10 Best Lacrosse Cleats of 2020: High, Mid & Low Cleats Options

Lacrosse is known as one of the most exciting and fast games. As a team sport that is played both indoors and outdoors, it’s very popular among high school and college athletes, and there are professional teams throughout the US. It’s very demanding and requires its players to have lots of speed and agility. As you play, your feet need to have comfort and support while you also get the light weight and flexibility you need.

For lacrosse players, it’s essential to ensure you can move as fast as you can, and you need the best lacrosse cleats you can find which will will provide you the traction, support, and stability that lacrosse demands. Your cleat should grip the ground hard, yet give you the flexibility to move confidently and quickly. Traction and grip is perhaps the most important feature to consider as you shop lacrosse cleats, as it is ultimately what helps you play your best, whether you’re on turf or grass. You should be able to take off quickly, run fast, cut confidently, and be stable as you push off, change directions, and come to a stop.

Lacrosse cleats come in three styles or “cuts”: low cleats, mid cleats, and high cleats. Each of these will have their own protection, stability, flexibility, and weight. In general, high cut cleats will give your ankles the most protection, however they will weigh more and will be less flexible, so you won’t be able to move as quickly. Low cut cleats, for as lightweight and flexible as they are, do not give you any ankle protection. Ultimately, your decision for the style will come down to personal preference and which position you play.

There are many great brands that sell lacrosse cleats, and many of these cleats have the same general features. However, there are some stand outs. To help you find your way through the lacrosse cleat market and discover the best shoes for you, this guide breaks down the features you should look for and what the top ten cleats are currently.

Top Lacrosse Cleats Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialType of CutPriceWhere to Buy?
New Balance Freeze, v1SyntheticMid$$Check Price on Amazon
Nike Vapor Untouchable ProMesh & SyntheticMid$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Under Armour Highlight MCSyntheticHigh$$Check Price on Amazon
Nike Alpha Huarache 6 ProSyntheticMid$$$Check Price on Amazon
ASICS GEL-ProvostSyntheticMid$$Check Price on Amazon
Under Armour Finisher TurfTextile & SyntheticMid$Check Price on Amazon
New Balance RushTextile & SyntheticMid$$$Check Price on Amazon
Under Armour Men’s Highlight MCSyntheticHigh$$$Check Price on Amazon
New Balance BurnTextile & SyntheticMid$$$Check Price on Amazon
Under Armour Spotlight MCTextileMid$$Check Price on Amazon

Lacrosse Cleats Buying Guide

Features to Consider As You Purchase Lacrosse Cleats

As you browse lacrosse cleats, there are certain things you need to keep in mind, and you should make your choices wisely, as your footwear will have a big impact on your ability to play the game. Lacrosse is extremely fast and it’s a very demanding sport, so you need to have stable footing, complete cuts efficiently, and accelerate as quickly as you can. For these reasons, certain features such as material of the sole and the outside of the cleat, as well as what kind of traction it has, are extremely important. The design and style of your shoe are also important to consider because you want a shoe you like and which will give you the support you need.

The top features to keep in mind include:

  • The type of cut you’re interested in. There are three main ways that lacrosse cleats are cut: there are high cleats, mid cleats, and low cleats. The higher the cleat, the further the opening of the shoe will come up your ankle, and the more ankle support you will receive from it. However, these also tend to be heavier and will weigh your foot down. Cleats that are low cut are great for players that need a lightweight shoe, as these cleats will support high speeds and quick playing, however they won’t offer much ankle protection. Ultimately, the choice may come down to style preference: high cut cleats look like boots and will have long lace-up structures. If people are looking for a more traditional, casual cleat look, low cut cleats are your best bet. In general, the mid cut style is most popular among lacrosse players, as this type gives you the best of both worlds. They’re very versatile and provide support and protection all while enabling a wide range of movement and speed.
  • Besides the fit, the construction and material of the outsole is the most important feature to your lacrosse cleat. In fact, it can completely define your shoe. The outsole will have the spikes, studs, or knobs of plastic that set cleats apart from other kinds of shoes both in look and style; rather than a smooth rubber outsole, these studs or spikes are what allow you to grip the ground and take off with power. Many different sports require this type of outsole to your shoe, including football and soccer as well as lacrosse. How this knobby outsole is constructed will determine how much traction you get, which lends to how fast you can move and at what kind of speed you can take off with. Your cleat is what allows you to make turns, stops, accelerations, and cuts without slipping, so it’s extremely important, and your outsole should help you to move quickly as well as be grounded and stable, no matter what kind of conditions you’ll encounter on the field. Beyond the cut of the shoe, outsole is what you should look at the most as you’re thinking about your potential purchases.
  • Fit and material. What kind of material exactly that the cleats are created from is an important factor to consider. You want to buy a cleat that’s made from both durable and lightweight material that will provide the support and breathability you need. The two most common–and best–materials for lacrosse cleats are mesh and synthetic leather. These will provide breathability, last a long time, and be relatively easy to clean. Fit is also essential; if your foot does not fit well and comfortably within the cleat, this will negatively impact your game, and you don’t want to be slipping and limping all over the field. It’s essential that your cleat fit snugly as well, because you don’t want your feet to be moving around at all. Due to this, many cleats are made small on purpose so it ensures a tight, snug fit. Keep this in mind as you shop, because many cleats will need to be ordered in a size larger than you would normally get so it fits as it should.

The kind of cleat you end up purchasing will also depend on varying factors of the conditions you play in and will impact the shape, length, and size of your cleats. The type of surface you typically play on will be a factor as well; some cleats are designed to work better on turf, while many are created to be applicable to all kinds of surfaces. The exact position you play will also be a big factor as to what kind of support you need and whether you need a shoe that’s very lightweight so you can move at top speed. No matter what, however, you’ll want a shoe that’s breathable, fits comfortably, and can give you the grip and traction you need so you move fast, cut hard, and are stable at all times.

The Top Ten Best Lacrosse Cleats Reviews

Now that you understand which features to look out for as you consider different types of lacrosse cleats, here are the top ten cleats currently on the market, which are available for both men and for women.  

Product #1: New Balance Freeze, v1

New Balance is a very well known brand of sports shoes, and their goal is to help you achieve your best as you play. This cleat is game specific, meaning that it was designed to not be a general sports cleat, but was created specifically for lacrosse and is supposed to help you elevate your games. The New Balance Freeze cleat provides comfort and support for the moves, cuts, and speed that you need in lacrosse. A traditional system that laces up secures the cleat to your foot, and a loop on the heel allows you to take it on and off very easily. This shoe specifically is very well known for being surprisingly lightweight; it comes in at just 9.9 ounces. With a Quixrail plate that allows you to make quick cuts and strong grip to give you speed, the New Balance Freeze is among the top cleats on the market.

The cleat has a full bootie tongue construction, however its bootie design and shape is something that many people have found they dislike. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that this is not just a regular shoe; it’s also a cleat, and some of the spikes along the sole can cause injury or discomfort if you’re not careful. Some people found that these spikes stick out more than they usually do with cleats. The tongue also is not a separate aspect to the shoe, so you can’t push it up and out to create more room as you put your foot into the cleat. This makes it difficult for people who have wider feet or thicker ankles to actually put the shoes on, and was among the most common issues with this cleat.


  • Great grip along the outsole
  • Great ankle support
  • Very lightweight
  • Quixrail plate allows you to make lacrosse cuts
  • Full bootie tongue construction


  • Some people dislike the bootie design
  • Easy on/off design may cause the shoe to come off more easily than other brands
  • Spikes along the sole stick out a little bit, which may lead to injury
  • Tongue is not separate, so you cannot create more room as you insert your foot
  • Not ideal for those who have wide feet

Product #2: Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro

While these cleats are at the top of this list, they are one of the products that were designed more generally for sports, especially football, than for lacrosse specifically. However, this shoe is a best seller and is often wore by lacrosse professionals themselves when they’re on the field. They’re among the most lightweight cleats you can find, and support the players who need to play at the fastest speed possible as they cut with purpose and intensity. Nike is one of the biggest brands when it comes to sports, whether it’s for clothing, cleats and shoes, or equipment and accessories. It’s well known for the style, comfort, and stability that its shoes bring, and the Vapor Untouchable is no exception. The footplate is aggressive, yet low profile, and Nike is known for features such as this that deliver high quality yet don’t make you stand out. Mesh and synthetic material provide great breathability so your foot can get some air as you play, and you’ll find stabilization that doesn’t sacrifice flexibility.

As great as this cleat is, just like any other shoe there are some downsides. Some people found that the shoes did not have long lasting durability, and the sole or other materials in the shoe came apart very quickly. Like many other lacrosse cleats, the Nike Vapor Untouchable may run narrow and be uncomfortable or difficult for people who have wider feet. Some people also found that they had difficulty getting their foot into the shoe in the first place. The way that the shoe supports the arch of your foot may be uncomfortable to some people as well.


  • Very lightweight
  • Worn by professional players
  • Helps players achieve top speed
  • Aggressive footplate, yet low profile
  • Great breathability with mesh and synthetic material


  • Are not durable; material may come apart relatively quickly
  • Tend to run narrow
  • Difficult for some people to fit their foot through the hole comfortably
  • Arch support may cause discomfort
  • Not recommended for people who have wide feet

Product #3: Under Armour Highlight MC

Under Armour is another excellent, well-known brand that designs shoes that deliver. These cleats were made specifically for female lacrosse players; the UA Highlight cleats provide superb comfort, stability, and support, and the grip of the shoe gives women the ability to move as fast and as confidently as they need to. The cleat also features lacrosse shafts across the arch which are 5.5 inches in length. These shafts are how the shoe provides excellent support. It also has an Under Armour ClutchFit upper, which wraps around your foot to give a supportive and soft feel. Embroidery along the supper also gives extra security as it locks your foot in place. On top of all of this, the cleat has a molded 4D foam footbed, which conforms to your foot’s exact shape, and helps to reduce any pressure that’s put on the underside of your feet as you play. You’ll stay cool, comfortable, and stable as you achieve your best traction yet with the UA Highlight, no matter what position you play or what kind of surface you’re on.

While these cleats are among the best on the market for women, there are some downsides to this shoe. It is a high top cleat, which means that it may weigh a little heavier, and although it offers a lot of ankle protection, it won’t have as much flexibility. The shoes also run very narrow to ensure a tight fit, so people who have wider feet may have more difficulty putting them on and may experience discomfort as they play. Due to the tightness of the cleat, you may also get blisters as you break them in and wear them for the first few times. If you order them in all-white colors, they will show dirt easily and may be more difficult to clean.


  • Lacrosse shafts measuring 5.5 inches
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Provides superb traction with a molded TPU cleat plate
  • Under Armour ClutchFit upper for a supportive and soft feel
  • 4D molded foam footbed for comfort and to reduce pressure along the underfoot


  • High top design makes the shoe not as lightweight
  • Not as flexible as some other brands
  • Very narrow; not recommended for those who have wide feet
  • Blisters tend to occur during break in period
  • All-white design tends to get dirty very easily and may be tough to clean

Product #4: Nike Alpha Huarache 6 Pro

Nike is a brand that’s renowned around the world for its athletic shoes. Nike cleats are the favorite for many professional lacrosse players, and some pro athletes even have deals with Nike through which they can design or develop their own shoes. Nike’s Huarache series is no exception when it comes to high quality, and is one of the cleats on this list that are engineered specifically to be worn by lacrosse players. It has everything lacrosse athletes could need, in order to play their best game yet on the field. The upper is made from both textiles and synthetics so that the shoe is lightweight and molds completely to your foot. You get extra breathability with a perforated vamp, and excellent cushioning and support with the Phylon midsole wedge, located in the heel area. You’ll even find extra features in the outsole, with studs that are triangular shaped to give you 360-degree traction so you can make cuts even better and faster with superb grip. With the Huarache series, you’ll find great fit, support, breathability, and traction so you can move with speed and agility.

Nike is not immune to negative aspects however, no matter how excellent their designs and intentions are. While the material is high quality the shoe overall tends to not be very durable, and they typically last only one lacrosse season, if that; some people had their shoes come apart or break even before that. Like many lacrosse shoes, the opening you put your foot in is also very small, and even though it fit great once the foot was inside, many people had difficulty getting the shoe on and off. The cause for this is probably due to the fact that the laces of the cleat don’t extend all the way up to the opening of the shoe, which means you can’t widen the opening.


  • Very snug and comfortable fit to your foot
  • Phylon midsole wedge in the heel for extra cushioning
  • Perforated vamp provides extra breathability
  • Triangular shaped studs give 360 traction along the outsole
  • Superb stability


  • Small opening may make it difficult for people to get the shoe on and off
  • Not very durable; tend to last only one season
  • Laces do not extend all the way to the opening of the shoe
  • Not ideal for those who have wide feet or ankles
  • Not very supportive or protective of the ankle

Product #5: ASICS GEL-Provost

ASICS is a top brand name for many different kinds of athletic shoes, whether you’re looking at running shoes or lacrosse cleats. ASICS especially specializes in athletic turf shoes, and in developing and designing cleats that work with turf material so the wearer can run as fast as they need to and push off as hard as they need to. The GEL-Provost is available in low or mid designs, and can help you achieve a great game no matter what position you play. You’ll receive great ankle support as you complete cuts, and with mesh and synthetic material to the upper, the cleat is lightweight and allows your foot to breathe. You also get biomechanical efficiency with the heel that has a 10mm gradient. ASICS’ GEL line all come with gel cushioning in the rear of the shoe, as well as DuoMax material along the midsole, for ultimate comfort. The GEL-Provost design in particular also has a padded collar and tongue for extra comfort, and the toe is reinforced to protect against impact and injury. You can even take out the insole and put in your own, although the gel cushioning provides great shock absorption for your heel. The cleat’s Solyte Polymer Cleat Plate is very lightweight as it provides extra stability and helps you make quick cuts. With all these features, the GEL-Provost is one of the best cleats currently on the market.

Like all cleats, there are some negative aspects to ASICS’ GEL-Provost shoe. Some users found that the mesh material along the upper lead the shoe to get wet quickly, and that it retained moisture. The mesh can also be tough to clean compared to other materials such as synthetic leather or rubber. The cleat also tends to be tight around your toes, perhaps due to the reinforced material that protects you. This tightness may lead to some discomfort. Unlike many cleats, this brand actually tends to run large, so it’s recommended that you order a size smaller than you normally would. This aspect catches a lot of people off guard, since many lacrosse cleats actually tend to be small and tight.


  • Excellent traction for turf surfaces
  • Great support for the ankle
  • 10mm gradient to the heel
  • Ultimate comfort with rear gel cushioning and DuoMax midsole
  • Solyte Polymer Cleat Plate for stability


  • Tend to run large
  • Mesh material on the upper is tough to clean
  • Mesh material may soak in moisture
  • Tend to be tight in the toe area
  • May cause blisters during break in period

Product #6: Under Armour Finisher Turf

These cleats are another excellent offering from Under Armor that are designed specifically for female lacrosse players. It’s a mid top cleat that offers great durability, comfort, and support so you can achieve a great performance. It’s also surprisingly lightweight for a mid top shoe. This is partially due to the synthetic upper, which provides great breathability as well. An EVA sockliner that’s die-cut provides great comfort and support for the underneath area of the foot, and will help to relieve any pressure you may feel from your tight cleats. The laces will enclose and secure your foot at all times, and the outsole is constructed of rubber material that also has mini lugs, which are designed to provide exceptional grip, no matter what type of surface you’re on, without adding any weight to the shoe. The traction you get allows you to cut with ease and confidence, and keeps you stable no matter what. Overall, the Finisher is a great offering from Under Armour that is among the best on the market, especially for women.

There are some downsides to the shoe, however. Like many lacrosse cleats, they do tend to run very small. Some people found that they had to make orders several times, and try out shoes that were two or even three sizes up before they found a pair they could be comfortable in. Not only are the shoes small, they’re narrow as well, so are not ideal for people who have wide feet. Many people found that the area around their toes could be very snug as well, which sometimes leads to discomfort or pain.


  • Great durability
  • Excellent comfort with a die-cut, EVA sockliner that relieves pressure
  • Very lightweight considering the mid top design, at 8.4 ounces
  • Rubber outsole with mini lugs provides excellent traction
  • Mid top design wraps both the foot and ankle in comfort and support


  • Tend to run very small
  • Some people had to size up two or three times before they found a comfortable fit
  • Narrow fit as well
  • Tend to be very snug in the toe area
  • Some discomfort and/or pain during the break in period

Product #7: New Balance Rush

Since New Balance is a top brand for athletic shoes, it’s probably not surprising that there’s more than one cleat created by them that makes this list. The Rush line provides everything you need to play lacrosse as best as you can–including great traction, stability, durability, support, and comfort. You’ll find excellent comfort with the TPR outsole, and the cleats are also TPU molded. The insole is completely removable, which means that if you need to use orthotics, you can easily apply this and help out your feet without compromising any of the other factors the shoe has. This also gives you the ability to replace the inner part of the shoe once it wears down, instead of having to buy an entire new shoe, which will save you money in the long run. With outsole material that’s a mix of textiles and synthetics, the Rush cleat is able to be very lightweight, and doesn’t hamper your agility or speed as you move around the field. Overall, this lacrosse cleat gives your foot the support and comfort it needs as it’s durable in the long term, and you can achieve great speed and a wide range of movement.

Some downsides to this shoe are that the spikes of the cleat tend to wear down quickly; some users found that the spikes were worn down after just a couple of months even if they avoided wearing the cleats on concrete. Unlike many lacrosse cleats, the Rush tend to be wide. If you have very narrow feet, it may be required you to put in a little extra padding in the form of extra socks or something similar so that your foot doesn’t slide around as you’re playing. In fact, these cleats were designed for players who have wider feet, which is good news for people who tend to have a tough time finding cleats such as this. Other than that, some people disliked the holes that are along the toe area which provide breathability, and others found that the spikes lost their traction over time.


  • TPR outsole provides great support and comfort
  • TPU molded
  • Removable insole
  • Outsole made from synthetics and textiles for a lightweight cleat
  • Created specifically for players who have wider feet


  • Spike of the cleats tend to wear down easily
  • Run wide; people with narrow feet may have difficulty getting the shoe to conform to their foot
  • Some users disliked the design of the mid top
  • Holes along the toe that are meant to provide breathability looked odd to some people
  • Nubs of the spikes lose their grip over time

Product #8: Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC

This is the men’s version of Under Armour’s Highlight cleats that are among the best on the market. These cleats allow players to move confidently and with speed as they receive great stability, support, and comfort for their feet. The shoe is made from synthetic material, which is flexible and provides breathability, and has Under Armour’s trademark UA ClutchFit upper, which wraps around your foot for incredible support and feel. This upper was designed to feel like a second skin, so it’s almost like you’re not even wearing cleats. A molded 4D foam footbed adapts to the exact shape of your foot, which alleviates any stress in your joints and gives you a better fit and feel. The tongue is also made from MPZ material that’s 3D molded and further conforms to your foot. It provides added protection, and protection from the tongue is often a forgotten aspect to the build of a cleat. While these shoes, like many lacrosse cleats, tend to run small, Under Armour has designed the Highlight to be protected against this: the eyerow cuts of the shoe are extended, so that it’s easier for you to have overall flexibility and easier to put your foot into the shoe in the first place. With a lace-up system and collar that’s padded, the shoe provides an ultimate, secure fit and comfort as you play your best game yet on the field. The cleat is even designed to help with hyperextension and limit this problem, so not only do you play a great game, you also protect your feet and joints in general.

The downsides to this shoe however is that while the cut outs provide better flexibility for the shoe, it does make an odd design and some people did not like the aesthetic look of the cleat overall. Since the cleats are high cut, they are not lightweight as well, which could be a problem depending on the position you play and how fast you need to be able to move. The sole can come apart relatively quickly, and many people found that the outsole in general wore out much more quickly than other brands, in the toe area especially. Like many other lacrosse cleats, the UA Highlight also tends to run small.


  • Molded 4D footbed made of foam material conforms right to your foot
  • UA ClutchFit synthetic upper wraps around your foot to feel like a second skin
  • MPZ tongue that’s 3D molded further conforms to your foot and provides even more protection
  • Upper created from mesh and synthetic leather material for breathability
  • Eyerow cut-outs that are extended so it’s easier to put your foot in the shoe and have flexibility


  • High cut design means that these shoes are not lightweight
  • Many people dislike the aesthetic look of the cleats due to the eyerow cut outs
  • Tend to run small; may be very difficult to get on your feet
  • Sole may come apart from the rest of the shoe relatively quickly
  • Studs along the outsole wear quickly, and the toe of the shoe especially wears down quickly

Product #9: New Balance Burn

The Burn is another New Balance cleat that was designed specifically for lacrosse players, and was developed to provide you with stability, speed, and comfort so you can play your best. The upper was constructed with TPU skin, which makes the shoe very light as it also molds to your feet for comfort. This cleat also has a fast wrap tongue, which is built in to the mid top design and helps lacrosse players cut and achieve stability while on the field. The shoe also has a platform insert, which provides great cushioning and support so your foot is comfortable no matter how long you play, and the cleat has FantomFit technology, which helps to hold your foot in place and reinforce protection without making the cleat any heavier. The TPU skin, together with the TPR constructed outsole, provides some of the greatest traction you can find in a cleat, and it allows you the strength and agility you need as you make cuts. The sole is also made from rubber, which gives the shoe great durability as well. Many lacrosse players can find exactly what they need, whether it’s power, speed, or comfort, with the New Balance Burn.

Like the other cleats, however, there are some downsides to this shoe. As with many lacrosse cleats, the Burn tends to run small, so it’s recommended that you order at least one size up as you make a purchase. Since they tend to be a tight fit, you should also be aware that it might take a while for you to break these shoes in. The toebox may be especially tight, which can lead to some discomfort or pain. If you play on turf surfaces and live somewhere where it tends to be warm, be wary of ordering the shoe in the black color; the black version tends to heat up in a warm turf environment.


  • Designed to give you excellent acceleration and the ability to push hard off the ground
  • Upper constructed of TPU skin
  • Fast wrap tongue
  • Platform insert for comfort
  • FantomFit technology holds your foot in place and reinforces protection


  • Tend to run small
  • The black color can get hot if you play on turf
  • Tight fit may require a long break in period
  • Toebox can be small and may lead to discomfort or pain
  • Not recommended for those who have wide feet

Product #10: Under Armour Spotlight MC

The Spotlight is another excellent lacrosse cleat that’s delivered by Under Armour. Like some of the brand’s other cleats, this shoe has a synthetic sole and provides great flexibility and breathability. The upper is constructed of woven material, which gives a sock-like fit to the shoe and makes it very comfortable as well as very lightweight. There are also yarns that are TPU coated woven into the material, which helps with support and stability. The TPU heel and TPU coating for the toe box provide even more durability and protection, so you won’t risk injury and you know the cleat will last for a long time. The shoe is also designed with a full length, high cut bootie construction with an ankle collar that’s molded so there’s great structure and support for your ankle. You’ll also find great comfort and shock absorption in the insole, which is made from SuperFoam material that provides great rebound.

Like the other shoes on this list, these cleats do have a downside to them. The biggest negative aspect is the material and design of the outsole. Since the outsole is plastic and not rubber, many people did not like the look and feel and discovered that this cleat does not provide a lot of grip in general. It especially does not provide grip on a wet grass surface. While many people loved the other aspects to the shoe, the one consistent problem was that they slipped around in the cleats and could not accelerate off the ground very well. If you’re planning on playing outside and need a cleat with great traction, you may have to look elsewhere. Like many other lacrosse cleats, these shoes also tend to run small as well.


  • Come in many colors and styles
  • Woven material to the upper, which gives it great breathability and a sock-like feel
  • TPU heel and toe box coating for excellent durability and protection
  • SuperFoam insole
  • Speed plate has both BZM and TPU


  • Tend to run very small; many people had to order two or three sizes up and try several times before they found a good fit
  • Material on the outsole does not have a very good grip or provide good traction
  • Design of the heel tends to cause blisters on that area of the foot
  • Plastic material of the outsole seems very cheap to some people
  • Shoe is especially slippery on wet grass

Conclusion And Final Lacrosse Cleats Recommendations

Lacrosse is well known to be a demanding sport, and people who play it need cleats that will enable them to play the game with speed and confidence. As you consider which shoe to buy, keep in mind the materials they’re constructed from for breathability, how much support they bring for the ankle and the foot, how comfortable they are, and how much grip they have. You’ll also want to consider how lightweight the shoe is, depending on which position you play.

Keep in mind that in order to ensure a secure fit, many lacrosse cleats will run small, so you should order a size up as you make a purchase. While many things in the end come down to personal preference, don’t get a cleat just because you like the look of it; you should choose one because it gives you exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to grip, feel, and fit, so you can play your best games of lacrosse.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lacrosse Cleats

What exactly is lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a sport that is played using a ball and sticks. The ball can be tossed back and forth between players and thrown into goals at each end. It’s a team sport that occurs very quickly and has a lot of action.

Who first invented lacrosse?

Nobody knows who invented the sport of lacrosse and played it first. It’s widely believed that Native Americans played the sport and it was popular among many tribes, however it hasn’t been determined which tribe specifically had lacrosse first.

What kind of cleats are best for lacrosse?

The cleats that will be best suited for lacrosse players are ones that were designed with a lot of stability and make it easier to move side to side. Lacrosse players often “cut” and complete other moves to get past their opponents, so their cleats need to support this type of quick agility and movement, and be flexible. Typically, lacrosse cleats have either high or mid cuts, which provide great protection for the ankle. They are also made to be as light as possible and weigh less than a pound, so that players can move as fast as possible.

Will cleats that are designed for other sports work for me just as well if I play lacrosse?

You can use cleats that are made for other sports as you play lacrosse. However, it depends on which sport they were specifically designed for. Football cleats are the most common shoes that can be worn both on the football field and the lacrosse field, and basketball cleats will work fine as well. However, shoes that were made for soccer, either indoor or outdoor play, will not work for lacrosse.

Is there a difference in women’s lacrosse cleats and men’s lacrosse cleats?

Although there is not much of a difference and many cleats are unisex, it is recommended that you purchase lacrosse cleats according to your gender. The shape and size of women’s and men’s feet do differ slightly, so to get a more perfect fit, you should get women’s cleats if you are a woman. These cleats will be designed specifically for the contours of your foot. However, women’s lacrosse cleats will still be very lightweight, while offering just as much support and stability.

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