11 Best Mini and Portable Pool Tables of 2020: Finding Space To Play and Store

The game of pool is one of the most fun past times that you can own.  At any time you can just go play a game in your man cave, game room, play area, or basement.  But for some people that are cramped on space, this just doesn’t seem feasible.  They don’t believe they have enough room, so they give up on this dream.  However, there is an answer in the form of the mini pool table.  Believe it or not, there is such a thing, and they have a ton of benefits that will let you enjoy the game you love without taking up all that precious space.  Or maybe you are on the move a lot and can’t have a table that stays in just one spot.  Today, in our buying guide, we are going to be looking at the best of both and helping you select which one is the very best choice for you.  So, let’s get going!

Top Mini and Portable Pool Tables Comparison Chart

NameLengthPriceWhere to Buy?
CHH Mini Folding Pool Table44 in$$$Check Price on Amazon
Mainstreet Classics 20 Inch Table Top Pool Game Set20 in$Check Price on Amazon
Rally and Roar 40X20 Mini Billiards Table40 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40 Inch Pool Table40 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Lancaster Gaming 48 Inch 3 in 1 Combo Pool Table48 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Costzon Billiard Table For Kids With Accessories47 in$$Check Price on Amazon
HLC 55 Inch Folding Space Saver Pool Table55 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6 Foot Pool Table76 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Rack Crux Foldable 4.5 Foot Pool Table55 in$$Check Price on Amazon
Hathaway Spartan Six Foot 2 in 1 Pool Table72 in$$$$Check Price on Amazon

Mini and Portable Pool Tables Buying Guide

Why A Small or Portable Option?

If you are here, you might be wondering what makes a small or portable pool table ideal over that of a normal sized table.  The answer here is more complicated than it seems.  At first glance, you just assume that it’s all about price.  And while that is definitely a bonus for you to behold, since you won’t be paying as much generally for a portable or mini option, it’s not the main reason you should be looking at getting one. 

The first reason to get a small or portable table is because you lack the space to properly play the game without alterations.  Unfortunately, some people just don’t have the area to play, work, and live efficiently, so you naturally end up cutting out the ‘play’ portion from the equation.  So, if you have an apartment or a smaller home, then this is going to just about be your only option- provided you don’t want to take the game outdoors. 

Another great reason that you would want to go with a small or portable table is because of kids.  Kids are going to be harder on equipment, that’s just a fact of life, and they are also going to have a much tougher time playing on a full size table.  The smaller table can actually help bolster their skills and build their confidence as they work their way up to having the strength and skill to play on a real table.  So, if you want to give them something to do to take up a lot of time, then you could do far worse than a small or portable pool table.

Furthermore, a portable or mini pool table is opened up for anyone to play.  While it’s still going to take some skill and some strategy to play, something about it changes a little as the table gets smaller and the odds are more balanced as a result of that.  It’s just super fun and easy to deal with, possibly even more so than a regular old table would be to some! 

Lastly, it should go without saying that they are ideal because they are nearly effortless to move.  Even if a small table isn’t made to be all that portable, it’s going to be much easier to manage when trying to move it around than anything that is massive and essentially stuck in the ground.  There’s a reason a lot of people hire folks to not only deliver but install their tables, after all! 

Small Does Not Equal Portable

Mini pool tables and portable ones have a lot of crossover.  But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are 100% the same exact thing.  A mini table is going to obviously be much easier to carry around that a bigger table would be since it’s not only less heavy but also not as long.  This, though, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made to be portable.  It could still be heavy.  It also doesn’t mean a portable table has to be classified as many, either.  You could have a portable full size table.  So, just remember that they do mix and match a little bit, but that does not mean they have to go hand in hand at all points.  You could want a full size table that can be toted easier, or you could want an actual mini table.  It depends on the amount of room you have available to you and how you plan to use it. 

Set Your Budget

Before you get too far in, you need to set your budget.  This is an important step since you don’t want to be paying too much for a table that you simply can’t afford.  By the same token, though, you don’t want to be spending so little that you don’t get any quality at all.  A good mini or portable pool table is going to run you from a little under three figures to the mid hundreds.  Some can even surpass that a bit.  The ones that cost more will have more features to them and will perhaps look a bit better.  This doesn’t’ always mean that they are better, however.  It could be that the two tables are relatively equal, only that the more expensive one came with additional features to it.  Brand can also contribute to price.  This can drive up the price you pay, sure, but it also can lead you to be more confident.  The good news about mini and portable tables is that they are naturally going to be quite a bit cheaper than bigger tables, since the materials used aren’t usually as heavy duty and because of the lack of size! 


If you are here, you might or probably will already know that a full size pool table takes up a lot more room than you might imagine it would.  Even if you have room for the table itself, you still have to factor in clearance from the walls, lights, and all sorts of other things.  You may have come to the conclusion that it’s just not going to work for you.  With full size pool tables ranging in sizes from seven and nine feet, this means a heck of a lot of room. 

So it’s easy to see why you may have turned toward a mini or portable option.  Mini pool tables will range anywhere from 20 to 40 inches most typically.  This opens up the variety wildly, allowing all sorts of looks and types to creep in to the picture.  A portable option can be as big or small as you want it to be, since it’s primary function is going to be that it can be moved.  With that being said, we are going to have all of ours being on the lower end of the scale, since that is the spirit of this guide and our reviews should be based off of that!  As stated earlier, you can have both of a bit of both aspects to your table, but you don’t necessarily have to have them together.

The important thing with size is to pick what you have room for.  There is no point in getting a mini or portable table if you don’t even have the room for it.  Always make sure you have clearance between the walls and the lights so that they don’t get broken.  This goes for anywhere you may find yourself playing!

Table Tops, Folding Options, and Combos

A big part of the appeal that comes with portable and mini pool tables is the diversity on display.  There are all kinds of different options for you to pick from, and those will help you make a selection that is best for you.  Of the smaller variety comes the table top setup.  A table top is pretty self explanatory.  You set the pool table on top of an existing table and play.  These are the smallest options out there,  apart from those super tiny ones that you can play in your hands, of course.  They are extremely easy to get going, but then again they are very small.

Then there are the tables that will fold.  You can find tables that fold that come in all sorts of different sizes.  You could have a full sized table, in fact, that folds up and allows you get on the move.  A big part of the appeal for tables that fold is the fact that storage is very easy.  If you live in an apartment or even a house where you have room for the table, just not all the time, then this is very much of interest to you.  It will allow you to easily fold the table up when you are finished and then store it away.  Once again, you could find this kind of thing in just about any size, so it doesn’t have to be tiny.

And then there is the combination set tables.  A lot of times, you will find these in the big box stores.  Those are often quite flimsy and are easily destroyed.  However, that doesn’t mean all of them are that way.  Other games that typically are included are table tennis (i.e. ping pong) and air hockey.  Others can also be included.  A lot of times these tables, at least when it comes to pool, are not going to be full size.  This means that they are a natural fit for the mini and portable category since they are smaller and can usually be moved around much more freely than some of their counterparts. 


The materials that are used, and more importantly the craftsmanship, is essential to providing you with the best possible playing experience.  A lot of people would make the mistake of believing that a smaller table is automatically going to be of a lower quality than a normal size table would be.  This is a folly that is simply not true.  It only comes down to the table and the materials that have been used to determine how durable and how well the table will play. 

The choices you have for pool tables, as it relates to the surface, are going to be slate and what is known as MDF.  Slate is the Cadillac of pool table surfaces since it is just one slab of material.  It’s very smooth and thus you get a consistent roll from end to end.  This is quite expensive, however, and most of the time you do not see it used with smaller tables or those that are portable.  Instead, MDF, short for medium density fiberboard, is used.  This is a cheaper material, but that does not alone mean that what you are buying is a poor product.  You have to look at how the pieces are constructed and look into reviews and research in order to get a full grasp on it. 

Not all mini tables are going to have legs to them, since some are of the table top kind, but they are still important to examine if you are looking into portable choices.  As far as legs go, there are also two options: MDF and metal.  Then you have a further subset where you would have legs that are either going to be able to be folded or detachable.  Detachable legs means you can use the legs on the floor or other surfaces, or that you can take them off so that they fit straight onto the table with no issues.  Those are slightly harder to deal with and take a bit more assembly, but most of them are not very difficult to put together.  You should make sure to have levelers with them as well.  This will help ensure that you have a totally even playing surface.  If one side droops down, then you will be left in a world of trouble!


Not all tables are going to come with accessories included, but some of them will.  This is something that you should look for and that you also have to consider.  Since you are looking into a smaller table, you should keep in mind that the balls and sticks are going to also need to be smaller as well.  This can sometimes be a pain to find if you don’t get them along with the table, so that makes it vital that you look into what it is you are getting.  As far as the accessories go, you could find yourself with balls, sticks, brushes, a rack, and chalk inside of the package.  It’s up to you, but it’s a small investment to go with some accessories if you can do so. 

Top Ten Mini and Portable Pool Tables of 2019 Reviews!

1. CHH Mini Folding Pool Table

Kicking off our list here is a mini table that can also be ported around very easy thanks to having folding legs.  With that said, it might take an adult since it does have a hefty weight of 37 pounds, with sturdy hardwood, meaning it will not be easily destroyed by rough play like some would fear.  Standing at 29 inches tall, this is a table that is a little under four foot long and would be an awesome choice for kids that are able to take care of it and appreciate the game. Coming with side pockets, with nets, as well as cues, balls, rack, brush, and chalk, you get everything you need to play a great game with.  It’s not a dirt cheap option, either, so you shouldn’t be worried about the quality of it and having it fall apart quickly unless you treat it harshly.


  • Very sturdy
  • Everything you need to play
  • Kids and adults alike will love it

2. Mainstreet Classics 20 Inch Table Top Pool Game Set

If you are looking for something even smaller, then this is the way to go.  Most super small table top sets are going to be extremely flimsy, but this set is not that kind of set at all.  With an attention to detail that sees them include an automatic ball return to make retrieving balls easier than ever, as well as two sticks, brush, balls, chalk, and rack, you simply get it all here while staying very budget friendly.  It’s super small at 20 inches, so this is going to be a game that can be played anywhere by anyone and will require a totally different skill set than that of the bigger variety of the game.  This will fit on top of your dresser or table very easily and it will last so much better than the ones you find being sold around the Holidays.  A win-win for all types of folks!


  • Great on the budget
  • All you need
  • Attention to small details

3. Rally and Roar 40X20 Mini Billiards Table

Following right in the same sort of path as the Mainstreet is this one, which is a higher end spin on the classic table top we just looked at.  Only this one is double that size at 40 inches, making it a little bit more realistic to the real deal.  One of the things they have done a great job with to make it more realistic is by improving their pieces.  The sticks included are heavier than competitors in this sphere, making them more like their bigger counterparts. Another great aspect of this is that the legs are very sturdily made and will give you a very even playing surface on top of giving you all the accessories that you need in order to play the game you love.  With a refund and replace guarantee, you can rest assured that you get what you ordered as well due to their excellent customer service!


  • Improvement over competitors
  • More realistic experience
  • Great customer service

4. Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40 Inch Pool Table

Like the Rally and Roar, the Playcraft is also going to bring you a lot of fun for a very similar price at 40 inches.  This means you will be able to play freely with a friend or two just about anywhere in the house, making it exceptional to carry all sorts of places. It’s at a comparable price to the last one, too, and features three different felt colors to pick from to brighten up your fun just a touch.  With legs that are detachable, you are able to play on the floor or just about any surface with or without them, making it a versatile playing experience.  Even the exterior looks great with a cherry wood like finish to make it really stand out to the eye.  With all of the accessories you could need, this is a great choice for getting someone started in the game or just playing wherever you have the room to do so.


  • Three different felt colors
  • Cherry finish is great
  • Very durable

5. Lancaster Gaming 48 Inch 3 in 1 Combo Pool Table

If you are wanting to go with something that is more than just a pool table, then this 3 in 1 from Lancaster is a good choice.  With air hockey and foosball also included with it, it will be a nice, compact table for you to use to switch between the games.  And despite all of that, it’s still at an affordable price that’s not far over the triple digit range as well.  One of the things you have to have whenever you have a combo table is ease of switching, and this one certainly provides that.  Because of the fact it’s got three games, it does mean the table is smaller, so that is why it fits into this category.  It’s also 48 inches, so that helps as well.  The weight of the piece also aids in this endeavor, as it’s not super duper heavy but still 61 pounds.  This means it will not be easy to break and that an adult will be needed.  It is low to the ground, so be aware of that and adjust accordingly.


  • 3 games in one
  • Sturdy enough to stay in place
  • Still affordable


  • Sits low to the ground

6. Costzon Billiard Table For Kids With Accessories

This table from Costzon is a good one if you are looking for something that the kids can play and then put away rather easily.  This foldable table has metal legs and a MDF surface with Nylon for the felt.  Surrounded by black leather and netting, this table is going to have a lot of the same classic look as a regular pool table would without the gigantic cost.  Featuring all of the accessories that you need to get going and coming at a very affordable price, it is a little bit under four feet, so it’s not the tiniest one out there.  With that said, it is half the weight of the previous table, and that means that folding it and storing it will be made easier for the younger crowd in your house.  It’s super mobile, unlike a lot in this category, and that makes it a massive favorite to many.  Slight quality control issues exist, but they are not rampant.  


  • Traditional look
  • Folds over and carries easier
  • Pretty big for a mini


  • Tiny QC problems arise occasionally

7. HLC 55 Inch Folding Space Saver Pool Table

Getting a little larger now as we move into a table that is between four and five feet long.  It’s still not going to be massive, keeping the price down and allowing you to fit it in tight quarters, but it’s also going to be able to be moved freely thanks to having legs that fold.  It does require you to use screws when you do this, however, so just be ready and able to deal with that.  With a good, reasonable price to keep you happy and all of the accessories you need to play, there won’t be much fuss when you get it: just get to playing.  It is a little heavier than most at 42 pounds, but that is just to be expected given its size.


  • Good, low price
  • Bigger but still manageable
  • Very easy assembly


  • Might be too big
  • Legs screw on and off

8. Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6 Foot Pool Table

Now we get to a table that is just a foot away from being a full size one.  And it with that comes the looks of a real table as well, with this one looking most like a real one, if you will.  With strong legs to hold it up and pockets inside of the table, it’s just a smaller version of what you see in pool halls.  It won’t take up quite as much room as a full size one would and it has the ability to be folded easily, so that will reduce the space it takes up.  It has all the accessories that you need and is super sturdy, though it does weigh over 100 lbs.  It’s also quite expensive, so you do have some thinking to do.


  • Looks like a real table
  • Still smaller than regulation
  • Extremely sturdy


  • Very heavy
  • Also quite expensive

9. Rack Crux Foldable 4.5 Foot Pool Table

With all of the accessories you need to play right away, this mini table is not only going to take up very little space but will also be easy to carry.  Most that fit this bill are built flimsily, but this table breaks that mold like the others on our list.  It’s great for getting all the members of your family involved, while making sure that no ridiculous wear and tear takes place due to weighing 66 pounds.  With a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and great customer service as well, it’s very hard to go wrong with this particular table.  With folding legs, it’s going to be able to be stored under a bed or in a closet when you don’t need it anymore, making it ideal for those with inconsistent space.


  • Very sturdy
  • Folds over to store well
  • Awesome customer service

10. Hathaway Spartan Six Foot 2 in 1 Pool Table

Rounding out our list is a second listing from Hathaway.  Unlike their first, this is pool table and a ping pong table all in one to give you more bang for your buck.  This does run the cost up higher than everything else on the list, so that is a negative detail to point out.  With that said, it’s nearly six feet in length, so it’s almost the full size but still can be considered a mini to some.  The pool table looks awesome with the pockets inside of it and very strong legs and siding that is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  It weighs 100 pounds, so it will not be a very portable option.  On top of that, it does not fold, so that might just be a no-go for many to pick.  The levelers that they include with it are a little bit short, but it does have all the accessories you need to play both games in order to give you a nice boost.


  • Almost full size
  • Very sturdy
  • 2 games in one


  • Very expensive
  • Not very mobile
  • Levelers are short

Conclusion And Final Mini and Portable Pool Tables Recommendations

Finding the perfect table for you and your specific needs has never been easier to you.  Pool is a game that everyone can and will enjoy, provided that you get it right when you are picking out your table.  You don’t have to be held back by a lack of budget or space, instead you can play and have fun while staying in your comfort zone.  After our guide today, you will be much better positioned to make the most informed, best possible choice that you can possibly make.  Remember to fit the table to you and your needs, and the rest will fall into place!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get to playing!

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