes. It might have a massive reputation, but the shoe itself has never been as popular as many of the other top Jordan shoes. However, it does work well as part of a collectors shoe for the Jordan fans.

In terms of the price, it is also really affordable. It might not be the cheapest model, but the combination of Michael Jordan and Spike Lee is considered special and this shoe is really special. We definitely recommend it as part of a collector’s item and the shoe should offer you some great value as a player on the court.


  • Limited edition
  • Durable and breathable
  • Great for on and off the court
  • Reasonably priced


  • Color combination might not be the most attractive


Wrap-Up & Final Thoughts About Jordan Shoes

Jordan shoes are rated amongst the top options in the sporting industry and they offer a wide range of different options to choose from. All of the options we have selected are great for on the court and off the court, with some of them being designed for more specific reasons. However, they are all Jordan’s and offer great value.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts. Let us know in the comment section if we have missed any of your favorite options and which ones you would like. We definitely look forward to reading all of your comments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jordan Basketball Shoes

After doing a lot of research and choosing all of these shoes, we came across a few questions about Jordan’s that many people might still have. If you are still unsure about something, you can let us know in the comment section. However, here are a few questions that we have seen pop up quite often when it comes to Jordan’s:

What are the three most important aspects to look for in Jordan’s as a beginner?

The fit, style, and the color are the most important aspects to keep in mind and once you have them down, you can go for the more intricate features. Jordan’s are much the same as any other shoe and when you have a comfortable shoe that looks great, the rest will all fall into place. We recommend that you focus on those aspects.

What materials are commonly used for Jordan’s?

Jordan’s are some of the most versatile shoes on the market today. According to Nike, Jordan’s have been constructed from thirty different materials and this includes all the major materials on the market today. Jordan’s have been designed for people of all walks of life and they meet all the needs of players on the Basketball court as well.

Are all Jordan’s authentic?

The downside is that not all Jordan’s are authentic. We are not talking about factory rejects that are still controlled and sold by Nike, but there are many fakes on the market today as well. We recommend buying from a reputable seller to ensure that you do get authentic Nike Jordan’s as they will have a little more overall durability as well.

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