9 Best Lacrosse Goals of 2020: Official, Practice, Portable, & Backyard Options Available

If you’re looking to get as good as you can at lacrosse, there is only one way to get there: practice, practice, and more practice.  Even if you are blessed with natural talent, practice is still going to be the thing that takes you from good to great and great to elite.  Part of getting the most repetitions possible is having your own goal to practice on.  Without it, your shot isn’t likely to be as powerful or accurate as it could be.  Today, we’ll be taking a look at the most popular lacrosse goals in our reviews.  But before we get there, we will be looking at the ins and outs of lacrosse goals in our buying guide, helping you to make the best possible choice that you can make.

Top Lacrosse Goals Comparison Chart

NameTypeSizePriceWhere to Buy?
EZGoal Lacrosse 6X6 Folding GoalPortable6'W x 6'H$$Check Price on Amazon
BSN Sports Practice Lacrosse GoalPortable6'W x 6'H$$$Check Price on Amazon
Gladiator Official 6×6 Lacrosse GoalOfficial6'W x 6'H$$Check Price on Amazon
EZGoal Folding Goal With BackstopPortable11'W x 8'H$$Check Price on Amazon
EZGoal Folding Lacrosse RebounderPortable4' W x 6' H$$Check Price on Amazon
GoSports Portable Steel Frame Lacrosse NetPortable6'W x 6'H$$Check Price on Amazon
Predator Sports High School Lacrosse GoalPortable6'W x 6'H$$$Check Price on Amazon

Lacrosse Goals Buying Guide

Team Practice Isn’t Enough

The major reason you are going to want to find a good, durable lacrosse goal is because practicing with your team is not going to be enough to make you as best as you can be.  If you want to really improve your game, then you are going to have to put in the time alone.  This can be lonely and tiresome after a while, but it’s the way you have to go in order to get the very most out of yourself.  Just practicing with your team means you only practice when they do, putting you behind a lot of others that work tirelessly year round.  Fundamentals might not look like much fun, but they are never a bad thing to practice, regardless of how good- or bad- you might be.

Portable, Official, and Homemade

One of the first questions that you will have to answer for yourself is whether you want to go with a portable goal or go with an official goal.  Either way you go, you will be getting a goal that is regulation size, which is six foot by six foot.  It is possible that you could end up buying a goal that is four foot by four foot, but that would constitute an indoor lacrosse goal and isn’t what we want.  So, just because the goal is portable doesn’t make it to where it’s going to give you a totally different look or feel to the game.  It’s still the same game and you will be taking all of the same shots and getting one to one feedback, just like you were on the field at your school or club.

The biggest difference between the two is going to be that the portable goals are made to be less sturdy.  This is done for a lot of reasons.  One of them is to make it so that they are easier to carry around.  You wouldn’t want to use the heaviest materials if you needed to transport goals all over now, would you?  In addition to that, it helps drive down costs tremendously when the upper tier of materials aren’t used.  This means you have a lot more options when it comes to buying a lacrosse goal.  You can go with one that is completely official or you can go with something that is able to moved around more freely.  Portable goals aren’t going to be able to offer you as much durability as official goals, but a lot of people find them to be absolutely necessary for their environment and get great value for the dollars they spend on them.

If you are a coach of a team or a player, then this is likely the way you will want to go, unless of course you are organizing games.  If you have an official game, you’ll probably want to have official goals.  But if you are running practices, and especially if those are located on various fields, then you’d love to have a goal that can be moved around freely.  The same goes for someone that is at home.  Maybe Dad needs to mow or Mom wants you to move further away from the road.  It’s not problem when you have a portable goal.  You can just pack up and move along.  It’s not so easy to manage without one!

The other main difference between ‘practice’ (i.e. portable) goals and official goals is the corners of the goals.  In official goals, the corners are always straight 90 degree edges, making essentially a perfect square thanks to being welded that way.  With practice goals, you are going to see rounded corners used since the material is much lighter.  Another difference you will see is that the pipes are going to be smaller.  The color of the net is also going to be altered.  In official goals, the goal posts are always going to be orange.  With practice goals, you could find any range of colors available, making it possible to tailor it to a team color or just your favorite color.

On to homemade… A lot of people, well at least a few, will be asking if they can just go with a homemade goal.  While this seems like a good idea, it’s really not.  Most of the ‘kits’ and instructions that you find out there are going to have you using PVC.  This is good for a lot of things, but this is not conducive to lacrosse unless you reinforce them with some other material that is stronger.  This also would drive the price up.  Furthermore, a lot of people end up finding out that building their own actually costs more than just buying one.  You may be stubborn, but why end up shelling out more than you have to for something that’s just not very good anyway?  It’s also very complicated to do this, since you have to be very handy, so it’s best served if you just go with purchasing one to get the best bang for your buck and the most durability.

Talking Nets

If you have ever owned a net before, whether it’s soccer, volleyball, or lacrosse, you will- or should- know by now that the net is the most fragile part of the whole equation.  The net will simply not last as long as the frame of the goal itself.  It just doesn’t.  In fact, you’ll probably replace the net multiple times before the goal ever gives way, assuming that the goal is a good, quality goal.  This makes it important to take a look at them.  In general, the thicker a net is, the better and more long lasting it will be.

The thickness of nets runs anywhere from 2.5mm up to 6mm.  If you are wanting to see your net last as long as it possibly can, then getting one that is very thick is the way to go, or should at the very least be thought about.  The reason why is because they just hold up better to harder shots.  If you are going to be using the net for junior players that don’t throw that hard, then you can look toward the lower end of the spectrum since the net won’t be put to the test all that often.  However, when you’re talking about getting a net to practice with, you really want one that is as thick as possible.  Since you are most likely going to be by yourself individually, it’s going to end up taking quite a beating.  And unlike soccer nets, the goal is small, putting constant tension on the entire net and goal.

Keep in mind that the thinner nets are going to save you money over the short term but will end up costing you on the long run.  This is because you will find that you are going to be replacing them much more often than a net that is twice as thick- if not more.  So, just because you see a high quality goal, don’t assume the netting is good for it.  It might be a disaster waiting to happen.  Also, always check to make sure a net is included.  Sometimes, goals will not come with nets.  We’ll make sure to point that out if it’s an issue in our reviews, and we will also make sure to point out if a net is just lacking in quality.

The same sort of principle plays out as it relates to weather.  Throwing and flinging balls toward the net is going to put strain on them, but the weather is also going to wreak havoc as well.  So, the thicker you can go, the better.  If you really want to get the most out of your net, then you should be looking to take them off when you are not playing.  This might not always be possible, but if you know you aren’t going to be using the net for a week or more, then it’s really worth the time and trouble to do it.  This will protect the integrity of the net for much more since you aren’t exposing it to the elements.  Of course, if you have a portable goal, you can just carry it inside somewhere without taking the netting off.

Assembly and Maintenance

One of the major components to anything, no matter the market, is how easily put together the item is.  This is no different with lacrosse goals.  If it’s too complicated to put the goal up, or to tear it down, then you aren’t going to be using it all that much.  With official goals, there really isn’t much to do.  It’s going to arrive and you just set it up where you want it to go.  You might have some nuts and bolts to screw in, and you might not.  Either, way easy does it.  But with portable goals, it’s a little bit harder.  Some of them are going to simply be pop up goals, where you just help them up just a bit by pulling them up.  Others will need some instructions and tools to be used.  It just depends on the kind of goal that you get.  If you are someone that enjoys and is good at working with their hands, then you can go with virtually any goal.  But if you aren’t of that nature, then it’s best to look for the easiest ones to setup.

Part of owning a lacrosse goal is going to be the upkeep.  If you want your net to last as long as it can, you will have to have some zip ties with it.  This can save you time instead of trying to use the ropes that most goals come with that are supposed to attach to the frame.  Instead of using those, you can go with zip ties.  The only problem with that is that they do fling on, so you will have to be vigilant at replacing them or risk the net falling down and sagging, allowing for balls to go through holes.  That defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?  Bungie cords can also accomplish this and are great in the event that you have to assemble and disassemble the goal quickly.  If the net has to be taken off the goal to be moved, this is the way to go.  If not, then zip ties should work out just fine for you.

Weight and Accessories

If you do choose to go the portable route, then you need to make sure that the goal is able to be carried from one place to the next without a ton of difficulty.  If you or your players can’t move it, then it’s not exactly portable.  So, make sure to keep an eye on the amount it weighs.  If it’s super heavy, you will not be interested.  Conversely, you should be looking for something on the heavier end of the scale if you are wanting an official goal.  This way it will stay in place better and won’t budge in the event of players running into it.  Portable goals can get down to as light as 15 pounds, while official goals can weigh up to 100 pounds or more.  They might not look very big, but they sure are heavy!

An additional factor to consider is the accessories that may or may not come with a net.  If you are looking at a net that is portable, then you might want to see that it has a bag or something to store it in.  This makes it easier to maneuver around, giving you the opportunity to have it protected just that little bit more.  This can be a major help to you.  Targets are also a good feature that might come with the goal.  Some of them can be affixed to the corners, while others sit inside of the goal and allow you to work on hitting corners.  They are bonuses but are worth a mention here.


The size of the goal is going to have a direct effect on how well you play and practice.  If you are practicing, you really need to make sure that the goal is the same size as the official ones.  This means that it needs to be a 6×6 goal.  Anything less will seriously hamper your playing style and ability, and it will also lead to you having to chase down the ball much more often.  It might seem like a good idea on the surface to go with a smaller goal to practice with, but it’s just not.  A lacrosse goal is already pretty small relatively speaking compared to other sports, so cutting down the size even more would be a mistake.  This 6×6 is used in all leagues, ranging from youth all the way up to colleges, so there is no reason, other than indoor lacrosse to go down in size.  For that game, the goals are 4×4, but it’s not suggested that you go with that size.


Price is always a factor to be weighed, and this is naturally going to have to be brought to light here.  A good official lacrosse goal is going to be pretty expensive.  As stated earlier, they can be in the triple digits in weight, meaning the materials alone cost a lot of money.  This isn’t a bad thing, but it can put some people off.  If you can’t swing that kind of spend, then choosing a portable goal, or maybe a less high scale official goal is the way to go.  Those goals can still get you a lot of value and can improve your game with ample practice time.  Keep in mind that you generally will get a better time out of your goal with every dollar you spend.  If you skimp out, you run the risk of having a goal that will fall apart on you.  Also, you could get stuck with a bad, low quality net that tears quickly.  So, spend what you can but try not to go dirt cheap unless you are willing to accept the risks!

Top Seven Lacrosse Goals Reviews

  1. EZGoal Lacrosse 6X6 Folding Goal

With EZGoal, you always get a quality product, and this goal is no different. It comes with a steel frame and a ‘rock solid’ mechanism that is used to store is flat so that it takes up very little room. The net is also great, with it coming with a a lifetime warranty, helping to ease your mind and give you peace.  Not only is that the case, but the net also is treated to stand up against UV rays, helping preserve it life tenfold over most regular nets, which do have issues when under relentless sun.  On top of all of this, it’s at a very affordable price to buy and is an official size as well, so there is very little reason to not like it.  It’s even got the orange outlining around, just like official goals have, so you will feel like you are on the field of play.  Some feel the net isn’t great for older, strong players, so that is one potential negative.


  • Affordable price
  • Folds easily
  • Net has a lot of benefits


  • Net doesn’t hold up well with very strong players
  1. BSN Sports Practice Lacrosse Goal

As far as practice nets go, this is going to be one of the Rolls Royces, if you will. This net is full size and costs more than most of the portable nets you see, but it has an official look and feel to it that makes up for it. There are supports in the front and rear to help fasten in the net and there are fairly thick orange steel poles to hold the goal up.  It’s also got squared corners, like an official goal does, so it’s even more ‘regulation’ as a result of that.  The main issue that is going to be prevalent here is the net, which is just 3mm thick.  This is going to cause issues with older and bigger players that can throw strongly, and even if they don’t, it’s likely to be less durable. However, many have said the net was better than they expected, so you might be surprised by how well it works for you, too!  Despite its looks, it’s easy to assemble, too, taking those hassles off the table.


  • Official looks without the price
  • Sturdy and fairly heavy
  • Easy to put together


  • Net is quite thin
  1. Gladiator Official 6×6 Lacrosse Goal

If you are wanting something that is official-light and don’t want to pay as much as the BSN Sports offering, then this one from Gladiator is worth a look at. Featuring the orange steel frame and straight corners, this is going to be just like what you see on the field, only cheaper and less sturdy. But that doesn’t make it lightweight, by any means. The construction will be made easy with snap on pieces, making assembly a breeze.  The net will be affixed with a lacing cord as well, driving down the time it takes for you to get it up and running.  The one issue seen again here is that the net is just 3mm thick, so this thinness might end up hurting your experience just a little.  Then again, it just depends on the person.  It also does not fold up like a lot of portable goals do but does disassemble easily, so at least you have that option available.


  • Official look and size
  • Sturdy but not ultra heavy
  • Assembly is easy


  • Can’t fold
  • Thin net might harm some
  1. EZGoal Folding Goal With Backstop

If you want to take your game up a notch, this is one way you could do so. Not only does this goal come with a full size goal, including the steel frame and net that has a lifetime warranty, just as we saw earlier with it, but it also comes with a backstop as well. The backstop makes it easier than ever to track down your balls after a missed shot, catching them for you so you don’t have to run after them.  This makes it possible to play in a very small space, assuming you have the accuracy to get it very close to the goal.  The goals even have target in the upper and lower corners, allowing you to work on hitting the very corners of the net so that you can score more goals than ever before.  This goal will also fold flat, making it super easy to store away.  The price is also quite good for what it is, ranging lower than the other goals on this list even with the added features.


  • Backstop stops your balls
  • Targets let you hone in
  • Folds and has net warranty


  • Netting on the backstop isn’t as heavy duty as you’d like
  1. EZGoal Folding Lacrosse Rebounder

While not being a true goal, this is a tool that a lot of lacrosse players would love to have. This rebounder allows you to not only practice your shots but also lets you work on catching the ball, too, making it very much ideal for a beginner. You need the repetitions and this is definitely going to give you just that.  It’s not quite as wide as a real, official goal at four feet, but it is six foot tall.  This will make it more conducive to working on passes and the such, but it will also be handy for shots, too, provided you have the technique and know-how to catch those blazing shots that come back at you.  With a steel frame and ability to store it flat, it’s very handy and similar to the other EZGoal products we’ve seen so far.  The fact that you can adjust the frame to different angles makes it all the better, too.  Oh, and it’s at a really nice price that’s sure to make you happy.  It is pretty heavy, so that might be an issue if you have a smaller person moving it.


  • Work on all sorts of plays
  • Great for new players
  • Angles can be adjusted


  • Not as wide as a goal
  • Pretty heavy
  1. GoSports Portable Steel Frame Lacrosse Net

If you want a goal that is super easy to put up and take down when you are done with it, then there aren’t going to be many better than this one. This GoSports goal is truly portable, while still being full size, making it ideal for a range of ages to play o. It takes five to ten minutes to get up, but still has a steel frame to it, with orange siding, and also has a decent net to it. It comes with a lifetime warranty, too, in order to help increase your confidence in it. One of the things that you might want to take a look at is that the bag it comes with isn’t all that great. This can be super frustrating, and at 30 plus pounds, the goal might eventually break through if you don’t take care of the bag.


  • Quick assembly
  • Very portable
  • Warranty offered


  • Holding bag isn’t the best ever
  1. Predator Sports High School Lacrosse Goal

If you don’t mind paying a little bit extra, then this goal from Predator might be the way to go in order to give you a strong, sturdy, official goal. Weighing in at 53 pounds, it’s sturdy but not super heavy to make impossible to move. It’s a step up over portable, but it can still be a very effective practice net for that reason.  The piping is fairly thick compared to others in this sort of price range, giving you all the ability in the world to rip shots at this goal.  With the orange siding to it, it’s as official as it gets.  The net is where the bulk of the great features come from, with it being 5mm thick, enough to withstand very strong adult and high school play.  If you need a practice net and just can’t fathom going with something that’s portable and lighter, this is just the thing for you to go with.


  • Excellent for high school and up
  • Very strong net
  • Sturdy but can be moved


  • Pricey compared to others on the list

Conclusion And Final Lacrosse Goals Recommendations

Finding the perfect lacrosse goal for you has never been easier- or harder- for that matter.  With so many choices to make online, it can be confusing to find what is ultimately best for you.  Maybe the sheer amount of them has you perplexed, or maybe you just had no idea where to start.  After today’s guide, though, you will have a much clearer grasp on the entire situation.  You’ll now be ready to choose the best goal for you.  Whether it’s official or a portable goal, the right one that fits your budget and your needs is out there.  Go get one and get to playing!

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