10 Best Pool Basketball Hoops 2020: Inground, Above Ground, & Floating

Basketball is one of the most popular sports across the globe and specifically in America. Likewise, swimming is also a very popular form of physical activity. As a result, pool basketball hoops are a natural crossover. If you own a pool and have kids, you need the best pool basketball hoops. But, how can you find this? By reading our insightful and helpful buying guide!

Top Pool Basketball Hoop Comparison Chart

1. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop With BallSKLZ $$
2. Dunnrite Deck Mounted Clear Pool Basketball HoopDunnrite$$$$
3. Swimline Giant Basketball Swimming Pool HoopSwimline$$$$
4. Lifetime Pool Side Basketball SystemLifetime$$
5. Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Super-WideSwimline$$$
6. Dunnrite PoolSport Pool Basketball - 13.5-Inch Stainless Steel RimDunnrite$$$$
7. Swimline Pool Jam Inground Pool Basketball HoopSwimline$$
8. Dunnrite Splash & Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop With Stainless Steel RimDunnrite$$$$
9. Poolmaster Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball GamePoolmaster$$$$
10. Swimline Super Hoops Floating Basketball GameSwimline$$$$

Pool Basketball Hoop Buying Guide

Finding the right basketball hoop for your pool comes down to a number of important factors and qualities. For instance, what age are your children and what type of pool do you own? Both factors play directly into the best pool basketball hoops that you buy. Everyone’s home and pool are different. Read our helpful information below and learn how to find the best basketball hoop for your pool.


Why You Need The Best Basketball Hoops

As mentioned earlier, basketball is beloved in the United States. Especially amongst the younger generation. As of 2012, data shows that over 26 million Americans play basketball. Therefore, this number has surely grown to the current year of 2019. It is highly likely that your kids play basketball. So why not get them one of the best pool basketball hoops?


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention gathers data and information on the general public. Their studies show that swimming is the most popular recreational activity for kids between the ages of 7 and 17. Thus, it only makes sense for two of the most popular forms of physical activity crossover.


Finally, health benefits point towards buying one of the best pool basketball hoops. Many modern parents complain about their children overusing technology. This is more common than you think. Thus, it is best to get them outside and active with a basketball hoop in the pool. Plus, it is also a great idea for local neighborhood parties!


Different Types Of The Best Pool Basketball Hoops

Now, there are three different kinds of pool basketball hoops. Therefore, you need to pick and choose from each styling to get the right product. As mentioned earlier, everyone has a different type of pool. Use this resourceful information to go out and find the best pool basketball hoops for your backyard pool!


Poolside Attached Basketball Hoops

The attached hoops are also referred to as a mounted basketball hoop. Basically, you mount this hoop to your deck. Thus, it sits right out of the pool. Who is this best for? Older kids that are aggressive when they play basketball. Big kids love to dunk, jump, and play rough in the pool. As a result, a mounted hoop is one of the best basketball hoops for bigger kids.


Attached and mounted hoops are also ideal for below ground pools. As mentioned earlier, there is no surface for a mounted hoop in an above ground pool. After all, you need space to actually mount the hoop. We recommend mounted hoops for a sturdy, stable, and high-quality design.


Adjustable Pool Basketball Hoops

Adjustable pool hoops are a subcategory of the previously mentioned poolside attached hoops. Now, all of the best pool basketball hoops with a mount offer an adjustable feature. An adjustable pole allows for some serious versatility. You can lift or raise the hoop height at any given moment. Therefore, we encourage customers with a wide-ranging children ages to get a mounted basketball pool hoop.


Remember what type of mounted pool hoop you want. Some hoops are mounted right into the deck. However, other pool basketball hoops feature a weighted anchor. Basically, you fill the anchor with either water or sand. Then, it becomes heavy and provides stability and enhances safety. After all, you do not want the hoop to fall while in use or during intense wind speeds!


Floating Hoops

Finally, floating hoops are the final type of poolside basketball hoops. The inflatable pool basketball hoops are the best pool basketball hoops for little kids. An inflatable design is super safe and super convenient. Best of all, the hoop moves around the pool for constant enjoyment. We highly encourage inflatable pool hoops for little kids not big enough to play with a mounted hoop.


Floating hoops are also ideal for parents that want convenience. Why? You literally inflate the hoop in just a few moments. Plus, the storage is great for anyone with a normal-sized house. When winter approaches just deflate the basketball hoops. Then, it is small enough to store away in your closet or in the basement. Do not buy any hoop that is overwhelming in terms of size. The best pool basketball hoops deliver great convenience and enjoyment.


What To Consider While Buying The Best Pool Basketball Hoops

Do not spend hours upon hours shopping for new poolside basketball hoops. You do not need to torture yourself like this, especially if you loathe shopping. As a result, we put together some important factors of focus. Read each factor and apply it to your shopping experience. That way, you spend less time shopping and more time having fun with your children. We guarantee each factor helps you out a lot!


Your Budget & The Price

Budget and price are the two most important factors and they are directly related. After all, your budget determines the price of the product. You do not want to spend too much money on most products in general. Let alone spending too much money on the best pool basketball hoops. Create your budget before you even start to shop and look at options.


First, create a budget by mapping out two price points. Ask yourself two questions. What is the most amount of money I can spend? What is the least amount of money I want to spend? Answer these questions and you have made a budget. Stick to your gut feeling and your level of comfort. Let that comfort zone dictate the best prices available to get the most value out of the best basketball hoops.


Now, do not let the price trick or fool you. Customers foolishly think that price always dictates quality. This is not true. The most expensive product is not always the best product. On the other hand, going too low on a price may cut down the overall quality. Be cautious and careful navigating prices when it comes to the best basketball hoops. That way, you get the most value for your dollar!


Your Pool Size & Type

As mentioned earlier, your pool is a big directly affects your pool basketball hoop. Do not feel bad if your pool design restricts the best pool basketball hoops you can purchase. Remember, everyone has a different pool preference. Some people love above ground pools and other prefer a below ground pool. Do not change your pool to get a certain type of poolside basketball hoop.


Above ground pools are going to require some floating basketball hoops. There is no firm surface for a mounted basketball pool hoop. Instead, you can just inflate the hoop and let it float around in the pool. Luckily, inflatable hoops are usually smaller in size. So this type of pool hoop can fit inside of your above ground pool without any real issue whatsoever.


Below ground pools offer more versatility than an above ground pool. Customers can pick between both floating basketball hoops and mounted basketball hoops. Nothing constraints you when it comes to the best pool basketball hoops. Instead, you pick and choose whatever you like. Keep this in mind as you search for the right pool basketball hoop.


Age Of Participants

Age is just as important as the pool design. Simply put, bigger kids need a more durable and stronger basketball hoop as compared to smaller kids. Why? Because they are bigger in size. Thus, they play harder and are going to put more stress on the hoop. Especially if they dunk and hang on the rim, which kids always do. Thus, you must always keep in mind the age of your children before buying the best pool baseball hoops.


Floating hoops are a great idea for little kids that are under the age of 8 or so. Thus, they learn to play basketball in the pool with a very safe toy. All the while, it is an inflated pool basketball hoop. Thus, it is highly unlikely to ever hurt your kids in the pool. An inflatable toy is soft and does not contain any sharp edges.


If you have teenagers then you need something really robust. For instance, the number one option on our list of the best pool basketball hoops boasts shatter-resistant backboard material. Basically, this backboard will not break. Your kids can dunk as hard as they want. It is not going to crack or damage the toy. Every single pool basketball hoop is made for a different age group!



Durability is really tough when it comes to the best pool basketball hoops. After all, the pool hoop is always by the water. Thus, steel naturally rusts over time when left with water on it. So, what can you do? Well, look out for water-resistant and all-weather material. This actively battles against serious damage from inclement weather and continual water use. That way, you do not need to buy another pool hoop anytime soon.


Another key feature involves UV-resistant material. UV-rays from the can actively wear out and fade your vehicle’s paint job. Thus, UV-rays can do the exact same to your hoops decals and paint job. But, UV-resistant material actively combats all of these problems. Thus, we encourage customers to focus on this feature!


Do not fret if you cannot find a water-resistant product. There are other simple methods to protect your hoop. Buy some rust-resistant spray available online and completely coat your hoops steel parts. That way, it actively stands up to the wear and tear or mother nature. Do not let rust take away the best pool basketball hoops. Instead, work against the natural decay of time.



Portability is more important for the best mounted pool basketball hoops. Why? Because the best pool basketball hoops with an inflatable design are already easy to transport. Even the fun inflation levels are built to be super lightweight. Thus, you can pick up and move the inflatable basketball hoop at any given moment.


The best pool basketball hoops boast a weighted anchor design. You can choose to fill up the anchor with either sand or water. Then, the anchor firmly holds down the poolside basketball hoop. That way, kids can hang on the rim after a huge slam dunk. Also, it actively prevents serious damage from really fast wind speeds!


Winter Season Storage

Winter season closes down your pool for a very long time. Now, if you do not deal with winter then skip this section. But, east coast pool lovers and midwest pool owners need this helpful information. The best pool basketball hoops for your particular situation might be an inflatable pool hoop. However, you can still get some of the bet mounted basketball hoops for your pool as well.


The best basketball hoops that feature a mounted design should be collapsible. At the very least, you can take apart the hoop and break it down into a bunch of small pieces. Then, it is as easy as placing screws in a bag. Plus, you can put all of the bigger hardware pieces into boxes. Then, the box goes right in your basement or an upstairs closet. You should not deal with any inconveniences when it comes to pool basketball hoop storage.


Best Pool Basketball Hoops Reviews & Ratings


As mentioned earlier, swimming is one of the best cardiovascular workouts and basketball is super popular. So why not buy yourself one of the best pool basketball hoops? You and your kids enjoy so much fun outdoors in your beautiful pool. Read this list below to find some great basketball hoops for your pool. Simplify the shopping process to just one click today!


SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop With Ball

Do you want the best of the best and nothing else? Well, the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoops is the best basketball hoop for your pool. First and foremost, this is the most popular pool basketball hoops on Amazon. All the while, customers absolutely love it. This is one of the best pool basketball hoops thanks to a simple installation, hours of endless fun, and a shatter-resistant backboard!


First, the shatter-resistant backboard is built to last. The polycarbonate material is incredibly strong and durable. All the while, the backboard features protective foam padding and well-designed brackets. Thus, it actively reduces the impact on your mounting brackets. Best of all, the versatile design can be put in a bedroom or even in the driveway, not just the pool.


Now, you do need to buy a mounting frame. Find a nice 2 by 4 frame and attach to your wood deck. Then, you enjoy one of the very best pool basketball hoops. The best part is definitely the breakaway rim. Kids practice dunk after dunk without any worries about breaking the hoop. Get one of the most versatile pool basketball hoops on the market.



  • Shatter-Resistant Backboard
  • Protective Foam Padding
  • Incredibly Versatile
  • Simple Installation



  • Must Buy Mounting Frame For Deck


Dunnrite Deck Mounted Clear Pool Basketball Hoop

In some cases, an expensive price can deliver more performance and quality than usual. Well, this is true when it comes to the best basketball hoops. Dunnrite is a very popular brand for pool basketball hoops. Best of all, you pick from two different rim sizes and three different post sizes. This guarantees a proper fit for your pool design.


Dunnrite Products provides customers with a three year manufacturer warranty. Therefore, you enjoy great customer service and a great warranty for a long period of time. After all, sometimes children break things on accident! The thick Acrylic backboard looks good and is 100% clear. Thus, you see right through it for a cool visual effect.


The heavy duty vinyl coated stainless steel rim comes in a 14-inch size and an 18-inch size. Pick and choose the right size for your family. Also, there is no anchor included and this fits a 1.90” deck mounted anchor. Now, the best pool basketball hoops include a basketball that fits the hoop. This Dunnrite hoop provides both a color matched ball and a heavy duty net!



  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Rim
  • Multiple Size Options
  • Includes Color Matched Ball
  • Three Year Manufacturer Warranty



  • Does Not Include Anchor


Swimline Giant Basketball Swimming Pool Hoop

Do you want value more than anything else? Well, you can still buy one of the best pool basketball hoops on the market. The Swimline Giant pool hoop floats in the water. Thus, there is no real installation process necessary. Instead, you just inflate the pool toy and you are all set. We highly encourage and recommend checking out the user manual before you do this.


The best part of this basketball hoop is that it allows for multiple users. There are more than one ports for shooters to use. Thus, everyone has fun all at once. This is ideal for big pool parties with a bunch of kids. But, this product does only come with one ball. So we encourage customers to buy an extra ball for one of the best pool basketball hoops.


The 45-inch tall by 36-inch wide design is big but not too big. As a result, it is great for younger children and even teenagers alike. Again, the real highlight here is the value and price. Do not shell out all your money for a basketball hoop is you do not want to. Everyone has their own budget to work with!



  • Convenient Floating Design
  • Great For Kids Parties
  • Simple Set Up
  • Great Price



  • Can Pop Or Develop Holes


Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System

The Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System is definitely one of the most heavy duty basketball hoops on this list. Why? This poolside hoop features a giant backboard. The 44-inch backboard features shatterproof fusion material. The polycarbonate surface is complemented by a polyethylene frame. As a result, you enjoy plenty of great durability and a professional hoop appearance all at once.


Sleek graphics are just the start of an awesome appearance. The graphics come with UV-protected inks that stand up to elements. Thus, your decals will not fade away anytime soon. All the while, the pole comes with UV-resistant material and rust-resistant material. So you get some of the best durability along with one of the best pool basketball hoops. What more can you ask for?


A white 27-gallon base delivers on two fronts. First and foremost, this design creates a great amount of stability. That way, the basketball hoop does not blow over during intense winds and bad storms. Second, this design is very portable and moveable. Empty out the water or sand and it is as lightweight as can be. Due to this, we recommend the Lifetime Basketball System as one of the best pool basketball hoops.



  • Lifetime Brand Name
  • UV-Protected Graphics
  • Rust-Resistant & UV-Resistant Pole
  • Long-lasting Pool Hoop



  • Does Not include Ball


Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Super-Wide

Swimline is a premier source for all of your pool basketball hoops necessities. But, this is unlike the previously mentioned floating hoop. Instead, this hoop with a big anchor. Best of all, this hoop is super easy to set up. After all, the best pool basketball hoops are no hassles at all. Enjoy the frustration-free packaging on top of everything else!


The super-wide backboard is a full 44-inches wide and a has a height of 32-inches. Thus, this is a big-time backboard for your pool. All the while, the adjustable height is both incredibly versatile and convenient all at once. Thus, you and your kids can actively alter the hoop for more dunks or fewer dunks. This versatility is hard to come and by and provides hours of fun for everyone.


Now, this hoop comes with all the necessary parts. This obviously includes the metal hoop and the heavy duty net. Plus, you also get a regular size game ball. Therefore, you can use your game ball both inside of the pool and outside of the pool. Look no further if you want one of the best basketball pool hoops for the price. The Swimline Cool Jam Pro poolside hoop is well-priced.



  • Adjustable Height
  • Super-Wide Backboard
  • Regulation Game Ball
  • Frustration-Free Packaging



  • Rim May Fade Over Time


Dunnrite PoolSport Pool Basketball – 13.5-Inch Stainless Steel Rim

Enjoy a 3 year warranty on one of the best basketball hoops available. Why does this matter? Life comes at you fast. Outdoor elements can be harsh and intense on your basketball hoop. Thus, you need back up in case of an emergency. Luckily enough, this warranty can help you replace a defunct or broken product. Not all of the best hoops offer this type of service.


Every piece of hardware is made from stainless steel that is super durable. Plus, the backboard is also durable and long-lasting. The silk screened poly backboard will stand up to that hot summer sun. But, this means that the backboard is not as strong as other options. However, the 13.5-inch stainless steel rim is coated in vinyl for a stylish appearance!


Fill up the base with water for stability and an anchor. This base can reach a maximum weight of just about 115 pounds. As a result, high-mileage wind will not damage or hurt your hoop. Best of all, you receive a color matched ball that features a special design. The best book basketball hoops offer you and your family plenty of fun.



  • Stainless Steel Material
  • UV-Resistant Backboard
  • Portable & Stable Base



  • Potential Rust Problems


Swimline Pool Jam Inground Pool Basketball Hoop

Looking for one of the best pool basketball hoops for younger children? This Swimline product is best for your situation. The sturdy blow-molded design is built to last. Best of all, the adjustable height is versatile and offers multiple options. Thus, children can change the heigh for some fun and crazy dunks!


The water-filled base makes transportation and anchoring super simple. Just fill up the base with some water! Then, it firmly holds down the hoop. Also, you receive a high-quality basketball that feels authentic.



  • Simple Design
  • Great For Children
  • Endless Fun
  • Real-Feel Basketball



  • Not Ideal For Older Kids


Dunnrite Splash & Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop With Stainless Steel Rim

This is the smallest Dunnrite poolside basketball hoop on our list. But, it is still one of the best pool basketball hoops available. The polyurethane backboard spans 43-inches by 28.5-inches. All the while, the stainless steel basketball rim stands up to all types of different weather. Thus, you do not need to worry about rain and wind damage.


A one-piece heavy duty aluminum powder coated pole is very durable. Plus, the adjustable height is ideal for big parties. After all, children want to play on a hoop that is a bigger size than teenagers. Thus, you make everyone happy without any problems. Best of all, the portable design is great for the winter season!



  • Portable & Convenient Design
  • Polyethylene Design
  • Adjustable Height
  • Stainless Steel Rim With Vinyl Coating



  • Rim May Rust After Long Period Of Time


Poolmaster Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game

The Pro Rebounder from Poolmaster is made special made for poolside basketball fun. Every material is made with an all-weather construction. As a result, you enjoy one of the best pool basketball hoops for a long time. You do not need to worry about water rust and weather-related damage!


The backboard has measurements of 25.5-inches high and 34-inches wide. Also, the polyform game base is fillable with either sand or water. Whatever is most convenient for your poolside situation. Plus, the versatile design is good for both above ground pools and in-ground pools. Enjoy a 14-inch hoop, a hand-woven net, and a great game ball.




  • Game Ball & Inflation Needle
  • Easy-To-Assemble Instructions Included
  • All-Weather Materials
  • Versatile Poolside Set Up




  • Does Not Last Forever


Swimline Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game

Last but not least, the Swimline Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game is still one of the best pool basketball hoops. But, it is certainly on the cheaper side. Thus, it is ideal for little kids that only want a floating hoop. The PVC fluted tubing is built to be strong and durable at the same time. Again, the real selling point here is the inexpensive price.


Swimline started up in 1971 and has maintained a great reputation for manufacturing pool toys. The extra heavy duty net is complemented by the real-feel basketball. Your children will enjoy themselves for long hours all throughout the summer season. Make sure you get one of the best basketball hoops for your pool today.



  • Inexpensive Price
  • Simple Design
  • Easy Inflation Process
  • Smartline Brand Name



  • Basic Design
  • Not Ideal For Older Children


Conclusion & Final Pool Basketball Hoop Recommendation

Buying a pool basketball hoops is a smart idea. Finding the best pool basketball hoops is genius. After all, you should always strive to get the best products for your money. Especially when it comes to your children’s happiness. Spare no expense when it comes to their outdoor fun. Look back over this top ten list of great recommendations for any extra information.

No two customers are the same. As a result, some customers aim to get the lowest price tag possible without giving up quality. Other customers spend a lot of money for a premium product. However, in most cases customers just want the best available product. Luckily enough, we have specific recommendations below when it comes to the best pool basketball hoops. That way, everyone can find the right pool for their preferences!


Pool Basketball Hoops Overall

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop With Ball

The SKLZ Pro Mini pool basketball hoop is the best product available. Why? You can put this hoop literally anywhere. Buy a pool mount and put it right on your deck next to the pool. You can also put it on your driveway and even inside on a bedroom door. All the while, you enjoy great features like a shatter-resistant backboard and a breakaway rim!


Best Pool Basketball Hoops at a Premium Price

Dunnrite Deck Mounted Clear Pool Basketball Hoop

The clear basketball hoop design is definitely the best design available. Thus, the Dunnrite Deck Mounted Clear Pool hoop is the best pool hoop for the premium price. Yes, you do spend more money than you might expect. But, in return, you get some of the best quality on the market. Therefore, we highly recommend this hoop for all of the big spenders.


Best Pool Basketball Hoops for Value

Swimline Giant Basketball Swimming Pool Hoop

Swimline is a wonderful source for all of your pool toys and necessities. Especially for any inflatable toy like a floating basketball hoop. Thus, this Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Toy is the most valuable option on the market. There are not a lot of other options available at such a low price. Not to mention products with a brand name like Swimline!


Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Basketball Hoops


What Is The Best Type Of Pool Basketball Hoop?

This all depends on two things: your pool and your preferences. Above ground pools are best off with a floating pool. After all, an above ground pool does not have a firm spot for a mounted pool hoop. On the other hand, mounted pool basketball are best for above ground pools. Also, remember the age of your children. Bigger kids require more durable equipment as opposed to little kids!


Do I Need Expert Assembly?

Generally speaking, no. Unless you go crazy and buy a complex hoop. Usually, the best pool basketball hoops are super easy to install. Even the mounted hoops are set up in just a few minutes. Likewise, floating pools are probably the easiest to install. As always, we encourage customers to read the instruction manual for important details and helpful information.


What Should I Do With My Pool Basketball Hoop During The Winter Season?

You must store it away somewhere safe and away from the snow. Yes, there are all-weather pool basketball hoops available. But, that does not mean they survive a snowy and icy winter season. Instead, you should store them away in your garage or your basement. Floating basketball hoops are the best basketball hoops for this situation. You can simply deflate the product and it becomes compact in size. Put it away until next summer to really maximize the lifespan of your pool toy!


Are Pool Basketball Hoops Safe?

Pool basketball hoops are safe on their own. But, adult supervision is necessary. After all, children are playing in the water. Unfortunately, water can be dangerous especially if there is horseplay involved. Thus, we highly encourage customers to always watch their children in the pool.


Should I Put Water Or Sand In My Weighted Anchor?

As mentioned earlier, water and sand are the two most common materials to fill up your anchor. You can pick whatever is best for your sensibilities as everyone is different. But, we highly recommend that you use water more often than not. Water is just easier to deal with as opposed to sand. You have to clean out the sand in your anchor. On the other hand, water just pours right out in a few minutes.


Does A Brand Name Matter?

In this case, not at all. Buying the best pool basketball hoops is not like buying some of the best shoes for basketball. Sure, brands like Swimline and Dunnrite are very popular. But, their products do not ensure quality like a Nike brand name, for example. So just find a hoop that you like for your pool and your children!

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