11 Best Pool Table Felts of 2020: Find the Color & Felt Type That’s Right For You

So you’ve bought the latest and greatest pool table.  OK, maybe you haven’t done that.  But you still want to make sure your experience is as best as it can possibly be.  Where exactly do you turn?  One way that this question can be answered is with the best felt you can find.  That’s what we are going to be taking a look at in our buying guide.  We’ll go over all you need to know about the best pool table felt of 2019, and then we will get into reviewing the most popular and best examples of it on the market.  So, let’s shoot some pool.  Rack ‘em up!

Top Pool Table Felts Comparison Chart

NameTypeNo. of ColorsPriceWhere to Buy?
Championship Saturn II Billiards ClothWoolen5$$Check Price on Amazon
CPBA Competition Worsted Pro Pool ClothWorsted 7$$$Check Price on Amazon
Iszy Billiards 21 Ounce Pool Table FeltWoolen8$$Check Price on Amazon
ProForm 8’ High Speed Pro Pool FeltWoolen14 $$Check Price on Amazon
Iszy Billiards Performance Grade Table FeltWoolen9$$Check Price on Amazon
Billiard Depot Pool Table FeltWoolen7$$Check Price on Amazon
Cues and Case Championship Mercury Tournament 7FT Green FeltWoolen1$Check Price on Amazon
Yves Empire USA Worsted Speedy Billiard ClothWorsted1$Check Price on Amazon
Simonis Cloth 860 Pool Table ClothWoolen1$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Championship Valley Teflon Ultra FeltWoolen1$$Check Price on Amazon

Pool Table Felts Buying Guide

A Quick Aside

There are a lot of names for pool table felt, and because of that there can be a lot of confusion that surrounds it.  Whether it’s referred to as cloth, felt, or ‘green,’ it’s going to be conveying the same message.  The same goes for billiards and pool, so don’t worry.  We’re all talking about the same things!

Why Get Your Own Felt?

There are a few different reasons why you would want to buy your own felt for your new (or new to you) pool table.  The chief reason would have to be that you are making repairs.  If it’s an older table, the felt might be coming loose from it over time.  This is normal, even with the very best of tables.  Another common thing you see is that players will just not like the felt that they have on the table that they just bought.  If this is the case for you, then you can correct it by buying your own.  This will make sure that you have precisely what it is that you want.  It can make a big difference to the feel of the table and the way it plays, too. 

Types of Felt

There are two main types of felt that is used on pool tables, and depending on the choice you make, your play can and will be affected by them.  All felts are going to be using some form of wool, nylon, and polyester.  That’s just going to be common and accepted practice from them.  The main difference is going to reside in the overall thickness and how many threads are in the felt.  This is where the real difference is going to be.  The two types are woolen and worsted cloth. 

Woolen Cloth

Woolen cloth is the type that you are most likely going to find when you go somewhere in public and play pool.  Bars, recreational centers, and pool halls are very commonly going to use this type of felt simply because it is not all that expensive to buy.  This might seem to be backwards to many, but the fact is that owners don’t want to pay a bunch of money for something that could potentially end up being ruined.  This way, they can replace it cheaply and then get on to selling more drinks or whatever the case might be.  The issue you face with woolen cloth is that it is slower than worsted.  The reasoning behind this has to do with more friction being created between the ball and the cloth.  The other issue you’ll see with this type is that it will develop ‘pills’ (small balls of fuzzy like substances) on the surface after a while.  So this type is going to need to be replaced more often. 

Worsted Cloth

If it’s a faster, more true sort of look and feel that you want, then the worsted felt is the definite choice for you to turn to.  In fact, a lot of people and companies refer to this type as ‘speed’ or ‘fast’ cloth because of the lack of friction that is generated between the ball and the cloth.  This is the type of cloth that you will see used, as a result, on tables that professionals use, since it’s so fast and offers such a premium feel to it.  It is more expensive as a result of this, but in addition to it just being able to have the ball roll quicker it’s also more consistent because you don’t have pills or knots form in the material.  It’s super smooth, and for that reason, even players that don’t stand a prayer of being a pro might want to go with this choice for their in-home table.

The best one for you is totally up to you.  If you are going to be playing a ton with people that you don’t know all that well, or younger players that might mess up the table anyway, then the woolen cloth might be the way to go.  That way you don’t have to spend a lot of money when you inevitably have to replace the felt.  However, if you want a more professional feel to it all, then worsted in the way to go.  You will have a faster and more true playing surface, and despite it costing you it can really ratchet up the level of excitement and overall enjoyment of playing. 


This is one that’s not absolutely essential, but it’s still an important topic nonetheless.  Nobody wants to put together the perfect setup for a man cave and then end up with a pink felt, after all, right?  One of the things you have to consider regarding color is what you want to convey to those around you.  Are you looking for an old school feeling?  If you’re trying to be nostalgic, then you have to go with the traditional green felt.  Should you go with something else, you’d be producing a strange message.  But if that’s not the case, then you can feel free to open it up to all sorts of picks.  Other shades of green, blue, and red are also popular picks nowadays, with even more possible to be found should you desire them.  Just mix and match to find the best look for the area the table will be, and everyone will be happy as a result.  Really, the only colors that should certainly be avoided are black, gray, and white, since they could end up causing quite a lot of confusion while playing the game! 


The size of the pool table is going to also be paramount in figuring out what it is you need to buy for your felt.  Should you not be able to match your table’s size up to the felt you buy, you could be left extremely disappointed.  Felt that is too large is going to have to be altered, while felt that is too small will never work, for obvious reasons.  If you have a table that is not a standard table, then you have to be especially careful.  Ordering pre cut felts can be tough, so you will have to make sure it’s bigger than your size or you will run out of material.  More to mull over to ensure your game isn’t effected negatively. 


It might not seem like a big deal to you, and maybe it isn’t, but installing the felt isn’t going to be the all time easiest task you have ever done.  If you are not someone that is adept at working with your hands, then you will need to take a few steps before considering to do it alone.  First of all, you can search out for videos on the web.  YouTube and the like will have helpful how to videos to help you out.  From there, though, you might just realize you need some help.  This is never a bad thing to ask for, since it will help you take as many of the little bumps and wrinkles from the surface of the table out as you can.  Remember, you have a number of steps to partake in and will need tools, so it’s very much preferred if you take it one step at a time and walk through it so nothing is overlooked. 


Whether you like it or not, durability is going to always play a role, no matter what kind of object you are seeking to purchase.  Pool table felt is no different.  We’ve gone over the differences between worsted and woolen cloth already earlier, but here is where it should be made known that the two are still going to have their own troubles.  Even the best worsted cloths are going to need to be replaced after a while of being used.  Worsted is going to be better, since they won’t have the marks form in the middle of the surface, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t wear out.  Over time, the table will slow down, no matter how great it once was or how fast it rolled to begin with.  Durability is also going to be determined by how well, or poorly, you have used the table.  If you are harsh with it, then you will see it wear out much quicker than you might have anticipated.  We’ll make sure to offer some suggestions to you in order to increase the lifespan of the table in the section below. 

Taking Care of Your Pool Table Felt

Maintaining your table and its felt are going to be just as important as the brand and the quality of table that you buy.  Even the best, most expensive tables will crumble if you are too rough with them.  The same will go with the felts that you use.  If you are not doing what’s right to protect them, then you are asking for them to end up being ruined.  Here are a few tips to make your felt last longer and go further. 

Use only high quality balls on the table.  It’s easy to overlook this step, but using balls that are of a higher quality can help get the most out of the table.  These kinds of balls will help reduce the number of bruises and burn marks that are left on the table’s surface, which in turn can help make sure that there are no holes that eventually begin to form.  In addition to that, they will give you more action, too, which will make the game a heck of a lot more fun for you.

Keep the surface covered when not playing.  This one should be elementary, but it’s just forgotten about so very quickly by so many players.  This is especially important if you have your table near a window or somewhere that gets a lot of light.  This is because this sunlight can actually cause the color to fade.  Another reason for covering the table is to just eliminate dust from getting on it.  Lastly, you can prevent residual dampness from getting to the table as well by covering it up when you are not in play.

Clean the balls and the surface after each time you play.  This might seem like overkill, but we’re not saying to clean the table after each single game.  If you just clean it off, along with the balls, right after you have completed a session, then you will reduce the amount of dirt and such on the cloth.  By doing this you will make sure chalk isn’t all over it, making it appear to be an alternative color to the one that you picked out!

How Long Will A Felt Last?

Like we’ve talked about previously, this is a question that is going to have a couple of factors to it.  One is the quality of the felt.  Then, there is the type that is used.  Third, you have to look at how well, or poorly, you are treating it.  If you are treating it badly, then it won’t last as long, obviously.  Most table felts are going to last between five and ten years, for a good estimate.  There is really just a lot of things that could make it last longer or shorter, so this is the best range you can hope to see.  How much you play is also going to be a big contributor.  It’s no real secret to know that a very frequent player is going to make the felt wear out faster than a table that is only used every once in a blue moon. 

When Should You Replace Your Table?

Replacing your table isn’t going to be your favorite thing to do, but there are times when you just have to bite the bullet and do it.  One of those times is when the felt becomes crinkled up.  If this is occurring, the ball is going to take bad bounces and will not be true any longer.  This will lead to arguments if you aren’t careful and just not nearly as much fun.  Bumps and bruises are another factor that you can take a look at.  A lot of times you can get away with these, but they can start to cause holes to form.  It’s up to you, but once you have reached a certain threshold you should look to replace.  Also, if the color has faded you could replace it as well.  A last suggestion would be to replace your felt when you simply want a new, better challenge and want to step your game up a notch or two!

The Top 10 Pool Table Felts of 2019 Reviews

1. Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth

Available in five colors and two sizes, this cloth is going to come to you at a good, manageable price that will keep you pleased for a long time.  This is a high quality table that passes so many eye tests that you will not be let down by it.  With a great light fastness, this felt will not fade in the sun.  It also will not allow pills to form since the fabric is up to the job and will not fold over due to the friction caused.  With the use of DuPont technology, it is going to be stain resistant as well, ensuring that you are protected even in the event that someone does drop something on to it.  Another defining feature is that they give you more than enough material to get the job done, aiding the poor-ish craftsman!


  • Plenty of material
  • Won’t stain
  • Colors don’t fade

2. CPBA Competition Worsted Pro Pool Cloth

Coming with seven colors to pick from and four sizes as well, this worsted table cloth is a good choice for those that want to go with something precise and speedy at the same time, much like the pros would use.  As well as that, this felt is very durable and will roll consistently every time thanks to having a large thread count.  Not only does this make it hold up well, but it also does a great job at combating dirt and chalk from working their way into the fibers. When you treat it roughly, it even responds well, meaning that it’s a great alternative to some of the super expensive stuff on the market.  A lot of players have ‘downgraded’ to this and realized the same level of play, so it’s not going to cost you in that regard.


  • Very durable
  • Consistent roll and bounce
  • Large count keeps dirt and chalk away

3. Iszy Billiards 21 Ounce Pool Table Felt

The heavier the ounces you can get, the better it’s going to be, and at 21 ounces, this felt from Iszy has become one of the top sellers for very good reason.  With a number of colors, eight, included and three sizes to order, you will be left with plenty of spare to work with provided you order appropriately.  All of this as well comes at an excellent price, which is sure to make you all the happier and allow you to stay in the game longer.  Installation has been shown to be manageable as well, with creases gradually going down after you have put the felt in, helping ease any concerns you might have about the job you did!  The downside here is that you have to measure yourself, so be ready to do the extra work involved with that.


  • Fairly easy to install
  • Great price
  • Thick felt


  • Not pre cut pieces

4. ProForm 8’ High Speed Pro Pool Felt

If you have an eight foot table, then this is a good answer to the question of what felt you should get.  This choice from ProForm has 14 different colors for an array of picks to help you out.  With 23 ounces to it, this is a very thick felt that will hold up well under intense scrutiny.  This does drive the price up some compared to the others so far, but it’s better served to last longer and prevent dirt from seeping its way in, making it very much worth the additional price you have to pay.  Unlike the listing above, it has pre cut strips to use.  On top of that, it allows a very precise roll and for a lot of English to be applied to the ball when struck, making it ideal for all sorts of players.


  • Lots of colors
  • Extremely thick felt
  • Pre cut strips used

5. Iszy Billiards Performance Grade Table Felt

Iszy returns to the list for the second time here with a a thinner table felt that is made with more speed in mind than the previous one.  Because of this fact, you will not get quite as much durability but will still see the speed be like that of a professional table. With the same colors available and the same size choices, too, as its brother, this table has an array of choices to make everyone pleased with what they end up with.  Like the other Iszy, it also doesn’t have pre cut pieces to be used, so you will have to be careful with that.  Some have decided to go up a size as well to make sure they had enough felt to cover the table and rails, so that might be an option for you to take just in case.


  • Very fast felt
  • Good price
  • Looks awesome


  • Might need more felt  

6. Billiard Depot Pool Table Felt

Coming in seven different colors to fit three sizes of tables, this felt is a good choice if you want a faster pick to go with.  This will make you able to play more like the pros but will not prevent the bunching that you see with some of the picks above, including the opener on our list even.  This is because, contrary to claims made by the advertisers, it is not a worsted cloth.  It will get a little fuzzy but overall it will stay fairly smooth and consistent.  And for the price, which is pretty minimal, it’s one heck of a deal that can and will satisfy you if that’s what you are searching for.  Be careful when ordering here, as many have found that they don’t have enough material for the entire table.


  • Fast cloth
  • Good, low price
  • Colors pop well


  • Need to order extra
  • Not worsted as claimed

7. Cues and Case Championship Mercury Tournament 7FT Green Felt

If you are looking for one of the faster felts on the market, then look no further than this one.  This 19 ounce fabric isn’t as thick, so it won’t be as durable as some, but the ball will scoot across it like you are used to seeing with the professionals on tour.  But the added bonus with this cloth is that it’s not very expensive, either, making it ideal over a lot of other choices that don’t offer up a lot of value for the buck that you’ve got to pay to acquire them.  It does look and feel like it’s worsted, but due to the price it is woolen and is not.  So be aware of that.  Also, make note of the seven foot size, as it will not fit your table if it’s any bigger than that.  A last positive to note is that it’s super easy to maintain this fabric due to the way it is made if you put just a little bit of work into doing so!


  • Easy to take care of
  • Affordable price
  • Very fast fabric


  • Not worsted but does play like it 

8. Yves Empire USA Worsted Speedy Billiard Cloth

If you want a fast experience for a less than average cost, then this is a way to turn to.  This cloth is best used for those that want something that is faster than normal felt but not as quick as ‘speed’ cloth.  As a result, it will be good for playing quick shots out, but it will not take as much of a beating as others out there in regards to harder shots or jumps.  It will wear out in about a year if you play a lot on it, so that is a bit of a detractor there.  It does not form fuzzy spots, however, so that is a big positive that you can take from it.  As long as you are able to play on it, it will give you a good, smooth game at least.  Customer service is a bit lacking in a few areas, so do research and make your decision on them.


  • Fast cloth
  • Very cheap price for what it is
  • Won’t form ‘fuzzies’


  • Not very durable
  • Service isn’t very good

9. Simonis Cloth 860 Pool Table Cloth

If you want to see the Cadillac of felts, then Simonis is likely driving it.  They are one of the more popular brands in this area, and they are because they produce felt that is super speedy and great for pros, so much so that nearly every single pro tournament will use this exact felt.  This felt is great for players that have mastered the basics and are wanting a table that will let them control their ball as its intended to be.  This does mean that this felt is extremely expensive when compared with the others, though, and that is the biggest thing that will hold you back from possibly going with this choice.


  • One of the fastest
  • Very controlled feel
  • Like the pros use


  • Very expensive

10. Championship Valley Teflon Ultra Felt

Last up is a felt that will make sure that you don’t end up with stains, much like the first one on our list, thanks to DuPont helping out with their Teflon compound.  This is a woolen choice and is quite light, meaning it will roll faster.  This does means that fuzzies are going to form more readily and that it won’t be as durable, but it’s in and around the same price point as the rest, though higher than some have been, and will give comparable levels of play.  Be careful with the durability, because this one just hasn’t shown to hold up for very long despite the smoothness it first exhibits.


  • Smooth roll
  • Pretty fast
  • No staining


  • Not very durable
  • Fuzzies take shape

Conclusion And Final Pool Table Felts Recommendations

For those that don’t know much about pool, or those that don’t know very much about pool tables, it can be tough to recognize what a role that felt plays on the entire game.  Your experience, should you fail to have the best possible felt, can be drastically hampered and turn into tedium in the blink of an eye.  The ball might just roll true, or as true as it should, and it might even lead to you quitting the game entirely.  To avoid this, the best felt, or close to it, is essential to keep the game going and ensure that all parties are happy in the end.  After our buying guide, you’ll now be much better positioned to do just that.  You’ll be equipped with knowledge you haven’t had and now will be able to get to playing some of your very best pool!

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