11 Best Pool Table Lights of 2020: Options for All Felt Colors & Locations

So, you have that new pool table you’ve always wanted.  It’s situated in your room just in the perfect place, with the prettiest, best felt you’ve ever seen.  What now, you might ask?  It’s missing just a little bit of something.  But what could it be?  That’s right, it’s a great set of lights.  You not only need to be able to see, but you also need to be able to see very well.  On top of that, you want something stylish that fits the room.  That’s where pool lights come into play.  Today, we’ll be taking a look at them in our buying guide to help you learn all you need to know and so you can find the best ones out there.  So, let’s get it going!

Top Pool Table Lights Comparison Chart

NameNo. of Lights/ShadesStylePriceWhere to Buy?
Wellmet 59’’ Hanging Pool Table Light Fixture3Contemporary$$Check Price on Amazon
Westinghouse Iron Hill Island Pendant Light3Pendant - Pulley$$Check Price on Amazon
Iszy Billiards 59’’ Black Metal Pool Table Light3Simple modern$$Check Price on Amazon
CO-Z Antique Bronze Pool Table Light3Classic$$$Check Price on Amazon
Dazhuan Vintage Frosted Chandlier Light4Antique$Check Price on Amazon
Hathaway BG2476 3 Shade Billiards Light3Simple modern$$Check Price on Amazon
RAM Gameroom 44 Inch Billiards Table Light4Stained glass$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Ladiqi 3 Lights Island Hanging Pool Table Light3Art Deco$$Check Price on Amazon
KJLARS Wood Chandlier Industrial Ceiling Light10Industrial$$$Check Price on Amazon
Springdale Billiards Pool Table Hanging Fixture4Antique$$$Check Price on Amazon

Pool Table Lights Buying Guide

Setting The Mood

Whenever you walk into a room, you naturally elicit certain involuntary feelings.  For instance, if you are headed into your bedroom, you are most likely going to feel warm and maybe a little bit tired.  The same goes for your pool room, or at least it should, anyway.  When you walk into the room, you need to have a clear message that is sent.  Even if you have lighting in the room where your table is, it’s not going to be the same as you walking in and having just the perfect light.  An ambiance of sorts.  It needs to fit what you want it to be. The style can be varied, but it needs to have have a clear and concise presence.  This will set the mood just a little bit better and will tie your whole setup together much better as a result. 

Focus on the Table

Pool table lights, as the name implies, need to have their focus centered squarely upon the table.  Your lights need to be hanging over the top of the table, giving just the proper amount of lighting to the whole picture.  In fact, you may not even want to have lights anywhere else in the room, even.  This way, the focus is squarely going to be on the table on which you are playing on.  Even with the very best light, it will only do as well as it can if you are able to place it immediately over the top in order to spotlight the table. 

Size of the Lights

The size of the lights that you need is going to depend almost solely upon how big your table is.  If your table is a smaller table, then you obviously don’t need to have a huge light.  By the same token, you also don’t want a light fixture that is going to dominate the room too much.  If it’s a small room, and sometimes that’s going to be the case, then you don’t want something that looms ominously over it.  You also don’t want a light that’s so large that it literally hurts to look at.  This goes for any size room.  A good light is going to cover every single bit of the table equally, but it doesn’t have to go overboard and do way too much more than that.  That’s it.  It’s not for the entire room, that’s a whole other subject!  There are plenty of size charts available online, so you should look for them to get a clear idea of what to get.  You also should consult any guides that the manufacturer or seller has when looking at a specific product. 


In addition to the size of the lights possibly causing the room to end up being overpowered by them, the brightness that you pick can also do the same sort of thing.  If the lights are too bright, they can hurt your eyes and end up producing a game that is simply not much fun.  By the same token, however, you don’t want to be using a light that is not going to be bright enough, either.  Ultra dull lights will make it impossible to see and won’t cover the entirety of the table.  This will lead to issues seeing and will negate the purpose of buying the lights wholly.  The goal of pool table lights, at the end of the day, is to light the way.  To do this and allow you the very best possible game, you need to make sure that glare and any shadows don’t creep in.  Outside of that, you don’t need them to do much more!


Style is a massive factor when it comes to pool table lights.  We’ve talked about the ambiance and setting the mood, and this is where that is really going to come into play.  The style that you pick is either going to make it pop or it will make it a bit of a dud.  No one wants it to be a dud, obviously, but it’s not as easy as it seems to always get the exact perfect style. 

The first thing you have to do is pick whether you want it to be billiards themed or not.  A lot of pool table lights are going to have some reference on it that refers either to pool or billiards.  It might have the words written out on it, or it could even have objects related to the game, such as balls, sticks, or maybe even the table.  This makes it very apparent what it is for.  Some people, though, will not want this kind of look to their room.  It is a pool room, at least partially, but you could have other things going on.

If that’s your case, then you can go with something that is a little bit more subtle.  Something that doesn’t just scream pool.  Maybe it’s going to have an alcohol kind of feel to it by making those kinds of references, or it could end up having just a very neutral kind of tone.  Either way you go, it’s not just going to have pool oozing all over it.  This is best if you have a very large space and don’t want it to be completely dominated just by the game of pool.  You do want to open it up a little more than that, after all!

Then there is the choice to be made over what kind of look you want.  There are all types of different choices you can make.  From rustic to contemporary to classic looks.  There are a plethora of choices for you to make, all of which can impact the look and feel of your room.  The game of pool is very open ended and is played by all sorts of people from one class to the next.  So this makes it very much open as to where you can go.  There is the stain glassed look for a more classy kind of feel.  Then there is the more understated themes, such as those related to boats or similar objects. 

Lastly, remember that there are options out there that aren’t ordinary pool table lights.  Just because it is not labeled as such does not mean that it is not a viable choice for you to go with.  Instead, you could find that what is referred to as an ‘island’ light will work best.  These are made for kitchens mainly but can also fit in well if you want a more modern style for your pool table.  They won’t have pool theming with them, but they still represent a heck of a choice nonetheless. 

Hanging Your Lights

There are few things to keep in mind when hanging your lights.  First and foremost, you should be wise about your own skills with your hands.  Some are better than others, so identify yourself before you jump into doing it alone.  If you’re incapable of doing it alone, whether it’s because instructions aren’t clear or you just don’t work well by yourself, then wait and get some help.  There are even professional installers, so don’t forget that it’s OK and perfectly acceptable to ask for help.  Especially because this is not the easiest task that you can partake in. 

Another idea for you is to make sure that you have some room to adjust.  If you don’t build in a little bit of a buffering zone of sorts, then you will find yourself in trouble.  Either make it so that you can move the table a little bit later on or that you can move the lights to fit to the table.  A light needs to be directly in the middle of the table in order to cast the appropriate level of brightness, otherwise it will end up being a waste. 

Also, never forget about clearance.  If you’ve ever been driving down the road, you’ll have seen signs telling you how high something is.  This is to make sure that trucks don’t end up hitting it and causing major collisions.  This is the same idea here.  Nobody wants their stuff to break.  The best way to circumvent this is to make sure that the lights are high enough away from the table so as to not get struck.  If they hang too low, they will eventually get hit.  The best way you could ensure this does not happen is by taking the longest possible stick and measuring from all angles of the floor.  Whatever the longest distance ends up being should be the clearance (plus a small bit more) that you need to go with to make sure this doesn’t happen.  Even being careful is sometimes not enough to prevent this from happening, so take precautions early on to cut it off at the pass. 

Lastly, you need to make sure and cover up your table at all times when you are doing any work with the lights.  This guide is mainly about lights, but your table is also very important and has to be taken care of.  By using the cover over it, you will not only stop dust from gathering on it as is usual but you will also stop it from getting damaged by any repairs of installations made to the ceiling and its associated fixtures. 

The Top Ten Pool Table Lights of 2019 Reviews!

1. Wellmet 59’’ Hanging Pool Table Light Fixture

Starting off our list is a mid range priced light that screams pool and has a modern style to it.  While it does have pool balls all over it, it’s three fairly simple lights that are monochromatic.  This light comes in four different colors and it will cover an area that is going to fit normal sized pool tables very well.  The chain on which it hangs can be adjusted to fit your needs, making it possible for you to adjust and alleviate any potential problems from arising surrounding it.  There are a couple of setbacks that you could face. One of them is that the light doesn’t have an on/off switch on it, so you will have to go with the switch in the room.  The other is the chains aren’t super long and might need more materials.


  • Nice modern style
  • Adjustable height
  • Very wide coverage


  • Chains aren’t super long
  • No off/on switch

2. Westinghouse Iron Hill Island Pendant Light

While this isn’t classified as a normal pool table light, this kitchen island light can still get the job done and does so at a lower price than most pool ones as a result.  On top of that, this is a rustic sort of looking light, with a pulley theme to it and very old timey looking bulbs that will call back to a bygone era.  It’s not the prettiest, but it’s not trying to be.  The pulleys have chains attached to them which in turn run down and hold up the lights, making it an impressive style.  With a limited five year warranty, you will have some added confidence that it will get the job done for you and won’t be tearing up.  Because of the pulleys, it can be lowered and raised whenever you need, making it very much ideal in room where you will be doing multiple things.


  • Awesome rustic look
  • Tons of adjustability
  • Warranty breeds confidence

3. Iszy Billiards 59’’ Black Metal Pool Table Light

Iszy is a big time player in the world of pool, and they make this list as a none too surprising participant as a result.  With a good, middle of the road to slightly low price, and a pool ball decoration on it, it’s easy to see exactly what was on the mind of the designers when they made this one.  The lights themselves are fairly simple and one color to them, but they look modern in that style, so you can get a mix of the old and the next together with this one particular fixture here.  Unlike many in this genre, you can install it using a plug in adapter or the normal hardwired method, increasing your options.  The cord it comes with is a little shorter for some people that have larger ceilings, so if this is what you have then you should avoid this choice since it would have to hang higher than the recommended height.


  • Simple modern look
  • Exudes pool light
  • Multiple methods of installation


  • Electrical cord included is too short for some

4. CO-Z Antique Bronze Pool Table Light

If you want the classiest looking but still nostalgic light we’ve seen so far, then this is the one for you.  With a stained glass finish to it that completely encapsulates the lights and the geometric shapes on the outside, this is just going to ooze pool.  It’s antique looking for sure and it features a four foot long chain that makes adjustments easier.  This light also comes with a one year limited warranty as well, which is only going to make you feel better about what it is you’re getting.  Because of the old school looks and the fact that it is heavier than most, it is going to be more expensive than others we have seen on the list.  However, it’s not as highly priced as others we will see here in a bit.  Another downer is that some of the parts might be missing from it when it is delivered, which is bound to cause a headache or two.


  • Old school look
  • Very classy
  • Warranty and adjustable


  • More expensive
  • Hardware might be missing

5. Dazhuan Vintage Frosted Chandlier Light

This isn’t your traditional pool table light, nor does it look like an updated version of such, but it’s still a good idea if you want a decent light that is not going to overpower the room with just on single theme.  This light is quite inexpensive, the cheapest one on our list because of this fact, and it comes with a worry free guarantee and the ability to send it back if you don’t like it.  Unlike most pool table lights, it has four lights to it, allowing a little bit more area to be covered.  It’s a very simple yet elegant modern fixture that will not be going overboard on your room, and that could be just the sort of thing you are looking for.  One of the main problems people have ran into is that the shades are shallow, causing bulbs to show beneath them just a tiny bit.


  • Very low price
  • Modern look
  • Not the center piece of a room


  • Bulbs peek out a little

6. Hathaway BG2476 3 Shade Billiards Light

For whatever reason this fixture just seems very appealing to me.  With a flat black matte finish to them and a cone like shape attached to a simple bar, it is simple yet refined and nice to look at if you want a modern touch in your room.  It’s also not going to lean toward a billiards look or feel at all, so this would be a good pick if you have a room that is full of more than just a pool table.  The chain is massive, compared to others, at eight feet long and they have a four foot cord to help you get it done correctly.  And it all comes to you at a very low mid range price that is sure to keep you happy.  Some contend that it’s a little bit simple looking for them, while others have complained about it not being quite large enough for them. 


  • Simple modern look
  • Versatile uses
  • Affordable price


  • Can be too plain to some
  • Might be a bit small

7. RAM Gameroom 44 Inch Billiards Table Light

When you think of billiards this one is going to probably be the kind you have in mind.  It has the stained glass look to it, but in addition to that it also has the word ‘Billiards’ written across it with the imagery to go along with it.  Inside you get four lights, not the customary three, which will increase not only the brightness available to you but also the range of coverage as well.  This makes it able to cover more space despite not being as wide as a lot of others out there.  The big draw back to this light is going to be the price, which is by far the highest that we have seen so far.  It does come with an on/off switch, though, so that makes it worth it for a lot of people.


  • Great for pool only rooms
  • Lots of coverage
  • Has on/off switch


  • High price to pay

8. Ladiqi 3 Lights Island Hanging Pool Table Light

This is a light that is made more in the style of a kitchen light, yet it is clearly made for pool as it has pool balls included on the top part of it.  Hanging down with two chains running perpendicular, to the outside lights, this is a very versatile choice for a game room of any sort.  Te lights themselves look a little bit rustic but not to the degree of stained glass or something that you would see in a bar, so it’s quite a different feel that it brings to the table.  The worry with this one is going to be the size, as it’s not quite 40 inches wide.  It’s also not the best materials ever, either, and comes with no instructions, so it can be a major pain to try and install.


  • Old yet new look
  • Very versatile
  • Arms can be adjusted and moved


  • Lack of instructions
  • Not very big

9. KJLARS Wood Chandlier Industrial Ceiling Light

If you want a super retro kind of look and feel to your table, then you should consider this wood chandelier.  It doesn’t have three or even four lights, in fact it comes with ten small ones that hang down from a wood, barn like beam.  At first glance, it’s going to be one of those that you either love or hate, since it’s almost like they are just randomly hanging the bulbs down willy nilly for you.  This, though, kind of spices up the place and adds character, making it an excellent choice in an old timey house in the basement with the right theming to surround it.  The chain is 31.5 inches, providing you with a lot of wiggle room and the bulb scan also be re positioned to give further clearance if needed.  The bulbs are going to be quite expensive, so that’s a major bummer.


  • Old barn style
  • Lots of lights
  • Plenty of adjusting to be done


  • Bulbs will cost a lot

10. Springdale Billiards Pool Table Hanging Fixture

Lastly is another one that is very much Billiards theme with the word written all over it and the stained glass look that we are so used to.  In fact, it’s quite comparable to the RAM even, using the same style as well as the same number, four, of bulbs.  It even has the same antique finish to it and has the hand crafted artwork on it that sets it apart from others.  Despite its old school appearance it’s going to class up a joint, so to speak, and leave you happy that you bought and installed it in your room.  It is very tough to assemble for people, so be aware of that.  Also, it’s the most expensive item on our list, by just a little, so that’s also a possible deterrent.


  • Pool hall feelings
  • Very good materials
  • Lots of coverage


  • High price
  • Tough to put together

Conclusion And Final Pool Table Lights Recommendations

There are all kinds of looks, feels, and styles that come with the territory of pool table lights.  Some of them are going to be super flashy, others will hearken back to days gone by, and others will simply scream “pool” to you.  No matter the style that you prefer, they all have a very important job that shouldn’t be understated.  They are there to provide a way to see and to also set the mood.  Our guide today has helped walk you through these choices, and now you will be much more informed and ready to find exactly what it your room is calling for.  Don’t wait, get your lights and take your game up a notch!

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